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  2. Hello mahina, Please sign up at helpdesk in game, we'll be happy to assist you.
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  5. when everytime ill open my inventory or storage, my apps was crash. plss help me GM CHECK MY ACCOUNT PLSS
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  7. Oh it looks good, even better just because i love priest class the best! Looking forward for more ^^
  8. That looks really good!! I hope to see more drawings from you in the future and maybe you can open up your own art shop as well~
  9. Thank you for the reply! Really? omgggg the window's too big for me lol I guess I have to get used to it. The other settings appear fine though!
  10. Hello Daemon, After the client update a few months ago it's not possible to change the resolution to 800x600 anymore, because it doesn't support the new User Interface. Do you get the same error when trying to change other settings?
  11. Hi all, I just got back from RebirtRO and I wanted to setup my client window in 800 x 600 x 32. But everytime I do it, an error message appears (screenshot provided). I also tried running the setup.exe as administrator but the client window still won't turn into the setting I like. Anyone experienced the same problem? Please help! ><
  12. What is the best build for a full support heal high priest? I'm kinda lost since im new here and I feel like there's alot of variations but these variations kinda cost alot in terms of CC and Zeny. It would be helpful if anyone can point me in a right direction. Thanks!
  13. It was fixed, I believe kitty said it was an error from trainees.
  14. Hi can anyone tell me the cheapest build for sniper..i want to use it for farm n mvp,i ma newbie so got a low bugjet..thxs
  15. Why after maintenance i cant login?
  16. Greetings Everyone, this maintenance was following the milestone (2019-09-12 Maintenance), in which it was 66% Completed, for more information on the milestone you may click here. in this milestone 18 issue was completed, 2 was moved due to deadline and 2 was moved due to incorrect assignment. The following issues was moved to 2019-09-19 Milestone instead: Issue #59 was moved due to time limit (deadline) issue #30 was moved due to time limit (deadline) issue #29 was moved due to time limit (deadline) (Partially fixed) issue #26 was moved due to time limit (deadline) (Possibly fixed by the fix for issue #48) issue #20 was moved due to time limit (deadline) issue #11 was moved due to time limit (deadline) The detailed change long is as the following: Fixes Fixed a bug in steal skill which would turn it abusable and possibly steal any rare item at 100% rate (#48 Confidential) Chaser of the sun quest shall now have weight checks before deliver it's rewards (#40) Adding missing enchants to Traditional weapon quest keris enchants (#38) Fixed several pets issues, refer to the issue #37 to know more Fonts now would show correctly to the player (#36) The return of fluffy instance should now work as intended (#28) Added missing orbs to cedi refer to issue #27 for the full list Support lucky box shall now show it's content (#24) Cedi orb mirror shard shall no longer reflect on ranged attacks (#19) FINALLY fishing in alberta and aldebaran works! (#10)
  17. Greetings Everyone, Our new sets was being in crafting for an almost 2 months now, with a set aiming for PvM and another for Tanking! not to forget it's also so fashionable ❤️ Sea Captain's Beret (upper headgear) 1700 Premium Points All stats +15 Damage and Magic Damage to all race except player +40% Gain 10% of max HP or 30,000 HP at max on each mob killed by physical and magic attack. [Set] Increase damage damage dealt to Boss type monster by 15%. Give additional 20% ignoring DEF and MDEF of Boss type monster Grants use of level 1 Striking and level 1 Drain Life Sea Captain's Bubble Aura (middle headgear) 1700 Premium Points All stats +20 Ignore 40% DEF and MDEF of Boss Type monster If base STR equal or more than 200, increase physical damage by 10%. If base INT equal or more than 200, increase magic damage by 10%. If base DEX equal or more than 200, increase long range damage by 10%. Decrease aspd and movement speed by 5%. Sea Captain's Penguin (Lower headgear) 1700 Premium Points All stats +15 Resistance to all status debuffs +10% Decrease damage received from Boss type monsters by 5% Ethereal Horns (Upper headgear) 1700 Premium Points All stats +15 Maximum HP +10% Reduce damage from Demi-Human race by 7% Resist to all elements +5% Maximum weight increased by 1000 [Set] Reduces damage from all sources by an additional 5% Healing received by Heal, Potion Pitcher and Slim Potion Pitcher +10% Disables natural HP/SP regeneration. Reduces Attack, Magic Attack, Flee and Hit by 20% Reduces Perfect Dodge by 10 Grants use of Level 1 Hallucination Walk Ethereal Twilight (Middle headgear) 1700 Premium Points All Stats +15 MDEF +15 Movement speed +20% Reduces damage from all sources by 7% Chance to inflict Chaos and Cold to enemy when getting hit Ethereal White Mane (Lower Headgear) 1700 Premium Points All stats +18 Resistance to all status debuffs +10% Damage taken from normal mobs +4% Skill Changes Level 1 Striking Make it a buff on self only (Weapon level * 50) atk (Weapon level * 3) %crit chance Duration 30 second, cooldown 60 sec Level 1 Drain Life Absorb 15% of Damage as Health Absorb Success rate 75% Aftercast delay 0.5 seconds Cost 40 SP No cooldown Level 1 Hallucination Walk Flee +100 Ignore magic attack chance 10% After the skill wears off, reduces movement speed and attack speed by half for 10 seconds Duration 30 seconds Cooldown 90 seconds
  18. So I've been working on this off and on all week. This drawing is my first one ever on computer/phone. Anyways, it's my main HP in female and male form, I only put my Shadow Element race on my male just to give different contrast for colors. Let me know what you guys think and hope to see you in RO.
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  20. Hello returning player, welcome back to Revival! If you want to know what happened to the server, this thread collects all info about that. After a series of events, sadly, all character data was lost. Everyone had a fresh start on Revival! Here are some threads on the forums to read more about what happened: one and two. We do have some compensation for returning players. For more info, refer to this thread. If you were a donor on Rebirth, log in on the website and check your eligibility here to receive the amount you donated back as Limited Premium Points. There's no expiration date on these. Don't forget to navigate the News and Updates sections of the forum to have an idea of what's going on in the server. Have a wonderful day, and we hope to see you around on Revival~ ~RevivalRO Staff
  21. Greetings Everyone, According to our last poll (click here to check it), players has opted to move the 3AM slot to 9PM to 11PM instead, therefore all WoE timings that falls into this slot have been changed. The new schedule is as the following and applicable starting now: 1- WoE First Edition (Donor Version) First Timing Singapore Saturday: 3pm ~ 5pm GMT+0 Saturday: 7am ~ 9am UTC-8 Friday: 11pm ~ 1am Swanhild - Scarlet Palace - Eeyolbriggar - Hohenschwangau Second Timing Singapore Saturday: 9pm ~ 11pm GMT+0 Saturday: 1pm ~ 3pm UTC-8 Saturday: 5am ~ 7am Kriemhild - Bright Arbor - Repherion - Neuschwanstein 2- WoE First Edition (Legit Version) First Timing Singapore Sunday: 3pm ~ 5pm GMT+0 Sunday: 7am ~ 9am UTC-8 Saturday: 11pm ~ 1am Skoegul - Sacred Altar - Bergel - Wuerzburg Second Timing Singapore Sunday: 9pm ~ 11pm GMT+0 Sunday: 1pm ~ 3pm UTC-8 Sunday: 5am ~ 7am Fadhgridh - Holy Shadow - Yesnelph - Nuernberg 2- WoE Second Edition First Timing Singapore Wednesday: 3pm ~ 5pm GMT+0 Wednesday: 7am ~ 9am UTC-8 Tuesday: 11pm ~ 1am Mardol - Himinn (Temporary moved to Viblainn) Second Timing Singapore Wednesday: 9pm ~ 11pm GMT+0 Wednesday: 1pm ~ 3pm UTC-8 Wednesday: 5am ~ 7am Cyr - Andlangr Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
  22. Collect and Redeem this... All NPC near HOA Entrance
  23. "Shoes: ebony or valk shoes with teddy baal card Garment: heroic backpack with apache tear card" this part made me laughXD your wrong teddy baal goes into garment and apache tears goes into shoes!
  24. Greetings Everyone, This was a hot patch to patch urgent issues, this maintenance did not follow any milestone and therefore we won't publish milestone information. During this maintenance we've done the following: Fixes Fixed an issue in the new Zotar code caused in some cases the instance code to fail (issue#58)
  25. Hello, I first apologize for late reply, we're in contact with the android developer but he is slow as usual, we will update you on the coming maintenance notes if anything is updated.
  26. I just got these on andro, what is going on?? Last night it was fine.
  27. Server is up now, the maintenance was extended.
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