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    • Guest BigWhiskeyDick:(
      Hi, just writing to give a suggestion about Dyna headgears. I recently bought a dyna set and I am shocked to see that there's fuck all effects you can put in it apart from 20 euro worth headgear effects.. Why would people buy something worth 150 euro set when they can pay for 75euro worth of set with exactly the same effect? I mean come on like, you charge 1 euro everytime we want to change effects that's not worth it.. there are lots of headgears on sale that is cheaper than dyna sets but with kickass effects how are you suppose to start selling dyna hats now? just saying guys. thanks!
    • Mirror shard is working perfectly fine, as it should.

      Aren't you the guy who also tried to get mirror shard nerfed by making pointless arguments on discord? No wonder you are using a Guest/Anonymous account.
      Please don't entertain such false reports whose only motive is to get something nerfed for their own selfish advantage.
    • Me and my parrot also use the same wifi connection, but when we want to farm MvP together i lend him my mobile data and we are gucci.
    • So I play this game with my parents as I did back on Rebirth. My issue at the moment is that we are connected to the same WiFi/ Internet connection and I think it is really kind of dumb that only one account can be using the MVP Arena at a time... Even though we all have different accounts they have made it to where you cannot enter the MVP Arena to grind for your cards while someone else on the same internet as you is in the Arena... It was never like this on Rebirth...
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