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Snoopy’s Buy & Sell Stop

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Hey everyone, I am returning back to the server from some time away only to find my account has been purged along with everyone else’s. So I need to work hard to get a fraction of what I had on my other accounts. 


For now  until I can get my wealth back:



Turtle General Card x4

Thanatos Card x1

Goblin Bow (refined is better) will buy any

Alligator set (+8 or more)

More to come...




Credits (PM OFFER)

More to come...


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Welcome back to RevivalRO! We're sorry that you came back to know this bad news, so please don't forget to claim your loyal and returning player items, also if you were a donor you may claim a donor refund at (https://ragnarevival.com/old_donor) kindly be noted those limited premium points have to be used during 14 days period.

Good luck finding those items! and have fun in RevivalRO :)

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