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  1. Welcome to the only place where you can meet Tomson,Welcome to RevivalRO!
  2. An Achievement title should have been given to winners of Guide event for their efforts.
  3. sure meet me in game or pm me when your back on forums or discord.
  4. wow really great jessica i didn't know you were such talented,my vote goes to you,and my art coming soon!😛
  5. First we lost kitty boy now you,This is the saddest day of my life,Farewell my friend,be in touch with me in discord,We will miss you.
  6. Thank you for everything kittyboy<3,You have been a Great Admin and a friend we will miss you!
  7. Impossible for snipers to farm here cause you need AoE damage,Yes very soon I will post alternatives once my guide is completed and thank you😊
  8. Change your graphic device the white screen once happened to me,I did that and it worked.
  9. Welcome to RevivalRO,If need any help feel free to ask or pm me.
  10. Yes its worth it get one for 35c during bf sales.
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