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    Greetings everyone, during this fast server restart we've fixed high priority bugs introduced by our last code merge. Corrected an issue in the NPC inputs, string inputs shall work fine now that include every affected quest.
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    Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done an internal code update, our emulator software was not updated since 2016 as previous staff never bothered to update the software, we've also done a fixes for issues was introduced by our previous internal code update. Fixes Character storage shall work as expected now Character creation shall work as expected now, no more all female. Heroic shop is now available again Fixed ranking bonus not being calculated in TK_COUNTER attack Issues we're aware of Alternative jobs costumes is not working, expected to be fixed next maintenance. What's new in after this maintenance? currently nothing special for players, there's lot of internal bugs which was fixed and you will probably notice it while playing. What's the point of this maintenance then? we're updating the emulator code to access many new features, including newer clients, support of new Ragnarok features, new items etc, we cannot wait any longer to have access to those for releasing a new content using those awesome systems especially item options system! (Google it if you're that curious) How are we supposed to do to help? any major code updates would always introduced weird bugs and hidden flaws, please report anything that seems odd or off since the new maintenance. How many maintenance left until this update is finished? (referring to Part 1) We're expecting to finish it in 3 parts (3 maintenance).
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