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Halloween Seasonal Cashshop

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as the Halloween approach, we decided to re-release most if not all of the previews halloween seasonal cashshop items along with the halloween event and new seasonal instance for our players to enjoy. and note that they can be bought with LPP so we hope you enjoy the season with them~!



Witch's Hat


Honeycam 2018-10-23 18-50-43.gif


Witch's Broom 


Honeycam 2018-10-23 18-52-36.gif


Fluttering Bats


Honeycam 2018-10-23 18-52-59.gif


Murder of Crows


Honeycam 2018-10-23 18-53-16.gif


Undertaker Hat




Bandage Scarf




Falling Feathers




Zombie Hands




Feathered Top Hat

  • All Stats +25
  • If Taekwon class: +20k HP. 10% more damage with Axe Kick and Counter Kick.
  • If Gypsy: 10% more damage with Throw Arrow.
  • If Clown: 10% more damage with Musical Strike.
  • Every other class: 10% resistance to Deadly Poison.



White Witch Hat

  • Increases MATK proportional to INT.
  • Decreases SP proportional to DEX.
  • Ignores 10% of enemies' MDef.
  • Increases HP by 10%.



Halloween Spirit

  •  All Stats +15.
  •  Increases resistance to all status effects by 10%



Bat Scarf

  •  All Stats +15







Lynx Ears

  • All Stats +30



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