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  3. la petit atelier

    but u quit doe :c anyways! headshot commission for Sierra! (2/3) im so slow, kill me OTL i made a more colorful version looool
  4. g c q's yandere shop

    Moar random Bumps ~ Thanks to The X Archo Socialphobia Tard Farewell Achilles for buying some potsu ~<3
  5. Yesterday
  6. [Testing] War of Emperium

    We will have another WoE test run on Sunday! Look at the first post for more information.
  7. Skrill not working?

    Hello, Your account needs to have at least 5 login counts to be able to see the other donation options. So simply login in game 5 times and you should be able to see more options.
  8. Last week
  9. Skill Reset Bug

    I know it works fine and Found out that the problem is being a Taekwon Ranker gives you all first job skills thats the reason i wasn't being able to reset it.
  10. Skrill not working?

    That's unfortunate I uploaded money to skrill just for this. As for other methods all I see is bit coins which I don't understand. Thank you for answering me so quickly
  11. [Maintenance Notes] 2018-02-22

    Thank you for the hard work. Are ahura and biolabs basement 1 also fixed? Is there any particular reason for this? Slave monsters in MVP Arena may not drop loot anymore .
  12. Skrill not working?

    Hello, Skrill is currently not working. Please try to use other donation method if possible.
  13. Skrill not working?

    Tried to buy some points but Skrill is not working stating " This recipient can not accept money transfers at this time." Anyone else experience this?
  14. B> Kiel Card

    B> Kiel Card 15c mail or pm me ign: Judg

    None my PC broke.. if you can i log in my accnt i gladly give it to you to fix it..

    Is it possible for you to login via PC client?

    Still FATAL ERROR.. i already change location but that pop up error message still appear.. ANY GM CAN FIX MY ACCNT? TNX
  18. [Maintenance Notes] 2018-02-22

    Greetings Adventures, During this maintenance we've done the following. Fixes Fixed Music Ring Intervision Fixed Items restrictions in Sealed MVPs maps Fixed another issue that may cause afk punishment before joining BG (Kindly report if it happens) Fixed Old Bandage Slot, now it have it slot back Soul Burner may no more crash your client Fabled Sword costume may show correctly now Updates Added Reported Donor Items to non-donor restricted maps, list at the end of the topic. Slave monsters in MVP Arena may not drop loot anymore Disabled the use of Premium Yggdrasil berry, in maps where Yggdrasil berry ain't allowed. Item Dealer may now show element in item names On Saturday there will be a WoE Test (7AM ~ 8AM) and (7PM ~ 8PM) Restricted Donor Items List Lynx Ears [4] Panda Rucksack [1] Penguin Rucksack [1] Divinity Helm [4] Divinity Wing [4] Gold Fish Archangel Wing Archangel Ring Deviruchi Balloon 2.0 [1] Guardian PoRings Grim Reaper's Protection Gravekeeper Blinder 10 Type Glasses Blue Ears Big Bad Pirate Big Bad Pirate [4] SteamPUNK Drooping Dorasuke Protection Helmet Owlduke Silk Hat Seppl Hat Angel Mini Silk Hat Ordinary Black Mage Hat Bandage Scarf [1] Falling Feathers [4] Undertaker Hat [4] Zombie Hands [4] Best Regards, RevivalRO Management

    Reset your location by logging into the main website. Under account information, there will be a button under each character labeled "action". Find your specific character, click into it and select "fix location" option. This resets the location of your character, hopefully that helps!

    Gm help me.. i got bug.. i cant play my character when i respawned in Prontera I got ERROR MSG.. ETC.. ILLEGAL CHARACTER IN PATH ETC.. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
  21. Gearing Creator (WoE)

    That's some useful info, tysm kaiiruuu! And yes, I even have that Red Bag, but overread it was for AD dmg also. My bad! My old server hadn't that item either. Well, long time I didn't play. And Grimtooth.. yes! I totally forgot about that item. This is helping alot, thank youu
  22. Amon Ra in MVP room spawns too much minions

    Ahh okay. thanks GM Sierra.
  23. Gearing Creator (WoE)

    1. For weapon, I think Grimtooth is the best choice. It lowers your vit def (max is Base Vit 150 I think? Correct me I im wrong) and makes you less prone to Thana. Besides that, you can try Red Square Bag or Erde that increases AD damage by 20% if youre AD type. A last resort will be +10 Mace with LOD and Garm cards in it to coma/freeze pallies you can't kill with AD or magic. 2. In WoE, most Creos go for Vanils as their homun. For that, you might want to use Homun Clip B that inxreases your homun's int and dex. You can also try wearing Ring of Resonance to autocast defensive skills like Assump (which is important in WoE, you cant assumo while in a castle). Or you can try Expert Ring to reduce your skill delay for a faster AD spam. For cards, you can use Alligator cards for magic and long range resist. 3. In RRO, the higher the refinement gives a bonus where you get less damage from all races (im not sure about this). Valk Armor is the go to armor for all classes I think. If not, there's also Tidung or Brynhild. For the garment, you can use Caliginous Cloak, Proxy Skin fragment, Valk Mant., or Wool Scarf (in tandem with Tidal Shoes). For shoes I think Ebony Greaves is the best but I still havent tested if it's better than Valk Shoes (which has a slot). 4. The must have headgear cards in WoE are always status resist cards (Orc Hero, Marduk, etc.). Im not into Maya Purple because therell always be people with Ruwach/Sight activated but that's just me. Aside from resist, stack on elemental resists, I suggest getting a 4 slotted wings with just Leaf Cat/Dustiness/Giearth cards in it that have resists against water/wind/earth respectively which are the most commonly used elements during WoE. For headgears, try to get a Bolt Helm, I suggest Fire/Lightning bolt because not much people use resist against it, this is just to those who cant be killed with AD. I also use Bell Ribbon to cast Kyrie against SinX or LKs. The key to playing Creator in WoE is stacking demi-human/elemental resists and maximizing your INT to get the best possible damage for AD. I hope I helped.
  24. Gearing Creator (WoE)

    Hi! Although I used to main Creator on a High Rate Server (similar max level as here), I am still abit lost because of all the custom gear.. status effects, 9 headgear slots @[email protected] (I am used to 3 :p) etc.. well, many things different here, which is good but makes me feel like a newb xP Unlike most here I didn't play RebirthRo and so I am not sure what to go for - focused on WoE. 1) As for weapon.. atm I can think of Combat Knife as the only option. But is there a better choice mayb? 2) Accessories - with the Custom rings and cards etc.. it's abit overwhelming. I use Des Ring only for farming, but as known, the +atk won't work on AD.. is it still worth cuz of the +5 all stats? Or does exist sth better out there? And is anti-coma-clip actually worth one accessory slot (from your experience / point of view)? 3) With the customization is it rather recommended, to refine all armor despite IP / Thanatos Card? And is Valk set the way to go? Or is there any custom which would be more useful for AD Creators? 4) Are there other "must have" as headgear cards, beside ESL, Orc Hero, MayaP? Any recommendation on how to fill all those headgear slots? Thank you very much in advance.
  25. [Testing] War of Emperium

    Hello Loki, I have some great news to report! We'll be holding a test War of Emperium this coming Sunday. Two castles in Prontera will be open and WoE times will be as followed UTC +8, 9-11 PM. We are using this test to both test our performance and the survey response. Based on both we'll be announcing this coming Monday, the offical War of Emperium schedule and information. We really hope to see you there. Thank you for your support, The RevivalRO Staff
  26. Suggestion Thread

    1) How about adapting drop rates of items dropped through cards? Example Gargoyle Card. Official it's 1% and after testing seems like it stayed at 1%. Now 20% will be too high most properly, but a custom drop rate for those slightly higher? 2) How about enabling Call/Rest/Resurrect Homunculus in Prontera? Just for convenience. Specially when still raising Intimacy (and sometimes you go afk and wanna take it to sleep :p) - so one needn't leave the town every time just to do that and it doesn't seem to cause actually issues.
  27. Farewell to all ~Ice

    Use that time and effort to make me one.
  28. Farewell to all ~Ice

    make an EVENT!
  29. fake link on RO PATCHER

    Yes, I am still using the old client for RebirthRo. I will uninstall now since your previous patcher is hacked or something.
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