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[2018-12-01] WoE Update maintenance and Xbox Giveaway Event

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Greetings Everyone,

Finally, after lots of work, planning and testing (and we hope it works after all of that), WOE UPDATE is finally released! :) along side with that our second giveaway is finally on, you may know more by checking this maintenance notes.


  • WoE Update is finally here, to know what happened please check
  • Due to the decrease in guild capacity we've kicked all members from all guilds, you got to re-invite your guild mates.
  • Regard the guild package pieces, we will send WoE Points instead to use it to buy whatever you wish, the points would be enough to buy either 1 or 2 pieces, depends on your package.
  • Regarding the costume for whom joined the WoE tests, it will be sent soon.
  • The WoE shops can be found near the Hall of Abyss NPCs in each castles map
  • Eligible players will receive 100 point through zotar each WoE, and if your guild captures a castle you will get 25 more points on each castle.


  • The Halloween event has ended, an ex-changer is coming very soon!
  • The Xbox giveaway has started for more information check, PLEASE don't forget to verify your phone number.


  • Blackfriday releases were fixed and hot patched few days ago without server restart.

Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO,

RevivalRO Management

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