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    *Idk if this is the right place to start this but I ma go anyways haha* === EDIT === To update this topic to the new time shedule, Wednesday (3-5pm) / 8-10am Europe [Mardol Himmin] Thursday (3-5am) / 8-10pm Europe [Cyr Andlangar] Saturday (3-5pm) / 8-10am Europe [Kriem BA Reph Neus] Sunday (3-5am) / 8-10pm Europe [Swan SP Eyol Hohen] Old rant can be found under the spoiler, ty.
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    Sadly, the problem with the current WoE time is that it stagnates growth and opportunity for people from different timezones to join in, which would result to almost no competition. Which is why it'd be great to have WoE times that cater to all three continents to give everyone an equal footing regarding availability. If the EU and NA people left because of it, that would be bad for the server.
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    Hope you don't get triggered watching over everyone. Hahahaha PS. Do you have hooters discount
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    I have noticed the influx of players who have returned during the past week [including myself], wanting an extension to the refunds to help them get started again. Apparently the process was abused by people, in which obviously would put a bad taste in the mouth. I'd lowkey want another chance if they ever change their mind, however I don't know about leaving 1star reviews, that might be more detrimental to the server than anything.
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    Another thing that came in my mind, nothing to fo with that times thing, but If you guys wanna keep do changes for woe, why not make a chat with woe guild gls to discuss changes? Since they prolly know the best whats going on in woe.
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    Valentine's Day Event 2018 Guide and Headgear/Middle/Lower List:- I know there is already one of this on forums,But lets just optimize it for your better understanding. 1)Start off by finding Cupid at Prontera Coords (155,282). Agree with him until he says 2)Then warp your self to Jawai and move on to Coords (191,220) enter the warp,As soon as you enter the warp it takes you to Bar where you will be greeted by some sexy Women.. Well ain't got time for that sweetie,I'm sorry. 3)Head to north,You will see a bridge in the center of the building Head north_east,Until you see Npc named "Tomson". 4)Talk to him,He will tell you to collect requirements based on what Chocolate that you choose. Chocolate Recipes: Event (Milk) Chocolate(1 Valentine's Goodie Bag) 1 Milk 4 Cocoa 3 Honey 2 Love Fluff 2 Love Heart 2 Love Fabric 2 Love Steel 2 Love Silk Event White Chocolate(2-3 Valentine's Goodie Bags) 1 Milk 2 Cocoa 3 Honey 3 White Dyestuff 7 Love Fluff 7 Love Heart 7 Love Fabric 7 Love Steel 7 Love Silk Event Strawberry Chocolate(1-2 Valentine's Goodie Bags) 3 Milk 3 Cocoa 4 Honey 15 Strawberry 4 Love Fluff 4 Love Heart 4 Love Fabric 4 Love Steel 4 Love Silk You can actually buy them from players,For most of you who don't know where to get them check this out, Might be helpful in preventing you from being scammed. 1)Honey can be brought via Pet Shop Npc at Mall Coords(128,57). 2)Milk can be brought via Milk Rancher at Prontera Coords (75,134). There are also many other Milk Ranchers out there,Here is the list for them. List 1 Vendor from Milk Ranch hugel (105, 169) 2 Vendor from Milk Ranch izlude (105, 92) 3 Vendor from Milk Ranch lighthalzen (220, 122) 4 Vendor from Milk Ranch moscovia (199, 110) 5 Vendor from Milk Ranch prontera (73, 134) 3)Cacao is dropped by Yoyo from Prontera_Field_03. 4)Love Items are Dropped by Heartrings,They spawn hourly as per the Fields/Dungeons announced by the Server. They look like this 5)White Dyestuffs can be quested.Dye Maker is located at Morroc_In (146,99) get him the requirements necessary to make the Dye,He will make it for you. To make White Dye it requires 1)30 x White Herbs 2)1 x Counter Agent 3)1 x Empty Bottle 4)3000 zeny. 6)Strawberries can be farmed from Yoyo(Prontera_Field03) Or Coco(Geffen_Field02). 5)Bring him the requirements(Trading 1 by 1 is preferred) and come back and talk to him again,He will handle you over the Chocolate,Here there is a chance of failure as he would eat away Chocolates and you will loose your materials,So better be prepared with enough sets of requirements. 6)Luckily if you managed to get one then head back to Cupid He will handle you over his Valentine's Goodie Bag in return of Chocolate. Here is the list of items that you can get from Valentine's Goodie Bag. Note:You can get Love items from Heartrings,They spawn hourly as per the Fields/Dungeons announced by the Server. Headgears: 1)Love Bunny Band: 2)Frilled Flower Band: 3)Rose Piece: 4)Heart Ring: 5)Valentine's Topper: 6)Valentine's Cap: 7)Gent Hat: 8)Choco Love Hat(2015): Middle: 1)Twin Butterflies: 2)Spinning Hearts(2015): 3)Frilled Flower Robe: 4)Valentine's Hairpin: Lower: 1)Frilled Flower Bow: 2)Valentine's Blush: Pets 1)Cupid Egg: 2)Heartring Egg: If anything is missing,Let me Know @Tommy also my Ign is Tommy,Also Hats off to my buddies @Phinky,Kendra,Alleyne,Bambino,Gcq for sponsoring these sprites couldn't have possibly done this without them. Also don't forget to check out the Cash Shop for Limited Edition Items. This event will last for 2weeks,So make sure you get everything that you needed.Thank you.
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    This guide is only intended for Mac users hence the Title. I will not be replying to anything related/ based on Windows. If you need a Windows guide. I’m sure Mr. Tommy can help you with that https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/66-revivalro-installation-guide/ Alright enough blabbering. Requirements A copy of the full client/RO Folder. Why you ask? The installation setup does not work with my method. Therefore we need a zipped/compressed version that we can extract to a specific location. You can get the Full Client zip here http://downloadeu.ragnarevival.com/RevivalRO.zip Installation Wineskin Just a Fancy GUI that will make your life easier and allow you to bundle together your windows based applications to run with wine. This is whats gonna allow you to play RevivalRO on a Mac. Not gonna go into too much detail here. That’s why we have google. To Download head over to their site http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php Unzip it and drag it over to your applications Now you should be able to see wineskin winery in your launchpad. Now launch Wineskin Winery and you should have something looking like this Update the wrapper version and install Next you need to install the engine/version of wine to use click on the big + button and make sure you have selected the same version I have. Download & Install After downloading/installing, it should now look like this Create a new blank wrapper Call it w.e you’d like You’ll then get a popup asking to allow/accept incoming connections. Allow it. Now we need to navigate to the folder where our wrapper was created press SHIFT+CMD+G Replace my name/home folder with the name of your Home folder. Right click on the wrapper and show package contents Launch/double click on wineskin Click Install software Choose copy a folder inside option Now it’s time to copy over the RO folder. Like I stated before the setup installation won’t work with my method. Therefore download the zipped version linked on this guide and unzip/extract it on your Mac. Navigate to where you downloaded/extracted your RO folder once you’ve clicked on the copy a folder inside option. Now give it time to copy the folder and all its files. When it’s done a window will popup asking you to choose an executable file here you will pick Revival Patcher.exe Click -> OK you’ll be back to the previous window Here you’ll click on the Advance option Click on set screen options and uncheck Auto detect GPU info for Direct3D -> Done Now we have to install some Microsoft redistributable packages required to run RO Head-over to the Tools tab and click on winetricks under the utilities section On this window click on the update winetricks button -> OK -> then go over to the dlls dropdown section Look for vcrun2008, vcrun2010, vcrun2012 & vcrun2013 and have them checked/ticked then -> Run and go through each installation process. Now click the close button and you should be back on the previous window Tab back over to the options section and check/tick -> Option key works as Alt Now we're set but not quite We now have to choose our graphic device and adjust our resolution through the setup. It is now possible to launch the setup via the RevivalRO Patcher. It's a nice feature/addon without the hassle or the need to change the executable every time you want to adjust your resolution. Lets play Now you should be able to launch the wrapper through spotlight or launchpad If your function keys are not working how you intended/hoped for you may need to go to your System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> ( Here you might need to uncheck/configure some shortcuts So that your function keys can work in RevivalRO like they should ) You might also need to adjust your mouse pointer/tracking speed to your liking when in game. I'll assume you know how to do that. Side Notes As of now you’ll only be able to have one instance/client running This Guide will get updated soon for dual clienting so stay tuned for that but you should at least be able to run/play RevivalRO now. The experience will ofc be different on a Mac and you’ll have to setup shortcuts in game for certain things that just work on windows by default. Support Feel free to PM on here or on discord I prefer discord I’m rarely on the forums My username Avian#1147
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    Commission done for @Lilia, her Sura Mama Drools. Next one is Syrus. ~
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    I noticed in the Item description for Condensed Whites the Weight says 2 but they actually weigh 5 I didn't see anything about weight change on the wiki so I was wondering if they were functioning correctly?
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    Glad to have made someone reach nirvana /o/ BTW UPDATE!! This is just to let you know that I am still alive hehe lerl I am so sorry guys, honestly I haven't started on anything because Im bombarded with so much midterm exams BUT Ill try to finish them in my one week break after I am done with mah school stuff. Til then I hope everyone is patient UwU *signs of*
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    well cant say i completely disagree, but i believe leap is should be disabled in dungeon maps where teleportation is disabled. Leap is basically mini teleportation imho
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    Hi gcq and Skyfire, We are currently looking into adjusting NPCs in towns. While I can't promise the healer being vastly improved, I will try to add some of these suggestions to @go 16 at least. If you think of any other NPCs you want to see return, please let us know here. Thank you!
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    Herro ladies and gentlegays ~ Just wanna add some other random suggestion here. Since there won't be Guild Towns any soon but we all (I guess) miss some of our favorite NPC, I wanted to suggest to maybe add few of them access able for everyone? Prolly my favorite one first, The Chauffeur. For those who don't know it, he is like a Warpra, but he warps you to special places, like Cedi Taps, Byalan, SS, Tailor/Handi/Metalwork place, etc. Since no one likes walking much, it be neat to bring him back. How about adding one in Prontera or Mall? Another nice NPC to have, The Guild Dungeon warper. This one is kinda special, he warps you into the guild dungeon of the realm your guild owns. How about adding one of these too in like the mall, together with a Healer or other kind of save spot for the Farmers there. (idk if adding the NPC access able for all be a good idea, so feel free to write your opinion) If you got other NPCs that might could be added, feel free to add them. :b kthxbai
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    was waiting to post again to test wednesday woe also , cause isnt good discute of things without try all: we arleady have wednesday and saturday , wednesday where there are 2 castles and we can fight and competitive as owning want.(and we did fight as i said so stop little provokations) istead saturday its competitive also cause we got 4 castles and guild compete for get castles more than fight. as th want and as its interess of others future guild , have chances to get castles. competition.. i will explain this with 1 simply example.. olympic games got only 1 race? no , both fights in wednesday and rush of castle(hoa) in saturday are competitions. we should talk about make woe better , but atm i think woe are cool as there are . the tip i can give its to wait and see cause prolly some others guild will try to appear soon. the sizes of woe atm are cool. about asians didnt show in woe ..the famous 80%.. we re talking of a server where its new and old players , where some donate and some other istead know to farm fast..atm only this two players are showing in woe. this server atm got 3/4 month? more or less.. u guys pretend newbies arleady play woe... give time to them to understand and learn. none start pro. regards.
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    Sounds not bad, right now the woe sign in pront warps you for free to castles (and is noisy as fuck lol), guess we should get one each town. Not sure about the healer if that be a good idea since we already have buff helms and well ... alts. lol Tho if that with the healer becomes a thing, then why not also a npc that fcp you when you have glistening coat in ur inventory.
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    Welcome back!! I remember you're the LK from Tyr! lolz
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    i dnt think so , this is cool atm , give some woe time first to say no action. quality over quantity .. lol so new players cant woe with this logic. "And I know someone special will argue against it with like "but we need more castles so newer guilds have chances against the old pros"" dear u know well what will simply happen , as happening in most of this woe everyone will join in 1 guild (yours prolly) and there will not be "action" again. better wait and give time.
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    Hello there,You aren't late there is still compensation being given to players who missed it out and this one is going to be permanent contact @GMs and @Admins for further information.
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    Hi Revival lovers, These are the bugs that are currently fix for the android app. Please report more bugs/suggestions so that we can fix them faster! 1 : Cash shop issue ( Fixed ) 2 : homun issue ( Fixed ) 3 : Shortcut name ( Changed ) 4 : ( Shadow Spell is a Shadow Chaser skill that did not work before, but now works ) 5 : cmd_fild03f map works now ( Fixed ) 6 : lhz_dun00a map works now ( Fixed ) 7 : Revival APP ignore RSW load errors Click This link To Download https://ragnarevival.com/files/RevivalRO.apk
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    I can already sense a wave of people getting ready to come back or move here from "somewhere". Thank you for the endless work ya'll put in.
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    Welcome and Enjoy. Don't miss to meet mah friend GM Asteria and the rest of the Gang. LOL!
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    a talkative GM Welcome
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    HOOT my favorite GM
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    Please keep discussions on-topic and to be kind to each other - we are here to try and sort out WoE times.
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    Hello my lovelies, It's very important to us to know what do you guys need and to enhance the experience for everyone as much as possible, kindly know that we actually monitor this topic and looking forward to hear more suggestions and ideas. Best Regards! <3
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    Idk why, but that game me an impression that you're a Rare pokemon GM... Anywayyyy
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    I have faith that they'll do everything they can to bring us back to the glory days
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    That's the kind reason why I kept my faith. Really appreciate you guys for listening!
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    The update was made only in the MvP Rooms. You can still get these Shields from any other Valkyrie Randgris' Slaves or a normal Valkyrie that spawns at Odin Shrine Lv. 3. http://ratemyserver.net/mob_db.php?mob_id=1765&small=1&back=1
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    That's what they're saying. If it was the case of abuse, maybe a fix on it would be a better answer instead. Many (If not, all) of us that came a bit late would absolutely want an opportunity to get our stuff. Which would most likely result to us donating even more. In a sense it is motivation to give more because of it. Nah I agree, but what can we do? They seem pretty firm on it, especially with the handful of people asking.
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    Greetings Adventures, During this maintenance we've done the following. Fixes Fixed Music Ring Intervision Fixed Items restrictions in Sealed MVPs maps Fixed another issue that may cause afk punishment before joining BG (Kindly report if it happens) Fixed Old Bandage Slot, now it have it slot back Soul Burner may no more crash your client Fabled Sword costume may show correctly now Updates Added Reported Donor Items to non-donor restricted maps, list at the end of the topic. Slave monsters in MVP Arena may not drop loot anymore Disabled the use of Premium Yggdrasil berry, in maps where Yggdrasil berry ain't allowed. Item Dealer may now show element in item names On Saturday there will be a WoE Test (7AM ~ 8AM) and (7PM ~ 8PM) Restricted Donor Items List Lynx Ears [4] Panda Rucksack [1] Penguin Rucksack [1] Divinity Helm [4] Divinity Wing [4] Gold Fish Archangel Wing Archangel Ring Deviruchi Balloon 2.0 [1] Guardian PoRings Grim Reaper's Protection Gravekeeper Blinder 10 Type Glasses Blue Ears Big Bad Pirate Big Bad Pirate [4] SteamPUNK Drooping Dorasuke Protection Helmet Owlduke Silk Hat Seppl Hat Angel Mini Silk Hat Ordinary Black Mage Hat Bandage Scarf [1] Falling Feathers [4] Undertaker Hat [4] Zombie Hands [4] Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
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    I agree. Maybe it would be a better idea to have a certain balance, in which people in Asia, EU & NA will have a similar situation as the rest? example. Wednesday Woe favors the Asian Time Zones Saturday Woe favors the European Time Zones Sunday Favors the American Time Zones This is simply my contribution to the discussion to help progress the situation.
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    Thanks for the guide too. +1
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    1. For weapon, I think Grimtooth is the best choice. It lowers your vit def (max is Base Vit 150 I think? Correct me I im wrong) and makes you less prone to Thana. Besides that, you can try Red Square Bag or Erde that increases AD damage by 20% if youre AD type. A last resort will be +10 Mace with LOD and Garm cards in it to coma/freeze pallies you can't kill with AD or magic. 2. In WoE, most Creos go for Vanils as their homun. For that, you might want to use Homun Clip B that inxreases your homun's int and dex. You can also try wearing Ring of Resonance to autocast defensive skills like Assump (which is important in WoE, you cant assumo while in a castle). Or you can try Expert Ring to reduce your skill delay for a faster AD spam. For cards, you can use Alligator cards for magic and long range resist. 3. In RRO, the higher the refinement gives a bonus where you get less damage from all races (im not sure about this). Valk Armor is the go to armor for all classes I think. If not, there's also Tidung or Brynhild. For the garment, you can use Caliginous Cloak, Proxy Skin fragment, Valk Mant., or Wool Scarf (in tandem with Tidal Shoes). For shoes I think Ebony Greaves is the best but I still havent tested if it's better than Valk Shoes (which has a slot). 4. The must have headgear cards in WoE are always status resist cards (Orc Hero, Marduk, etc.). Im not into Maya Purple because therell always be people with Ruwach/Sight activated but that's just me. Aside from resist, stack on elemental resists, I suggest getting a 4 slotted wings with just Leaf Cat/Dustiness/Giearth cards in it that have resists against water/wind/earth respectively which are the most commonly used elements during WoE. For headgears, try to get a Bolt Helm, I suggest Fire/Lightning bolt because not much people use resist against it, this is just to those who cant be killed with AD. I also use Bell Ribbon to cast Kyrie against SinX or LKs. The key to playing Creator in WoE is stacking demi-human/elemental resists and maximizing your INT to get the best possible damage for AD. I hope I helped.
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    Maybe its time for me to apply for gm.
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    Hello, The admin stated it's not a bug
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    Hello Loki, I'm excited to report [NPC] Valentina is coming to Loki! This NPC will exchange your duplicate Valentine's Event items for new or older headgears alike. That's right, for a limited time (2 weeks from today) you'll be able to get some exclusive 2018 Valentine's Event Gear! You may find her located at Prontera City, 147 211 Enjoy, The RevivalRO Staff