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Cyber Monday sales! over 30+ items in discount and TRIPLE donor box for 24 hours!

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Greetings Everyone,

For cyber monday we're releasing over 30 items in discount, some of them you asked us to add during black friday sales and ALL ITEMS SOLD IN CYBERMONDAY ARE NON-REFUNDABLE., besides of that all payments in Monday (Singapore time zone UTC+8) will receive a triple donor box, meaning for every 16 euros you donate you will receive one box.

The sales however will be available from Monday 2AM until Tuesday 2AM in the same room as black friday's sale.

Players can findthe NPC to enter the map for the Cyber Monday in Prontera (156, 232).

Beside usual item sale, for first time the premium races ARE ON Sale, for only 40c (20% discount), that's also available from Monday 2am until Tuesday 2am!

The following is the sale item list! :)


Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO!

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