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  1. Yesterday
  2. I swear your name reminded me of pingu, so this is my piece of ugly art, well at least this is the idea and I kind of feel the mr smiley is ur identity so i just keep that and NOOOOT NOOTTT IGN: Big Ass Farmer
  3. Prod

    Not An Art Event

    Need 10c Badly ^^ IGN: prod
  4. Mh weird, never encountered any cart problems on pc. Maybe it's just a visual bug?
  5. Sanada


    I think donation right now is 57-58php per coin if you use paypal
  6. hmm... I'm playing the PC version though, I setup the private server myself. Il try and see if I'm able to find anything on github.
  7. Last week
  8. Sounds like something only on android could happen. haha On pc I never encountered that. Might suggest post it on gitlab so gm can investigate.
  9. Hi guys, have anyone of you encounter this problem where after your character rented a pushcart and your cart will go missing after you logout from your character? All items in the cart is still available after a re-rent a new cart.
  10. Hello!, Well...after a lot of failures I finally make it start, choose server and put my username and password, but after I click on Sign in, the game closes :( PLEEEASEEE HEELP MEEE !
  11. dark jamilah

    help me

    you dont need to download the full file i guess
  12. Hello, Newbie here. I'm from Dreamer RO and Limit RO. Would like to try new server and meet new friends! ❤️
  13. Not

    Not An Art Event

    Hello everyone! To commemorate my first few days as an official GM, I will be hosting an art event. As you can see, my default profile picture is... Well, as it is. So I need a new DP to motivate me through all the Helpdesk tickets and players requests. Details of the event are as follows; Date: 25th February 2020 to 3rd March 2020 11:59PM Server time (1 week duration) Sprite references: Prizes list: First Place: 10c + Costume: Bucket Hat + Costume: Mr. Smile Second Place: 10 EP + Costume: Bucket Hat + Costume: Mr. Smile Third Place: 5 EP + Costume: Bucket Hat + Costume: Mr. Smile All participants will get 50 pancakes each. Extra Prize: Most voted by community will also receive 5 EP and extra 50 pancakes. Voting will be done within 24 hours after the art event submission closed. P/S: No prize nor pancakes for voters. Come and join the event to get them! How to: 1. Be as creative as you can be but it MUST be an ORIGINAL artwork of yours. Stickmans are welcomed! But it needs to be an impressive stickman to be able to win the prizes. 2. No NSFW artworks allowed! 3. Include your IGN in your post so we can easily contact and send the prizes to all participants. 4. Post your arts under this topic. Arts posted elsewhere will not be counted. 5. Each person is only allowed to submit ONE art. DISCLAIMER: Any submitted artwork in this thread will possibly be used for my own use, proper credit will be given other wise. If you do not wish your artwork to be potentially used then do not submit it.
  14. Not

    Hello! I'm Not...

    Thank you @Syphon and @Prod! And sure why Not? *coughs a floating rate on the server*
  15. Prod

    Hello! I'm Not...

    Woah! new GM, welcome to RevivalRO ❤️ cough~cough~coughfloatinrate ❤️❤️❤️
  16. We got the command @noks to protect your monsters from being stolen. Which tho require you to hit the mob first. So, if you too "slow" not much can been done actually. However, Mvps are mostly out of this rule, they on a 'first come first serve kinda rule. For more details you can also check the Wiki rule page.
  17. Hi I am new in this game. my question is.is it normal to be stealing others monsters?. Today i was playing. i was trying to kill a monster and a player named (venta6) killed my monster i ask him to stop but he or she kept stealing my mob. Thanks if someone answer this.
  18. gcq

    Valentine's Event 2020

    For the people that need guidance in the event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Valentine's_Event_2020
  19. hewodgrind

    help me

    I've downloaded the game data 4 times for mobile, when it's almost 1GB, starting all over again. even though there is still a lot of memory. Are there other methods of downloading game data?
  20. Earlier
  21. Hello everyone! I'm Not, a newly hired GM. You will start seeing me in game soon. Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any issues. You can PM me both in game and in Discord and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. See you all soon!
  22. The quest doesn't work on android, you need use pc for the reward.
  23. It is just me? whenever i do gramps quest the kill count for the quest momon is always at 0/0 it never up btw im andoid user
  24. the gramps quest is bug the number momon to kill is 0/0 no matter how many quest momon i kill it still keep at 0/0
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