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Blackfriday offers, over 70 discounted items, new items, and amberknight special event!

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Greetings Everyone,

it's less than 24 hours for the glorious sales day! BlackFriday, everyone been waiting for it and we teased you just a while back :) now we can finally tease you with almost everything! ;)

Briefly, the following is what you gonna have this blackfriday!

  • Over 70 items, including 6 new items with a very new set of effects and up to 50% discount on rest of the items.
  • All the amberknight top rewards will be available again, for a single day.
  • A special amberknight event with top prize Guaranteed Refine Ticket!

Items Sales

Starting from Friday mid-night 23rd of November until 11:59PM Sunday 25th Of November (72 Hours!) you will have access to the following items in sale. 

Players can found the NPC to enter the map for the BFS in Prontera (156, 232)

Some of the items would be only exclusive to Premium Points, while rest is also open to be bought by Limited Premium Points, ALL ITEMS SOLD IN BLACKFRIDAY ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.


The new items

We're keeping the actual effects secret until blackfriday, but as a teaser we're having a special and new effects for Gunslinger, Teakwon, Soul Linker and Ninja! ;)

Oh and all are costume-able :D

Rainbow Nyan - Mid Headgear


  • +20 all stats
  • +20% movement speed
  • +5% base atk
  • +5% base matk
  • Small chance to cast Lex aeterna on enemy when being hit by magic attacks.
  • Small chance to cast deadly poison on enemy when being hit by physical attack.
  • Small chance to give ACD on the attacker when being hit by misc attack.



Classic Side Ribbon - Top Headgear


  • +20 stat
  • +10% matk
  • +20% more magic damage to DemiHuman
  • +5% elemental pierce

If worn by Ninja :

  • Nullify the stone requirement for ninja skills.
  • Reduce magic damage reflect received at rate of 2% every 50 point of base INT.
  • +10% additional damage on Exploding Dragon, Snow Flake Draft, and North Wind



Commander Doggo - Top Headgear


  • +15 str, agi, luk
  • +45% damage to demi-human and brute race
  • +5% perfect hit

If worn by Star Gladiator

  • Small chance to cast random Kicking skill when using Flying Side Kick.
  • +10% more damage with Tornado, Heel Drop, Roundhouse, and Counter kick.
  • +10% damage with Flying Side Kick.



Feather of Protection - Top Headgear


  • +20 all stat
  • +100 flee +5 pd
  • +10% max HP
  • -20% SP consumption on skills casted

If worn by Soul Linker :

  • Give permanent link onself as long as the headgear is worn.
  • +7% more breakfall chance.
  • +1 more lvl on kaupe and kaite.



Parfaille Vigilante Hat


  • +15 agi dex luk
  • +45% damage to demi-human and brute race
  • +5% damage to Neutral element

If worn by Gunslinger :

  • -20% fixed casting time
  • Chance to cast strip shield when using disarm.
  • Chance of receiving "Odin's Power lv 2" when using skill.



Green Bubble Pop


  • +18 all stats.
  • +5% wind resistance


Amberknight Events

This is your last chance to get the exclusive items of 2018 amberknight items through the game, the items would stay in donor box until the end of 2018!

Everyday we will change the amberknight top prizes for you to have a chance to try your luck in, also don't forget that amberknight pearls is also discounted in blackfriday! :)

Friday 23rd of November

  • Heroic Exiled Wings (Top Prize)
  • Crimson Lightning Blade (2nd Prize)
  • Cyber Kitty Ears (3rd Prize)

More info here:

Saturday 24th of November

  • Heroic Shadow Force (Top Prize)
  • Godly Clouds (2nd Prize)
  • Excalibur Mana Axe (3rd Prize)

More info here:

Sunday 25th of November (SPECIAL EVENT)

  • Guaranteed Refine Ticket (Top Prize)
  • 7 SRT Box (Second Prize)
  • 15 Amber Pearl (Third Prize)


Good luck everyone! :) we hope the sales satisfy you! :)


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