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    • Greetings Everyone, As we're currently busy with things we're planning to introduce in september that includes a new event and major update, we did not have enough time updating the servers lately, however we simply can't keep you this way, therefore we're coming with a minor mini-game center that's also very rewarding (or going to be), also we started to welcome back many players so we decided to give all of them a chance to buy some of the missed Cashshop items, and because the server became event less for the past 18 days! we thought it would be cool to bring back a very wanted event Prontera Invasion and finally, to give a kick to new players, autotrades would be available for zeny for short while. enough of introduction, let's get into details!   GameCenter Manuel Fierro has came to RevivalRO, after a very tough negotiations with us, we decided to give him a little room to rent for his own GameCenter, Manuel is here to open a mini-games area, that is totally free and fun! yet so rewarding. all you have to do is practicing in one of two mini-games he brought to us (Poring Ball and Touch Down), play and win to get points and exchange it for great prizes that include cash shop items (Limited SRT Boxes, Enriched Elu/Ord, Hat Roulette and more!). Be noted, the items at the Game Center will changed or updated frequently and prices adjusted when needed! so make sure you always buy what you want! The games won't be just two games, there's more to come later, but first show Manuel your interest in it! You can find Manuel at (prontera,184,194). Prontera Invasion Prontera is being invaded! It befalls upon you, the adventurers of Rune-Midgard to rise up and fight the evil that has set its sights upon the Crown Jewel of the Kingdom and, indeed, the world! How have they managed to siege down one of the most heavily fortified castle towns in the world? Why, by crashing a giant, metallic structure into the walls! Scouts have noticed that the Invasion Force invades only upon odd hours of the day, with the troops being... well, not your ordinary squad of troops, that's for sure! They appear to be made up of mainly Fish (!?) and Basilisks, of all the things! Intelligence also notes that the Invasion Force tends to send out four waves at once before calling off the siege - apparently they are looking for a war of attrition! No one yet knows who leads this Force of fish and reptiles, only except there appears to be a trail of sand and the strange smell of tuna near the structure they've used to take down the walls. At the end of each sortie, one of the Mastermind's generals seem to appear if the fight is not going their way in order to drum up morale. These generals are the four evil sisters - scouts report - Echidna, Siren, Lilith and Hera! Foul times are ahead when these dreadful dames appear on the battlefield! A strange man, named Kace Bentura, has rocked up in the Garden of Eden mall, claiming he has seen these aquatic craniate, tetropods before and knows how to tame them! He's willing to help people in this endeavour provided, of course, they fetch the materials needed to tame the monsters of Armageddon. The event would stay until 17th of September Catch up sale Lately we got many players back, and we're glad for that, yet as we explained in the introduction they probably missed lot of new cashshop items, and they asked for some themselves, therefore we're putting some items available again and some sales as well. Kindly be noted that, the items in the sale are not refundable Starting from 18th of August and until 25th of August 11:59PM UTC + 8, you can find the catch up sale NPC in prontera at (155, 183). Items bought from the sale are non refundable.   Catch up Sale: Sprint Spirit Wings 3,500 Premium Point Trident 2,000 Premium Point Guardian Ninja 3,000 Premium Point Drake Dark Coat 2,000 Premium Point The Blue Ancient Sisters Spirit 2,000 Premium Point SRT Box 375 Premium Point Gym Pass Box 75 Premium Point Poring Party 4,000 Premium Point Scarlet Angel Ears 750 Premium Point Little Devil Horns  1,500 Premium Point Little Devil Wings 1,500 Premium Point Little Devil Tail 1,500 Premium Point Rose Ring 1,500 Premium Point Blue Ears 1,500 Premium Point Dainty Wings 1,875 Premium Point Floppy Bunny 1,500 Premium Point Stuffed Panda 1,500 Premium Point Tree Bird 1,500 Premium Point Snow Valkyrie Helm 1,500 Premium Point Bubble Gum Box 375 Premium Point Gold Fish 1,875 Premium Point Planet Orbs 1,150 Premium Point Enriched Elunium Box (10) 75 Premium Point Enriched Oridecon Box (10) 75 Premium Point Bandage Scarf 1,500 Premium Point 10 Type Glasses 1,500 Premium Point Angra Manyu 500 Premium Point Ahura Mazdah 500 Premium Point   Autotrade Freedom Starting from this maintenance and until first maintenance in september, you will be able to either setup an auto trader using Coupons or just a flat fee of 5 Million zeny, you can do that by PMing NPC:Autotrade Fixes and updates During this update we have not done any fixes or updates to the game servers, the server will have another maintenance very soon to introduce more stuff (before september), and we will release a set of fixes with it. However a little issue with costumer making it eat items when no enough PP presented is fixed. Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
    • Guest BigWhiskeyDick:(
      Hi, just writing to give a suggestion about Dyna headgears. I recently bought a dyna set and I am shocked to see that there's fuck all effects you can put in it apart from 20 euro worth headgear effects.. Why would people buy something worth 150 euro set when they can pay for 75euro worth of set with exactly the same effect? I mean come on like, you charge 1 euro everytime we want to change effects that's not worth it.. there are lots of headgears on sale that is cheaper than dyna sets but with kickass effects how are you suppose to start selling dyna hats now? just saying guys. thanks!
    • Mirror shard is working perfectly fine, as it should.

      Aren't you the guy who also tried to get mirror shard nerfed by making pointless arguments on discord? No wonder you are using a Guest/Anonymous account.
      Please don't entertain such false reports whose only motive is to get something nerfed for their own selfish advantage.
    • Me and my parrot also use the same wifi connection, but when we want to farm MvP together i lend him my mobile data and we are gucci.
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