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    RevivalRO Leveling Guide for Newbies For all those who just have started and needed some help with leveling then this guide is just for you. 1)Just after the character creation, you start up at the spawn point click on "Newbie Items NPC" just beside you and claim your items. 2)Open your backpack and search your inventory for "Novice Package" double-click on it to open, You will be rewarded with different types of equipment and items which are similar to Set of Madness and Go Set but just that they can be equipped by level 1 and lasts for a week. 3)The Angra which they provide isn't as efficient as that of the cash shop due to lack of slots but they can be used for temporary leveling or farming, But not much reliable than its premium version, Premium version of Angra can be bought from cash shop for 1000premium points, Which is about 10euros of donation or can be farmed in game. 4)As leveling is exhausting you aren't alone anyways you will be given a pet which accompanies you at the start, You can evolve him later. 5)After you done equipping yourself, Head on to your nearest town use @commands to know the available commands in the game, Here I would move to Prontera cause its the main town. 6)Once approached you will see the place crowded by different NPCs, Some of them are also available in different towns as per your convenience. So what these NPCs do? NPCs are Non-playable characters they provide players with resources, support, and Various quests, So let find out how they work? 1)Healer(149,198)Can completely restore both of your Hp and Sp parameters. 2)Stylist(159,196) This Moose looking dude who doesn't have a good taste in style himself can help you out in customizing your character. 3)PvP Warper(158,196)If I were you I would better stay away from this guy until I achieve high-end gears, Or else your just gonna ruin your Kdr by some bullies and nothing else. 4)Warpa(162,198) She could instantly teleport you to towns or dungeons for a little fee or sometimes at no cost. 5)Job Changer(151,186) He is a pretty useful guy, He provides you with various job trees you can choose from. 7)As you have learned enough of these NPCs, Choose Warpa then select dungeons>Anthell>Anthell level 1, Once your there kill Ant eggs until your job level 10, Put up all your basic skills or else job changer won't let you change your job. 8)Once you are done changing your job, Click on Warpa again and select Dungeons >Moscovia Forest>Les Forest.Here remember to turn on your autolooting by typing @autoloot 1-100 based on the difficulty of obtaining that item for example @autoloot 50 can loot all items which comes within the range of 50%,Here you can kill Goblins,poporings, Les, mantis for exp,Les are easier to kill and less offensive compared to goblins which could heal themself,Mantis is offensive and they only appear when you go depth into the forest,Poporings could poison you but since your provided with strong set of equipment it shouldn't worry you,You could level here until your level 75. 9)Sell loots to item dealer at your nearest town which would be helpful for further leveling,Then choose Warpa>Dungeons>Thanatos Tower>Thanatos Tower 7 here you can level up until your base level 99 and rebirth yourself or Head on to bio lab Basement for further leveling if you have enough hit(400+ Hit is recommended) applicable for expanded jobs. 10)Once your Base level is 99 you can rebirth and follow the same cycle until you reach the end of your class tree,After the implementation of Gramps leveling after rebirth, Has just become harder here is were your Battle Manuals come handy, Once your level 103 in either of the path Gramps can assist you in leveling your character.I would recommend going with Gramps as it is quicker and easier compared to the grinding at Bio lab basement(I wouldn't say it is a bad place to level up, Used to be a place where everyone used to level before Gramps came in, Killing monsters over here not only helps you in leveling but also provides you Amistr eyes which is useful in making Drooping Amistr Hat,So either way nothing is waste of your time and effort, For more info on Drooping Amistr click the link given below ) https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest Gramps can be found at @go 39 inside Eden, He won't provide you any experience if you are already maxed.Before he might provide you with the quest he might ask you some security questions which is very simple all you need to do is be ethical, But if you don't wanna waste your time thinking I have already provided answers for you below. Gramps Questionaire Walkthrough: 1)Does the GM team.recruit players to be GMs? A)No. 2)Will the GM team ask you for the password? A)No. 3)Will the GM team demand cash from you, in the game or via instant messengers or social media? A)No. 4)Should you install a Teamviewer because a GM asks you to? A)No. 5)Can a GM team member be invisible in a chat room? A)No. 6)Can you ask to see the GM sprite in order to verify a GM's'identity? A)Yes. Now that you have answered all the questions correctly he will provide you with the quest. Level Ranges:- Level 103 to 153 Level 154 to 204 Level 205 to 255 The area that you choose is specific to your level, For example, you can't choose 154-204 area if your in the range of 103-153, Once you choose to enter any of the following area gramps will ask you to select the monster which you want to kill 400times or all of it, You can either do this alone or with party but bringing a party is highly recommended and kills count, Don't try searching for these mobs in local maps as they are only accessible by gramps,Once you are done he will award you will massive amount of exp and you can get a new quest in every 4hours,You can do this until your character is maxed. Note: During special occasions GMs or Admins host Exp events which would last for 5mins, You can level up 2-3classes within that span of time. Only use battle manuals if you face difficulty in obtaining experience, They can be obtained via Eden Daily Rewards, Pancakes, Cash shop and Mining points.
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    Yes indeed you can't use the Ensembles without the partner next to you (Also Lokis Veil/Invul Siegfried was a very common thing on old rro). But thats the point on both having that skill and needing each other, otherwise Gypsies would fall even more into that abyss of being outclass by their own counterpart. haha And I see the point you making, especially with the Professor/Sorcerer. Might as well then implement the third class were sort of every class can kill. lol For that point on the AD bottles, why not make them buyable over BG badges and then only usable in pvp/bg/woe. So you keep being forced to play the bg to maintain your bottle usage (and also make that bg a bit alive lol). To the Asura thing ... But you aware of that Asura isn't a skil meant to be spammed over and over and over again like a macaroni arent you? (Also wasn't there a BG weapon that helped on Asura ... I forgot, never mained a Champ ... welp) I am a bit of random answering here ... lol Anyways, yes some classes have more potential of farm/pvp/whatever. But that's the point of having 18 (?) classes. What's the point of having so many if they basically could do all the same.
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    Yea...it would be nice to have normalized improvements that are logical and actually make the other classes fun. Gunslinger for example.It makes no sense what so ever that a Sniper using the same gear as a Gunslinger, will fire just a bit higher in damage without a Goblin Bow using all that gear the GS also uses for crits...and the GS using a 40c Shotgun and a +7goblin revolver. Its things like that, that are upsetting. Sniper using a good set + a standard bow like iXion wing will still out damage a Gunslinger using the same gear + a HSS or a goblin revolver. *shrugs
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    agree on the ad bottles they should be cheaper profs are a powerfull class itself bards and dancer are more of a support type of class what champs do after asura? they asura again
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    make it so we can trade more than 1 set.. just for the pre req mats... like 10sets per trade? it takes a lot of time just making the raw mats....
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    Please download version 214 from the website! FCP is fixed in this version
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    All EU and NA players I know left to other servers because of the slow ping. I think lots of players would really appreciate if you could somehow rent a proxy server for all players from EU and America. Lots of new players will come to play as well. I have lots of friends saying they will come back to revival once the ping is better. Thanks.
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    Dear future guildies! "The Effect" guild is recruiting. Our ultimate goals are to compete in WoE and PvP. Because of that, the main activities will be PvP, WoE, Cedi, Halls of Abyss and other ways of gearing up to get on top Aside from that we're just looking to have a good time together, be it online or on our discord channel n_n We help eachother out with builds, quests, PvPing etc. Any question you'll ask will have an answer, no matter if it's RO-related or if you're wondering about the meaning of life. By sharing our knowledge we hope to improve eachothers PvP game, so no previous PvP experience would be required (though very helpfull Anyone is allowed to join really, as long as you are active it would be awesome if your goals allign with those of the guild, but social members are also very welcome Another factor in considering joining might be your time-zone. We have members from different time zones, the leaders living in western-europe, which is server time -7 hours, which means that both WoE times are doable Aside from that, it doesn't matter if you're an outgoing social type or more introverted. There will be a place for you in The Effect guild. Interested?: If you're interested in joining, please leave a reply here with your IGN or PM "Aewa" or "Visir" in-game for an invite! If we are not online, you could also send us an in-game mail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! We usually hang out in Amatsu (@go10) so you can also meet us to join there n_n We hope to welcome you soon! The Effect
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    Hello! We are currently all working to gear for WoE. But we also have PvP and PvE players as well. Feel free to drop by Amatsu where we usually hang out! - Representing Salt & Pepper Guild
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    My suggestion is to have wars like Best Champion, Best High Priest, etc. to boost the challenging spirit of RO players (if that doesn’t still exist though…) I also like to have an NPC that can help people to be rich, sort of like an Event NPC such as disguise NPC, that can be held for like a certain time once every day (prize depends on you, for example credit points or maybe a 100m zeny bag or... it really depends) Also, please return the official costume of GMs. They give the feeling of superiority and they are also cute o3o p.s. photo not mine
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    The Bard part: there is a thing called Soul link. :v Idk I wouldnt change any on Prof, I mean its the point of the class to be more supportive. lol