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  3. Jon Snow

    Dyna Default Stat

    We all know Upper Dyna has +30 stat as default. Can you add the +30% damage to all races except demi-human too? It is 50c for a reason. Thanks.
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  5. KittyBoy

    Pet Evolutions Problems

    Hello, We sort of halted working on pet evolution, the code is too buggy and we have other priorities, we expect it however to behave correctly when we finish our code revamp.
  6. KittyBoy

    Reducing the price of Premium Races

    I would look into it for sure
  7. KittyBoy

    [Feedback] WoE update draft

    Greetings RevivalRO Adventurers, As promised, we will have a big update on WoE. This is to improve the overall gameplay and appeal. Since WoE is critical and pretty much is the most important system in RO, we will first publish drafts and take players feedback. Afterwards, we will apply those changes to Zeus and plan for few practices on WoE and so on until we feel it’s ready to be deployed in Loki. So remember, it’s just a draft. It’s not a final content and it will be heavily tested by players before being deployed to Loki. So let’s have a little overview of how this would work We first publish a draft Take players feedback Publish a Semi-Final draft Start testing in Zeus as soon as the implementation is finished (The test includes a test WoE with the current and new guilds in loki) Take players feedback Publish a final draft and announce the expected date to release on Loki Okay, so this is how it will work. The main purpose of those many steps and perhaps the slow release is to ensure we don’t mess with a critical system like WoE. We don’t want to deploy an unappealing system and end up fixing on the fly or simply remove it and trash it. So, let’s get an idea of those changes. Introduction We will first discuss the purpose of this update. It is meant to improve WoE, Specifically WoE:FE. WoE:FE has been more of a hit-&-run battles and non-rewarding for most. Not only that, it also doesn’t help new guilds gear up or improve in any means. So basically, this is what this update aims to fix - making WoE:FE more rewarding, more challenging, and help new guilds to cope with the older guilds and have a chance in the field. So what are we improving? Here are the main points we’re improving. A more detailed elaboration on each point will presented later in the draft! Keep reading to know more about this. WoE:FE God Items WoE:FE Performance system & Rewards WoE:FE Castle Rotation & Legit Castles WoE:FE Defending and Attacking mechanism Guild Packages God Items God Items are currently being sold in the cash shop as premium items. Aside from that, those God Items are no longer considered as superior considering Loki gameplay. So for that, we’re going to release a new set of modified God Items and change the creation process. This will make God Items much more appealing and make the process actually possible and fair. The following is an overview on all the changes: Changes on the creation process First, we will lower the required quest completion to 50 players per seal to release a God Item. It means that you need 25 player to finish the seal to open the next one and a total of 50 to release it totally. You would be able to reset the mission and redo it again using reset stones. 2 reset stones are required for each mission reset. The creation items would be distributed between Donor and Legit castles. The minimum required level for each seal quest would be changed as the following Sleipnir’s Seal: 110 Megingjard’s Seal: 100 Brisingamen’s Seal: 110 Mjolnir’s Seal: 110 The following table shows each city castles drops which god item creation items Changes on the God Items WoE Rewards To make WoE rewarding even further, we’re implementing a performance points system. It’s a simple measure system where 10 is Excellent and 0 is… are you even playing it right? First, let’s see how it’s calculated And for your character and guild to be qualified for the WoE Performance report, the following requirements have to be met: The player has to spend at least 30 minutes inside active WoE Castle The player's individual score should not be under the average score of the guild The guild has to break at least 2 castles The guild should have 10 qualified players to have a WoE performance report Now for Points Redemption and Rewards: The points are automatically given after each WoE Session. The points is the final score in WoE Performance. The results with fractions would be rounded down if less than 7 points, and rounded up if more than or equal to 7 points. And then (Rounded Points * 10) = WoE Performance Reward Points So what can you buy with those points? A new exclusive items/sets for WoE/PvP which can be only used in those zones! Here’s a list of the possible items that can be purchased using WoE Performance Reward Points * Kindly note all potions are with 1 second delay upon usage. * The Pricing scheme has yet to be decided and would be decided before releasing the final draft. * The WoE White/Blue Potions can be created from items dropped at Hall of Abyss dungeons. More information on this would be released with the final draft * WoE Robe set would be wearable by Soul Linkers and Ninja * WoE Suit set would be wearable by Gunslinger and Taekwon class Castles Rotation & Legit WoE At first, I would love to welcome legit WoE back. We will be setting half of the castles as Legit Castles, and the other half as Donor-allowed castles the following is the list: How rotation works First, instead of having 4 castles each on WoE session, we will increase it to 5 castles on each WoE. This will make the whole process easier. We will rotate the castles every 2 weeks and you would have access to HoA and your Castles Dungeons until the last minute before the WoE Session rotation. The following schedule shows the available castles during rotation weeks. We will also have a web page dedicated to show the current and coming castles for players' convenience. Week 1 and Week 2 Morning WoE Evening WoE Week 3 and Week 4 Morning WoE Evening WoE Defending and attacking mechanisms update We will spice up WoE:FE a bit. We’re going to make WoE more of a defensive battle where you have to defend your castles for the sake of God Item creations, otherwise you would have low investment and therefore a very long long journey to create your God Items. Changes on Emperium To make Emperium harder to break and give guilds a chance to actually defend it, we’re going to do the following changes: 1- Each region emblem would have its own element, making the need for more flexible Emperium breakers 2- Emperium HP & Healing process would change The current Emperium HP is 10m and can be broken in few seconds. We would increase the Emperium HP to 100m and that should make the Emperium average breaking time to be around 50 seconds which should be a fair enough time to defend against attacks. Aside from that Healing Emperium is currently impossible with its 10m HP. Rising it to 100m only increases the issue, and with our main goal to make WoE a more of defensive gameplay, we believe that best practice is to make the Emperium auto heals itself. When the Emperium is left without being attacked for 60 seconds, the Emperium would heal itself 0.5% of its Maximum HP every 1 second, making it require a total of 260 seconds to fully heal since last failed attempt to break it. That’s roughly about 4 1/3 minutes. Defense Walls As an Improvement to WoE:FE we will add defensive walls, as of now not all walls has been planned and this topic would be updated as soon as possible to put more information about placements, however until then there’s some information of how those walls shall work. The walls would not be bypass-able by FSK or any skills The walls are plant type, and can only receive 1 damage per hit The wall total HP would be 15,000 Point Unlike WoE:SE, the walls would be repairable once every 10 minutes after it’s being broken Every castle would have 3 defensive walls Castle flags would be adjusted to make it possible to warp behind existent walls Castles would be adjusted with extra flags/warps to make it more convenient with the new walls system Guild Packages The guild packages are going to be provided to encourage new guild to join RevivalRO. The guild packages would be available starting from 15th of July 2018 . Old and new guilds can apply for it. Requirements 10 unique players are required including the Guild Leader. All members should be on maximum base level and job level and they all have to be online during the validation process. How to request The Guild Leader should open a request in web Helpdesk asking for the Guild Packages. In the request, the Guild Leader should include at least 2 different dates which all the 10 unique members can be online together. A GM would pick the time that fits them best to grant the Guild Packages. The Package Each member is supposed to pick the package that he believe suits him best. The Melee Package 1 30 Stat Lucky Box 1 Melee PvP Lucky box 1 Mid Lucky Box 1 Lower Lucky Box 2 Limited SRT Boxes 30 Days Rental Angra/Ahura 30 Days Rental Megingjard (Premium Version) 1 Siege Equipment ** The Ranged Package 1 30 Stat Lucky Box 1 Ranged PvP Lucky box 1 Mid Lucky Box 1 Lower Lucky Box 2 Limited SRT Boxes 30 Days Rental Angra/Ahura 30 Days Rental Brisingmen (Premium Version) 1 Siege Equipment ** 10 Siege Arrows Quivers ** The Magic Package 1 30 Stat Lucky Box 1 Magic PvP Lucky box 1 Mid Lucky Box 1 Lower Lucky Box 2 Limited SRT Boxes 30 Days Rental Angra/Ahura 30 Days Rental Brisigmen (Premium Version) 2 Siege Equipment ** To all Players 10 Hat Roulette tickets (For costumes) 10 Auto trade coupons 2 Gym pass To guild leader* 200 WoE White/Blue Potions Box ** 100 WoE Arrow A Quiver ** 75 WoE Arrow S Quiver ** * All items will be account bound except for Guild Leader items ** Those items won’t be available until the WoE update. The guilds that applied for the package before the update will get their share of those upon the update release. We're looking forward for your feedback RevivalRO Management
  8. Can the price of Premium Races be reduced from 50c to 25c, either permanently or for a short period of time? This would enable more people to purchase races, and the server would look more colorful ❤️
  9. Tomson

    RevivalRO Installation Guide

    Providing us with a screenshot of your problem can explain us better.
  10. Vermina

    Pet Evolutions Problems

    Hi Everynian, 😸 Im very into pet evolutions here, and i found some errors. It not only happen to me so I decided to create topic here and share my issues. No matter which one pet i trying to evolve, always i getting communicate like "Pet cannot be hatched", better thing, I found some pets which are impossible to evolve because materials doesn't exist. Items necessary to evolution doesn't compare with items on Kitty's shared list. I found already 2 pets which evolution is impossible, its Bongun (he need to evolve Yao Jun Hat and this item doesn't exist on this server) and Petite (he needs to evolve Petite's Tail and this item is not dropped by any mob and doesn't exist on our server too). I haven't checked all "possible" to evolve pet but Im on my way to do it, I wish rest pets lists has existing items and I will be able to evolve them after fixing bug with "Pet cannot be hatched" 🤗
  11. Guest

    RevivalRO Installation Guide

    How to fix, i start the game it force close. sad
  12. Guest

    RevivalRO Installation Guide

    How to fix, i start the game it force close. sad
  13. Hirudosanguine

    Item for sinX

    depends.. what do you want to do? wreck emperium. one shot noobs woth sonic bow player vs mvp farm cards/zeny?
  14. First job and baby sprites are still usable in woe, and should be disabled. As its pretty clear they cause confusion and give an unfair advantage to the person using such a sprite. And 3rd job alternate clothes of some of the jobs like gunslinger, champion, etc are bugged. They only have a single color pallet and when switched to other color, the clothes become black. Please fix this also. Edit: Please disable novice sprite as well in woe.
  15. Guest

    RevivalRO Installation Guide

    i cant update ...failed to get 2018-05-12 data.gpf
  16. Earlier
  17. Hi, Yes RebirthRO is now RevivalRO Please read the forums what happend but RebirthRO is no more!
  18. everytime i download the rebirthRO. it automatically download the Revival. how i play with my friends if i cant download it
  19. ohmygaad26


    traded my dyna-event hat on the NPC and it just took the hat with-out returning anything.. help
  20. KittyBoy

    [Hot Patch] 2018-07-01 Playstation Contest

    It's one entry per account, and you get entry for each prize your collected cards amount is eligible for. that means for example if you collect all 6 cards, your name will be in the draw for all the 3 prizes, not just the PS4, so if you did not win one you have the chance to roll for another.
  21. xyrana

    [Hot Patch] 2018-07-01 Playstation Contest

    Question, Is it one entry per account per prize, or an entry for each time you turn in playstation cards 1, 2 & 3 (ie for the donor set)? Since you can turn in cards multiple times as you accumulate more of them, i'm just wondering if it counts as an entry each time.
  22. Jon Snow

    Aesthetic Bug on SinX

    I have Guillotine Cross costume, but every time I use the "Hiding" skill (not cloaking), my sprite becomes the default 3rd job.
  23. Jon Snow

    "Notorious" Title Not Working

    Even upon completion of Notoriety Quest, and the achievement being crossed out o the list. I still cannot equip the "Notorious" title.
  24. Herbal

    Item for sinX

    +10 scarlet nail [4]
  25. Herbal

    Sniper build questions

    For general use, TG is good. 2tg 2ak for boss Vr 2ak tg for dispell boss 2tg 2skele archer for mobs 2GMC 2TG for pvp
  26. Depends. Are you going for max stat ticket? If so, wakwak on reset girl robes. Here, this is my old build. With this build youll be able to do the most damg you can get for crit sniper. Let me know if any "new gear" might improve it. I could solo cedi, so i doubt you need more damg than this anyways. Max stat ticket cedi sniper: Name: Fennik Hyzo/candycane/coolcap/amistr(im forgetting that one candycane hat name that was super OP) LRW[LKC] V day blush/green bag/wing scarf/orange tie/RED TIE RED TIE +10 luca's fire armor [+10 DEX] [Gloom] +10 spectral bow [2TG/2AK] +10 GB[Ak/VR] +9 Heroic Backpack [wakwak] +9 Fay boots [OKC] Reco ring (+3 DEX/Random5)[ifrit] Reco ring (+3 DEX/Random5)[ifrit]
  27. Let me just post my sniper build, which was one of my cheaper builds and youll know why i never had to "renew my gear." Max stat ticket cedi sniper: Name: Fennik Hyzo/candycane/coolcap/amistr(im forgetting that one candycane hat name that was super OP) LRW[LKC] V day blush/green bag/wing scarf/orange tie +10 luca's fire armor [+10 DEX] [Gloom] +10 spectral bow [2TG/2AK] +10 GB[Ak/VR] +9 Heroic Backpack [wakwak] +9 Fay boots [OKC] Reco ring (+3 DEX/Random5)[ifrit] Reco ring (+3 DEX/Random5)[ifrit] Dont tell me i would have had to renew my gear. Thats super offensive, and this isnt even close to my pvp and woe builds as far as total cost. I did the damg of 4 well geared snipers on my own. Lets look at my SinX breaker "Mr.Blackbird" Upper doner[4x dark peng] Mid:(speed doner)Flower aura[2x gemini/orc hero/evil snake lord] Mid doner: [LKC/ESL/Orc hero/dark peng] for zerk switch Red tie [dark peng] +10 reset girl robes [gloom] +9 scarlet nail [2ak orc combo] +10 SVS [hypa,jess,orc skeleton] +9 heroic backpack [akunaki] +9 fay boots [OKC] 2x megingjard [there is more situational gear for pvp but id rather not think about 4x SKC 4x Whitesmith but none the less.] Lets take a look at my tank builds; Ya know what, lets not even go there, i already wrote a ton about tanking for the old fourms. Because, you know what i did in RRO? I helped people through quests and made builds. Thats all that was left for me, i work too much to play games anymore.
  28. Syphon

    Android user

    Yes, This happen because the guy who created the application his server was down! Its fixed!
  29. Guest

    Android user

    Mine says failed to connect to the master server. Been like that for 6 hours now
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