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    • I think on Sniper a full Gator Set (+9/+10), Drooping Amistr and a Goblin Bow (min. +7?) works well for many areas where angra/ahura is disabled (or generally for farming, too). The Gator Set u can craft by yourself and the Drooping Amistr is a quest, you mayb just need to buy the Amistr Eye from players as its drop is pretty low. Goblin Bow is affordable and can be safely upgraded til +5 - or u buy directly a higher upgraded one.   Other class would be sin x for some areas, but not sure yet about the equips for it.
    • add 2extra slots please
    • I'm wanting to know what are the best gears for playing highest possible solo PvM content? I have a 255 of every class, but have no idea what are best gears, and there's not really guides to explain that for custom servers. I've just been plowing thru using Angra/Ahura, but would like to push further into solo content (ie: new Dali instances)  in areas where that's not usable. Plus I'm not sure even what class would be best - would prefer something fairly easy to play as I'm highly medicated most of the time due to physical reasons and my reflexes are no longer that of a cat. I have an okay amount of zeny, so nothing crazy in price, or from the cash shop. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks! Gears I currently have: Weapon/Shield: Angra/Ahura Headgear: Baphohorn (+20stats, 4slot), Saiyan Tail (+15 stats, 1slot), Warrior Spirit (+25stats, 4slot) Armor: Alligator Cloak, Boots, Chest Accessory: Ring Des Nibelungen x2 (+5stats, 5% Atk/MAtk, 1slot) Cards: full set of headgear immunity cards (Chaos/Blind/Curse/Stun/Sleep/Bleeding), AK x4, most Shield damage reduction cards, Hillslion x4, Dark Penguicula/Duneyrr x4  
    • Hello Community.   Recently, I'd purchased my first pass to the Murder Mystery Mine.  The reason I purchased the pass was that the Wiki said that only the Poof/HAV and Baal were listed as MVP Bosses.  The other enemies were not listed as boss status and I thought that Cloaking would work, so that I can run around free and hunt the MVP's.  I was going to use my SinX with Cloaking to go Hunt the MVPs, but that doesn't work, because all of them down there are rated as boss status.  I had some success after making a TaeKwon, but it isn't really viable without Angra and I don't want to use Angra.  I feel like Angra isn't fun at all and ruins my gaming experience. I am asking for some teleporting ability voucher to be added in, something you have to purchase to use a Teleport Ring or any other Teleporting abilities/items.  My SinX and Sniper really can't do anything down there but pull giant mobs and get stun-locked (even with an Eddga card it gets difficult to not get stunned into submission and lag-locked due to the mob sizes) and I feel like the Murder Mystery Mine would just be renamed to TaeKwon's Caverns, because no other class can get through there as easily and TaeKwons can do it so much easier than any other class.  I feel like it is immensely unbalanced in favor of TaeKwons to make a lot of $ farming Baal cards and it is overly difficult for other classes to do much in there.  
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