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    • Greetings,   first of all, Welcome back to the Server!   in regards to your query, sadly, it is giving out as an LPP as the player is supposed to only be used in their account alone. you might be able to get zeny by farming in the old farming areas, or MVP room which is updated with more bosses for players to farm zeny. kindly check here for further details on MVP Room update.
    • Stall of Angel[1] -Lower +18 all stat. Increase resistance to Feeze by 5%   Lovely Ribbons[4] -Mid Increase walking speed. Increases All stats by 32, 38, 33, 33, 33, 33 respectively.   Christmas Ribbons [4] -Upper +15% chance to guarantee a hit when attacking. Increases All stats by 33, 33, 32, 38, 33, 33 respectively.   Bunny Scarf[1] -Lower   Falling Snow [4] -Mid   Gentle Snow Wings [4] -Mid
      Frozen Wings [4] -Mid     Light-up Christmas Tree [4] -Upper   Light-up Scarf [1] -Lower   Christmas Wings [4] -Mid   Holiday Fashion [4] -Upper    
    • Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following Fixes We've deployed a fix for WoE Timers, we will be monitoring it and it shall be fully fixed right now. Updates A new Christmas Cash shop items has been released, for more information click here . Christmas is in the airs! Rescue Rune-Midgard from the thieves raccoons, for more information click here. The event would last until 14th of January! Good luck & Have fun, RevivalRO Management
    • Christmas in Raccoon City! There have been a rash of thefts in the Christmas village of Lutie! The shopkeepers are pointing blame at the strange group of Raccoons that recently appeared!... As a start, go check on the shopkeeper in Lutie, help her to progress further and afterwards you may wish to check on the story from the Raccoons side! * Hint: you might want to be generous with the racoons       List of Possible Event Headgears and Costumes   **join the event to find out which are of these sprites are for costumes~ 
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