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Selling:-                       Weapons:-

 1)  10+ Aztoe Nail c/o 240c



2)10+Vvest  c/o 60c[Sold]



3)10+Aebecee's'Raging Typhoon Armor[1] [Sold] 1more left in stock mail me




1)Costume:Panda Hood Box-15mill[Sold]

2)Costume:Purified Wings Box-15mill[Sold]

3)Costume:Priest Doll Box-10mill[Sold]

4)Costume:Fire Works Box-20mill

5)Costume:Arc Angeling Rucksack Box-10mill[Sold]

6)Costume:Black Blinker Box-15mill[Sold]

7)Costume:Snow Cap Box-30mill[Sold]

8)Costume:Meteor Storm(Red)Permanent-10c[Sold]

                                                                              Premium Points:-

taVn7OZ.png  50mill each[Out of Stock]



1)10+Gator Set-1c each piece.[Brought]

2)A Costume Which looks like thisiAWZQZJ.png[Brought]


3)10+Kontei[2] 5c

                                                     Mail IGN @Tommy


Edited by Tommy

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