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  1. Hello Current and Future Streamers, We have seen increase in streamers activity and we would like to invite current and future streamers to gain benefit of our program. We will start accepting the streamer into this program from next week onward (13th July 2020). Package: This Program will benefit the streamer, as they will get Streamer Box (Monthly) and Giveaway Box(Weekly). Streamer Box (Monthly) 5x BCA 1x Costumer Voucher 10x Food Box 1x SRT Box 5x PP Giveaway Box (Weekly) [Amount depends on Tier, Explained below] Tier C - 2 pcs Tier B - 5 pcs Tier A - 7 pcs Contains Random item(s) like Pancake, Enriched Elunium, Enriched Oridecon, Yggdrasil berry Voucher, Battle Manual, Rental Item, VIP Note: Giveaway box will directly appear in other player Zotar and abuse of it will result in streamer been removed from the program. [The Contents of Box may change]. Requirements: To be eligible for Streamer Program, we have some requirements, as to ensure the commitment from Streamer, Requirements are as follows: Completed Quest: Drooping Amistr Quest Fable Silk Quest Onwards to the New World Quest Series A Glast from the Past Quest Series Followers and Viewers Ratio: Streaming Hours: Minimum of 3 hours of live broadcasting Note: We require all of the above mentioned quest to be completed, however, you can apply for streamer program even after 1 quest is completed and stream other quests, but, the rewards will be applicable when all quests are completed and other requirements are met. Application Process: We will be accepting limited number of streamers at the start of this program (from 13th July 2020), application process will be shared with you in the next week itself. We will also be providing the streaming layout which should be used once you are accepted in streamers program. Thank You, RevivalRO Staff
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