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  2. Impossible for snipers to farm here cause you need AoE damage,Yes very soon I will post alternatives once my guide is completed and thank you😊
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  4. Just curious, I didn't see any setting for it in the options area for Android so just wanted to ask on here if there were any options for it or if I'll have to find an app to force it so I can still listen to music
  5. Well I seem to have figured out what happened, somehow when I downloaded the client it reverted to an older mirror so when it updated everything didn't match up correctly so it was kicking me. Redownloaded it last night and just tried it, was online for a good 10-15 minutes in between working without crashing. Will update if any more crashes happen, thank you for the reply!
  6. Can Snipers farm here too? Also can you post alternatives to some of the gears you showed us, coz I feel like some of them are a little too hard to get hahaha Great guide tho, really detailed! I especially like that you included the monster's stats, that way I know what arrow to use!
  7. I'll try this one out! Thanks for this!
  8. Hi, Yes we are aware that there couple errors in phone app we are working on them. Please report them on bug report so we can fix them faster! Install game on pc its much better!
  9. Hello I just finished installing and registering, logged in and everything was going well, wanted to check the setting out and a few seconds later it crashed with no errors just a force close. Tried relaunching a couple times and talk to the npc to start up and the same thing happens. Anything I should try to fix this? Playing on a Razer phone 2 if that makes much difference
  10. Monsters Grace OMalley - Undead Property, use Holy Peter Easton - Ghost Property, use Ghost George Booth - Ghost Property, use Ghost John Bowen - Ghost Property, use Ghost Thomas Anstis - Undead Property, use Holy Enrique Brower - Undead Property, use Holy Alvilda - Holy Property, use Shadow Henry Morgan (MVP) - Undead Property, use Holy Gloom will work to most of mobs here. And Use Dropping Amistr for draining HP. Not sure if they are considered as Boss. They might be considered as boss as they are customize monster, you need to test it for your self XD
  11. Neyoke

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    Any idea as to what elements they are? Will Gloom work against them? What arrows should I use? Hizo or Drooping Amistr? Are they considered as boss monsters(so I'll use AK Card)
  12. Ok, if the max stat gets discounted next week I'll buy it. Thanks!
  13. Wana ask about doram class how can i get the advance skill?
  14. Last week
  15. I would say, a bit off topic to the thread, but you guys should for now ditch "totally" new content and rather focus on revamps/updates in old systems. New shit is nice, yes but it doesn't matter if everything else falls apart slowly.
  16. No. but the npc can lend you VIP angra for 10mins if you have Angra in your inventory.
  17. Team work, good personality, easy to talk to and help each other.
  18. As a staff member, i must say...a LOT of things needs an update or a revamp. I will add this thread of suggestions to our lists of the never ending to do list 🤣
  19. Change your graphic device the white screen once happened to me,I did that and it worked.
  20. Neyoke

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    Does Ahura work here???
  21. Anyone wanna join can pm me in game "FuiJin1998" Thanks, see you guys soon.
  22. hi can i join? im about 1month old in this server
  23. Go to Setup try changes sometimes no sound option works ! I think some driver issues?
  24. Nice. Let's see if you can pull more members. I'd be happy to join. Sadly, I switch with different characters so can't be online with a single one for long. EDIT: this means I'm not sure which character of mine should join the guild. And also for what purpose 😛
  25. Hello, now I only have 1 person with me. Because I just started it in the morning.
  26. Hi Team, Please help me with this, i can't able to open the game i am getting error. i am using Windows 7, 64 bits. i3 intel. Please find the attached Screenshot.
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