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    • You get the letter first, then return to Elly, who asks you to check out the house again. Then you turn a switch, after which you get this popup upon stepping upon the correct tile and usually get teleported into the inside of the hourse. I redid it on another character and cross-checked quest guides but I'm stuck [EDIT] Now that I tried again after patching, it worked fine. Weird
    • Greetings Everyone, Happy anniversary everyone, on this 15th of January RevivalRO turned 1 year old and the whole journey since we were RebirthRO is now 16 years! This maintenance were focused on a new event, expect our following maintenance to focus more on issues. Cash Shop Donor Box 2019 is now here, if you donated during january and did not receive any yet, you may check zotar for it now! for more information click here. The anniversary sales are here, double donor box and lots of item sales, you may know more through clicking here. Also a special January items release for more information click here. And finally, the latest and final 3rd skills batch, including all old ones is in cash shop, click here. Events It's our anniversary and there's special event for it, exclusive costumes, armor set and further more, for more information click here. Fixes Parfaille Vigilate Hat has been reverted to the original behavior Guaranteed Refine Ticket has been fixed, it now can be used to refine to any refine with 100% success rate. Happy Anniversary everyone! RevivalRO Management,
    • Well, im not even going to try to show it, but without changing anything at all my criticals are hitting 88,000 now.  My gear hasnt moved and I wasnt buffed or cursed before.  I spent hours hitting 61k and now suddenly 88k with the same gear.  Perhaps a glitch?  sigh, idk
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