Hello, In this topic we will explain to you how to use our new support service, you can always put your important issues and account matters into the support system to get it resolved or look up at, kindly note that the in-game helpdesk is only meant for simple/fast issues while issues requires investigations, Issues, Bugs and suggestions shall be reported through our support system. Our players comfort is the most important thing to us, our new support system and support workflow would assure fastest possible chance for your issue/question to reach the responsible person of it, and to be fixed or reviewed by us! What's the Eligible Issues for support? Account issues, Like can't login, Ban questions, Register Issues, Information Change Issues Donation Issues, Non-Received points, Issues in received points, suggestions and general questions about donating. Character Issues, Any issues that blocks you from playing your character Missing Data Issues, Missing items and such Bugs & Issues, reporting any bugs or issues in-game Fraud & Players Abuse reports, any thing related to report other players behavior And any other topics the GMs asked you to do it through our Support system instead   How to reach support? 1. Through Emails Send an email to [email protected] with the subject have brief idea of your issue and write everything about your issue in the email body! If you're issue is account/character matter please use same email used for this account to send your ticket. 2. Through Website Messenger 1, If you're able to access your account First, log in into your account in the website (https://ragnarevival.com). Click on Help me button in the bottom right of the website as explained in following picture     2. If you can't access your account or about register issue Click on get help in the bottom right side of the website Type in your email to receive our answer in-case you were offline and please use same one as your account if you already have an account   We hope that our topic has explained everything for you to use our new support system, if you got any other questions don't hesitate to contact us! Best Regards, RevivalRO Management.