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Valentine Event 2019: Aphrodite’s Mischief

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Aphrodite’s Mischief


It’s the Month of Love in Rune Midguard again and Aphrodite decided to play a prank on people by sending out her beloved goats to steal some of the love letters hermes has to deliver.


**you can start the quest by talking to hermes (jawaii 239 177) . all players needs to finish delivering all of the letters and get back to hermes before they can hunt for the goodie bags. the event will last until march 7 so be sure to help hermes with his problem!



Locations of the receivers:

  • Seylin (alberta_in 154 171) TO Maruin (prt_cas  219 146)
  • Sarah (prontera 254 148) TO shipping foreman( alberta_in 20 22)
  • Old Woman (prontera 165 178) TO Marvin (yuno 146 191)
  • Margaret (lhz_dun00a 49 173)
  • Alexander (Louyang 199 129)
  • Daniella (amatsu 268 188)
  • Claire (ayothaya 92 172)


New Event Hats and Costumes




Event Rose Eyepatch (Violet) [1]

  • Increase physical & magical damage to demihuman by 3% per refine.
  • Increase base atk & matk by 1% per 2 refine.
  • If base str/dex 250 or higher give immune to silence.
  • If base int/agi is 250 or higher give immune to stun.




Event Rose Eyepatch (White) [1] 

  • Increases all healing received by 15%.
  • Increase healing potency of [Heal, Sanctuary, Potion Pitcher] by 20%.
  • Increase Demi-human resist by 1% per 2 refine
  • Immune to chaos


Costume: Fluffy Angel Cape




 Costume: Wrapping Ribbon



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