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[2019-01-24] Weekly maintenance

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Greetings Everyone,

During this maintenance we've done the following.


  • Christmas event has ended


  • Halloween Exchanger has been removed
  • Disable Novice, First Class & Baby sprites inside WoE Castles
  • Costume Giant Cat Bag & Taini Egg is now trade-able
  • Acid Bomb Box from the WoE Points shop now gives 100 of each bomb instead of 10
  • Pet evolution has been disabled until fixed


  • Fix new cash shop items & 3rd job headgears being buy-able by LPP, all users who have bought it using LPP have a period of 1 week to return it back and get their points back, otherwise it will be hard-removed from their accounts, please contact us on web support for a return.
  • Taini hunger has been fixed, now it can be safely idled & Loyal effect added
  • Fix several of donor items being usable in non-donor zone, including WoE Castles
  • Fix several items of Christmas event to not be identified client side
  • Added costumes version for several head gears, full list at the end of the topic.
  • Fixed a problem an exploit in Wizard Soul Link effect, no further information will be disclosed.

Newly Available Costumes

  • Costume: Amistr's Beret
  • Costume: Blinking Eyes
  • Costume: Piamette Doll
  • Costume: Black Furry
  • Costume: Book of Magic
  • Costume: Magicians Hood
  • Costume: Bunny Afro

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