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Donor Box 2019

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Hello, everyone!

Donor Boxes 2019 are here! For every 50 euros donated, you will receive a donor box. Donor Boxes can be redeemed at Zotar NPC.

Inside the Donor Box you can find:

  • Random amount of Pancakes
  • Random amount of Event Points
  • Random amount of Mining Points
  • SRT Box
  • RebirthRO Max Level
  • Bubble Gum Box
  • Transgenderer
  • VIP Subscription (30 days)
  • Random amount of Herioc pts
  • Amberknight pearl bag(10)
  • Amberknight pearl bag(50)
  • Random amount of Costumer Voucher
  • Guaranteed Refine Ticket

Random Permanent Donation from Below:

  • Sakura Wings(2015)
  • Falling Snow(2014)
  • Ice Wing Ear
  • Ice Crown
  • Lovely Ribbon
  • Stall of Angel
  • Heavenly Ribbon
  • Heaven's Glow
  • Amistr's Beret
  • Divinity Helm
  • Divinity Wings
  • Avian Farmers
  • Woodland Topper
  • 2018 Amberknight Items (Only until we release 2019 new items)
  • Costume: Time Decor (Mid)
  • Costume: Clockwork Hat (Upper)
  • Costume: Giant Cat Bag (Garment)
  • Coin Shower
  • Taini Egg
  • Heroic Permafrost Wings
  • Outburst Fulmination
  • Cursed Ghost Claw
  • Forbidding Reaper Spirit

The new exclusive items in donor box:

Coin Shower (Lower Headgear)

Thoughts of zeny cloud the mind.
+15 all stat
Increases item drop rate by (5+Donor Level/2) % of its current rate.
+10% resistance to all races except demi-human.


Costume: Clockwork Hat (Upper headgear)


Costume: Time Decor (Mid Headgear)


Costume: Giant Cat Bag (Garment costume)


Taini Egg

When intimate, gives low chance to drop Rainbow Twisler.

The pet doesn't die of hunger and can be used for idling



[11-28-2019 EDIT] The new Amberknight set is now available in the Donor Box.

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