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  1. Impossible for snipers to farm here cause you need AoE damage,Yes very soon I will post alternatives once my guide is completed and thank you😊
  2. Change your graphic device the white screen once happened to me,I did that and it worked.
  3. Welcome to RevivalRO,If need any help feel free to ask or pm me.
  4. Yes its worth it get one for 35c during bf sales.
  5. my good sir instead of buying bubblegum box buy this http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Diamond_Heart_(Loki) you can farm tons of it in cata.
  6. How about 1 voucher for 1000hoa points or different pieces of voucher given to different mobs and they drop it rarely collect them all combine them and make a voucher then make costume out of it?
  7. Can survive but need tons of consumables and huge party cause the more damage you do more you get healed from drooping amistr.
  8. yes i got a couple too it has something to do with the rank 1 VVSH sword they say.
  9. Are all these items discounted or sold for their regular prices?
  10. You calling me poor bro?I got money to buy them,also i can farm them like this if i want.
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