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    • HELLO MIDGARDIANS. Finally, Mid Year Sale is here.  SHOP 1   SHOP 2   SHOP 3   SHOP 4 SHOP 6   SHOP 7   SHOP 8   !!! PREMIUM RACE Discount 30% !!! Conversion rate : 1C = 100 PP = 1 EUR. Get 2x bonus donor box for every 50 EUR. 30% Extra Donation Point Bonus with Mollie (Paypal)   ~*~ ENJOY SHOPING ~*~   Please continue to support and help the community flourish and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.   REVIVALRO - GM STAFF  
    • Hello Midgardians, Maintenance has concluded and we have made the following changes: Changes/Adds/Reworks: Item Changes: Astral Set's in-game description is now fixed - items #92222, #92223, #92224. Midnight Blue # 92396 - HP gain chance has been fixed. Guardian Helm # 90640 - Now gives correct resistances when equipped with Large White Angelwing. Pyuriel Card # 41222 - Can now be slotted in accessories that are specific for the left and right accessory slots. Yogi Egg # 92400 - Effect is now working as intended. Illusion Ring # 92106 - Additional 5% attack is now working. The following items are now showing the correct slots: Holy Celestial Axe # 52852 Stormbreaker # 92300 Giant Bow # 18122 Bloody Cross # 16017 Knucklehead # 92278 Impact Shield # 92428 - In game description also updated. The following items are now working according to their in-game descriptions: Oblivion Shiv # 92296 Dragon's Hair # 92277 Bellum Spear # 1436 Mossberg  # 92294 GVG Changes: Assumptio skill will now be dispelled when entering gvg areas. Additional Modifiers: Size modifiers now added to @playerstate command. Instances: Emperor's Assassination instance is now fixed.
    • Hello JoshLinta, 🎉 Great news! Your ban has been lifted! 🎉 🔍 We looked into your account and, honestly, we're not quite sure why it was banned either. 🤔 understand that it an empty account with no data on it. Just so you know, we relaunched in 2017 and during that process, all character data was reset. 📅✨ If you have any other issues or questions, feel free to reach out. We're here to help! 💬😊 Welcome back and happy gaming! 🎮👍
    • Hello all! I trust you are doing well. I've recently wanted to come back to Ragnarok and since this is the only account I have (came from RebirthRO and I read it was hacked) and I noticed it was banned. I've been playing since 2009-2010 and only check back once every few years. I'll try to put as much details as I can remember below. Character Name(s): JoshuaLintag (gunslinger) Username: joshualintagg Ban Reason: Not Stated How long have you banned: Permanently Banned Alternative Working Email(In-case the other doesn't work): The original E-Mail tied to my account is [email protected] but I no longer use it. My alternate working email is [email protected] (If you currently play with other account), IGN of current account: N/A - only this account Thank you so much and please let me know if there is anything else you need from me. Have a nice day!          
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