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    • Hi there I have come back amongst the boredom of quarantine, I did check my chars out on Rebirth.ro but since most of the items where sold off before I left I figured with the generous refund and ability to buy new donates I would start fresh here (this being the more active server too)  I wrote many guides on the old forums I may rewrite and post again here once I get into the swing of things, and once I knock out a few max chars i'll be after a guild for woe, glad to be back sorry to hear about all the trouble. Sucks to remake over 7, 255's but hey at least I can do somethings different.  Happy playing, see you on the servers! 
    • Please suggest best equip for OCA Hunting with D.S B.S.     Thank you
    • Can anyine help me.. My character stuck at prontera cant go and when i log out and log in it stuck.. What should i do. I am new in this server by the way..
    • Hello everyone! In case you haven't heard, Luck o' Leprechaun has returned to his magical land after he had gotten his stolen gold coins back. So what do you do with the spare gold coins you took from the magical treasure chests? Fret not because the Gold Coin Collector is here! One man's trash is another man's treasure. The Gold Coin Collector is willing to trade some of his treasures or trash with the spare gold coins you have. He is also buying your treasures but at a lower price. What a lowballer! If you're interested to do trades with the Gold Coin Collector, you can find him at Hugel 124 205.     The Gold Coin Collector has also brought some news with him. He told us that he passed by a Lost Merchant while he was on his way here. Rumour has it that the Lost Merchant will be making his appearance somewhere in Midgard soon.
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