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Classes and Skills Balancing

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Greeting my dear human of RevivalRO!

We need to take some of your thoughts and souls to discuss with us regarding our classes / skills as being overpowered or underpowered, especially in WoE/PvP/BG environtment. As this would also inform that we are going to balance and/or adjust some of our classes, This is an open discussion to make our server more fun and fair for everyone. I like to see my human dying though 😇.

You can discuss this from Discord too and put important points here so we can note it easily. Please use proper words and give solid statement of what you think, then we can proceed it with great ideas.Have a rice day!

Yours trully mighty plant,


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Time to throw in my 2cents, even tho I have no idea how dis game works.


Agree with Avast tho, Snipers totally need a overlook, especially in the Sharp Shooting (and probably Unlimited) department. Creators bombs, idk. Maybe reduce the HP modifier for it? Or make their damage Neutral instead of Fire.

What else I got on suggestions, is more of a updating skills then a real balancing. It will might get a bit messy, so bear with me. Also wanna mention, since I basically only play support classes I can't really speak for the Killers and what adjustment they need. Thanks.


  • Snipers - Adding alternate and/or additional effects for their Traps. Beside the Shockwave Tarp and the almighty Ankle Snare you don't see any trap ever been used. How about maybe adding a small chance of inflict Cold on the target beside the Freeze of the Freezing Trap. Or maybe let the Talkie Box randomly cast Scream/Frost Joke if someone steps on it.
  • Dancer/Clown - For them I would actually suggest maybe a update on their Ensemble skills, since beside "Invulnerable Siegfried" and "Lokis Veil" only the "Battlefield Drum" (in Cedi) gets used. How about giving the Song "Into the Abyss" a Popo-Ring like effect, chance of not consuming a item on using a skill (Instead of the just no Gemstone/Trap effect)? For the other songs, they fine I guess. -Lets just not talk about the kRo massacre ty- Tarot is annoying, ye but they need something, otherwise they just be a brain dead Alt.
  • Soul Linker - It is actually more a indirect adjustment or them, but I feel like we kinda need a update on Class Links in general. The only useful Links out there are Wizard, Rouge, Alchemist (if you wanna TW), Performer, (maybe) Professor and Paladin (and Rebirth if you want to shut down Links). Not sure yet what could fix that (or of how hard it be to do), i giving classes additional Skill or stat effects.
  • LK - And to make some certain Gayrid happy - Bring back the BB glory :v


Overall I want to say, I honestly don't see that much of a balance issue. The real main problem right now is actually just the ridiculous OP-ness of Snipers (due to both, Unlimited and the spam-ability of Sharp Shoot with Bragi). Not gonna say everything's perfect, but what I mean is; Killers are suppose to kill things, if you nerf that to no good end, what's the point of being a Killer. Same goes the other way around with Tanks.

Just be careful with adding too much variables (like the new Third Job Skill hats), or it will start to get messed up.


Maybe I will add more another time, idk. Kthxbai.


Also, what might also be a fun addition to the discussion, the recent update of kRO to the older First and Second Class skills: https://youtu.be/pbVAFQN9T3A



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1 hour ago, IISandstormII said:

Tracking is ridiculously op, an insta-cast 1200% skill that can be spammed.  

... You know you actually need to invest to make that skill "instant cast".


You need stuff like Dark Illusion to reduce it's cast time, so that gives most Gunslingers already disadvantage if they want a instant casted Tracking.

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