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[2019-02-08] Weekly maintenance (Hot Patch)

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During this Hot Patch we've done the following


  • Happy Lunar year everyone, as a little celebration of the new Lunar year we will be running a Double Donor box offer and 10% more Premium Points until 23:59PM Sunday 10th of February, beside that throughout the weekend enjoy Double Experience and 25% more Drop Rates


  • Fixed WoE Shoes/Greaves/Boots HP Rate increasing
  • Fixed WoE Plate/Robe/Suit Healing effect and It's combos

  • Amorous Narcissist and Dragobete's Rope are now tradeable

  • Leopard Beanie is now untradeable

  • Garnet Ring Healing effect now working as intended

  • Regal Shield reflecting effect shall now work as intended.


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