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    • Ohhhh yasssssssssss pls. No worries about it Mel. I don't even buy those gears from players wkwkwkwkwkwk so I am like one of those people who just run own and refine on own XD
    • Hello lovely players~~~ This time I would like to talk about an underrated class in RevivalRO - baby class - particularly baby rogue. My husband and I love to farm using our baby rogues in Baby Dungeon or Toy Testing Center where MVPs like Jolie, Yuki, and Tino spawn. We also love farming there because it allows us to get the baby set (check out https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Baby_Set_Quest for more details). Baby Set Includes Baby Pacifier - https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Baby_Pacifier_(0) Baby Bonnet - https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Baby_Bonnet_(2) Baby Rattle - https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Baby_Rattle   Our reasons for farming with baby rogue are not only those, it also allows us to farm MVP cards (Yuki, Tino, and Jolie) along with pieces of Hardened Steel. Farming with a baby rogue also gives us a decent amount of zeny by farming nerf arrow quivers. Those are just some of the reasons so it gives us a good reason to share this with everyone else. Let's get started. Stats STR - 255 AGI - enough for 196 aspd VIT - 30 INT - 1 DEX - 150 or higher (this will help increase the chance of snatcher skill proc) LUK - rest of the stat points Armors The good thing about building baby classes is that players can also use whatever gears they have on their 'regular' classes. For baby rogue this is mostly what we wear. Drooping Amistr - Best option out there for legitimate headgear. Although if the player can afford to splurge some creds, I would suggest to get an Amistr Beret. Other headgears from cash shop would work too either melee or 30 stat upper. Even the miner's hat from Mining Point would work. Just stuff in 4 kiki cards on them for added crit and extra bonus which can only be obtained by baby classes. Lower - black/orange tie, valentine balloon, red tie, or any lower from cash shop - I am not really particular with this one. In my case whatever I have, I use them. If I wanted high damage I will go for red tie, however, if I remember correctly right now I only have planet orbs so yeah I just use it. Mid - Large Red Wing or any donate (+30 stat mid, poring party, feline glasses or what have you) The most important one for the mid is that there is an Orc Hero card stuff in it! Great Old Hauberk - Anti-freeze and other bonuses is what we're after here. Why anti-freeze? So Yuki won't be able to freeze the player. Any other armor with antifreeze would work too, but we just really prefer this one. Do an experiment and tell us +9 Heroic Backpack or Great Demon Shroud with Anunaki/Flamel Emul - I just love how these 2 cards increase help in increasing crit and damage. Also, with flamel emul, I just love that FCP. Bronze greaves/Antique Shoes/Elvira boots with General Egnigem Cenia Card - I love the anti-knockback of these shoes. Also, I am not really the type of person who would go all-out on offense. I love GEC card's effect. Ahura Mazdah with Golden Thiefbug Card - reflect and less damage from magic attacks. I just love these combinations. Angra Manyu - the perfect weapon of choice for this dungeon as  a player would want to kill mobs fast without losing HP. Just stuff in a combination among, Turtle General Card, Baphomet Card, and Abysmal Knight Card. Recondite Rings with Ifrit Card - those crit are nice and that earthquake will surely help in dealing damage to mobs.   Other items needed: Infinite Flywing - any player would want this for teleport. Stat food - up to the player which stat food he/she would want to consume Treasureberry - hurray for this healing item Fortis protestas - Anyone would want this to increase their damage Ygg berries/ ygg seeds - healing item for this dungeon   What should a baby rogue do inside Toy Testing Center?   Even if the baby rogue is not yet maxed level, the player can go inside the Toy Testing Center and level up there. In order to enter the dungeon, the player must bring any kind of doll as a gate pass. By the way, the entrance to the dungeon is found in @go 7 or Lutie. Exchange the stuffed toy with Abbey and she will grant the player access to the Toy Testing Center.   (Please excuse my use of my baby super novice. It is currently the one I am online with while I am writing this guide).   Once inside the baby dungeon, the player may use infinite flying to teleport around the map - regardless whether he/she want to hunt the MVPs of farm nerf arrow quivers. In my case, I teleport around the dungeon not only to hunt MVPs but also to hunt Chicky. Chicky is the one that drops nerf arrow quiver at 100%. Imagine the snatcher skill proc with and the player will have 2x nerf arrow quiver. I also use the baby rogue to farm snack packs which contain stat food for baby classes. I also farm weapons from mobs and exchange them for snack packs with the Toy Box NPC (275, 185) inside the baby dungeon.     (Excuse this one too please, as I just also asked my husband to show me at the moment where the Toy Box NPC is located) Hmmm.... yes we also use other characters inside Toy Testing Center but the main one we use for farming is baby rogue. We love that snatcher skill so much when we're farming that's why. Many of you might be wondering why I am not that very particular with the gears of my character. The reason - I just use whatever I have. If I can afford the gears, I will buy, if not I try to reach optimal damage with what I have. Remember, it is not how expensive the gears that make a character good, sometimes we just need to find the right ones that will suit our playing style. Don't be afraid to experiment or make your own build as there is no 1:1 perfect match of a build for everyone. Just discover and enjoy the endless possibilities that one can find in a game. Anyways, I hope everyone finds this guide quite helpful. Feel free to drop any comments and suggestions.  
    • I actually thought about more like "if not bound" > no blessings at all able to use. And if they bound already you can use Blessing. Coz frankly, not to doubt Kitty's scripting skills, but. As you wrote it that is very complicated, and the chances of something not working or loopholes appearing can be pretty high.   And since I heard that argument of "monopole" quit a few times now. It is pretty much bullshit. First of all, there will be always someone that has a "monopole", that's how the buy/sell business works. Putting restrictions on that just to avoid that is basically punishing the Cedi player for well ... playing the game. Secondly, you can't even call it that much of a "monopole". It's not like a single MVP only one person can kill and get the loot and then sell. Everyone can run cedi. Everyone can run 20 sets at once, if he has the dedication. Everyone can have a 600/600 gstorage full of cedi gears.   The issue we have here right now is, that the supply is higher then the demand. By very, veryyyyyy much. No one buys coz they either A) have all items they need already or B) dun want/can't refine them higher by their own. I not gonna deny, only one/ or a few people dictating the price is bad. However, they can't even dictate the price much, 'coz no one buys it.   Cedi over all needs a big revamp. I maybe gonna post later something else regarding this. Also, wasn't a rant directly on you Aka, just put all my thoughts in that reply now. haha /pat
    • I am also at a 50/50 stand on this matter. If I may suggest let's have it like: Cedi gears can be refined without being account bound - yes - but on two conditions: 1) If the blacksmith blessing is from daily eden reward, the selected cedi item to be refined will automatically turned into bound and 2) if the blacksmith blessing is from cedi or from cash shop or SRT box or Donor Box, then the selected cedi item to be refined will remain unbound and can be traded to another player. Aforementioned suggestion will not apply to cedi items that are already character bound, thus if it is bound IT IS BOUND.   As for the pros and cons, there's not much I can say about it. However, if someone wants to monopolize the price and control it, that person can always find a way to do so whether it be cedi items or what have you. It is upon us player whether we go with that flow or try to go against it.   I would love to hear more opinions on this matter as it will help all of us in the long run too.
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