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  2. Hello! Dead / Bloody Branch doesn't work anymore after some of the updates. Before that I can use them in Ein Dungeon, or in other places. Now the double clicks on the item has not effect. Do you know something about it? Thank you! Best regards dd
  3. We don't have a function like that as far as I know. You can try placing the item into F7th or F8th hotkey slot on the first hotkey bar. Then type /q2. This will allow you to use those hotkeys by scrolling your mouse instead. For some items such as Pancakes, there is an exchanger that converts 100 Pancakes into one Pancaline's Special stack which has the equivalent value to 100 pancakes.
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  5. Hello Midgardians, Time to go forward and advance to new challenges! I am appointed as official Junior GM. I hope to continue to help you all and make this server grow, making new content or adjusting the old ones. There is so much for us enjoy and being part of GM Team is really a blessing! I will be available in-game or Discord, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We are all a great family! Syvis
  6. Hello! Do you know about a function or a hotkey that use all (or specified number) of items? For example: I have 300 Red Plants and I don't want to click 300 times with the mouse to Eat Them All. Can I define a key for Use an object (to push it, and not click on the object)? Thank you for the info! Best regards dd
  7. Hello everyone, My trainee days had been fun and I really enjoyed it. I guess its now time to move on as an official junior GM. I really look forward to better your gaming experience here in Ragnarevival. I am excited for the new contents that would be released in the future and I hope all of you would be too. Let's continue on our journey to grow our server. Feel free to reach me through in-game or Discord if you have any questions. I will do my best to help you. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas as well, it can only enrich our community and I love listening to them. Heres to many great days ahead.🍻🍺 Eraestolf
  8. Hello Everyone, I am Poseidon, God of the Sea one of the recently appointed GMs. At last, I'm out after living in the (deepest ocean) Helpdesk. Finally I can formally introduce myself. I am the newly hired Game Master and I am ready to help as soon as possible. Don't hesitate to poke me in-game / through Discord ( Poseidon#1864 ). My Kraken won't bite you as long as you don't break rules. Sea you all in game.
  9. Lets Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2023! Saint Patrick is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland. He is credited with successfully spreading Christianity throughout Ireland and hence the Christian celebration of his life and name. St. Patrick’s Day is officially observed on March 17 each year, though celebrations may not be limited to this date. The significance of March 17 is that it’s said to be the date of St. Patrick’s death in the late 5th century (circa A.D. 493). Although the holiday originally started as a Christian feast day celebrating the life of St. Patrick and the spreading of Christianity to Ireland, today, it is a day of revelry and a celebration of all things Irish. Don’t forget to wear green! The Leprechaun and his treasure! For this year, we prepared a new Event for you to enjoy! O'Riley The Leprechaun: Prt_fild05 170 286 Talk with the O'Riley The Leprechaun and help him recover this treasure. You can find him in the map outside of Culvert Dungeon. He will explain why he needed to hide his treasure and how can you find it. Pay attention on his tips, otherwise you may not find it! TIP: He will need 200 Fireworks to open the Treasure Vault, just buy before go hunting. After delivering the treasure chest, you can hunt some snakes to collect Coins in maps of Prontera, Payon, Geffen, Morocc and Mjolnir. You can exchange with the O'Riley The Leprechaun for some wonderful rewards! Rewards : Vinho Verde Items Costume: Orange Tabby Cat You may also exchange your Gold Coins to the Gold Coin Collector NPC at Hugel 126 206. New Costumes from Gold Coin Collector NPC: Costume: Luck o' Popo Hat Costume: Nature's Wings To further celebrate St. Patrick Day, we have prepared a freebie which you can claim from Seasonal NPC at Mall (@go 16, upper left area). Costume: Nature's Sisters (To claim the freebie, you need to have an active VIP Subscription) Event will be extended until April 1, 2023 @ 11:59 Server time. Happy Event, Everyone! RevivalRO GM Team
  10. Greetings Dear Players! To celebrate this special day, we have prepared for you a Valentine's event re-run for you to enjoy~ Same mechanics apply. However, Tomson has a new Goodie Bag in store for us this year! Part I of event will last until February 28, 2023 @ 11:59 PM Server Time. New Costumes Middle Costume: Spring Day Garment Costume: Wedding Ribbon Goodie Bag Seasonal Reward In addition, we have also prepared a Valentine's Gift for everyone. It will be available for claim starting today February 14, until February 15, 11:59 PM @ Server Time. You may claim Heart Chocolate Bag Costume at Eden Mall by talking to Season Steward NPC. Garment Costume: Heart Chocolate Bag Note: This is a "limited edition" item and will not be available again in the future & you will need VIP status to claim. Stay tuned for the Part II of our event~ Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Friendly Regards, Your RevivalRO GM Team.
  11. Hello AkosRetes, Transcended class is as far as we have on this server. We are a custom server, and while we still have a lot of common info with RMS and IRO we have a lot of differences as well.
  12. Hello! I reached the maximum Job Level with a High Wizard. But I can't change to Warlock, or a higher class. The Job Master NPC says something like this: "You are at the end of your job." I checked the net, but I can't find the answer: 1.) Can I change my job to a higher (3rd) level (like Warlock) here? 2.) What can I do to change? I saw a video where they found a hidden point in Morroc and that starts the Warlock Quest. But their map contains a lake in the centre of Morroc, and not the brown hole. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX218c8L7ag And I didn't find that hidden point there. What would be the next step? As I see this RevivalRO version is not similar to others, so we find many-many differences between maps and other things (Ratemy / IRO / RO Mobile / etc.) Or there is no way to advance higher than transcendent second classes (High Wizard f. e.)? Thank you for the valuable help! Best regards AR/DD
  13. Happy Lunar New Year, Year of The Rabbit! Gong Xi Fa Cai! We Wish You a Prosperous and Healthy Year in 2023! The Lunar New Year is a major celebration not just in East Asia but worldwide. The marking of the Lunar New Year brings fireworks, parades, excitement, and hope for a fresh start! Lunar New Year marks the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac, which assigns different animals to years over a 12-year cycle. The Rabbit will bring Good Luck to you! For this year, we prepared some events for you to enjoy. Talk with the 3 NPCs in Payon 144, 320 and find the gifts they have for you! To Start This Event : Payon 144, 320 * Talk with Fortune God every day, to receive Chinese Coins and some gifts daily! Up to 3 days reward. Alt limitations rule apply here (Main + 4 Alts). Payon 150, 327 * With Fortune Boy, you can buy more Chinese Coins for 5 million zeny and try your luck at Slot Machine! There are exclusive prizes this year! Payon 145, 326 * Help Hei Bai collect Chinese Charm, which was stolen from cute bunnies on the Payon, Prontera, Geffen, and Veins fields. She also has a Shop with great items for you! Note: Rabbits does not have a fixed spawn rate, they will accumulate and stack in one map! Payon 139, 322 Rewards : You will receive personal and global rewards for hunting and delivering Chinese Charms Personal Rewards : * Kills 2K Bunnies: Title Reward "Year of the Rabbit" - Achievement * Submit 5K Chinese Charms : Costume : Fluffy Rabbit Cape (Upper) Global Accumulation Reward (Based on submitted Chinese Charm to Hei Bai) : There will be 3 Tiers for Global Accumulation Reward Tier 1 : Submit 50K Chinese Charms : 250 Pancakes, Server Wide Tier 2 : Submit 100K Chinese Charms : 10 Chinese Coins, Server Wide Tier 3 : Submit 150K Chinese Charms : EXPoring Event Aside from the Global Accumulation, Players also have an option to exchange the Chinese Charms they gathered for some items in the Hei Bai Shops instead of handing the Charms over to Hei Bai Hei Bai's Shop : And we have the Hei Bai Shop, with lots of items to buy with Chinese Charms: Surprise, surprise! You can get a new Costume in the Slot Machine : How to play: Insert 1 Chinese Coin to try your luck here, Chinese coins are buyable at Fortune Boy for 5 million zeny/coin Check out this awesome Costume: Happy Rabbit Ribbon (Upper) Lunar New Year Envelope : At Lunar New Year, it’s tradition to give the gift of a bright, beautiful red envelope (known as hóngbāo) to your friends and family. The red color symbolizes good luck and prosperity in East Asian cultures. But not just any old envelope! These are filled with money, and symbolize good wishes and luck for the new year ahead! The RevivalRO Team prepared for you an envelope full of surprises! You will get it on the first day, talking with Fortune God or you can buy it at Hei Bai Shop. Check the contents of the Lunar New Year Envelop : Event will last for a week (January 31 @ 11:59 Server time). Happy hunting, everyone! RevivalRO GM Team
  14. Greetings Dear Players! In addition to our other surprises.. three new companions have come to Midgard! Introducing... Yogi, Quinn, and Nibbles..! Surely these cute creatures will be of great use to anyone! Each egg can be bought from the Cash Shop for 1500 PP! Yogi Neutral Decrease damage from long-range physical attacks by 3% Increase Critical Rate by 15 Cordial Increase Physical Damage by 10% Loyal Increase resistance to Demi-Human by 3% Increase damage to Boss monsters by 5% Quinn Neutral Increase resistance to near-range attack by 3%. MATK +120 Cordial Increase Magical Damage by 10%. Loyal Increase resistance to Demi-Human by 3%. Increase holy, ghost, and earth elemental damage by 5%. Nibbles Neutral PD +5 Flee +5% Cordial Reduce damage from all attack types by 5%. Loyal 5% chance to ignore damage from magical and physical attacks. Happy Anniversary Everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor😉 Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Friendly Regards, Your RevivalRO GM Team.
  15. Hello Midgardians, Donor Box 2023 is here! We're introducing our new Donor Box 2023, check it out! Donor Box 2023 For every accumulated 50 Euros donated, you will receive one Donor Box. Once you have filled your Donor Box progress bar on https://ragnarevival.com/login, the Donor Box will be sent to you through the Zotar NPC (prontera 151 190) within 24 hours from the time you have successfully donated. Items that you can find in Donor Box 2023 are : Added to Donor Box 2023 : And Donor Box 2022 Items Except : ----- NEW DONOR BOX COSTUME ----- Costume : Digital Space (Middle) Costume : Fluffy Chick (Upper) Costume : Witch Manteau (Lower) Thank you for taking time to read this forum post. Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. RevivalRO GM Team
  16. Hello Dear Midgardians, We hope you have all been well. Firstly we would like to thank you all for coming along with us on this journey. We cannot have done it without your support. We look forward to greater years to come. Cheers!! The much anticipated 5th Anniversary Sale is finally here!! Look at the lists below for what we have on offer. Happy Shopping!!🥰 Sanctity Protector Set : Cash Shop Update: Amberknight Promotional Event Box Designation Anniversary Sale & Amberknight promo ends 26th Jan 11:59pm Server Time !!Triple Donor Box Activated!! !!EXTRA 20% Bonus PP!! Triple Donor Box & Bonus PP ends 21st Jan 11:59pm Server Time Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Regards, RevivalRO GM Team🙂
  17. Greetings Dear Players! For this year's Anniversary Sale, we have prepared for you a little something... Introducing... the Sanctity Protector Set! A new set specialized for our favorite supports, High Priests! 😊 The Sanctity Protector set can be bought from Shop 1 NPC at Anniversary Sale area (348, 46). Upper Headgear: Sanctity Protector Hat [4] (2000 Premium Points) Int and Dex +25 Grants 3 additional levels of Meditatio. Reduce after-cast delay by 10%. Middle Headgear: Sanctity Protector Necklace [4] (2500 Premium Points) All Stats +25 Increase Movement Speed by 20%. Increase Healing Potential by 5%. Increase Resistance to all Elements by 5%. Lower Headgear: Sanctity Protector Spirit [1] (1800 Premium Points) All Stats +18 Increase resistance to Long and Near range attacks by 5%. Increase resistance to all status ailments by 10%. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When worn as a Set, Increases resistance to all races by 5% (Boss & Non-Boss). If worn by a High Priest, Enables use of Lvl 1 Ancilla. Enables use of Lvl 3 Epiclesis (25 second cooldown). Grants Sanctuary the ability to buff all allies with Imposito Manus the level you know. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Anniversary Everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor😉 Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Friendly Regards, Your RevivalRO GM Team.
  18. Hello Midgardians, It has been a while since Amberknight items got update, with this maintenance, we are bringing new items: What is Amberknight? Grandma Mayu has left her home after years of living in recluse with her various pets and settled in Eden Mall (@go 16, /navi paramk_ 143/104). Her favorite snail, Amberknight, has also come with her but it seems he's having trouble adjusting to the mall. Shaky from suddenly moving with Grandma Mayu, Amberknight just can't settle down! He's eating almost everything in sight and Grandma Mayu needs your help to get him to spit up the items. Garden of Eden (paramk_) : 142 103 How to play : https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Amberknight Amberknight-2023 Top Prizes: #9 - Heroic Spirit Aura [4] #8 - Cosmos [4] #7 - Demigod's Helm [4] #6 - Ruffle's Egg ~ * ~ N E W I T E M ~ * ~ Heroic Ayyavazhi Spirit [4] (Middle) Effects : All stats +33, Movement speed +25%, ATK & MATK +15%, Increase Holy, Neutral, and Shadow property damage by 20%, Increase item drop rate by 20% of it's current rate. Chance to recover 10% of your damage as HP for 3 seconds. Small chance to drop Gold Bullion while killing non-player monster. Grants Lv. 3 Dragonology and Lv. 5 Demon Bane. Note: Can't be used inside PVP/GVG areas except HOA and guild dungeon. Cosmos [4] (Middle) Effects : All stats +25, Increases resistance to 4 basic elements and neutral element by 15%, Movement speed by 10%, Stun and silence resistance increase by 40%, Increase all attack type by 10%, Increase basic elemental damage by 15%, Increase damage received from Boss and Non-Boss by 10%, 10% chance to evade critical attacks. Demigod's Helm [4] (Upper) Effects : All stats +20, Increase resistance to Holy, Poison, Neutral and Shadow element by 12%, Increase resistance to freeze by 40%, ATK +175, MATK +12%, Ignore enemy DEF by 50% and MDEF by 15%, Reduce reflected magic and physical damage by 10%, Increase damage received from Boss and Non-Boss by 7%, Increase damage and magic damage with all elements by 10%. Ruffle's Egg The pet hunger doesn't go down can be used for idling When it loyal, chance to drop Firecracker when killing monsters. Tips : Since it's hunger doesn't go down, use Box'o'Cuddles to make it loyal. - - - G O O D L U C K - - - HEHEHEHE RevivalRO GM Team
  19. Hello Midgardians, It's time for a celebration!!! And to celebrate our 5th Year Anniversary, we are glad to bring back our Anniversary events. The events will end on February 16, 2023 at 11:59 PM Server Time. To know more about these events, please click the links below : Note: Players are only allowed to do the events using maximum of 5 accounts including main account. This must be strictly followed. * * * N E W E V E N T I T E M S * * * Costume : 5th Year Anniversary Balloon (Mid) Midnight Blue [1] (Upper) Effect : All stats +(Job Lv / 10). Increase physical and magical damage against all size by 10%. Chance to drop witherless rose or stone of sage when killing monsters. If worn by taekwon/star gladiator, gunslinger, archer, merchant, swordman, thief class, increase damage to all race by 10%. If worn by soul linker, ninja, mage, acolyte class, increase magical damage against all race by 10%. Chance to recover 5% of damage dealt when hitting enemy with physical or magical attacks. Mini Eluminatea [0] (Lower) Effect : ATK +10% Increases Acid Terror Damage by 25%. Increases Exp gained by 15%. 25% chance to not use consumables when using a skill (such as EDP bottles, Fire Bottles, Arrows, etc). Gain chance to obtain Acid Bottle when killing Angel and Demon race monsters. When attacking or using magical attacks, small chance to cast napalm vulcan, exploding dragon and storm gust, randomly from Level 1 - Level 5. Can't be use inside PVP/GVG areas except HoA. Blue Eremes Scarf [2] (Mid) Effect : All stats +5. ATK & MATK +15%. If Base Level is 254 and below, Reduces damage received from medium sized monsters by 30%. If Base Level is 254 and below, Increase physical and magical damage to medium sized monsters by 60%. If Base Level is 254 and below, Immune to Knockback. Immune to Stun. Increase EXP gained from Bio 3 Mobs by 25%. Can't be use inside WoE nor BG areas. Reminder : If you find any bug related to these events, please report immediately. Thank you for your continued support all these years!!! Enjoy and have fun! RevivalRO GM Team
  20. Dear Players! Weekly sale is now refreshed! Enjoy and happy shopping~ Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Regards, RevivalRO GM Team.
  21. Hello Midgardians! It's Christmas Season and once again Grinch is having it's presence felt!!! To know more about this event, please click the link below: Grinch Ruins Christmas Event will run until January 17, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time. * * * N E W G E A R S * * * Ten-Gallon Hat Increase all stats by +10 Increase physical and magical damage with water property attacks by 35% ATK & MATK +5% Increase damage received from wind property attacks by 10%. Fluffy Semi Long Hair Max HP +5% Increase ATK & MATK by 3% Increase Boss & Non-Boss resistance by 4%. Sparkly Flakes Movement speed +10% Increase damage with water elemental property attacks by 15% Immunity to silence Small Chance to inflict cold status while attacking with physical or magical attacks. If worn with Ten-Gallon Hat & Fluffy Semi Long Hair Increase physical and magical damage with water elemental property attacks by another 10% Increase ATK + MATK by another 5% Increase damage with neutral and earth property attacks by 5%. If worn with Ten-Gallon Hat & Feather Stola Give immunity to Cold status. Feather Stola Max HP +10% Increase resistance to Cold by 25% Zilant Necklace During Christmas, small chance to obtain a Christmas Gift when killing a monster. Volume Low Twin Increase damage with holy property elements by 70%. Enable use of Ruwach skill. Small chance to double your own damage and reduce your own defense by half for 3 seconds while attacking. Increase damage taken from shadow and undead element by 20%. Costume : Volume Low Twin (White) Costume : Volume Low Twin (Cherry Blossom) Reminder: If you find any bug related to this event, please report immediately. Good luck have fun!!! RevivalRO GM Team
  22. Jingler is gone...is this event finished?
  23. @Aesara May we please know what is inside Christmas Box 2022 ? Thank you \o/
  24. Hello players! December is here~ Enjoy our sale items~! Happy Shopping~~! Here are the list of items available on 12.12 Flash Sale !!== RENTALS RENTALS RENTALS == !! (fp_map 357 45) Items available from Rentals : Woodland Topper (30 days) - 1000pp Avian Farmer (30 days) - 1000pp Note : You may only rent one of those items ONE PER ACCOUNT (one per copy). We also added new Items to help you with your journey in RevivalRO. Introducing the Alphonse Set! Alphonse Helm [4] (2000 premium points) All stats +10 Max HP + 15% Resistance to Non-Boss +7% Resistance to all elements +7% Alphonse Cape [4] (2500 premium points) All stats +25 Movement Speed +20% Reduce damage taken from all sources by 7% Chance to inflict Lvl. 2 Critical Wounds when being hit. Very small chance to inflict wide sleep when being hit with physical attacks. Alphonse Aura [1] (1800 premium points) All status + 18 Increase resistance to all status ailments by 10% Has a chance to cast Lvl. 5 Cicada Skin Shed When Being hit. SET EFFECT (Alphonse Helm + Alphonse Cape + Alphonse Aura) Reduce damage from all sources by an additional 5%. Increase healing receive from Heal, Potions, Slim Potion Pitcher, and Potion Pitcher by 20%. Disable natural HP regeneration. Disable natural SP regeneration. Reduce attack, magic attack, hit, and flee by 30%. Reduce perfect dodge by 20%. Increase resistance to critical wound by 25%. Grants immunity to Coma status. !! For every 20 Euro Donation = 1 donor box free !! !! EXTRA 20% PP UNTIL DECEMBER 22, MIDNIGHT !! Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Regards, RevivalRO GM Team.
  25. Hello Midgardians! It's the time of the year when many of us are busy preparing and giving gifts to our friends and loved ones. Hence, Jingler Bell and Jesi Claus have prepared surprises for you all! ***Daily Christmas Advent Event*** Hohoho~ greetings humans, it's me, Santa Claus. Christmas is coming up and I heard that miss Jingler Bell in Lutie (250, 121) needs help to prepare for the holidays. (Find below details of Jingler Bell - Christmas Sugar Rush) Help her daily! After completing her task, come talk to me at Lutie 198, 244 to receive your daily reward! Every day has a different reward, so come back to this thread daily to know what you're gonna receive for the day, or just find out yourself in game~ Note: you need to complete the rewards of the previous day in order to receive the ones in the current day. Which means, if you start the event 3 days late you're gonna receive the day 1 reward and not the day 3 one. Don't worry though! If you skip a day, you will be able to continue it the following day without resets! Day 0 - Christmas Gift 2018 x5 Day 1 - Battle Manual x3 Day 2 - Christmas Gift 2022 x5 Day 3 - Mystical Card Album x5 Day 4 - Cursed Old Box Day 5 - Blacksmith Blessings x7 Day 6 - Token of Siegfried Box x3 Day 7 - Event Point Coin x5 Day 8 - VIP Subscription 30 days Day 9 - Cursed Old Chest Day 10 - Bloody Card Album x2 Day 11 - Inventory Extension Coupon x1 Day 12 - Costume: Bandage Ribbons 🍬 Welcome to the Christmas Sugar Rush Party! 🍬 Hohoho! It's me! Jingler Bell~ Lutie (250, 121) I'm holding a public Christmas Party here in Lutie but I still need to gather more treats and decorations but December is already here and to be honest...i'm nowhere near ready. So I could really use your help! hohoho i might even give you a little something for your efforts hohoho~ Come and talk to me in Lutie so we can talk about it! ⛄⛄You can find me near the Snowmans ⛄⛄ ** TIPS ** 1) The NPC can be found in Lutie or @go 7 near the snowmen, which is at 4 o'clock direction of the map. Talk to Jingler Bell and she will tell you what to do for her and what she needs. 2) Prepare 150 well-baked Cookies (ID# 538) every time you talk to Jingler Bell. 3) Where to get the well-baked cookie (@alootid +538)? - This is dropped by Antonio, Christmas Cookie (toy factory 1 - 40, toy factory 2 - 20), and Cookie (toy factory 1 - 40, toy factory 2 - 20). 12 Days of Christmas Event will end on December 30, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time. Stay tuned for another Christmas event coming up soon~ Have fun and be good starlights... I mean, hohoho~ RevivalRO Staff
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