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    • I would like to suggest a non-mvp maps. Where beginners can catch up to professional/seasoned players.
      The PVP maps, WOE maps and other maps such as BG will become restricted in using MVPs and custom armors. So the players can still feel the old fashion game aside from playing high end game.   What do you think guys? Is it good? Am I not the only one who suggested this topic?
    • Dead Branch still have cd..
    • Greetings everyone, During this hot patch we've done the following. Announcement we are offering the players who already received their guild package for a chance to swap the pvp helm and megingjard(if not yet expired) they got from it to be replaced with a Support Lucky box and brisingamen(30 day premium). the offer will last until November 30, 2018 and can only avail once.    FAQ: how to avail this package change request? just open a ticket in our site helpdesk(Kayako) with the request and the IGN you used for validation along with the pvp hat you got from the box and a screenshot of the Megingjard-unedited (proof of rental). Fixes & Changes changed the rebirthro max level and max class to RevivalRO max level and max class. addition and adjustments of NPCs in towns. rework on Box of Thunder : 8sec duration with 16 sec cooldown and 25% mspeed reduction for 3sec(cannot be removed/bypass). remove the cooldown of BB and DB in bloody branch and dead branch room at the same time added healer and repairman NPC. maestro song's hat and dying swan should give the proper boost and resist. Cashshop The second batch of 3rd job skills headgear has been released, for more info click here . Added a Support Lucky Box List of possible hats in Support Lucky Box Hyegun Hat  Priest Doll Feather Ribbon Noah's Hat Chinese Knots ID Melting Heart Icecream (2015) Heaven's Glow Bunny afro Racoon hat  Fox ears Lazy Bunny  Updates Loki only changes (Would not affect any other server in the future). Cross Impact lvl1 Adjusted the additional damage to 880%. If the player worn a katar type weapon, gives 20% more additional damage. Cooldown set to 1sec. Gate of Hell lvl1 Cap the hp for bonus damage limit to 65%. SP cost 25%. HP cost of 15% HP each skill casted. If caster wears legit/premium tao gunka card, additional 5% HP cost. Range is set to 5cells. Castdelay 1sec. Can only be casted on demi human race. Burst attack lvl1 5sec Cooldown. Cap the hp for damage limit to 65%. Cart Boost lvl1 Set the mspeed boost to 60%. Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO RevivalRO Management,
    • Greetings~ for the month of October, we would like to introduce some limited items for cashshop. please be noted that they can only be bought by Premium Points. and will be available in our cashshop until the end of November.  
        Midas Whisper [4] 3000PP
      +20 to all stats.
      Gives -10% After cast delay.
      Gives additional 10% damage done by misc skill.
      Gives a slight chance to piercing Pneuma.
      If worn by Creator, enable Skills Cart Boost & Cart Remodeling.   Dip Schmidt Helm [4] 3000PP
      +20 to all stats.
      +5% resist to all element.
      +5% resist againt demi-human race.
      +10% max HP.
      -1 soft defense for every 15 base VIT.
      +10 hit for every 20 base DEX.
      If worn by Paladin, enable Burst Attack skill.   Silent Executer [4] 3000PP
      +15 STR.
      +15 AGI.
      +15 DEX.
      +45% damage to demi-human & brute race.
      If worn by Assassin Cross, enable Cross Impact skill.   Blazing Soul [4] 3000PP
      +15 STR.
      +15 AGI.
      +15 DEX.
      +45% damage to demi-human & brute race.
      If worn by Champion, enable Gates of Hell skill. Best Regards, RevivalRO Staff
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