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Christmas in Raccoon City

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Christmas in Raccoon City!

There have been a rash of thefts in the Christmas village of Lutie! The shopkeepers are pointing blame at the strange group of Raccoons that recently appeared!...

As a start, go check on the shopkeeper in Lutie(172/131), help her to progress further and afterwards you may wish to check on the story from the Raccoons side by talking to the Raccoon Hooray Clerk next to the shopkeeper.



* Hint: you might want to be generous with the racoons ;)




List of Possible Event Headgears and Costumes










Possible effects for the event headgears:

Lower headgear [0]

  • Immune to silent and blind
  • +5% max HP and SP

Upper headgear [2]

Heal potency increased by refine%

[Combo Bonus -Upper[2], Mid[1], Lower[0]

When worn as a set: Sanctuary Heal effectiveness is increased by 2%.


  • Increases movement speed by 10%. (Stacks with other movement speed items).
  • Def +5.


  • Max HP +5%
  • Max SP +5%
  • Int +3. Dex+3.


**join the event to find out which are of these sprites are for costumes~ ;)

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