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[2018-12-25] Christmas Hot patch (Special Sale and WoE Fixes)

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Greetings Everyone,

First of all Merry Christmas Everyone! ❤️ May this Christmas be blessed!

During this maintenance we've done the following:

Cash Shop updates

  • Enjoy Double Donor Box & 30% More Premium Points until 27th of December mid-night for more information click here.

Event updates

  • Special Antonios until 27th of December will spawn twice an hour instead of once every hour


  • Lounge, Tagalog and Malay channels has been removed, only #main is now available for casual chat
  • Guild Emblems Standard has been changed, you cannot have a guild emblem with more transparency than 50%
  • Guilds without valid emblems won't be able to get inside castles during WoE sessions
  • PS: All guilds need to re-upload their emblems


  • Christmas Gift shall now correctly give out costumes instead of legit equipment for Ribbon Scarf and Two Tone Beret, players who got the non-costume has been replaced with costume version.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause the WoE Point Coin delivery to fail even if you're eligible for it
  • Fixed a case where WoE Timer would not count the time if a person relogged while inside a castle.
  • The following Melanie Enhancement would not stack anymore
  1. Hard Scale

  2. Prophetic Hand

  3. Mirror Shard

  4. Elektor Feeler

  5. Abyssal Ringmail

  6. Sacamental Water

  7. Wanted Poster

  8. Sacred Nappy


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