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  1. Hello Snoopy if you need any help regarding this game or need something feel free to ask me.
  2. Max stats ticket 25c each or 30c and teddy bear hat 15c
  3. Tomson

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    Thank you this is awesome!!
  4. RevivalRo Melanis Guide: So let me make this Guide as simple as possible 1)So what is Melanis? It is PvM system introduced in 2016. 2)So how do we go there? First, make your way to @geffen then enter the portal at 29,119, When you make your way out you will see a bridge walk through the bridge and enter the portal straight off the bridge at 22,190. Next map at 69,342 there is a portal called Melanis portal click then enter. You can stay in Melanis up to 10mins and for each traverser stones increases your time limit by 60mins Yousef gives you about 2 traverser stones every day, You can obtain Traverser stones from Yousef at Melanis 60,336. 3)So what do we farm here? Melanis mobs drop animal enchantments and equipment and some consumables, They don't drop them directly or you cannot autoloot them they go into Melanis treasure chest and the chain increases the chance of getting better loots, Max mob chain is up to 5 and the chain stacks up when killing a lot of mobs. Make sure you are in a party so you don't lose chain even if you log out, but you will lose the loots if you get Dc. The chain usually gets reset during server restart or maintenance. 4)What are Safe Zones? These areas inhibit the monsters from attacking you When you stay in a safe zone your considered to be safe and this is the place you can place your Alts or go when your being ganged up. however, it might prevent the monster from attacking you it won't stop the horse like figure following you everywhere you go. Abysmal Ringmail:(Market Value 25c) Dropped from Chevalier of the Void Star Gladiator(Max Stats) With hatred on Chevalier of the void, Set feelings on the map and always use Solar Heat. 30stats or better wing with 3exp amstr+orc hero Drooping Amistr or Amistr Beret with 4 Exp Amstr cards Great Demon Robe with Gloom as Armor. Great Demon Shroud with deviling or 9-10+Heroic Backpack with deviling Valk Shield with thara frog Red tie or 15-18+stats lower with Exp amistr or perimeter card 10+Book with 1Ak+Dracula+Sniper card premium+thanatos card as weapon or Testament that you later get from last rites refine it and use it. 2Meginjard Antique Boots or Bronze Greaves as shoes with Okc or ascendent orc. Minx(Sacred Nappy)Market value:80c Amstr Beret(4Dark pings) Wings 30stats(Esl,Orc Hero,2Gemini) Red Tie(Marduk) Pragmail(Gloom) 10+VVSH Sword/Perun Axe Aunoe /Sniper Card/Ak 10+Heroic Backpack(flamel emul) Antique Boots(Gec) 2Recon Rings with ifrit will continue to add more when i get time....
  5. Gunslinger as the main killer with some alt tank like paladin,hp,prof.
  6. Welcome to RevivalRo, Hope you have fun!
  7. Don't get Wings Lucky Box or 30stats lucky box they aren't worth it, I recommend you to get a PvP lucky box of your choice for 800pp and middle lucky box, Lower balloon lucky box rest of your limited points if its permanent save it for sales and buy Angra and ahura both for 5c each.
  8. 😛Oki my friend whatever its your problem,Goodnight.
  9. In case a person leaves the party just make a new one, Isn't that complicated right?
  10. Providing us with a screenshot of your problem can explain us better.
  11. For Gm you have to apply through GM application which is closed for now, You will have to wait for next year, Well I'm not sure about rest of those contact an admin maybe.
  12. RevivalRO Referral Guide No MMO is fun without playing it together with your friends, So not only you can invite them to play but also earn at the same time using the referral system just by forwarding links of your referral page to your friends, Each time they make a donation its assured that you get 5% of it and is applicable throughout their lifetime donation. So how does this system work? 1)Initially, start by inputting the below URL into the search bar, Make sure you logged into your account. 2)You could either click on Refer A Friend button with a high priest or Just Refer A Friend just below your Email or Beside your password both work the same just that the one with the high priest is more descriptive. or 3)Here I chose the one with a high priest on it After you have clicked on it a table showing your friends progress on your URL appears by this you can keep track on their referral clicks and donations. Total Registered: Refers to the total no of players registered through your link. 0 Latest 5 Referred Players: Last 5 players that you have shared your URL with. Latest 5 earned points: Amount of points earned through your referral link. Total Refer Clicks: Estimated amount of clicks on your link. 0 4)There are 100s of Social media platforms available to share your referral and invite your friends through. 5)So what does your friend see when he clicks on to your URL? They will see a similar page to this if your friend has just registered or downloaded the game, It doesn't mean that your gonna earn points, The premium points you earn is based on your friend donation. 6)If the same URL has been clicked for several numbers of times even from the same IP address its still gonna increase your referral clicks, So you can judge either the number of clicks on your URL is done by your friends or Its just the doing of a single person by checking the number of registrations. 7)This is also applicable to your alts however not illegal to,I think so If you donate 100c on your main account your alternative account which you have connected gets 500premium points and if 50c 250pp respectively which is more profitable than the bonus offers that payment methods provide which is only 2-3c for 150c donation, If you want to be greedy and keep all the creds for yourself follow this little step. 8)After earning enough of referrals you can claim your rewards from NPC"Vegeta" who can be found in each and every town. The reward that you claim are based on the number of referrals that you earn, The prizes include. Referral Rewards: Referral level 1: 1x Costume:Crazy Rooster 1x Yggdrasil berry 10Box Referral level 2: 1x Costume:Staff of Clairvoyance 1x Small defense potion 10 Box Referral level 3: 1x Costume:Chii Ears 1xSmall Magic Defense Potion 10 Box Referral level 4: 1xCostume:Messenger Hat 1xPoison Bottle 10 Box Referral level 5: 1xCostume:Arcane Protection 1xBubble Gum Referral level 6: 1xCostume:Sparkle Wing 1xCostume:FiendFyre Referral level 7: 1xCostume:Futuristic Headset 1xCostume:Spirit Circle(Blue) Referral level 8: 1xMeginjard(Premium) 1xAngra Manyu Referral level 9: 1xSpirit Wings 1xPlanet Orbs Referral level 10: Dyna-Hat Upper Dyna-Hat Lower 1xDyna-Wing 1xDyna-Hat Mid 1xDyna Third 9)Here is a video to provide you with a picturized information on this system.
  13. RevivalRO Starters Guide Guide Contents: 1)Novice Grounds: 2)Old School Leveling Method: 3)Homunculus Leveling: 4)Homunculus Evolution: Novice Grounds: The new novice grounds has just been added to enable both new and old returning players to catch up with our newest updates. Follow the navigation arrow towards the north until you reach warp portal. After entering the warp portal speak to Valkyrie Npc, She would give you 2 options to choose from if you choose the first one you will proceed to the training,Instead of you choose the second option you will have the chance of either choosing Golden Set or Pink Set. Speak to Shion(Introduction Trainer)then follow the navigation towards west warp. Speak to each Npc in a sequence and you will be rewarded with either items or level,After speaking to every Npc speak to Field Trainer and take the test,He will warp you to the next area where you will find some of the most important NPCs in the game,As you entered the map you will notice that the place crowded with Leaf Cats and Sage Worms giving a decent amount of experienced,Do not hesitate to hit them as you were provided with Novice Angra and Novice Guard. Start by talking to Brade(55,28), He wants you to hunt a leaf cat for him, After hunting go back to him, He will tell you to change your job to anything you wish to be the NPCs can be found at (48,37). After the job change, you will be directed to Gramps and you can take the mission from him. Gramps will ask to you kill 25 Willows after you have successfully killed them, Return to Gramps and he will provide you with good amount of experience. Next speak to Rdc Officer to learn about Rdc,Then to Rachel to learn about Itty Bitty Poring City Quest. Speak to Tim-Tom he gives you a Poring Card which you can give to Marvin, Speak to Tim-Tom again twice the second time you talk to him he will ask you whether you wanted to go to Novice Cedi. After entering the Novice Cedi speak to "Valkyrie" At entrance she will provide you with every buff possible in the game. At center of the map you will have a encounter with Cthulhu which is weaker compared to the one in Orginal Cedi. After you have defeated it Tim-Tom will be waiting for you at center of the map with your rewards,You can either choose Golden set or Pink set then he will send you back to town. Old School Leveling Method: 1)You can reset your location on the website and type @go 15 next to you there is a Novice Freebie NPC from whom you can Claim your Free Items. 2)Open your backpack and search your inventory for "Novice Package" double-click on it to open, You will be rewarded with different types of equipment and items which are similar to Set of Madness and Go Set but just that they can be equipped by level 1 and lasts for a week. 3)The Angra which they provide isn't as efficient as that of the cash shop due to lack of slots but they can be used for temporary leveling or farming, But not much reliable than its premium version, Premium version of Angra can be bought from cash shop for 1000premium points, Which is about 10euros of donation or can be farmed in game. 4)As leveling is exhausting you aren't alone anyways you will be given a pet which accompanies you at the start, You can evolve him later. 5)After you done equipping yourself, Head on to your nearest town use @commands to know the available commands in the game, Here I would move to Prontera cause its the main town. 6)Once approached you will see the place crowded by different NPCs, Some of them are also available in different towns as per your convenience. So what these NPCs do? NPCs are Non-playable characters they provide players with resources, support, and Various quests, So let find out how they work? 1)Healer(149,198)Can completely restore both of your Hp and Sp parameters. 2)Stylist(159,196) This Moose looking dude who doesn't have a good taste in style himself can help you out in customizing your character. 3)PvP Warper(158,196)If I were you I would better stay away from this guy until I achieve high-end gears, Or else your just gonna ruin your Kdr by some bullies and nothing else. 4)Warpa(162,198) She could instantly teleport you to towns or dungeons for a little fee or sometimes at no cost. 5)Job Changer(151,186) He is a pretty useful guy, He provides you with various job trees you can choose from. 7)As you have learned enough of these NPCs, Choose Warpa then select dungeons>Anthell>Anthell level 1, Once your there kill Ant eggs until your job level 10, Put up all your basic skills or else job changer won't let you change your job. 8)Once you are done changing your job, Click on Warpa again and select Dungeons >Moscovia Forest>Les Forest.Here remember to turn on your autolooting by typing @autoloot 1-100 based on the difficulty of obtaining that item for example @autoloot 50 can loot all items which comes within the range of 50%,Here you can kill Goblins,poporings, Les, mantis for exp,Les are easier to kill and less offensive compared to goblins which could heal themself,Mantis is offensive and they only appear when you go depth into the forest,Poporings could poison you but since your provided with strong set of equipment it shouldn't worry you,You could level here until your level 75. 9)Sell loots to item dealer at your nearest town which would be helpful for further leveling,Then choose Warpa>Dungeons>Thanatos Tower>Thanatos Tower 7 here you can level up until your base level 99 and rebirth yourself or Head on to bio lab Basement for further leveling if you have enough hit(400+ Hit is recommended) applicable for expanded jobs. 10)Once your Base level is 99 you can rebirth and follow the same cycle until you reach the end of your class tree,After the implementation of Gramps leveling after rebirth, Has just become harder here is were your Battle Manuals come handy, Once your level 103 in either of the path Gramps can assist you in leveling your character.I would recommend going with Gramps as it is quicker and easier compared to the grinding at Bio lab basement(I wouldn't say it is a bad place to level up, Used to be a place where everyone used to level before Gramps came in, Killing monsters over here not only helps you in leveling but also provides you Amistr eyes which is useful in making Drooping Amistr Hat,So either way nothing is waste of your time and effort, For more info on Drooping Amistr click the link given below ) https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest Gramps can be found at @go 39 inside Eden, He won't provide you any experience if you are already maxed.Before he might provide you with the quest he might ask you some security questions which is very simple all you need to do is be ethical, But if you don't wanna waste your time thinking I have already provided answers for you below. Gramps Questionaire Walkthrough: 1)Does the GM team.recruit players to be GMs? A)No. 2)Will the GM team ask you for the password? A)No. 3)Will the GM team demand cash from you, in the game or via instant messengers or social media? A)No. 4)Should you install a Teamviewer because a GM asks you to? A)No. 5)Can a GM team member be invisible in a chat room? A)No. 6)Can you ask to see the GM sprite in order to verify a GM's'identity? A)Yes. Now that you have answered all the questions correctly he will provide you with the quest. Level Ranges:- Level 103 to 153 Level 154 to 204 Level 205 to 255 The area that you choose is specific to your level, For example, you can't choose 154-204 area if your in the range of 103-153, Once you choose to enter any of the following area gramps will ask you to select the monster which you want to kill 400times or all of it, You can either do this alone or with party but bringing a party is highly recommended and kills count, Don't try searching for these mobs in local maps as they are only accessible by gramps,Once you are done he will award you will massive amount of exp and you can get a new quest in every 4hours,You can do this until your character is maxed. Homunculus Leveling: Make sure that you have an embryo in your Inventory, You can farm it from Vanilmirth from Biolab Basement. Spam call Homunculus until you can get one with the best stats,You will also have a free chance to reset Homunculus at morroc via Homunculus Resetter, But Later the only way to reset it is through Homunculus Reset Potion via Speciality goods Npc from Sealed Shrine which costs about 50mill Zeny. Homunculus Reset Potion is just a chance if your Lucky stats increases or if your luck doesn't favor you then your stats will drastically decrease. Use the following items to give a Kickstart to your Homunculus by Boosting its stats Go to Anthell level 1 and kill Anteggs until your Homunculus is level 30. Then Go to Moscovia Forest>Les Forest kill Les until your level 60. Warp to Sphinx 4 and kill Anubis each Anubis is considered as 1level up and at the certain level it keeps getting 3-4kills per level do it until your homunculus is level 140 At level 140 things get easier than you think if you have the above equips,Here equip your Creator with Deviling+Alice card so you can Soak up damage from Biolab monsters while your Homunculus attacks it from level 140-150 make let your Homunculus hit the monsters till their Hp is 90% then Ad them,Cata Monsters have high vit due to which you can do some great damage,From 150-170 you can tank for your Homunculus until it makes the monster Hp about 50% then kill it,The more the Homunculus hits the more exp it gets, At level 170-255 you can tank for your Homunculus supporting it with Slim Potion Pitcher until it completely takes down a monster itself, Make sure you lure your target monster to a corner or a place where there is no other Biolab Monsters, If you see one just ad them. There are 2 Variations you can find in bio lab monsters one is its evolved form and other is its baby form make sure you only pick on a baby form if your low level, But both gives the same amount of exp. Last but not least don't waste your time searching for a 100%working homunculus ai on the internet, Most of them are Archived or Outdated you could just download genuine Homunculus Ai from here. AI_AGGRO.zip Homunculus Evolution: You can evolve your Homunculus once it's Loyal or its intimacy is over 910. With Shoulder Chicky(2016) you have 10%chance of gaining double intimacy when feeding homunculus. Feed your homunculus 2times at Hunger level 14 and 1time at Hunger level 24 to get a full intimacy point. Homunculus Care Guide costs about 15 Vote points and increases your Homunculus intimacy by 10. Don't afk with your Homunculus if it hunger goes down it might leave you. Once your Homunculus is loyal you can use a sage of stone to evolve it.
  14. Should have been like that during the black Friday sale>.>
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