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  3. you will get it as soon you create a character there will be npc at your front to receive the novice items.
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  5. E ai Sou Novato nesse serve estou interessado em uma Guild também vou te Wisp no jogo
  6. Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done an internal code update, our emulator software was not updated since 2016 as previous staff never bothered to update the software. What's new in after this maintenance? currently nothing special for players, there's lot of internal bugs which was fixed and you will probably notice it while playing. What's the point of this maintenance then? we're updating the emulator code to access many new features, including newer clients, support of new Ragnarok features, new items etc, we cannot wait any longer to have access to those for releasing a new content using those awesome systems especially item options system! (Google it if you're that curious) How are we supposed to do to help? any major code updates would always introduced weird bugs and hidden flaws, please report anything that seems odd or off since the new maintenance. How many maintenance left until this update is finished? (referring to Part 1) We're expecting to finish it in 3 parts (3 maintenance). Currently known bugs You would be only able to pull items from character storage but not add to it, ETA of fix is in part 2 maintenance (21st of March)
  7. I always do this mistakes! XD Fixed, thank you!
  8. Wow... Dateline is too far away... Are you sure??
  9. Greetings Adventures, Once again we're opening the door for new GM Applications! We are currently understaffed and looking for active people to be one of our RevivalRO family members, slaves staff. Although the positions that we are looking for are currently volunteer based, we will require anyone selected to have a considerable amount of time dedicated to the position given to them. Please keep that in mind during all the stages of the application process, make sure that you are willing, and that you will be able to commit to a position before applying for one. Also know that applying to become a GM does NOT guarantee that you will be selected. Asking any staff member for assistance when answering any of the questions on your application WILL result in disqualification. Follow all of the instructions when applying, details are important. Do not skip steps or cut corners, we will overlook your application as a result. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Do I need to be 18 years of age or older to apply? No, however -- being 13+ would certainly help your case (COPPA, and all). We care about mental maturity more than we do about physical maturity. Also, the fact that you are allegedly over 13 when you agreed to play this game. How many hours do I need to work?! There is not set limit, but this is NOT just a "do it when I feel like it" thing. By applying to be a GM, you are saying that you are willing to ACTIVELY make time in your day to meet various GM-related responsibilities for as long as foreseeably possible. List your availability based on your regular life--not on your breaks or vacation days or anything else. Moreover, if you don't have the time or will to dedicate to a position, then it's better not to apply. What is availability, and how do I fill it out? Essentially, it is the amount of time per day/week that you'd be willing to devote to GMing. Just because you're free, that doesn't mean you'll be GMing automatically. You should also take into account things like traveling time, meals, study time, family or social time, etc. You need to be realistic over the long term with this, because if you put you are available to GM 80 hours a week, we'll be assuming that you're full of shit. Does GMing get me chicks/dudes? Does it make me popular? If only. Most of the things that would actively get you chicks/dudes are forbidden--as in, we have rules against giving out free stuff and haxing stats and whatnot, so if you're going to apply just for the attention/chicks/dudes--don't bother. Do I have to stop playing my current character/account? At the moment, no. However, if you get accepted as a GM, most likely your time on your legit will plummet, and you will have to distance yourself from your friends or guild a least a little. GMing always comes before regular playing, no matter how hard you want to WoE at the time. Thus, if you are extremely active in your guild/with your friends and are unwilling to put that second in your RO life, you should not apply. However, if we find your performance as a GM unsatisfactory, especially because of your legit, or if our rules change, we do reserve the right to either suspend your legit until your quality of conduct improves, or simply remove you from the staff. also since this is said, being a GM means you can't be a leader, or in a lead position in any WoE Guilds, Fun guilds are excluded from this rule. How much time do I need in order to properly GM? If you're logged into RO in any capacity, you are expected to be ready to GM. It's pretty hard to say because of that, since some days are busier than others. But basically, consider it similar to being a receptionist. After you finish your basic duties and paper work, you can be at the desk doing whatever, but as soon as someone steps foot inside the building, you need to attend to them. Whether you consider your idle time as GMing time is up to you. We're not going to give a concrete requirement because that varies widely with the job, and we try our best to be flexible. Should I embellish my application, leave out critical information, or essentially lie in order to be selected? No. We've been doing these applications long enough to tell when someone is lying about what their hours are, how dedicated they can be, etc. The best thing to do is to just be honest--but still professional. Seriously, anytime someone says something like "My only weakness is that I work too hard!" we roll our eyes hard enough that they're in danger of popping out of our heads. Are there any other requirements to be a GM that I may be unaware of? Aside from certain secret special things we look for, you must be fluent in English and willing to type at least semi-properly, this is an English speaking server, so that is a MUST--it is also a must to successfully complete the application. Moreover, you should have a fairly clean slate. That is not to say that if you've ever been warned or banned, ever, we won't accept you, but having a history of being drama bait, being disrespectful, being inflammatory, or otherwise breaking rules will make us hesitate rather hard to hire you. It would also help if you knew RO, especially the gameplay of Loki. How many positions are you looking to fill? We generally hire as many people as we can that fit all required criteria. There really isn't a hard cap, if your application is solid and you ace through the interviews, we'll hire as many qualified people as we can. I donated a lot of money to the server, that will automatically make me a GM right? No. We don't care how much money you invested into your account--that has little to do with how good of a GM you could be. How much will this position pay? GMing is it's own reward a volunteer position and we do not offer monetary compensation. When will I be notified that I have been selected to be a GM? If we choose to hire you, you will know at the same time as all the other new hires. Don't use a fake/full/crappy email for this, because you will be out of luck. Application Information: To apply you can fill the form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf67fs07IuXxUV_Ye9uih3pWvAKajz7_Oo-_3hFFucsyU5GxQ/viewform The application deadline is 31st of December 11:59PM UTC+8 Application Questions: For any questions please send it directly through our support channels, GMs would only answer considerable questions. Best Regards & Good luck for applicants, RevivalRO Management,
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  11. Suggesting to put Tool Dealer inside MVP Arena Entrance. As I noticed we have repair NPC but no tool dealer at entrance. This will help those starter of MVP farming. They can buy essential stuffs like arrows, panacea etc. Also they can sell directly loots to NPC rather than putting it on storage or going out to sell then go back again and pay 150,000 zeny for the entrance:)
  12. You should put it in Support. Or in Discord >> Support OR try complete the quest in PC
  13. all are usable in PVP/WOE except what is mentioned for LK and HW card. HW card can't be used in PVP/WOE/Non-Donor Area LK card can't be use in WOE/Non-donor Area. Enjoy it in PVP though
  14. Hi I would like to suggest an NPC or part of website that allow us to monitor and track item that we have on that ID (just like webmarket before which has been removed) So its like we login to server and then can choose what char in that ID and all our item in that char is on the list, include item on favorite inventory and cstorage. I think this tracking system will reduce the amount of complain and heldesk signing about dissapear item(which 80% of it just cause they forget whre to put that item)
  15. Greetings Everyone, during this hot patch we've done the following Cash Shop a new set of amberknight top prizes has bee released, enjoy the new Cyber collection, for more information Events Valentine's event has ended and Valentina has returned back to exchange your headgears for goodie's bag, she will stay until 28th of march. Fixes Rental items would now be decarded on expire and sent back to players through RoDex SC_WATK_ELEMENT2 based items shall now correctly increase magic damage Note We've been silent lately about any new updates, that doesn't mean there won't be any new updates, we're launching a new end-game content and a huge client overhaul update by late march, stay tuned! Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO! RevivalRO Management.
  16. Adventures! Miss those early 2000's cool kid starter kit? oh well it's never too late or old when it comes to ragnarok, we're happy to announce the new cyber collection for top amberknight collection! 1- Heroic Cyber Income (Middle headgear) (Top Prize) All stats +33 Adds a chance to stop your opponent for 3 seconds when being hit Adds a low chance to cast deadly infect on self when being hit 2- Analyzing Eye (Middle Headgear) All stats +25 Add a chance to be immune to all stats ailments for 3 seconds when being hit Decreases damage received by all races except Demi-Human by 5% 3- Crimson Booster (Top headgear) +50% Damage to all races except demi-human +10% Damage against Water, Fire, Wind, Earth enemies Resotres 10% of max HP/SP on each monster kill, HP restore is capped at 20000. The hats would be available through amberknight game and donor boxes! Good luck everyone on getting those!
  17. Question about the premium MVP cards - can all of them be used in PVP/WoE besides the select few? There's a post https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/385-premium-cards-revived/ here, but is it safe to assume anything in , "grey text" is a card that is applicable everywhere, and only the colored ones are banned from some things?
  18. Hi I would like to suggest an NPC or part of website that allow us to monitor and track item that we have on that ID (just like webmarket before which has been removed) So its like we login to server and then can choose what char in that ID and all our item in that char is on the list, include item on favorite inventory and cstorage. I think this tracking system will reduce the amount of complain and heldesk signing about dissapear item (which 80% of it just cause they forget whre to put that item)
  19. Guys I just want some help I'm doing this quest month ago but I'm not still done because of this occurrence its about the raven quest in glastheim(p) when I talk to sporus it's appears blank I've been waited a month and still like that by the way I'm m playing through phone is it the reason why? Just see the pic below Im in Interrupting the queen part but can't proceed its always appears blank
  20. and i'm not a pvp person but i love bg!
  21. I enjoy farming, kawaii headgears/costumes, never woed in a high rate server only in insta level servers meant for woe only (99/70). I'm always on discord. languages: Portuguese, English, German. So, any guild speaking any of those languages would be great! ign: meemii (sinx) gimme zenny pls (ws) / gimme zeny pls (creator) watrrr (scholar) Feliicia (sniper) CrazyPants (taekwon) and some others, too many mostly online with meemii and watrrr
  22. are those costume tradeable?
  23. Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following. Fixes Costume: Black Bird's Blessing Box will now give you the correct version of the item. Costume: White Bird's Blessing Box will now give you the correct version of the item. Costume: Bird's Blessing (Aqua) Box will no longer appear as an Apple ;). [Siege Robe + Siege Muffler + Siege Shoes] combo has been corrected and will increase the magical damage as well. The WOE gear sets healing effects has been corrected to 15% instead of 50%.
  24. Since it doesnt do full dmg anymore unless you're at 1 cell range and so that more people would play LK without the need of Bellum Spear. Also, so we could see more LK's with different builds in woe other than brandish.
  25. eu me interesso. meu char se chama meemii mas jogaria o que precisarem
  26. Making this available again and nerfing it is not a good idea as this is limited edition for 1st year Aniv of RevivalRo. It would be unfair for those who did the event. The GM team may introduce new items/event on next Anniversary. Just sayin' (Well it's up to them)
  27. No plans at the moment, it could be available again next year. who knows.
  28. Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following. WoE We've moved WoE 2 out of Himinn to Viblainn Castle, we currently can't reproduce the bug happeing in Himinn and until then we're moving the castle to Viblainn. Events This maintenance marks the end of the anniversary event. Updates The chat sync is now able to parse item links, it would no longer appear as weird code on discord. #trade channel is now limited to 100 letters per synced message, discord spamming shall not affect the in-game channel anymore. Fixes WoE Coins will now be given to players with at least "30" minutes of activity in WoE Back Scythe is now 4 slotted. Prontera unwalkable cells now is hopefully fixed. Christmas Background music is now reverted back to it's original themes.
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