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[2019-01-31] Weekly maintenance

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This week maintenance was a lite one, and here's what we've done.


  • Halloween Exchanger is back, and will stay here for 2 more weeks.
  • The anniversary event instance drops rate has been reviewed for some items and adjusted, also the instance cooldown is now down to 8 hours instead of 24 hours, the event would also be extended for 1 extra week. so enjoy! ~
  • Satan Morocc is now in bloody branch, happy spamming.
  • Penuma now block Gate of Hell skill, happy blocking!
  • WoE Testers Costume will be coming later today to all participants, with a complimentary 800 WoE Points.


  • Fixed some of the new donor items being usable inside legit zones
  • Fixes some of the new donor items being refineable, and reverted it's refine levels.


  • We're aware of WoE Gear bugs, it will be fixed in the following maintenance.

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