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    • Greetings RevivalRO Adventures, We would love to announce our first giveaway event, the community and player has given us a lot, and so we would like to return the favor. The giveaway will give a fair chance for every *active* player, whether they are old or new players. There is no need to donate! There is no need to do any hard instances! or anything, just farming a bit of any monster! How does the giveaway work? The event will start on 1st of July 2018 UTC+8 All monsters in-game would drop 6 new cards, (Xbox Card, Steam Card, Playstation 1 Card, Playstation 2 Card, Playstation 3 Card, Playstation 4 Card) You have to collect the minimum amount of cards of the wanted prize and deliver it to the Giveawayer at (prontera 147,211) to be eligible for the giveaway At https://ragnarevival.com/superevent you will be able to see all the players who collected at least 3 cards to ensure fairness! Sit tight and wait for the draw at 23:59PM UTC+8 31th of July 2018 What's the prizes and required cards? Playstation 4 with FarCry 5 Game (Requires to collect All 6 cards to enter the draw) 100 Euros worth card at Play station network OR Steam OR Xbox Prepaid (Requires to collect at least 5 cards) A set of donor items that worth is no more than 100 euros (Requires to collect at least 3 cards) Is there other prizes? Yes! We will choose one of the people who shares the giveaway post on Facebook to win a prepaid card for PSN/Steam or Xbox worth 50 euros! Is there's specific requirements to join the event? No! Anyone can join! Just collect the cards and check the rules at the end of this topic to make sure you are following them all! Rules & General Notes You can't join with more than one account in this giveaway, and any suspicions of using multiple accounts would result in disqualifying you. There may be other punishments to your accounts depending on the severity of abuse as we want it fair and clean for all! In-case you won any of the physical prizes, you take the responsibility for giving us the shipping and personal information CORRECTLY. We are not responsible for any mistakes from your side. RevivalRO would only pay the fees for shipping it to your country, any extra fees that may be required by your government is solely your responsibility. If you won any physical prizes you should take a picture clearly showing you with the received items as soon as possible, and giving us the rights to use it later for any marketing reasons. Oh also here's a picture of the Playstation 4 And that's it! Good luck & Have fun Playing RevivalRO! RevivalRO Managment
    • I'm trying  to log in to my game but its say failed to connect to server. Please...
    • I'm Trying to log In but failed to connect to server. any body have the same problem? Please..
    • Greetings RevivalRO Adventures, Starting from 19th of June and until 26th of June 11:59PM UTC + 8, we will have summer sales, you can find the summer sales NPC in prontera at (155, 183). Limited new items Flaming Wings [4] Middle Headgear (2000 Premium Points) All stats +20 Damage to all races +20% If worn with fire spirit: Resistance to fire element +10% All stats +15   Fire Spirit [1] Lower Headgear (2000 Premium Points) All stats +18 Resistance to Demi-Human +5%   Sale items Trident (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points Fabled Sword (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points Metallic Wings (25% Discount) 1500 Premium Points Poring Party Hat (33% Discount) 4000 Premium Points Amistr Beret 2000 Premium Points Amistr Ears 2000 Premium Points Teddy Bear Hat 2000 Premium Points Bubble Gum Box (25% Discount) 375 Premium Points RebirthRO Max Level (25% Discount) 5250 Premium Points RebirthRO Max Class (25% Discount) 3750 Premium Points Enriched Elunium Box (25% Discount) 75 premium points Enriched Ordiecon Box (25% Discount) 75 Premium Points Battle Manual x3 (50% Discount) 250 Premium Points Convex Mirror 50 Premium Points Convex Mirror Box 400 Premium Points Ahura Mazdah (50% Discount) 500 Premium Points Angra Manyu (50% Discount) 500 Premium Points Have fun & Thanks for supporting RevivalRO RebirthRO Management,
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