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    Pre-re formula was (SDEF + HDEF ) /100. You were looking at Renewal formula. Since HDEF was removed from calculations as part of a change here, its actually only [SDEF/100] here. So say a mob with 140 vit, you would deal floor[140/100] = 1.4x Damage. Note that Thanatos makes your damage fluctuate a lot more so its harder to actually test. //Time to disappear again
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    Got 100 aloe 1m each pm me ingame RoldSusej also gold
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    Robots have arrived Robots have landed in the Midgard and brought multiple items at cheap price! While the robots are here, "DOUBLE DONOR BOX" Promotion will be active. Items that are available in the Robot Market: Items in Shop 1, 2 and 3 can only be purchased by Premium Points (LPP not allowed). Visit the Sales Assistant (prontera 150 284) to have entry to special Robot Room More to come soon. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/ Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.
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    It'd be awesome if that's the case. Thank you for the info. Sorry for my late respond/reply... Thank you @High End
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    It'd be lovely if Fox Scarf [id#52804] to be on the BF sales this year... And Amistr beret [though i bet it'll be on the sale even if i don't suggest it, but just to be safe though]..
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    Cedi Orbs are items used to make certain cedi equipment (with the exception of Great Old Set and Wings) more powerful and appropriate to a character’s specific build. These items are slotted into gears and this guide will give a step-by-step procedure on how to slot these orbs into gears. Some orbs can be slotted into every single gear, others onto specific ones only. A player may find out where to slot the orbs by checking it with Prof. Willy through the option “Check Orb” or by checking wiki. Check the link to see where to get the orbs and onto which armor they can be slotted. Link can be found here: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Cedi/Orbs Now let us walk through the steps on Slotting Cedi Orbs Step 1. Go to Yuno Library (@go Yuno 338, 203) Step 2. Enter the warp to the left of the 2nd inner room. Step 3. Talk to Prof. Willy Make sure that the character is wearing the correct armor that will be slotted with the orb. The player cannot have 2 of the same gear in the inventory (i.e. Recondite Ring or Resplendent Ring). Step 4. Choose “Slot” Step 5. Select the equipment wished to be slotted with Orb. In this case my character would have the accessory slotted with an orb. Step 6. Give the appropriate orb to Prof. Willy In this example, my character used Dex 3 since the character that would be using the gear is a sniper. A window like the one above will show where in the player would give the orb to Prof. Willy. Step 7. Choose whether the refinement of the equipment would be kept or not - based on the equipment where the player will slot the orb. Keeping the Refinement In this case, I also tried it with Pragmatist’s mail to show what would happen if the player wishes to keep the refines. The conversation with Prof Willy would be something like as follows: Select the option “Yes keep my refines!” Indicate the desired number of refines wished to keep just like in the sample image above Pay the necessary amount of zeny required to keep the refines. Take note that this amount varies based on the number of refines. In my case it was only 2 million zeny for a +4 Pragmatist’s Mail. Prof. Willy would ask the player a confirmation for the slotting so make sure that the appropriate orb was given to him. Disregarding the Refinement (not keeping refines) In this situation, I applied it on my recondite ring. The conversation with Prof. Willy will be as follows: Select the option “I don’t care!” After selecting the 2nd option, a clarification window will appear reviewing the item and the orb. Once again, take note that the correct orb was given to Prof. Willy. Otherwise, the orb might go to waste. It can be replaced but NEVER refunded once it is already slotted to the equipment. Lastly, Prof. Willy will return the gear with a slotted orb back to the player. There you have it. I hope that this guide helps players to successfully slot cedi orbs in their gears.
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    Hello Community, We have introduced 5 new cards today, all of them obtainable through Ice Crown, they are as follows: Friggid Snowier Card: Friggid Siroma Card: Friggid Ice Titan Card: Friggid Gazeti Card: Salacia Card: Drop modifiers does not affect the rate of card drop in the ice crown instance. Happy Instancing! If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/ Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.
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    Fixed the location in main post, it should be (150, 284). NPC will be live at midnight
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    You cannot decard orbs, but you can "overwrite" them by placing a new orb at their place.
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    Well, one thing is for sure; The higher the SDEF (Players) is, the better works Thana. And the higher a monsters VIT is, the better works Thana. I am not sure about the exact numbers, but that's the general rule.
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    I told my friend to farm you all these pm "RoldSusej" in game,Thank you.
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    Hello, It might be due to insufficient data or unstable net. Can you try again? I tried to patch via andro and it's working.
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    Hello everyone, We have some news to report, a transparency report. Background: We noticed a huge influx of zeny in the server, we started to investigate about it. When we were searching, we found out that 1B and 100M coins were in abundance, this shouldn't be the case. The coins we found were 1000x more than the usual, which ofcourse, caused the market to raise price. What Happened Next? We found the source and the system that was used for exploitation, Server wasn't hacked, neither ANY GM helped the source. The system that was introduced way back(Rebirth Era) had a fault which helped to generate large number of coins infinitely. Source was none other than "Zvellhaj", being a high donor and always asking if he could help us with anything. But this time, he has shown his real face, exploiting the system for 1 week and not even reporting it once, thus stating how he was an immature self-centered entitled kid. What should be done? We had 2 options for these inflation and illegal source of zeny to end: 1. Rollback the server one week back 2. Manually trace each transactions from a week to now. We decided not to rollback the server, so do not worry about it. We traced transactions and reversed wherever possible. Verdict: The exploit was actively used from a week and we asked him indirectly about it, he did confess about using it, but on asking about why he haven't reported it, comes an usual reply from offenders: "It was week ago, I forgot to report, was just for testing". We do not know if system was abused previously as well to gain high amount of zeny, it was recently when he took zeny in large when he was caught. Everyone will be treated the same on breaking the rules, so All accounts owned by him are BANNED. We offered him a chance to play using new account if he wished to(as we say to everyone else), but being an entitled kid he is, he blackmailed us with money (we don't care about it), Zvellhaj accounts will be forever banned and not be applicable for amnesty. Moral of the story: Everyone's helpful except when they find exploit and use it for personal gain. Update November 2020: We have noticed hundreds of trades between Zvel and Mae (free trades, gained from exploit), which resulted in ban of Mae Account as well. Zvel account is banned and will not be recovered at any cost due to fact of abusing exploit and using it for personal gain and ruining server economy too hard.
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