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  2. v458 (2023-09-29) - Fixed app auto-close v457 (2023-09-28) - Fixed zoom not being saved after teleport - Fixed RODEX window exceeding screen height in landscape orientation for some devices v456 (2023-09-23) - Multiple itemInfo support v455, v454, v453 - Stability improvements v452 (2023-08-20) - Smooth camera movement - Support changing camera vertical angle using two fingers swipe motion - Improved frustum culling: no more black squares at distance - Fade in / fade out effect when warping / logging in / out - Fixed crash when selecting character and map-server is not available and support for choosing available map - Improved status window UI - Support for /zoom command - Support for /str+ /agi+ /vit+ /int+ /dex+ /luk+ commands v451 (2023-08-04) - CAPTCHA client checking support (optional feature) - Fixed not being able to see NPCs when joined guild on some servers - Hotkeys are now saved instantly when added/moved - Fixed barter window not having buttons at the bottom in landscape mode on small screens v450 (2023-07-27) - Enchant Grade UI support (optional feature) - Slot Enchant UI support (optional feature) - RSM2 models support - More verbose hotkey menu title v449 (2023-07-14) - Fixed crash when quickly pressing create button in char creation screen - Fixed pvp score packet should be ignored if pvp is off (fixes pvp cell mod on Vision server displaying sword icon on allies) v448 (2023-07-09) - Fixed crash when opening buying store - Minor clean-up on buying store interface v447 (2023-07-07) - Fixed crash when opening chat room from v446 - Fixed not being able to insert card into slot - Fixed custom status change icons not being displayed - Fixed infinite status change timers being displayed as finite - Fixed inventory taking focus back after opening a subview - Fixed chat commands not being available from UI hotkeys - Minor clean-ups on chat room UI, status change UI and insert card UI v446 (2023-07-06) - Implemented new guild packets support (will fix problems after creating/joining a guild or logging in with a guilded character for PACKETVER >= 20200902; could also fix some guild-related problems for packet versions 20161214 and higher with latest versions of rAthena) - Implemented guild member menu (change position / kick / change gm / 1:1 chat / send mail) v445 (2023-07-05) - Laphine UI support - Fixed disconnected from server message and showing login-screen after creating new character (v444 only) v444 (2023-07-04) - Fixed hang if no map-servers available - Fixed hang after cancelling to server selection window and re-selecting server - Fixed a rare crash when quickly selecting server before all server have been pinged v443 (2023-06-24) - Added setting to keep device screen on during gameplay to prevent disconnection - Device screen is now always on during client download to prevent disconnection - Fixed right click menu on double click setting not being loaded - Fixed crash when adding items to rodex - Fixed rodex write window not shifting items when item has been removed - Fixed windows overlapping problems - Improved chat window design - Removed cash shop button from the top-right, cash shop is now only in the top-left menu - Fixed cart re-appearing after being removed on certain servers - Fixed remove cart / animal and cart items buttons in equipment window not being updated automatically - Fixed cutin blocking player movement, fixed cutin always being in the same position - Cutin is no more automatically closed when the script ends - Fixed items visually staying in inventory after being sold to buying store - Fixed teleport message notification not being displayed v442 (2023-06-18) - Fixed crash when trying to uncompress invalid emblem instead of displaying white square like in PC v441 (2023-06-11) - Implemented RSW version 2.6 support (will fix new maps not loading in new packet versions) - Implemented 0xb79 extended barter packet support (will fix extended barter window not opening in new packet versions) - Fixed sense window crash for some mobs v440 (2023-06-05) - Fixed v439 startup crash v439 (2023-06-05) [bugged] - Fixed app name showing as package name v438 (2023-06-04) - Fixed crash when adding shortcut in v437 - Fixed @storeall crash - Fixed NPC cutin could interfere when tapping NPC dialog v437 (2023-06-03) - Change cart / cart decoration support - Fixed hotkeys losing other orientation position when changing maps - Fixed hotkey position validating to out of the screen when changing maps v436 (2023-05-30) - Fixed crash (grflib error 14) when patching to empty GRF - Fixed random SSL protocol exceptions when downloading many files via HTTPS - Fixed right click menu didn't always show invite to party when needed - Fixed view other pc equip not working in some new clients (0xb37 packet) v435 (2023-05-24) - Fixed RODEX not being able to send mail on certain servers - Now scaling RODEX windows to fit screen if they are overflowing - Fixed crash when getting attachment from RODEX mail - Small update to overhead text style (smaller text, added shadow) - Fixed incorrect deletion dates for Hercules - Fixed some types of Token of Siegfried not working - Can now set separate positions for hotkeys in landscape/portrait screen orientations - More bugfixes on hotkeys size/position - Fixed party organization window being below other UI elements - Added option to enable/disable right click menu on double click on pc - Fixed null name in right click menu - Fixed crash on skill selection window packet if it contained skills that are not in skill tree - Fixed msgstringtable packet displaying wrong message - Fixed crash when displaying game menu window shortcut for menu item with msgid that is less than 3 characters length
  3. Hello Midgardians, It's OctoberFests Time!!! For this season, we have prepared 10.10 Sale and 3rd Quarter Sale for you all! You can visit the Sale Map by clicking the Quarterly NPC in Prontera. Premium Weapon Enhancer NPC can also be found inside the map (343, 56). The Sale will end on October 10, 2023 at 11:59 PM server time. Also, we have come up with new donation packages. Mechanics / Rules for Package Donation: The donation should be fixed and not cumulative. Example: You donated 20 Euros for 20c - You are entitled to get the Package A. But if you donated 10 Euros and then another 10 Euros. - Even though your total donation is 20 Euros, you won't be able to get the Package A bonus. The PP Bonus and the Donor Boxes will automatically go to your account after donation. Other items in the packages will be sent thru Zotar. Keep a copy/screenshot of your donation receipt for reference. Package A- When donating 20c 20% PP Bonus 3 Gacha 1 Donor Box 1 Costumer Voucher Package B- When donating 50c 20% PP Bonus 5 Gacha 3 Donor Box 1 SRT Box 1 Costumer Voucher Package C- When donating 100c 20% PP Bonus 10 Gacha 5 Donor Box 1 Amber Pearl (10) 2 SRT Box 2 Costumer Voucher The Zeny Shop is also back and located inside the Sale Map (by clicking Quarterly NPC in Prontera). Check it out for what good deals it has on offer. We have added Buff Helms and Bloody Branch in the Shop. Thank you for your continued support and enjoy shopping! GM Team
  4. i change my hd to ssd and lost the updated ro folder i tried re-install from old setup i have during patch i got this error pls help thanks masterchief
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  6. Hello Midgardians! With the Raw Fishes supplied by the adventurers, the Doram's banquet could commence. But as the Doram and carnival goers indulged over sushi and catnip, a sinister red aura crept closer to Lasagna. Before anyone realised, it had enveloped the skies and the land. Then, the malevolent servants of the Pasta Lady befell upon the land, catching everyone by surprise! Most could flee amid the chaos but some did not manage to escape. Most notably some of the Carnival employees remained trapped in Lasagna. Adventurers, we must now regroup and mount an offensive to retake Lasagna. Tarunyan will be present at Prontera to recruit adventurers. Once you have agreed to join the resistance, you must wait every ODD HOUR + 42 MINUTES on Server Time for Tarunyan's announcement. To know more, please click the link below: === NEW GEARS & COSTUMES === CATNIP RING [0] - (Accessory) ATK +175 Chance to cast lv2 Provoke on self when attacking. Chance to confuse the enemy when physically attacked. If worn together with Sunflower Hairpin (ID: 5103) When using Earth, Wind & Ghost elements, increase damage by 50% Increase damage to Earth, Wind & Ghost elements by 50% NOTE: All effects does not stack with 2 Rings DORAM FIGHTER CLAWS [1] - (Accessory) ATK +100; Max HP+5% If worn with Wickebine's Black Cat Ears (ID: 5360) Increase damage to demi human by 40% NOTE: All effects does not stack with 2 rings FAT CAT'S SNUGGIE [0] - (Garment) Max HP +10% Resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Poison +10% Reduces movement speed by 15% If worn with Wickebine's Black Cat Ears (ID: 5360) Additional Max HP +5% Additional resistance to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Poison +5% Reduce damage received from physical attacks by 15% Reduce Neutral resistance by 10% Increase damage taken from Misc. attacks by 15% BLOODY ANGEL SCHOOL CAP [0] - Upper Increase Damage and Magic Damage against Boss Monsters by 50% Ignores 30% of the Boss Monster's DEF and MDEF Restores 5000 HP each time an enemy is killed by physical or magical attacks Restores 100 SP each time an enemy is killed by physical or magical attacks. Low chance to randomly obtain one of the following when killing Boss and Angel Race monsters: (Tiger Skin, Will of Red Darkness, Fire Dragon Scale, Valhalla's Flower, Mother's Nightmare, Ice Scale and Tantan Noodle) DEFENDER OF LASAGNA PINS - (Can be equipped on Headgears) ALTRUISTIC BRAVERY CHIVALRY DEVOTION EXULT Costume: Cat Footprints (Bounded) - Lower Costume: Cat Coffee Cup - Upper Costume: White Moon Cat - Upper Costume: Peco Peco Balloon Hat - Upper Costume: Blue Cat Ear - Upper Costume: Maned Skelion - Upper & Lower Costume: Cyan Gangster Scarf - Lower Costume: Strawberry Bucket Hat - Upper Costume: Winged Luigi Hat - Upper Costume: Balloon Wings - Garment Enjoy the event and may you get back Lasagna in the interest of all Dorams!!!
  7. Hello Dear Players, It had been a peaceful Carnival season without the threat of the Pasta Lady. With that, the Dorams decided to throw a banquet! But the Amatsu Sushi Master had taken a vacation, leaving the Dorams without a caterer. Catto de Martino in Prontera has once again showed up in Rune Midgard's major towns asking for players to help gather enough food for the banquet. Here's what you need to do : Talk to Catto de Martino close to the Warpra of major towns. Agree to help the Dorams by gathering Raw Fish Submit the Raw Fish to Catto de Martino. For your efforts you will be rewarded with: 10,000 Raw Fish gathered: Sushi Lover Title (Individual) 15,000 Raw Fish gathered: Costume: Furry Knapsack (Individual) 500,000 Raw Fish gathered: EXPoring Event (2 times) - (Serverwide) Costume: Furry Knapsack Enjoy! GM Staff
  8. Hello Midgardians, Maintenance has just concluded and we have added some updates and fixes: Sparkly Flakes's chance to proc Cold - fixed Super Star Spotlight - should now be tradable. Items that need to be made unsellable to NPC Infinite Magnifier Infinite Fly Wing Glorious Rings SRT Tickets Year 2 Loyalty Reward was added to RevivalRO Loyal Player NPC at Geffen Blue Eremes Scarf - should now drop EXP Scrolls and Level Up Coupons from monsters at Biolab3 Dungeon. Nydhoggnest Instance - now gives 10 Season Pass points. Cedi System - now gives 2 Season Pass points. WOE Shop Update - please click the link below: Thank you for your continued support. GM Team
  9. Hello everyone~! This year, we have made some updates for our WoE Shop and new exciting items are added into it. WOE White Potion - cooldown reduced to 1 second, new price is 10 WoE Coins WOE Blue Potion - cooldown reduced to 1 second, new price is 10 WoE Coins WOE Arrow Quiver - now gives 500 arrows and new price is 10 WoE Coins WOE Bullet Cartridge - now gives 500 bullets and new price is 10 WoE Coins Acid Bomb Box (100) - now cost 5 WoE Coins ll==NEW==NEW==NEW==ll KING'S LEGACY (Accesory [1])- 3000 WoE Point Coin Max HP +8.500 and Max SP +5% Increase resistance to Earth, Fire, Wind, Poison, Shadow, Ghost by 3% Decrease SP usage by 15% After Cast Delay -5% When used with WoE Robe + WoE Muffler + WoE Shoes : MATK +7% MATK +50 INT +10 When used with WoE Plate + WoE Manteau + WoE Greaves : Small chance to ignore Near and Long range attacks Max HP +8.500 HP Regeneration +10% When used with WoE Suit + WoE Manteau + WoE Boots : ATK +7% ATK +50 STR +10 DEVIL'S STINGER (Upper [3]) - 5000 WoE Point Coin All stats +15 Increase physical and magical damage to players by 25% Increase damage to Stone and Barricades by 10% Max HP +10% When used with WoE Robe+WoE Muffler+WoE Shoes / WoE Suit+WoE Manteau+WoE Boots : Additional physical and magical damage to players +10% After cast delay -10% Damage with all elements +5% THEMIS HEAD GUARD (Upper [3]) - 5000 WoE Point Coin Max HP +15% Increase resistance to demi-human by 5% Regenerate 1.500 HP per second. When used with WoE Plate+WoE Manteau+WoE Greaves : Healing received by Slim Potion and Heal skill +10% Resistance to all elements +10% Long. Near, and Misc resistance +10% ALL ITEMS CAN'T BE USED INSIDE LEGIT PVP/GVG AREAS *** NEW COSTUMES *** Costume: Dragon's Hair Helmet (Upper) Costume: Horn of Mahomet (Upper) Costume: Nomad's Sakkat (Upper) Costume: Wings of Gabriel (Garment) Regards, RevivalRO GM Team
  10. Hello Midgardians, As part of our recent maintenance, we have fixed the following: Updates & Fixes Classic MVP Arena is back and will now properly not give Revival Points. Seth Pet will now properly give 10% physical attack. Ice Crown Frigid mobs now drops Frigid cards. The carnival game, Guesser should now recognize your carnival coupons. Artist Hat is now bounded. Cash Shop has been updated. Also, 2 additional functional headgears have been added in carnival. Please check the link below for their effects. Kermit Hood Hiker Helmet Thank you for your continued support... GM Team
  11. Hello Dear Players, Sale 8.8 comes with three different Promo Packages. Each have different rewards based on the donations you make. Mechanics / Rules for Package Donation: The donation should be fixed and not cumulative. Example: You donated 20 Euros for 20c - You are entitled to get the Package A. But if you donated 10 Euros and then another 10 Euros. - Even though your total donation is 20 Euros, you won't be able to get the Package A bonus. The PP Bonus and the Donor Boxes will automatically go to your account after donation. Other items in the packages will be sent thru Zotar. Keep a copy/screenshot of your donation receipt for reference. Package A- When donating 20c 20% PP Bonus 3 Gacha 1 Donor Box 1 Touhou Box Package B- When donating 50c 20% PP Bonus 5 Gacha 3 Donor Box 1 Amber Pearl (10) Package C- When donating 100c 20% PP Bonus 10 Gacha 5 Donor Box 3 Amber Pearl (10) The Zeny Shop is also back and located next to our Weekly Sales NPC. Check it out for what good deals it has on offer. The Cash Shop has also been updated, with the most in demand premium headgears now available permanently. Check them out in the Cash Shop. Good luck, have fun! GM Team
  12. Hello Dear Players, To begin, we would like to express a huge Thank You to all the participants and their contributions. We are really happy with the turnout of 40 art pieces. Voting has now concluded. As mentioned in the original post, there are 9 categories in total. Player Vote Winners were determined on our Discord art corner where players casted their votes. In addition, the GM Staff voted separately on which art piece would be most suitable to be added as our official card image. You will see these in-game fairly soon. The results are tabulated below. Winners by Player Vote Winners by Staff Vote 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place All other participants Banner Art NeonStrings SugarFree —- —- SugarFree Puff Fujii Izumi NeonStrings IXIX Emondav SugarFree CrispyCreme NeonStrings Poof IXIX NeonStrings SugarFree Emondav CrispyCreme NeonStrings Hardened Anvil Fujii Izumi NeonStrings IXIX Viridian NeonStrings Apache Tear NeonStrings Armado Kanon TheKleppster —- —- —- Grand Marin Tyla SugarFree IXIX KirituKun2021 Moon Pearl Oreo Creo Oreo Creo Grand Poporing IXIX SugarFree Kang Wei Juinn Okuni —- SugarFree Grand Metaling SugarFree Pheylan Tazzzer Premium Emperor Kang Wei Juinn SugarFree Grand Ghostring NeonStrings KirituKun2021 SugarFree Moros Lharkien NeonStrings All prizes will be sent out 1-3 days via Zotar after this announcement and if players had already chosen their prize options. Thank You everyone once again for participating and voting in this event.
  13. Glad that the server is still pushing forward. I wish you all the best.
  14. To: RevivalRO Community What a journey it has been... To begin with, I would like to thank everyone who continuously support and exert so much effort to keep our beloved server alive and functional. To the staff who despite my absence have kept their spirit and tirelessly spend their valuable time to serve our community. I must say, the road was tough over the years. With so many challenges along the way, we have stood our ground and overcome them. However, it is this time that we need to evaluate, assess and find out what went wrong. Which aspect should we need to improve and focus on? What will be done to keep the excitement and the interest of the players and how do we see ourselves in the coming years? With this in mind, I've had a deep discussion with my team and we have decided that in the coming days and months, we will do a major reorganization in many aspects: PVM/PVP/Instances/Events/Gears and so on. This is not an easy task to do, it will take some time. That being said, our team will be focusing on fixing what's need to get fixed such as bugs. Update and reevaluate our existing Gears/items. Basically, our RevivalRO is a server with so many features and files that a single dev is not enough to handle huge task to fix bugs, make new contents and reorganize stuff from time to time. To maintain a server is not as easy as you think. There are so many things we need to consider and the cost involve is not cheap. Income doesn't not equate to the amount of all expenses incurred. Having said that, I would like to inform everyone that beginning this month and until the rest of year, our server will be undergoing reorganization and redevelopment and moving forward with a slower pace until such time that when things are going well, only then we can introduce new features. Hope for your endless understanding and cooperation as we continue to strive for a better gaming experience and community ahead. PS: Do keep in mind that the server will remain open. Thank you and have a nice day. Syphon Owner
  15. Dux

    Carnival Event 2023

    Hello Players, For this year's Carnival Event, we will do a re-run from Carnival Event 2022. Worry not! We already prepared something new for all of you. So, what are you waiting for? Let's roll~! Carnival Event 2022 ADDITIONAL GEARS: Kermit Hood Small chance to do 3x3 splash damage when using mellee and range normal attack. Small chance to max your attackspeed when using normal attack. LUK +10 FLEE +50 Critical damage +25% Increase damage taken from magical attacks by 10% Hiker's Helmet All stats +5 Misc ATK +20% Small chance to ignore melee and range critical damage. When equipped with Rainbow Confetti : (ID: 80068) Movement speed +5% Reduce SP consumption of all skills by 15% !!==NEW ON CARNIVAL 2023==!! Devilishly Handsome [0] Crit Rate +10 Hit Rate +5 Increase damage to Emperium by 5% Increase Undead, Holy, and Neutral damage by 20% When hitting Undead, Holy, and Neutral enemies, damage +50% Aramis Scarf [0] Max HP +5% Max SP +5% Increase Physical and Magical damage to all race by 5% Non-Boss and Boss resistance +3% Verdelite Earrings [1] (Account Bound) Max HP & SP +3% When used with Gold Snapback Cap, increase physical damage to demi-human, Brute, and Demon by 5% When used with Rose Eye Patch (Purple), increase magical damage to all race by 5% When used with Rose Eye Patch (White), increase healing power by 5% Supastar Spotlight [1] ATK & MATK +10% Immunity to Stun When used with Jirant Circlet (any color) : Increase magical and physical damage to all race by 10% When used with Shadow Tail : Gives Intravision NOTE: COSTUME VERSION OF THESE GEARS CAN BE FOUND IN SOME MINI GAMES: Costume: Devilish Handsome - Test Your Strength Costume: Aramis Scarf - Black Jack Costume: Hiker Helmet - Peco-Peco Racing Costume: Kermit Hood - Safe Cracker *** NEW COSTUMES *** Costume: Winged Mask (M) Costume: Ninetail Tail (Garment) Costume: Google Helm (Upper) Costume: Hiker Helmet (Upper) Costume: Kermit Hood BEST OF LUCK, HAVE FUN
  16. MCA Art Category Grandpa Grand Marin leading his Marin family through the snow Little Marin yells, "Don't leave me behind ><" IGN: Tyla
  17. MCA Art : Grand Ghostring 👻 Description : Grand Ghostring the bloody Reaper of Souls☠️ IGN: Lharkien
  18. MCA ART Grand Marin, Lord of the Seas!!! IGN: Oreo Creo
  19. MCA ART Subject: Grand Metaling Description: The only multipurpose Grand Metaling a man would ever need. IGN: Chanz Neusso
  20. Banner Art: Night at the Murderous Mystery Mine IGN: NeonStrings Discord: NeonStrings
  21. MCA ART "Grand Marin" short description: " A Pokémon themed Grand Marin. The Kyogre, a Legendary king of water, is doing a 'kawaii' rain dance " DISCORD NAME : KirituKun#2035 IGN: KirituKun2021
  22. MCA Art War Path Grand Metaling IGN: Josiah Kirk
  23. Category : Banner Card Art Title : Let it Snow(banner) IGN: SugarFree,McFlurry Discord: Lui
  24. MCA Art: Poof Card Description: Silly poof IGN: NeonStrings Discord: NeonStrings
  25. Category : MCA Card Art Title : Huff! Puff! Puff.. Puff.. Pass IGN: SugarFree,McFlurry Discord: Lui
  26. Category : MCA Card Art Title : Let it snow Grand Marin trying to turn Itty Bitty Poring City into snowfield. IGN: SugarFree,McFlurry Discord: Lui
  27. Category : MCA Card Art Title : Grin Where'd my weapon go? IGN: SugarFree,McFlurry Discord: Lui
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