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  1. You could also use Ethereal Twilight instead of white angel wing it will make your clown much better☺️
  2. Thats mirror shard in 10+tidal i saw kurt selling it too.
  3. Welcome to RevivalRO 1,)Create a new Character. 2.)Talk to the Free Starting Item NPC, I suggest getting the Gold one since you be using the Novice Angra when leveling, so you are gonna do more physical damage. 3.)Talk to Shion, until you receive a Direction on where to go Next, she also gives free Level/Job Level. After that follow the Yellow Arrows going right inside the Prontera Castle 4.)Enter the Castle and keep going up, till you see an NPC 5.)Talk to Receptionist until you get warped to the next NPC. After that the Next NPC will sent you to the next one, and just keep following their Directions until you reach the Training Grounds. 6.)Now is the time you open the Novice Package that you received from Free Item NPC, it contains Novice Angra, Armor, Boots, Cloak, Clip and Ring. Just open those Boxes and Equip it, you might wanna leave the Battle Manual Box for later. Because when you hit high level that’s the best time to use the Battle Manuals. Keep killing mobs until you Hit Job Level 10 7.)Talk to the Examiner when you hit Job Level, and then he will sent you out. 8.)At the next NPC, the Job Master I suggest you make a Taekwon class first, because Taekwon Class is easy to level and you will be using this also for farming stuff. 9.)After choosing a class you will be sent to Eden Group which is @go 39 in the @go command list. @go is used to warp in Towns, by typing the @go it will show the list of Towns you can warp. You can also abbreviate like @go pront or @go pro, which will send you to Prontera. 10.)You can’t directly warp to dungeons using command so you will be using the Warpra NPC for that, Talk to Warpra > Warp > Dungeons > Moscovia Forest > Les Forest. In here you will be leveling Until Level 70, about Stats, put Agi first, the command to put stat without clicking is e.g /agi+ 99. You also want to loot everything just type @autoloot 100. 11.)When you reach the Job Level 50, You can @go 39 and look for the Job Master around upper left. Then change into Taekwon Master. You also need to use up all the Skill Points first before you can change into other Job. 12.)Now to put Skills to the Skill Bar you just need to Hold Left Click the skill and then Drag it to the Skill Bar, to collapse the Skill Bar, just press F12 key, it has a 4 layer. First layer is F1 to F9 keys. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Layer you need to open the BM/Shorcut Settings to set the keys for it. Just press ESC Key or click the Option Icon below your Status Bar. 13.)Now you can set which keys would be the 2nd 3rd and 4th Skill Bar. You can refer to this Setting. 14.)Taekwon Master has Warm Wind skill which gives him the ability to change the element of his weapon from Level 1 is Earth, 2 is Wind, 3 is Water, 4 is Fire, 5 is Ghost, 6 is Shadow and 7 is Holy. So might wanna set it up on the Skill Bar. Other Important skill is Flying Side Kick to instantly get near target, High Jump and Running skill useful for Roaming the Map. 15.)After reaching level 70 and finally Job Change into Taekwon Master, now you can Level next in Cursed Abbey Level 3. Kill Necromancers use the Warm Wind Level 7 which is Holy Element and very effective on this Dungeon. Level until level 103 after that @go 39. 16.)Find Gramps NPC in @go 39, then accept a mission from him. 17.)After accepting the mission, and picking which Monster to kill Talk to gramps again and ask him to warp you there. 18.)Loot everything by typing @autoloot 100, then sell loots later when you get overweight, except some of the items Listed below. After killing then monster you need to kill, talk to Gramps and Pick “Reward Me!” You will receive a ton of EXP and some Pieces of Paradise. About the stats, just keep adding Agi till your ASPD reach 196. After that you will now switch to Dex till 150 and the ress is Str and some Vit for Survivability. 19.)Some of the items are Quest Materials. (Insert Ice Wing quest, Icicle Wing quest and Fable Silk quest link here) 20.)When you reach level 150 to 160, its best if you farm in Thana Tower 8 first, loot everything and sell it to NPC. Do this until you have enough zeny to buy Ingredients for Drooping Amistr. (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest) Tips on some of the Ingredients for Drooping Amistr:- 1.)Token of Siegfried you can get from Vote Points NPC or from mobs in Biolab Basement 1. Highly suggest Vote Points tho. 2.)Next is Yarn, Warp to Suei Long Gon > Suei Long Gon dungeon and kill Dancing Dragon, you can use @alootid +yarn to specific loot Yarn. 3.)Next is Animal Skin Warp to Pyramid Dungeon 1 then Enter the Portal to your right, to exit. Type /navi moc_ruins 80/113 and follow the Yellow Arrow till you see Item Collector NPC. And then buy 300 pieces Animal Skin. 4.)Now for the 1000 pieces Fluff, you will use the Meat Exchanger in Umbala, 1 meat = 2 fluff clover jellopy. Meat you can buy from butcher in Izlude @go 5 then type /navi izlude 158/186, follow the Yellow Arrow. And then buy 500 pcs Meat. After that @go umbala or @go 12 and type /navi umbala 63/243, look for Utan Kid. 5.)Next is the Bag of Grain, just @go lutie or @go 7, look to upper right for the Chef Assistant NPC. 6.)The other ingredients the 2 Amistr Eye, Clip of Conciousnes, Fur and Glistening Coat you can get from buying in vend or in #trade chanel. Price may differ in time. 7.)When you have all the Ingredients you can now go to Lighthalzen @go 20 or @go light. And then type /navi lighthalzen 79/90, follow the Yellow Arrow tell you see 4 NPC on Red Coat. Amy NPC is the one who makes Drooping Amistr. 8.)Talk to Amy 2 Times till you receive Drooping Amistr, she will also tell you if you’re missing a piece. 21.)After making this you can now continue the next Gramps mission Level 154 – 204. And pick to kill Seyrin Windsor. 22.)In this dungeon there is Skegiold mobs that drops Silk Robe[1], which is a Quest Materials too for getting Soft Silk in Amatsu Soft Silk Exchange. Type @alootid +2322 to specific loot Silk Robe[1]. (Insert soft silk exchange quest link here). 23.)Continue doing Gramps mission until level 225. When you reach level 225 you can now ask for Leech in #pr, some players will leech you in Omega MVP Room or in Biolab Basement 1. If you can’t find someone, just continue doing the Gramps mission. In mission 205 – 255 I suggest you pick to kill Vanilmirth then use Warm Wind level 7 for Holy. When you Max Level 255. Go Prontera type /navi prontera 172/223. 24.)Enter the MVP Arena for the fee of 150,000 Zeny. Inside the MVP are different rooms with different MVPs, Alpha Room – Eddga, Moonlight, Mistress, Maya. Beta Room – Turtle General, Orc Hero, Orc Lord, Phreeoni. Theta Room – Lord of Death, Doppelganger, Osiris, Drake. Epsilon Room – Dark Lord, Baphomet, Pharaoh, Samurai Spector Delta Room – Golden Thiefbug, Stormy Knight, Ktullanux, Amonra, Garm Sigma Room – Fallen Bishop Hibram, White Lady, Evil Snake Lord, Vesper, General Ygnizem Gamma Room – Detale, Valkyrie Randgris, RSX 0806, Thanatos, Tao Gunka Omega Room – Ifrit, Gloom Under Night, Berzebub, Atroce 25.)First you wanna farm Gold Thiefbug card in Delta Room, also @alootid +gold. Then when you got GTB card, you move to Beta Room and farm for Orc Hero card, after that you can now farm in Gamma Room and target Detale for fast zeny, @alootid +treasure box, @alootid +dragon breath cocktail and @alootid +Valhalla’s flower. Its highly suggested to make a Merchant Class too for selling purpose, Because of Overcharge skill of Merchant loots is more expensive when you sell to NPC. This way you now have a good source of Zeny, after this you can now do some quest and maybe some Tailoring, Metalworking and Handicrafting. (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Artistry_and_Crafting_System/Metalworking).
  4. Chevalier of Void Guide 1.)What are we farming? Chevalier of Void https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Monster:Chevalier_of_the_Void 2.)Where to farm? Melanis 3.)What is Melanis? https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Melanis 4.)How to go to Melanis? 1)Go Geffen. 2)Go to 29 119. 3)Go Outside the warp at 29 119. 4)Go to 22 191. 5)Go to 357 187. 6)Go to 70, 341. 7.) Enter the Melanis portal at 70 341. 5.)What to do after entering Melanis? 1)Speak to Yousef for 2 Traverser stones(It allows you to stay in Melanis for 2hours,If you not don't take the stones you will be warped out in 10mins) 2)Speak to Guards or if your Lazy just Jump over the Gate. 3)Stand At 29,290 and spam Leap it will take you directly to the Chevalier of Void. Class Description: Star Gladiator is an unusual class in that the majority of their skills are bound to the celestial bodies of the Sun, Moon and Stars, and are very restricted in their use. These skills have three different restrictions in which they can be used, and are as follows: Certain skills can only be used on a day of their respective celestial body Some skills can only be used on maps that are designated as a place of a celestial body Other skills can only be used against enemies that are aligned as an enemy of a celestial body The first restriction is unlike the latter two in that a Star Gladiator cannot change what day is representative of a celestial body; these days are already set. The setting for these celestial days is told in the mantra as follows: The Sun shines brightest on even days. The Moon shines brightest on odd days. And the Stars shine without fail on every 5th day. The second and third restriction can be set personally for each individual Star Gladiator via their respective skills: Feeling of the Sun, Moon and Stars and Hatred of the Sun, Moon, and Stars. However, there are also skills that are also bound by more than one restriction. IGN: G e i,Tommy,Tomson. Stats Required:(Max Stats) Equipments Required: Drooping Amistr(Obtainable by Quest https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest link here) Fabled Sword with 2x Gemini -S58,Orc Hero,Marduk. Red Necktie with Maya Purple Card Great Demon's Robe with Gloom Under Night Card 10+Testament with Dracula,Thanatos,Phreeoni Cards. 10+Thanatos Book with Phreeoni,Abysmal Knight Card. Better than Testament since you don't have to use Thanatos and Dracula. Shield Antique with Alice Card Effect:Boss resist at 10%,Near-attack resist at 6%,Long-range resist 6%. Garment Antique with Deviling Card Effect:Neutral Resist at 10%,Critical Defence at 40%,Max Hp 10%,Sp rate at -7%. Footgear Antique with General Egnigem Card Effect:Max Hp at 10%,Speed rate at 15%,No Knock back,After-Cast delay at 5%. 2x Megingjard(Can be bought from Cash shop for 1000 Premium points) Equipment Screenshots: About the Monster: How To Farm/Farming Demonstration: Tips to Remember: 1)Set Hatred on Monster. 2)Spam Tornado Kick while in Tornado Kick Stance. 3)Spam Stellar Heat. 4)Set Warmth Wind to Holy. 5)Set Feelings on the Map. 6)Use Thanatos card.(Chevalier of void is Thana-Bait) 7)Invite people or alts to your party.(More people in your party more the damage that you do. 8)Get weapon Perfection buff from Whitesmith. 9)Higher the Mob Chain better loots,Max Mob Chain is 5,Mob Chain breaks when disbanding party. 10)Use Anti-Knock Back. Monster Drops:(Drops goes into the Treasure Chest): Market Value 45-50c Used as Speed Pots Consumables: Obtained from Summer Carnival Obtained from Rdc Bought from Players Buy From Item Shop Obtained from Summer Carnival. Proof that you can really farm a AR using my guide:-
  5. Well I made another guide cause I don’t give a you know what I mean to hyu guide
  6. Donation Via Card Method: This Part of guide explains to make a simple donation via Card using G2A. 1)Choose G2A PAY 2)Enter the amount of creds you want to buy. 3)Since im just gonna donate 25c,Im not aiming for Bonus! 4)It will then take you to next page.Click G2A Pay. 5)There are 5 available methods,Choose Cards Option or the last one. 6)Click on pay with cards. 7)Enter the card number,Cvc,Expiry Date. 8)After you confirm it will ask for OTP which will be send to your mobile number.After you enter the OTP your transaction is processed. 9)And there you go. 10)Check in game your Credits will be added to your premium point balance. 11)Also not only that for every 50c you donate you will get a Donor box from Zotar Npc at prontera.
  7. Your guide is formidable but there is a slight error
  8. Tough opponent right there
  9. I will update it slowly thanks for the information I was kinda tired when making it I will add more description and screenshot tommorow
  10. my other guides coming soon!
  11. Hello there,This guide has been requested by many so i would like to help out,Before i start writing this guide there is something i want you to know is Tracking depends on Variable Casting time but not After cast delay and my guide will help you achieve that! Spam Display: Main Requirements: Dark Illusion Card 3x(Put them inside your headgear) Berzebub Card 2x(Inside your Accessory) Here is quest for berzebub card https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Berzebub_Card_Quest Parfait Vigilante Hat(Was available during limited Sales for 30c) Equipment Screenshot :- Equipments: Headgear:Parfait Vigilante Hat with 2dark Illusions,Nightmare Card,Evil Snake Lord.(Use Rdc Helmet if you don't have Parfait Hat) Middle:Feline Glasses(Slighty Better than Poring Party) or Poring Party (Use Melody Notes or Jazz Ring if you don't have Either of poring party or Feline Glasses) Lower:Red Necktie(With Maya Purple Card)(you can use Orange or Black Tie if you don't have red tie or can't afford one) Armour:10+Vvest(Tao Gunka Card or Hatii Card)(Can use any Regular Armor of your choice) Weapon:10+Thanatos Revolver(Incantation Samurai Card +Grand Metaling Card)(Goblin Revolver can also be used) Garment:10+Heroic Backpack(Isis/Rudo/Noxious Card) (Use any Garment you want) Shoes:10+Tidal Shoes With Mirror Shard(General Egnigem Card or Dark Lord) (Any Boots of your choice if you don't have Tidal like ebony) Accessory:2 Recondite Rings(Berzebub Cards) Note:Don't just depend on this Build it will get you killed as it is Squashy,Carry a Tank Set with you,If you do not know how to make a tank set let me show you. Basic Tank Set: Headgear:Antique Helmet:(Perimeter Card/Evil Snake Lord) Middle:Ethereal Twilight(Orc hero/Marduk/2Gemini) Lower:Planet Orbs/Guardian Ninja(Maya Purple Card) Weapon:Combat Knife(This only applies to some classes) Shield:10+Vigilante_Shield(Yuki/Horn/Toaster/Thara Frog) Shoes:10+Tidal Shoes with Abysmal Ringmail(Amon Ra Card) Accessory:Great Demon Shackles(Alligator Card/Errende Ebecee Card) Consumables: Fortis Potestas(5% Attack and Magic attack) Holy Armour Scroll(buy for 1 mill each if you don't have Sacramental Water or Sacred nappy) Any Dex Foods available with you.
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