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    • dint recive my cred after make the payment.but my money already take from bank help me
    • That's a good question actually, right now I only know of that he takes items for sure you get in cedi. How that is with other instances/quests, idk.
    • Greetings Everyone, Happy Valentine's day everyone, we hope you spent it together with your loved ones. During this maintenance we've done the following Cash Shop For the first time we're releasing a special Valentine's Day Lucky box, with 2 items in each box and 1 guaranteed item, we've also released last year items again in the cashop, all items except the Valentine's Day Lucky box is LPP purchasable! Events Aphrodite’s Mischief! She did it to Hermes and pranked him! the goats has stole his letters and valentine's day goodie bags, help him delivering the letters to get Valentine's Day Goodies Bags and the ability to hunt even more. Fixes WoE Equipment heal effect has been fixed, it no longer give 150% bonus.
    • Greetings, During February we're releasing a special lucky box for everyone, they will be available until Thursdays 7th of March! in addition to this, we are also rereleasing old valentine cash shop hats! IMPORTANT NOTE: do not mix the lpp and pp when buying. AS THE NEW BOX ARE PREMIUM POINTS EXCLUSIVE.   Valentine's 2019 Lucky Box  699PP Mechanics: Opening a box grants you 2 items, a one guaranteed item to be at least an uncommon item, and one random item. Heroic Guaranteed Refine Ticket Costume Bouquet Hat Costume Fairy Feather Costume Fluttering Feather Rare Bouquet Hat Fairy Feather Fluttering Feather RevivalRO Max Class Uncommon 4x Character Gender Change SRT Box Pear Bag (10) Heroic Backpack Character Rename Scroll touhou lucky box Sturdy Mining Pickaxe Common Field Manual Box (10) Battle Manual (300%) Bubble Gum Box Gym Pass Box Medium Life Potion Box (30) Premium Reset Stone Box Enriched Elunium Box Enriched Oridecon Box Marollo’s Key State of the art Weapon Box State of the art armour box   New Headgears from the valentine lucky box:   Bouquet hat[4] +30 all stat +30% danage to all race except demi-human     Fluttering Feathers[4] +25 all stat +25% movement speed     Fairy Feathers[1] +15 all stat +10% resistance to all status
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