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    • Greetings everyone, During this hot patch we've done the following. Fixes Costume: Teardrop is now correctly wearable on lower only Lovely set now correctly decrease received from demi-human instead of increasing it Corrected loot from Escape the room RDC Tier Corrected point price from RDC Tier 4, now it gives 3 points Corrected Carnival ticket master shop opening behavior Skills are now allowed in alde_alche map Corrected various exploitable behavior in the new RDC Tiers
    • Hello, Welcome to Revival! The drop rate is 20x and yes, it's been like this ever since. It does take a bit longer to drop cards. Don't give up~ If you're having trouble farming cards yourself, maybe you could also try farming zeny and buy the cards you need from other players. Here are some guides to help you with that: 1 and 2 I hope you'll have a nice time on Revival! ¬†
    • I just started today from years of hiatus of playing RO and I can't help but notice that the drop rate of items such as equipment and cards are INSANELY LOW. I have been playing all day and I have not seen even 1 card from any mobs. Is it just my account or the server's been like this ever since? any tip on how to be stronger for a newbie who almost dont get any drop from mobs? Thanks
    • Greetings Everyone, RDC We would like to inform you that RDC loots for the new tier has been further adjusted and improved. Cash Shop Enjoy our fourth of July offer and new summer sale, for more information check the following topic. Events Summer Carnival is back not only with new hats but also with a brand new mini-game, for more information check the following topic. As always, we hope you have a good time and enjoy RevivalRO! RevivalRO Management
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