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Quarterly Sale- First Quarter 2023

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Hello Players,

Quarterly Sale has been updated with more reduced prices on some of our sale items!!


Many goods had been discounted for your shopping pleasure. Have Fun.



For every 20 Euro Donation = 1 Donor Box, 15% Premium Points Bonus

!!!Additional 5% Premium Point Donation bonus!!!

!!!1 Donor Box is now 20% Premium Points Bonus!!!

!!!Amberknight Promo - increase chance to win major prizes!!!

!!!10% Discount off all Races!!!


Sale Extended to 16th April


We have prepared some cool stuffs that you will surely love.



Impact Shield [1] 
Price : 2000 PP

If used by a merchant and archer class
- STR + 10, INT +10
Increase misc damage by 1.5% per refine. 

 If used by other classes :
- HDEF & SDEF -15
Resistance to all elements +1% per refine.

General effect :
- Perfect Dodge -20
- Flee -15%
Increase damage from non-boss by 5%.


Kaleido's Arc [4] (Middle)
Price: 2000 PP

All stats +25

Movement Speed +20%

Enable use of Lv. 5 Magnificat

Chance to cast Lv. 5 decrease agility when hit by enemy


Costume : Cinnamoroll Bag (Garment)
Price: 2500 PP


Costume : Dreaming Rose Wig (Upper)
Price: 2000 PP



 Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.



GM Team

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