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    Greetings Everyone, Since the reset of the server we announced that we will refund all donations from date September 2017 until December 2017, a part of that we're re-releasing Black Friday sales, so those users and old donors can re-participate the sales. You will be able to use LPP and PP during this sales, and items won't be refundable. The Black Friday sales will be available From 11th Of February until 12th of February All day long, you will be able to access the black Friday selling rooms through Black Friday NPC which will be placed in (prontera 156 232) Edit 9th of February 2018: Due to balance concerns the Woodland Topper and Avian Farmer will be 1 per account and rental for 30 days for the price of 10c, we also did another review and lowered some prices and fixed over priced items. The following is the table of Black Friday items, we will put full preview of all headgears soon! Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
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    imo its better to call it SALE not Black Friday Sale. so yea after evrything happened.... i was plannin to throw some money just to grab some of em, but i change my mind maybe this so called black friday sale is not for everyone but just for those who hit lvl 10 donor(200000pp). RIP for those who invested time, years and effort so yea i feel you guys. nice meeting you RevivalRO cheers.
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    Finished pictures for Sierra! (1/3) ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2 more remaining open slots. Please do take them c: 1. Sierra 2. Clochee 3. Lilia 4. Free 5. Free
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    What the hell are you guys doing? First the pricing was off quite a lot (this is the third change that i'm seeing in the list) now you're completely changing the farmer gears without ever asking for feedback from the actual players? Or did I miss some random chat in discord where this was discussed? If there are balancing issues why not balance it out? Too much for lvl 10 donor accounts? Balance it. Bad idea for an item? Just remove it. No, let's make it a 30 day rental. Probably going to put on sale every now & then again. If the lvl 10 donor account thing is really a problem then you should also remove the 5% double drop chance they get from being VIP. The 60c poring party is a very rebirthro like thing. It's the exact mentality current rro gm team has with balancing items 'just make it harder to get or more expensive for balance' . If the item isn't balanced just fix it and put it on a normal price. Currently I have no clue what road you guys are even trying to take. Can't wait to see the failure the WoE changes and card effect are heading into. I hope you realize this will be a HUGE impact on the server if you fail this too. Just discuss things with your players. I don't think the GM team has more experience in RO than the entire player base combined.
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    http://www.ohsnapitsdave.com/ Hey, just showing my "awesome" work here. Just a photography hobbyist.
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    Honestly need to admit that I don't think 50% off on all items be a good idea. There alot lv10 donors with a shitload of lpp who could easily buy all items then. Idk, i has rather said take maybe 50% on the "basic" items (buff hats, angra/ahura, megs, etc) and a bit lower discount on that seasonal stuff as it is now (xmas, old bf stuff etc). And ofc make sure the items get cheaper and not magically more expensive then before.
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    Commission done for @Lilia, her Sura Mama Drools. Next one is Syrus. ~
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    Valentine's Day Event 2018 Guide and Headgear/Middle/Lower List:- I know there is already one of this on forums,But lets just optimize it for your better understanding. 1)Start off by finding Cupid at Prontera Coords (155,282). Agree with him until he says 2)Then warp your self to Jawai and move on to Coords (191,220) enter the warp,As soon as you enter the warp it takes you to Bar where you will be greeted by some sexy Women.. Well ain't got time for that sweetie,I'm sorry. 3)Head to north,You will see a bridge in the center of the building Head north_east,Until you see Npc named "Tomson". 4)Talk to him,He will tell you to collect requirements based on what Chocolate that you choose. Chocolate Recipes: Event (Milk) Chocolate(1 Valentine's Goodie Bag) 1 Milk 4 Cocoa 3 Honey 2 Love Fluff 2 Love Heart 2 Love Fabric 2 Love Steel 2 Love Silk Event White Chocolate(2-3 Valentine's Goodie Bags) 1 Milk 2 Cocoa 3 Honey 3 White Dyestuff 7 Love Fluff 7 Love Heart 7 Love Fabric 7 Love Steel 7 Love Silk Event Strawberry Chocolate(1-2 Valentine's Goodie Bags) 3 Milk 3 Cocoa 4 Honey 15 Strawberry 4 Love Fluff 4 Love Heart 4 Love Fabric 4 Love Steel 4 Love Silk You can actually buy them from players,For most of you who don't know where to get them check this out, Might be helpful in preventing you from being scammed. 1)Honey can be brought via Pet Shop Npc at Mall Coords(128,57). 2)Milk can be brought via Milk Rancher at Prontera Coords (75,134). There are also many other Milk Ranchers out there,Here is the list for them. List 1 Vendor from Milk Ranch hugel (105, 169) 2 Vendor from Milk Ranch izlude (105, 92) 3 Vendor from Milk Ranch lighthalzen (220, 122) 4 Vendor from Milk Ranch moscovia (199, 110) 5 Vendor from Milk Ranch prontera (73, 134) 3)Cacao is dropped by Yoyo from Prontera_Field_03. 4)Love Items are Dropped by Heartrings,They spawn hourly as per the Fields/Dungeons announced by the Server. They look like this 5)White Dyestuffs can be quested.Dye Maker is located at Morroc_In (146,99) get him the requirements necessary to make the Dye,He will make it for you. To make White Dye it requires 1)30 x White Herbs 2)1 x Counter Agent 3)1 x Empty Bottle 4)3000 zeny. 6)Strawberries can be farmed from Yoyo(Prontera_Field03) Or Coco(Geffen_Field02). 5)Bring him the requirements(Trading 1 by 1 is preferred) and come back and talk to him again,He will handle you over the Chocolate,Here there is a chance of failure as he would eat away Chocolates and you will loose your materials,So better be prepared with enough sets of requirements. 6)Luckily if you managed to get one then head back to Cupid He will handle you over his Valentine's Goodie Bag in return of Chocolate. Here is the list of items that you can get from Valentine's Goodie Bag. Note:You can get Love items from Heartrings,They spawn hourly as per the Fields/Dungeons announced by the Server. Headgears: 1)Love Bunny Band: 2)Frilled Flower Band: 3)Rose Piece: 4)Heart Ring: 5)Valentine's Topper: 6)Valentine's Cap: 7)Gent Hat: 8)Choco Love Hat(2015): Middle: 1)Twin Butterflies: 2)Spinning Hearts(2015): 3)Frilled Flower Robe: 4)Valentine's Hairpin: Lower: 1)Frilled Flower Bow: 2)Valentine's Blush: Pets 1)Cupid Egg: 2)Heartring Egg: If anything is missing,Let me Know @Tommy also my Ign is Tommy,Also Hats off to my buddies @Phinky,Kendra,Alleyne,Bambino,Gcq for sponsoring these sprites couldn't have possibly done this without them. Also don't forget to check out the Cash Shop for Limited Edition Items. This event will last for 2weeks,So make sure you get everything that you needed.Thank you.
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    Hello, Before anyone does any game trading activities, please be informed that game trading is not allowed in RevivalRO! This means selling any goods/service for non-RO goods/service is illegal! For example: Buying or selling credits to or from other players for real money or anything that involves real money and other players. ATTEMPT to do this activity will result in the seller being banned, and possibly the buyer as well, and no items would be recovered! If ever in doubt, you can also ask RevivalRO staff in game, discord and support before doing anything that could be illegal! Thank you and have fun! Regards, RevivalRO Staff
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    Hello Guys! My name is Luis and I Main Stalker ( Litteraly had 7 maxed on my account). I am a veteran player (over 12 years) , I quit for a while and decided it would be my time to come back and surprise! I heard the bad news and @Syphon I know how much you love this community and how you will fight for everything that was taken away from you , but fight the good fight and rise from the ashes that we left behind! Im here to re-introduce myself not as an old player or Pro but as a friend to everyone in need of help , I've done everything in RebirthRO and helping with questions or helping people in general has always been my style. With this being said , Syphon , @KittyBoy and the rest of the GM team , this is actually an opportunity to build towards a better future . An experience to learn from and a challenge to overcome. I am 24 years old now and started this long adventure since I was around 10 years old , please keep your chins up guys and lets start to rebuild ! I have not installed the game yet but will be working on doing so this weekend, If I can help in any way you can think of I would love to help with the Rebuild and assist with general questions. To the rest of the player community if you are new , Welcome to the beginning of a great adventure ! And to those who are Veterans like myselfassist as much as you can , lets all put in our grain of sand to make this server #1 again!
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    hi im kane i missed ragnarok so i decided to play again reee. im noob as hell so hopefully yall like my art (fund me) idk if paypal payments are allowed here, if not, i take zeny and credits (coins?) payment! not sure how to price the latter though, and how to trade for that... please guide me, a lost soul.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★ Contact Info ★ ► Discord: Fastest way to reach me! ► Facebook: http://fb.me/mprincekane ► IGN: kane azriel ★ Commissions Info ★ ► Pricing and Terms of Services: https://goo.gl/1vPnb8 ► Art samples: https://sta.sh/2sy4edsdrt1 ► No backgrounds, unfortunately. The most I can do are solid background, with or without patterns. ► There are additional fees for pets/familiars/weapons, although there is no set price. We can discuss that. ► I can do a wide variety of styles. I'm most comfortable with semi-realism. I can also do stylized and anime. Not that experienced in realism, however. ► I can do chibi and semi-chibi. Ecchi is fine, too. ★ Art Samples ★ ► More here: https://sta.sh/2sy4edsdrt1 ★ Slots ★ ► To ensure I don't pile up on commissions, I'll be taking comms just a couple at a time. ► Can take around 3 days to 1 week per piece. Although the simpler styles are fairly easy for me to do. ► [OPEN] ► [OPEN] ► [OPEN] ★ In-game Currency Rates ★ ► I'm fairly new to this, so if any of my rates are off, underpriced/overpriced, please do tell me! Any input is very much appreciated. ► 1 USD = 0.82 EUR = 35m ZENY = 0.82 CREDS (ROUNDED OFF)
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    this is so GAY u made woodland topper and avian rentlals, wtf happen to having perm ones i mean seriously i would had paid the 37creds LOl WTF MAN i demand U CHANGE IT BACK!
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    Ok, since I got apperently too much time, I got here the original prices of the most items there. Some I couldn't find or they right now just to find in lucky boxes. So feel free to add the prices if you want. :v
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    Hello, There seems to be a mix-up with some of the prices. Could you please help us by listing the items that have the wrong prices and the previous prices? We will look into it before the sale happens. Items that I'm aware have wrong price: - Snowflake Ring - previous price 2000? - Rabbit Knithead - previous price 2000? Thank you.
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    Prices went up? (on some items) 300 coins off of 2k items?....100 coins off some 1k items? This is the black friday sale? i was expecting a little more of a Black Friday sale. I mean after everything that happened....300 coins off...Ok then
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    Herro Pros ~ Finished the commission/gift for @Sierra
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    1. For weapon, I think Grimtooth is the best choice. It lowers your vit def (max is Base Vit 150 I think? Correct me I im wrong) and makes you less prone to Thana. Besides that, you can try Red Square Bag or Erde that increases AD damage by 20% if youre AD type. A last resort will be +10 Mace with LOD and Garm cards in it to coma/freeze pallies you can't kill with AD or magic. 2. In WoE, most Creos go for Vanils as their homun. For that, you might want to use Homun Clip B that inxreases your homun's int and dex. You can also try wearing Ring of Resonance to autocast defensive skills like Assump (which is important in WoE, you cant assumo while in a castle). Or you can try Expert Ring to reduce your skill delay for a faster AD spam. For cards, you can use Alligator cards for magic and long range resist. 3. In RRO, the higher the refinement gives a bonus where you get less damage from all races (im not sure about this). Valk Armor is the go to armor for all classes I think. If not, there's also Tidung or Brynhild. For the garment, you can use Caliginous Cloak, Proxy Skin fragment, Valk Mant., or Wool Scarf (in tandem with Tidal Shoes). For shoes I think Ebony Greaves is the best but I still havent tested if it's better than Valk Shoes (which has a slot). 4. The must have headgear cards in WoE are always status resist cards (Orc Hero, Marduk, etc.). Im not into Maya Purple because therell always be people with Ruwach/Sight activated but that's just me. Aside from resist, stack on elemental resists, I suggest getting a 4 slotted wings with just Leaf Cat/Dustiness/Giearth cards in it that have resists against water/wind/earth respectively which are the most commonly used elements during WoE. For headgears, try to get a Bolt Helm, I suggest Fire/Lightning bolt because not much people use resist against it, this is just to those who cant be killed with AD. I also use Bell Ribbon to cast Kyrie against SinX or LKs. The key to playing Creator in WoE is stacking demi-human/elemental resists and maximizing your INT to get the best possible damage for AD. I hope I helped.
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    Maybe its time for me to apply for gm.
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    Hello, Before the server re-opened in 15th January 2018, there were Eir and Thor Server. Currently, there are only Loki server, thus if you see any items that have description for all those servers, just look at the Loki's effects.
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    Happy Valentine's Day Revival!! To make this lovely day even lovelier, we have decided (staff) because of our big sale this month and everyone's sadness at losing their past limited items, to bring you the very best of the past Valentine's donations! We heard your outrage and really wanted to give everyone the chance in getting back what they lost. I know this can't make up for everything, but I hope its a good start. Rose Crown Rose Ring Emo Heart Floral Ring Petal Dance Puppy Love Heart Beanie (2015) Heart Earmuffs (2015) Flying Choco Heart (2015) Melting Heart Icecream (2015) Butterfly Wings Sakura Wings Flower Aura Falling Rose Petals (2015) Thank you all for supporting us in everything. We really couldn't have made this work without you guys. Best Regards, The RevivalRO Staff
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    Thanks for your guide! Regards
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    Would be good if the Artistry and Crafting systems (handicrafting, metalworking, and tailoring) NPCs won't require us to drag items 1 by 1. Instead I hope it would be like the cookbook method where you only need the materials and click from the choices which item should be crafted. With the outputs it's fine as it is but please make the artistry and crafting system less tedious and less time-consuming.
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    Hello, The admin stated it's not a bug
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    yeah this server is only 1 month old and yet some decisions have been questionable. 1. crazy giveaway --->dont worry i got +10 spec so less biased 2. expiration date of LPP --> ?? why ??. not thinking about future returning player? 3. putting major MVPs in mvp room ---> thanks now BB is useless 4. BCA --> what BCA? 5. This
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    Thank you @KittyBoy for adjusting the prices and @Sierra as well for listening to the players and passing on our concerns to the ADM!
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    some people bought it again 20c week ago if not mistaken then change it to 60c after some people got it and yea 10 min chance to grab the poring party. my point is dont make things Over price because it was OP, make it normal price so everyone have the chance to buy it same as other people bought it, thats how fair i know not lucky because you got a chance to buy it before others did. beside donate item supposed to be meant for all right ? not just for those who got tons of money to throw. its fun to play on server if you know it is fair to all (donor or non donor), cheers~.
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    Ish ok, I take centuries to get my art done, so if we trade we are not in a rush to get it done in like a few days. haha
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    Nice arts! not sure about the in-game currency rates, but the donation is in EUR currency, so basically 1 EUR = 1 Coin and the price of the coin depends on the market, i think currently it's about 30m-35m ea coin?
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    If what im seeing is correct, we go to the same school! o-o
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    our soon event! r u guyz hyped?!?!
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    Hello! Although our guild recruits internationally, we do have quite a few NA players here. Feel free to PM me in game (IGN: Miou) if you still have not found a guild yet! Sorry for the late reply ~ [Edit] Representing Salt & Pepper Guild
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    Very friendly guild! Super active! There's people sitting around chatting and there's people grinding/hunting/gearing up. We also do in guild events!
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    We also have Multi Safe payment and G2A (you can link G2A with PayPal) as the other payment options
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    You can buy the 100 point coin/cred in cash shop under usable tab It just gives you back 100 point coin when you double-click it, but you can also trade it to players.
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    we are recruitinggggggggggggggg~ bunch of weirdos in a good way~
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    1 euro = 100 premium points = 1x 100 point coin (1c/cred) If you want to buy an angra, for example, it costs 1000 premium points, thus it equals to 10 euros.
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    If it's what I think you're asking... the cash shop button is at the top right of your game interface. The cost is clearly stated in the cash shop in the form of Premium Points. The "C" definitely makes it a little confusing. Basically 100 Premium Points (C) = ONE coin [aka 100 Point Coin] or "cred" as many people in game like to call it = $1 USD. Hope that answers your question.
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    If we release a renewal server is gonna be better than thor and a diffrent name! Focus is on one server first Regards
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    Got it. Only donate gears will be added this round of black friday sales Third is already in No max stat ticket, premium cards will be added as well, Only donate gears will be added this round of black friday sales. Last day before we close! Last 10 items before we close!
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    Hello. I was updating the servers its much quicker now! Its back Alive have fun! Regards
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    Greetings RevivalRO Players, During this maintenance we've done the following. Fixes: Disabled PvP and Enabled usage of Angra/Ahura in Bloody Branches Room Removed delay in confirmation process of Melanies Bloody branches now have 30 seconds delay outside of Bloody Branches room and 1 second delay inside of Bloody branches room Loyal Players may now retrieve them Loyalty awards. Fixed macro check by Utan Kid (Meat) jailing people. He won't jail players again. Old Card Albums is now tradeable Now it's possible to use LPP in Races Old Channels delays has been restores Our servers is now running using Singapore timezone Content: Added summon last MVP option in MVP Summoner Increased chance of the appearing of specialty goods trader in Sealed shrine Instance Added new Safe Refine NPC clone in Payon (payon,157,143) Multi Level up has been enabled until the end of our XP events on 2018-02-15 Marvin now accepts cards again! Cedi system is up! New support system is up, click here for more information Cash Shop Updates Restored all Web cash shop items into the in-game cash shop Best Regards, RevivalRO Management,
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    Yes it is @alberta
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    Hello and Welcome! First of all You need to hit escape button and head to BM/Shortcut settings, then simply associate it with You desired shortcuts (for ex. U click Hotkey 1-2 ->then associate shortcut with it) After U have done all of Your shortcuts, You need to push "F12" Multiple times, so that additional bars show up. The 2nd bar always associates to Hotkey marked as 1-2, The third bar to hotkeys 1-3 , etc. I think that's pretty simple. After You have associated Your bars with Hotkeys, just swap spells into Your bars and enjoy !!! !!!IMPORTANT!!! YOU NEED TO HIT ENTER ON YOUR CHAT SO THAT THE CURSOR DISAPPEAR, OTHERWISE U WILL BE TYPING INSTEAD OF USING SHORTCUTS !!!IMPORTANT!!!
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    You should make a priest and use Magnus Exorcismus In Gefenia dungeon level 2 thru 4, just autoloot everything, when ur inventory is full 100/100, head to go 11 there is NPC right away You can sell those there and warp back to dungeon. This method can make 50-60M in an hour not counting the cards You get. Also I think it's best if You put Stackable items like potions etc into storage and later sell them with Merchant. You can buy blue gemstone at @go 9 Magic Items Seller, or U can buy Mistress card if You decide to dedicate purely to this method. Requirements for this: -High Priest (lvl.255 would be ideal) -Max Int -Teleport lvl 1 You can aswell try to farm Thanatos tower, @ autoloot everything aswell (stone of sage is main source of income), You can go Thanatos tower levels 7 thru 10. For this I would use LK, because they walk faster with pecos (since u can not teleport on those maps) and they can hold large amounts of weight. The another method would be farm "Mavkas" at Moscovia Forest lvl. 3, Autoloot Witherless roses (@alootid +748 and crystal mirror @alootid +747, You can aswell autoloot Blue Herbs, since they are RUSH for alchemists, You can sell them on trade @alootid +510 for that) Then there is aswell an option to farm Amistr Eyes in Bio Laboratory Underground (lvl4 on warpra). You need basic gears for this thought, since it's a lowrate drop. Amistr Eyes are really LIT right now u can sell just 2 of those babies for over 1 credit! You get lot of useful stuff aswell like Glistening coats, Acid bottels, OCA's and Clips of Cinciousness, You can always profit selling those aswell. You will need following: -Any slotted shoes (Dark Lord card) -Any slotted armor (Orc Lord card) -Any slotted shield (Alice card) -Novice Angra Manyu (until U get premium one) <-This is VERY important, You need the angra to get healed back from reflect. -Any slotted garment(raydric card/deviling card) -Ifrit Rings -Slotted headgears (Rata cards) To get these basic gears U can first grind up any of above methods, since these are pretty easy and do not require any special gears. Hope this helped a bit ^^ P.S. When U have Your 4 slotted angra, buy 4AK cards and head straight to new MVP rooms! It's worth it!
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    ...I think we know you are going to be terrific. Something I learned playing RO for about 19 years (my daughter got me into it when she was ~13) is that RO is a Community. It's not just about the game and grinding and bragging rights. Easily half the time spent is in interacting with the players and the GMs. I made friends in Romania, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Canada and places I cannot spell the name of... The thing Ancyker forgot - or maybe never learned in the 1st place - is it's not about money and it is certainly not about Power. RO is about Friends and building a strong community. I remember RRO at its beginning. You made it great. It will be a long road but we are in it for the long haul my friend... all of us.