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    • Hello, I wanna know if my new account can merge with old ones or delete the old account and make my new acc for 7 years like my old ones? 
    • This Zip File consists about Emblems for those who don't want to download the whole client just download it then replace it with Emblem Folder if you don't have any Emblem Folder just place it in your RevivalRO Folder. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c-osOm2KOZNDakV4GQni0f_hW96JKALJ/view?usp=sharing Have fun! Note : These are 24x24 pixels in bitmap format and consists of 2862 Emblems. Disclaimer:  I don't own anything from this Emblem File all credits goes to their respective owners.  
    • Hello, According to our logs, you already have your main account unbanned.
    • In-Game Name/s : Dontmebess (cant remember other ign's of other 5 accounts) Reason for Being Banned : Took carnival tickets using more than 5 ids. Why should the Team Un-ban you? : I apologize for breaking the rules and I fully understand that it was my fault for not reading the rules. Therefore I did accept the decision that my alts banned without complain. I had no intention to abuse the event to sell costumes/items. I thought they were bounded as years before and just want to use them personally for my alts. I got banned within a couple days since summer event started, so I don't think I redeem anything within that time. Through this amnesty event, I do hope The GM Team will consider to unban them. Sincerely yours, Dontmebess.
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