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    • The Vanna's dress' effects and its related set items can be considered very overpowered.. So will these equipments be available again at some point, or will it be nerfed after a while?
    • Make new cedi npc exchange all the samples you have in inventory all at once. coz its kinda hassle taking 2 sample at a time from storage. thanks much 👌  
    • LUCHID! make WS stonk! you geys probably want to consider the aftercast delay of the new skill because that skill in particular isnt strong compare Lks BS..
    • Greetings Everyone, At first we would like to start this hot patch topic with an apology, lately there has been serious slow performance regards solving Help Desk requests, especially regards replacing bugged items or restore missing items, the situation was unacceptable as some ticket reached an over-due of 1 month, which is simply unacceptable in any means, this announcement is not just an apology, we will take steps to solve this issue most importantly we're reviewing our permission and work scheme regarding player issues, we will internally apply the changes and start working according to it on Monday 18th Of February, our goal would be achieve an instant replacement/fixes for majority of simple item issues, like pets, a 24 hours for issues requiring logs checking, and maximum of 72 Hours for complex requests or requests requiring higher admin approval. We're again sorry to know that the situation has reached a terrible state where player started to not report issues as they assumed it won't be fixed either way, and we promise for this to change very soon. And as a final note, kindly notice that GM Positions are volunteering positions, and therefore we don't expect them to work during weekends and that during weekends admins are only available for critical emergencies, so kindly hold on if you face issues during the weekend we will do our best get it all solved the following Monday of each weekend. And now to our usual Hot Patch logs. During this maintenance we've done the following: Updates An experimental chat linking system between Game Server and Discord is now in place, kindly report any bugs you may face, this system would allow players in-game using main channels like #main, #trade to communicate with people on discord and vase-verse, a few screenshots of this new update is included at the end of the topic. WoE Costumes and WoE Coins has been finally sent to beta test participants. Chat Syncing So what's meant by Chat Syncing and the goal of it? Chat Syncing is basically making a bridge between all the different platforms we have communities on, this way makes everyone communication is easy, if you're on phone and chatting on discord you can still see the #main, and other various channels text on discord, and they would see your messages, in future, if you implement other chat platforms like Telegram groups we will also be link with this system. So what are you supposed to do chat through this new system? Nothing. Just talk as usual either in discord or #main, #trade, #pr, #gr, #support in-game and messages will be synced through all platforms! The system is still new, and possibly there's few bugs here and there, kindly report any weird behaviors to us to improve it! And, here's a little example of how a Discord chat is linked in-game. As you can see, each message send through discord and synced over to game servers starts with <Discord> which identify that it's a synced message from a different platform. And this is how it looks like on discord: Good luck & Have fun playing RevivalRO! RevivalRO Management
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