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  1. Hello, there Ex RevivalRO Player here, Been busy for a quiet while with some kinds of stuff. I will be coming back to play again and will help the Community by creating Guides and Answering their Questions. There Has always been a pride to be a part of the most amazing moments and memories in RevivalRO history, So see you there soon!
  2. Wait i will ask on discord support
  3. Welcome to the community Sir!
  4. Goodbye my friend i will miss you, You will always be my favorite Admin.🥺
  5. Black Friday Pre-Sale Guide - Ragnarok's Guides - Revival RO - Ragnarok Online Private Server (ragnarevival.com)
  6. All Pre-Sale Item links in one place only for you😉 Mitra - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Driver Band - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Shadow Handicraft - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Maestro Song's Hat - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Midas Whisper - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Magic Stone Hat - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Blazing Soul - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Silent Executer - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Wind Whisper - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Dip Schmidt Helm - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Dragon Bravura - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Ethereal Horns - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Ethereal Twilight - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Ethereal White Mane - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Royal Masquerade - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Royal Cape - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Royal Companion - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Magitech Headpiece - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Magitech Mobile Pursuit - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Magitech Shades - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Feline Twin Nap - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Feline Glasses - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Feline White Cat - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Lovely Heart Cap - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Lovely Angelic Wings - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Lovely Hearts - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Sea Captain's Beret - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Sea Captain's Bubble Aura - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Sea Captain's Penguin - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Feathers of Protection - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Classic Side Ribbon - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Parfaille Vigilante Hat - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Commander Doggo - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Green Bubble Pop - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Rainbow Nyan - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Diamond Heart - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Guardian Ninja - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Flame Wings - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Fire Spirit - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Angel Earrings - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Rune Circlet - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com)
  7. Well good question, Well maybe it is based on both defense but generally i see people only speak about sdef mostly and if your 120sdef+ you become thana bait not sure why hard defense is taken into consideration here even if you see most of the thana bait mvps they are just having defense mentioned not sdef or hard defense i would consider most mvp which have 150+def above or so as thana bait or maybe same as the players 120sdef, Private servers always tries to balance the skill formulae to optimize it for themselves to meet the current meta maybe our server did too they modified the hdef into sdef not sure this formulae is just a general formulae from the other server , but the card just says deals damage based on defense nothing about occult impact i checked it out..but the old server did. https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Thanatos_Card_(4399)
  8. Deals more damage depending on the target's defense. Drain 1 SP from its owner on each attack. DEF - 30, Flee Rate - 30 it gives occult impact with means dealing more damage based on target Soft defense well Hard defense isn't counted here cause no one has much hdef on woe they got only like 20+ or something, The number just next to hard defense is the soft defense and thanatos will start hurting after 120sdef before that your all good , you can't combine this card with Orc Combo and something which ignores defense. Here is the Formulae Damage = [ATK + (Target_Hard_DEF ÷ 2)] × Base_Damage
  9. Tomson

    Morgana B&S

    I told my friend to farm you all these pm "RoldSusej" in game,Thank you.
  10. This Zip File consists about Emblems for those who don't want to download the whole client just download it then replace it with Emblem Folder if you don't have any Emblem Folder just place it in your RevivalRO Folder. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c-osOm2KOZNDakV4GQni0f_hW96JKALJ/view?usp=sharing Have fun! Note : These are 24x24 pixels in bitmap format and consists of 2862 Emblems. Disclaimer: I don't own anything from this Emblem File all credits goes to their respective owners.
  11. So few of you might wonder how to Autotrade , Its simple mahn if you have donated 1000c in your life time you can get @autotrade or @at command. 1.) First go to Vending Area Payon or Prontera. 2.) Don't use the command without opening a shop or else you will get a message like this. 3.) Firstly to vend something you need to add item to your cart after adding item to your cart click the 12th skill from the 1st Job section which is vending. Which will open up your shop, Drag the item from the cart then place it for a price there will be a certain commission for each time and the max amount of zeny that you can vend is for1000,000,000 zeny. Once your done setting up the Shop click "Ok" go to your chat then type @autotrade or @at if your have donated 1000c in your life time in that account. 4.) After Done a message like this will popout which means you have been logged out but your still in game vending. After someone has purchased your Item you will be logged out and your character will no longer be online unless it has something else to vend. 5.) You can also buy Autotrade Coupon for 50pp from cash shop recovery tab. 6.) To use this pm NPC:Autotrade as mentioned below. 7.) You can either vend for 1 Autotrade Coupon or 5mill zeny which is disabled for now as stated by Admin. Choose these options mentioned below. 8.) Make sure you have all requirements when choose your options or else you can't autotrade.
  12. Oh i know this one maybe,Possible Reasons could be 1)Deleted by antivirus 2)Patcher isn't in the same folder as those dll files 3)and yeah like opti said renaming it 4)didn't get properly installed the client If you don't have that file,Here is the file for you,you can just copy paste it in ur folder its already renamed. dbghelp_old.dll
  13. Tomson

    Tomson's'Art Shop

    Will do Professional Commission Arts using Clip Paint Studio EX My Work Includes the following Digital Drawing and Painting Light and Reflection Dynamic Lighting Contrast Casting Post-Production Adjustments Skin Enhancement Previous Art Styles have been removed as I don't follow that anymore Give me your Quotation with Character Details and Reference.
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