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    • Hello Midgardians! Over again, Tarunyan is calling all Adventurers to come join the Dorams cause to take their land back from the Pasta Lady! Once you have agreed to join the resistance, you must wait every ODD HOUR + 42  MINUTES on Server Time for Tarunyan's announcement. To know more, please click the link below:   === NEW GEARS & COSTUMES === CATNIP RING [0] - (Accessory) ATK +175 Chance to cast lv2 Provoke on self when attacking. Chance to confuse the enemy when physically attacked. If worn together with Sunflower Hairpin (ID: 5103) When using Earth, Wind & Ghost elements, increase damage by 50% Increase damage to Earth, Wind & Ghost elements by 50% NOTE: All effects does not stack with 2 Rings   DORAM FIGHTER CLAWS [1] - (Accessory) ATK +100; Max HP+5% If worn with Wickebine's Black Cat Ears (ID: 5360) Increase damage to demi human by 40% NOTE: All effects does not stack with 2 rings   FAT CAT'S SNUGGIE [0] - (Garment) Max HP +10% Resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Poison +10% Reduces movement speed by 15% If worn with Wickebine's Black Cat Ears (ID: 5360) Additional Max HP +5% Additional resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Poison +5% Reduce damage received from physical attacks by 15% Reduce Neutral resistance by 10% Increase damage taken from Misc. attacks by 15%   BLOODY ANGEL SCHOOL CAP [0] - Upper Increase Damage and Magic Damage against Boss Monsters by 50% Ignores 30% of the Boss Monster's DEF and MDEF Restores 5000 HP each time an enemy is killed by physical or magical attacks Restores 100 SP each time an enemy is killed by physical or magical attacks. Low chance to randomly obtain one of the following when killing Boss and Angel Race monsters: (Tiger Skin, Will of Red Darkness, Fire Dragon Scale, Valhalla's Flower, Mother's Nightmare, Ice Scale and Tantan Noodle)   DEFENDER OF LASAGNA PINS - (Can be equipped on Headgears)                                                                      ALTRUISTIC                                              BRAVERY                                              CHIVALRY                                                                                                   DEVOTION                                                EXULT   Costume: Cat Footprints (Bounded) - Lower   Costume: Cat Coffee Cup - Upper   Costume: White Moon Cat - Upper   Costume: Peco Peco Balloon Hat - Upper   Costume: Blue Cat Ear - Upper   Costume: Maned Skelion - Upper & Lower   Costume: Cyan Gangster Scarf - Lower   Costume: Strawberry Bucket Hat - Upper   Costume: Winged Luigi Hat - Upper   Costume: Balloon Wings - Garment   Enjoy the event and may you get back Lasagna in the interest of all Dorams!!!
    • Hello Dear Players,   It had been a peaceful Carnival season without the threat of the Pasta Lady. With that, the Dorams decided to throw a banquet! But the Amatsu Sushi Master had taken a vacation, leaving the Dorams without a caterer. Catto de Martino in Prontera has once again showed up in Rune Midgard's major towns asking for players to help gather enough food for the banquet.   Here's what you need to do : Talk to Catto de Martino close to the Warpra of major towns. Agree to help the Dorams by gathering Raw Fish Submit the Raw Fish to Catto de Martino. For your efforts you will be rewarded with: 10,000 Raw Fish gathered: Sushi Lover Title (Individual) 15,000 Raw Fish gathered: Costume: Furry Knapsack (Individual) 500,000 Raw Fish gathered: EXPoring Event (2 times) - (Serverwide)   Costume: Furry Knapsack   Enjoy!     GM Staff
    • Hello Midgardians,   Maintenance has just concluded and we have added some updates and fixes: Sparkly Flakes's chance to proc Cold - fixed Super Star Spotlight - should now be tradable. Items that need to be made unsellable to NPC Infinite Magnifier Infinite Fly Wing Glorious Rings SRT Tickets Year 2 Loyalty Reward was added to RevivalRO Loyal Player NPC at Geffen Blue Eremes Scarf - should now drop EXP Scrolls and Level Up Coupons from monsters at Biolab3 Dungeon. Nydhoggnest Instance - now gives 10 Season Pass points. Cedi System - now gives 2 Season Pass points. WOE Shop Update - please click the link below:   Thank you for your continued support.   GM Team      
    • Hello everyone~!   This year, we have made some updates for our WoE Shop and new exciting items are added into it. WOE White Potion - cooldown reduced to 1 second, new price is 10 WoE Coins WOE Blue Potion - cooldown reduced to 1 second, new price is 10 WoE Coins WOE Arrow Quiver - now gives 500 arrows and new price is 10 WoE Coins WOE Bullet Cartridge - now gives 500 bullets and new price is 10 WoE Coins Acid Bomb Box (100) - now cost 5 WoE Coins   ll==NEW==NEW==NEW==ll   KING'S LEGACY (Accesory [1])- 3000 WoE Point Coin Max HP +8.500 and Max SP +5% Increase resistance to Earth, Fire, Wind, Poison, Shadow, Ghost by 3% Decrease SP usage by 15% After Cast Delay -5% When used with WoE Robe + WoE Muffler + WoE Shoes : MATK +7% MATK +50 INT +10 When used with WoE Plate + WoE Manteau + WoE Greaves : Small chance to ignore Near and Long range attacks Max HP +8.500 HP Regeneration +10% When used with WoE Suit + WoE Manteau + WoE Boots : ATK +7% ATK +50 STR +10   DEVIL'S STINGER  (Upper [3]) - 5000 WoE Point Coin All stats +15 Increase physical and magical damage to players by 25% Increase damage to Stone and Barricades by 10% Max HP +10% When used with WoE Robe+WoE Muffler+WoE Shoes / WoE Suit+WoE Manteau+WoE Boots : Additional physical and magical damage to players +10% After cast delay -10% Damage with all elements +5%   THEMIS HEAD GUARD (Upper [3]) - 5000 WoE Point Coin Max HP +15% Increase resistance to demi-human by 5% Regenerate 1.500 HP per second. When used with WoE Plate+WoE Manteau+WoE Greaves : Healing received by Slim Potion and Heal skill +10% Resistance to all elements +10% Long. Near, and Misc resistance +10% ALL ITEMS CAN'T BE USED INSIDE LEGIT PVP/GVG AREAS   *** NEW COSTUMES ***   Costume: Dragon's Hair Helmet (Upper)   Costume: Horn of Mahomet (Upper)   Costume: Nomad's Sakkat (Upper)   Costume: Wings of Gabriel (Garment)     Regards, RevivalRO GM Team
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