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    hi hi everyone i'm sther. been playing high priestess since the old RRO server for a few years, and woe-ed a bit with Frosted Puff. if any oldies are here, say hi!
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    Greetings RevivalRO Adventures, We would love to announce our first giveaway event, the community and player has given us a lot, and so we would like to return the favor. The giveaway will give a fair chance for every *active* player, whether they are old or new players. There is no need to donate! There is no need to do any hard instances! or anything, just farming a bit of any monster! How does the giveaway work? The event will start on 1st of July 2018 UTC+8 All monsters in-game would drop 6 new cards, (Playstation Card 1, Playstation Card 2, Playstation Card 3, Playstation Card 4, Playstation Card 5, Playstation Card 6) You have to collect the minimum amount of cards of the wanted prize and deliver it to the Giveawayer at (prontera 147,211) to be eligible for the giveaway At https://ragnarevival.com/superevent you will be able to see who's the latest players who collected 3, 5 or 6 cards and total collectors count. Sit tight and wait for the draw at 23:59PM UTC+8 31th of July 2018 What's the prizes and required cards? Playstation 4 with FarCry 5 Game (Requires to collect All 6 cards to enter the draw) 100 Euros worth card at Play station network OR Steam OR Xbox Prepaid (Requires to collect at least 5 cards) A set of donor items that worth is no more than 100 euros (Requires to collect at least 3 cards) Is there's specific requirements to join the event? No! Anyone can join! Just collect the cards and check the rules at the end of this topic to make sure you are following them all! Rules & General Notes You can't join with more than one account in this giveaway, and any suspicions of using multiple accounts would result in disqualifying you. There may be other punishments to your accounts depending on the severity of abuse as we want it fair and clean for all! In-case you won any of the physical prizes, you take the responsibility for giving us the shipping and personal information CORRECTLY. We are not responsible for any mistakes from your side. RevivalRO would only pay the fees for shipping it to your country, any extra fees that may be required by your government is solely your responsibility. If you won any physical prizes you should take a picture clearly showing you with the received items as soon as possible, and giving us the rights to use it later for any marketing reasons. Oh also here's a picture of the Playstation 4 And that's it! Good luck & Have fun Playing RevivalRO! RevivalRO Managment
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    i doubt that they will change this. To be honest, this painful process is the only reason why the prices of crafted items are still at 60m ish at least for normal + 10 imagine if this is implemented, no one will be doing the crafting for merchandising anymore. (long run) Why? well, at first there will be a lot of people who will try to create these. BEcause of that the prices will actually drop. then people will realize that the actual prices does not compensate on the actual time spent on creating such mats. People will start not to craft and just buy.
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    Greetings pet owners (and lovers!), We are proud to introduce our brand new Pet Auto-Feed System! The system is very straight forward and will go through a brief introduction to show you how to use it: The Auto-Feed system is specifically for pets, not homunculi. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SET UP THE AUTO-FEED SYSTEM FOR YOUR HOMUNCULUS. It does not work for them! To enable the Auto-Feed system, you simply need to carry the appropriate pet food in your inventory, feed your pet to the desired 'Hunger' status, and press the Auto Feed button from the Pet drop down menu Feeding will occur as long as you have the food with you - otherwise, the system will stop and your pet will begin to get hungry as usual Essentially, you need to get your pet to the desired hunger level. For example, if you enable the Auto-Feed System when your pet is at "Normal" hunger, the system will keep your pet at that state until you turn it off or you run out of food. In addition to the Pet Auto-Feed System, we are also announcing our first set of Pet Evolutions! For now, the Pet Evolutions are restricted to the classic pets but we will be adding more evolutions in future updates . Along with Pet Evolutions, we will also be introducing a new system, Pet Auto-Feed! Please refer to the information below to learn more about these new features. Basic Information: How do I evolve a pet? You must have a Loyal version of the base pet that you want to evolve You must have the required ingredients with you for the evolution to work What's so special about the Evolved Pets? They're super cool Evolved Pets have new stats and bonuses that are unique from their original forms Some Evolved Pets can evolve even further! Will my Evolved Pet have more needs? Aside from adjusting their diets, you can take care of your Evolved Pet the same way you would any other pet - with patience, love, and a lot of cleaning supplies Possible Evolutions Below is a list of the classic pets, their respective evolutions, and the ingredients required to evolve them: Poring will evolve into Mastering and requires: 10 Yggdrasil Leaf 3 Unripe Apple Drops will evolve into Eggrings and requires: 50 Piece of Egg Shell 10 Old Frying Pan 3 Apple Juice 3 Drops Card Lunatic will evolve into Leaf Lunatic and requires: 100 Huge Leaf 250 Clover 30 Four Leaf Clover 1 Eclipse Card Savage Babe will evolve into Savage and requires: 10 Pet Food 3 Sweet Milk 100 Meat 50 Feathers Rocker will evolve into Metaller and requires: 3 Singing Plant 777 Grasshopper's Leg 200 Yellow Herb 1 Metaller Card Peco Peco will evolve into Grand Peco and requires: 10 Pet Food 3 Fat Chubby Earthworm 300 Pecopeco Feather 10 Mastela Fruit 1 Peco Peco card Yoyo will evolve into Choco and requires: 3 Tropical Banana 2 Yoyo Doll 300 Cacao 1 Yoyo Card Orc Warrior will evolve into High Orc and requires: 3 Orc Trophy 1 Orcish Sword 500 Orcish Voucher 1 Cigarette 1 Orc Warrior Card Dokebi will evolve into Am Mut and requires: 3 Old Broom 3 Violet Dyestuff 300 Dokebi Horn 3 Gold Isis will evolve into Little Isis and requires: 3 Armlet of Obedience 6 3carat Diamond 1 Queen's Hair Ornament 300 Shining Scale Petite will evolve into Deleter and requires: 3 Shining Stone 50 Dragon Canine 50 Dragon Tail 150 Aloevera 1 Earth Deleter Card Deviruchi will evolve into Diabolic and requires: 3 Contract of Shadow 250 Little Evil Wing 30 Hand of God 1 Deviruchi Card Bongun will evolve into Hyegun and requires: 1 Bongun Hat 100 Manuk Doll 50 Old Portrait 1 Yao Jun Card Once you've gathered the items (and obtained a Loyal classic pet)... 1. Open the Pet Information Window (Alt + J) or right-clicking your pet and selecting "Check Pet Status" 2. Select the Evolution option 3. And confirm your choice! Easy peazy lemon squeezy . I hope you and your pets enjoy this new system!
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    Is there any chance that there will be an event item costume maker for a price of event point coins, example is like 5 event point coins in exchange for an event item costume like the Bunny Balloon Hat. Hope this can be possible Regards,
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    Dear future guildies! "The Effect" guild is recruiting. Our ultimate goals are to compete in WoE and PvP. Because of that, the main activities will be PvP, WoE, Cedi, Halls of Abyss and other ways of gearing up to get on top Aside from that we're just looking to have a good time together, be it online or on our discord channel n_n We help eachother out with builds, quests, PvPing etc. Any question you'll ask will have an answer, no matter if it's RO-related or if you're wondering about the meaning of life. By sharing our knowledge we hope to improve eachothers PvP game, so no previous PvP experience would be required (though very helpfull Anyone is allowed to join really, as long as you are active it would be awesome if your goals allign with those of the guild, but social members are also very welcome Another factor in considering joining might be your time-zone. We have members from different time zones, the leaders living in western-europe, which is server time -7 hours, which means that both WoE times are doable Aside from that, it doesn't matter if you're an outgoing social type or more introverted. There will be a place for you in The Effect guild. Interested?: If you're interested in joining, please leave a reply here with your IGN or PM "Aewa" or "Visir" in-game for an invite! If we are not online, you could also send us an in-game mail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! We usually hang out in Amatsu (@go10) so you can also meet us to join there n_n We hope to welcome you soon! The Effect
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    Hello, We sort of halted working on pet evolution, the code is too buggy and we have other priorities, we expect it however to behave correctly when we finish our code revamp.