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    • Hello my dear players!   Thank you for keeping updated with our latest news. And now, it's time for BLACK FRIDAY SALE 2022! Enjoy & Happy Shopping~!   Below are the list of items available in this year's Black Friday Sale   Moreover, we do some upgrades for the premium weapon, ARCANIS : Effect Adjustment : Refine at +8, MATK +15% Refine at +10, ignore 7% elemental resist; reduce ACD by 5%   !! == NEW NEW NEW NEW == !! Weapon Enhancer has arrived! What will this guy do? He won't just be standing there for nothing, will he? He will enhance your weapon costume by giving it some additional effects! Cost 200m / 300pp Permanent   ( fp_map 343, 57 )   READ THE EFFECTS BELOW  BEFORE YOUR PURCHASE ! Hammer, Spear, Sword type costume STR +3 HIT +3 Gun, Bow type costume DEX +3 HIT +3 Dagger type costume STR +3 LUK +3 Knuckle type costume STR +3 INT +3 Katar type costume STR +3 DEX +3 Instrument type costume DEX +3 INT +3 FLEE +5 Mace, Rod type costume INT +3 DEX +3 Shuriken type costume Max HP +5% DEX +3 Book type costume INT +3 LUK +3 Axe type costume STR +3 AGI +3   Palium's Camelaucum [4] -2000PP All stats +20. Max HP +10%. Increase healing received from heal skill and potions by 10%. Increase neutral and fire elemental property attacks by 5% Increase HP regeneration by 20%. Increase resistance to non-boss by 10%. Tiny chance to avoid all kinds of damage.   La Voisin's Prophesy [4] -2500PP All stats +25 Movement speed +15% Increase resistance to stun and silence by 30% If worn by swordman, archer, merchant, thief, gunslinger or taekwon class, decrease damage taken from magical attacks by 7%. If worn by mage, ninja, acolyte, or soul linker class, decrease damage from physical attacks by 7%. If worn by other classes, decrease damage taken from both physical and magical attacks by 4%.   Andromeda's Globe[1] -1800PP All stats +10 Increase resistance to medium and large monster by 5%. Freeze resistance decreased by 15%. Sleep and deep sleep resistance increased by 50%. Set Effects: Movement speed +10%. Increase resistance to 4 basic elements by 5%. Chance to cast Lvl 1 Prestige when receiving damage.   Costume: Blue Rose Garden -2000PP   Skill Adjustment: Prestige  Skill Duration: From 30seconds to 5seconds. !! TRIPLE DONOR BOX IS ACTIVATED !! !! DISCOUNT ON PREMIUM RACES BY 30% !!   TOP PRIZES FOR AMBERKNIGHT WILL BE REPLACED BY AMBER BOXES To know what's inside Amber Boxes, please check the link below:     EXTRA 25% PP WILL BE ADDED EACH DONATION MADE ON ALL MODES   Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.     Regards, RevivalRO GM Team.
    • Hello everyone!   For this year's Black Friday Sale, we will held a Pre-BFS for a duration from 20th November until 24th November midnight. Don't miss anything, stay tuned, & happy shopping~! Robot have limited quantity of each item and restocks it with different item every hour. Robot doesn't like hoarders, so it restricts the purchase to 1x quantity per 5 minutes. So keep an eye for rare items to pop anytime (with exclusive discount) Below are the list of items available on Pre-BFS   3 - 5 items will be generated every hour hours by the NPC.   Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.     Regards, RevivalRO GM Team.
    • Hello Midgardians! We have prepared a new event for you!!! It's called World Boss v1. This is a group event which is available for everyone, where players will get rewards after working together to defeat the World Boss. MVP Monsters that we all "love" and "hate"  has once again found their way to invade our world!   What is World Boss? The recent occurrence of inter-dimensional cracks had not only created passageways from the Abyss Depths. Fallen souls of monarchs from worlds beyond our own had managed to break through, manifesting themselves as "World Bosses". Though they resemble regular creatures of our world, they are extremely strong. And dangerous. They seek out weak points of the seals that protect our world, and sometimes, they manage to break through. The vigils of Rune Midgard will keep close watch on these occurrences and announce their arrival to all of Rune Midgard. All Rune Midgardians must arise and unite to repel these evil forces back to the depths from which they came.   How to participate? An announcement will appear informing that the World Boss will spawn in a random town. To participate, players need to find the World Boss in the town where it spawned. Once the World Boss was found, players need to eliminate the Boss as fast as possible.  When the World Boss got eliminated, the participating players will receive random loots as rewards.   What kind of MVP Monsters? There are different strong MVP monsters that will spawn, to name a few: Leviathan King Poring Strong Baphomet Strong Golden Thief Bug Strong Drake      And a lot more to come...   Come on adventures, lets protect our world against those evil monsters!!!     RevivalRO Staff
    • Hello Midgardians!   Due to unexpected bug occurred in our Abyss Halloween Event Re-Run, we had to cut the event short. With that, since Halloween is over, we will be doing the Pre-Christmas Event 2022 Re-Run.   The following events will end on: Dancer Invasion will run until December 7, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time. Pumpkin Invasion will be until December 15, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time.   To know more about this event, please check the link below:     Updates for 2022:   Additional Items for Baby Boo Sack: Costume: Lamia's Krilo (New)   Costume: Full Moon's Horror     Additional Items for Gooey Bag: Syringe in Mouth (New) Effects: Adds resistance to Water element by 10%. Chance to drop Token of Siegfried from killing Angel race monsters.   Ghost Bat (New) Effects: Adds resistance to Wind element by 10%. Small chance to drop Full Chemical Protection Scrolls (Helm, Armor, Weapon, Shield) randomly with 3 minutes duration (cooldown) each.   Costume: Abnock's Corium (Upper) (New)   Costume: Midnight Candle (Mid) (New)   Plus: Miscellaneous Items for Baby Boo Sacks and Gooey Bags Reminder: if you find any bug related to this event, please report immediately. Good luck have fun!!!       RevivalRO GM Team
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