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February Special Release

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During February we're releasing a special lucky box for everyone, they will be available until Thursdays 7th of March! in addition to this, we are also rereleasing old valentine cash shop hats!

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not mix the lpp and pp when buying. AS THE NEW BOX ARE PREMIUM POINTS EXCLUSIVE.


Valentine's 2019 Lucky Box  699PP

Mechanics: Opening a box grants you 2 items, a one guaranteed item to be at least an uncommon item, and one random item.


  • Guaranteed Refine Ticket
  • Costume Bouquet Hat
  • Costume Fairy Feather
  • Costume Fluttering Feather


  • Bouquet Hat
  • Fairy Feather
  • Fluttering Feather
  • RevivalRO Max Class


  • 4x Character Gender Change
  • SRT Box
  • Pear Bag (10)
  • Heroic Backpack
  • Character Rename Scroll
  • touhou lucky box
  • Sturdy Mining Pickaxe


  • Field Manual Box (10)
  • Battle Manual (300%)
  • Bubble Gum Box
  • Gym Pass Box
  • Medium Life Potion Box (30)
  • Premium Reset Stone Box
  • Enriched Elunium Box
  • Enriched Oridecon Box
  • Marollo’s Key
  • State of the art Weapon Box
  • State of the art armour box


New Headgears from the valentine lucky box:



Bouquet hat[4]

  • +30 all stat
  • +30% danage to all race except demi-human




Fluttering Feathers[4]

  • +25 all stat
  • +25% movement speed




Fairy Feathers[1]

  • +15 all stat
  • +10% resistance to all status

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