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g c q's yandere shop

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☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・° hello_by_gaarachaosqueen-d8thcah.png☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆

Welcome to my random little shop. ~ I am very bad at this, so have mercy, ty.



~~ Selling ~~


Ranked Slim Potions (yandereQueen), 1.500 per piece. Currently Rank 2. yey

Rank don't matter tho, they all heal the same in ranking.

10.000 = 15m

20.000 = 30m

30.000 = 45m

Also offer free Blue potion service, if you provide the Blue Herbs. <3



pm/mail "yandereQueen" for orders. <3 (You can also ask Connor, ign "Creator"/ "Stalker" for orders)

Alternatively I mostly hang out in Morroc/outside Pyramids. Or try catch me in discord, gcq#5585. <3




30 Day Costume Boxes, Prices are most likely random, don't judge me qq.




Stag Pauldrons (Blue)

Dragon Pauldrons (Black)

Lion Pauldrons (White)

Wolf Pauldrons (Purple)

Wolf Pauldrons (Blue) (2x)

Skeleton Rucksack

Decayed Hope

Stuffed Panda

Poring Shoot

Pink Dragon Scarf






Marin Party Hat

Deviling Party Hat

Angeling Party Hat

Archangeling Hat



Fireworks (2015)

Red Beret

Shoulder Chicky

Seer Mask

Veil Crown

Dark Valkyrie Helm

Red Valk

Standing Elephant Hat

Pumpkin Head

Emperor Helm (2x)

Gothic Lolita Hat

Cozy Scarf

Headprotector Wind

Pink Pochi Hat

Gent Hat (Yellow)



Pecopeco Wing

Marionette Strings

Pink Fairy Wings

Clear Butterfly Wing (Red)

Demon Wings v2

Blue Dragonfly Flappers

Green Butterfly Wings



Poporing Balloon

Nekoring Balloon

Pouring Balloon




Cyan Kawaii Ribbon

Gold Kawaii Ribbon



Small Golden Saiyan Aura (2015) (2x)

Red Saiyan Aura (2015)

Gold Saiyan Tail (2015)

Fable Silk Orange



Drooping Thanatos

Drooping Falcon

Drooping Psy


Poring Topper

Quiz Hat Q (Blue)

Cute Blue Ribbons






Snowflake Ring

Bra Hat


Bunny Wand (2015)

Fabled Sword

Fire Mastery

Space Helmet (Silver)

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