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    • Hi Midgardians,   This new patch includes some fixes and updates which are listed below.   Updates: 10% PP Donation Bonus and Amber Box Promotions will be in effect until next patch. The new feature Magic5 has been added. See link provided for more info.   Fixes: Issues with WWB has been fixed.  Cher Almi, Rainbow Scythe Blade and Warrior's Mod now correctly unusable in legit WoE. Cosmos Headgear no longer has an aura effect. The costume version however retains the aura effect. Icecrown mobs should now drop their respective cards. Monster Oxygen Mask for Chonchon family pets can now be equipped. Dragon Horns, Light Soul, Dark Soul & Earth Element now correctly adds 5 Hard MDEF. Arcanis now correctly gives 10% additional magic damage to demi humans.   Thank you for all the support. RevivalRO Staff
    • Hello Midgardians, Angie is pleased to see the excitement and anticipation when players open Summer Style Boxes. With that, Angie would like to give players more chances at obtaining more and possibly permanent version of these costumes.   In this new feature, called Magic5, Angie will ask for five random numbers at the 10th minute of every odd hour. The first five players to submit these numbers will receive: 1x Summer Goodie Bag & Summer Style Box. The window for submission is only for 2 minutes and only the first five players will be rewarded. So you got to be quick!   Note: Submission for Magic 5 is limited to one per account.   Goodluck and have fun.
    • Hello Midgardians,   The Summer Lotto Event and the Hawker Sisters are back once again at the beach of Brasilis. Click the link below for more info. We hope you like all the new costumes for you this year.   New Costumes for Shop No. 6 (Jackpot)!!!   Costume: Dark and Light Aura (Mid)   Costume: Fire Djinn (Mid)   Costume: Lovely Ribbon Wig (Upper)   Costume: Popping Popcorn (Upper)   Costume: Cookie Ribbon (Upper)   Costume: Poring Syringe (Garment)   Costume: Hooked Straw Hat (Garment)   Costume: Samba Carnival (Garment)   REMINDER: Only 5 accounts are allowed to participate in this event (1 Main + 4 Alts)   Summer Lotto will end on June 15, 2023 11:59 PM Server Time   Hawker Supplier Noonarie will end on June 7 at 11:59 PM Server Time AND Hawker Supplier Leverie May 30 at 11:59 PM Server Time       GM Team  
    • B> creds 65m each pm David Brainard    
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