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[2019-03-29] The Magitech and Royal set release, and double donor box offer!

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Greetings everyone,

Limited time promotion DOUBLE donor box

Starting right after this maintenance and until Monday 1st of April 23:59 server time we're offering double donor boxes, on every 25 euros spent you will get a donor box instead of 50 euros.

Magitech set

The magitech set is aimed for magic based characters, the set offers a new set of cool tech sprites which are all costumable!

Magitech Headpiece (Top headgear) [4] (2500 Premium Points)


Increase MATK proportional to INT.
Decrease SP proportional to DEX.
Ignores 10% of enemies MDEF.
Ignores Elemental Resistances by 7%.
+10% max HP.
[Magitech Headpiece + Magitech Mobile Pursuit + Magitech Shades combo]
+15% magic damage to demi human.",
Nullify the gemstone and stone requirement for skills.
Allows the use of level 1 Recognized Spell.

Magitech Mobile Pursuit [4] (Middle Headgear) (2000 Premium Points)


+25 all status
Increase MATK by 15%.
Gives immunity to Curse.
Add resistance to Holy, Shadow, and Poison element by 10%.
Disable SP natural regeneration.

Magitech Shades [1] (Lower Headgear) (2000 Premium Points)


+18 status.
+10% resistance to all status.
Increase resistance to physical attacks by 5%.

Royal set

Royal Masquerade [4] (Upper headgear) (2500 Premium Points)


STR +20
AGI +15
+50% damage against Demi-Human and Brute races.
Decrease after-cast delay of skills by 5%
[Royal Masquerade + Royal Cape + Royal Companion combo]
+15% more damage to Demi human.
+5% Weapon Skill damage.
Allows the use of level 1 Dark Claw.

Royal Cape [4] (Middle headgear) (2000 Premium Points)


All stat +25
Increase ATK by 15%.
Gives immunity to Blind.
Add resistance to Holy, Shadow and Poison Element by 10%.
Disable HP natural regeneration.

Royal Companion [1] (Lower headgear) (2000 Premium Points)


+18 all stat
+10% resistance to all status.
Increase resistance to Magical attacks by 5%.

The following changes was done to Dark Claw to fit loki more

The effect duration on the enemy increased to 7 seconds
All damage would increase on the enemmy instead of physical only
Range of this skill increased to 5 cells
Cooldown is reduced to 30 seconds


Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO!


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