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    • Hello AkosRetes, Transcended class is as far as we have on this server. We are a custom server, and while we still have a lot of common info with RMS and IRO we have a lot of differences as well.  
    • Hello! I reached the maximum Job Level with a High Wizard. But I can't change to Warlock, or a higher class. The Job Master NPC says something like this: "You are at the end of your job." I checked the net, but I can't find the answer:  1.) Can I change my job to a higher (3rd) level (like Warlock) here? 2.) What can I do to change? I saw a video where they found a hidden point in Morroc and that starts the Warlock Quest. But their map contains a lake in the centre of Morroc, and not the brown hole. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX218c8L7ag And I didn't find that hidden point there.   What would be the next step? As I see this RevivalRO version is not similar to others, so we find many-many differences between maps and other things (Ratemy / IRO / RO Mobile / etc.) Or there is no way to advance higher than transcendent second classes (High Wizard f. e.)? Thank you for the valuable help! Best regards AR/DD
    • Happy Lunar New Year, Year of The Rabbit!   Gong Xi Fa Cai!  We Wish You a Prosperous and Healthy Year in 2023! The Lunar New Year is a major celebration not just in East Asia but worldwide. The marking of the Lunar New Year brings fireworks, parades, excitement, and hope for a fresh start! Lunar New Year marks the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac, which assigns different animals to years over a 12-year cycle. The Rabbit will bring Good Luck to you! For this year, we prepared some events for you to enjoy. Talk with the 3 NPCs in Payon 144, 320 and find the gifts they have for you! To Start This Event : Payon 144, 320 * Talk with Fortune God every day, to receive Chinese Coins and some gifts daily! Up to 3 days reward. Alt limitations rule apply here (Main + 4 Alts). Payon 150, 327 * With Fortune Boy, you can buy more Chinese Coins for 5 million zeny and try your luck at Slot Machine! There are exclusive prizes this year! Payon 145, 326   * Help Hei Bai collect Chinese Charm, which was stolen from cute bunnies on the Payon, Prontera, Geffen, and Veins fields. She also has a Shop with great items for you! Note: Rabbits does not have a fixed spawn rate, they will accumulate and stack in one map! Payon 139, 322 Rewards : You will receive personal and global rewards for hunting and delivering Chinese Charms   Personal Rewards :          * Kills 2K Bunnies: Title Reward "Year of the Rabbit" - Achievement          * Submit 5K Chinese Charms : Costume : Fluffy Rabbit Cape (Upper) Global Accumulation Reward (Based on submitted Chinese Charm to Hei Bai) : There will be 3 Tiers for Global Accumulation Reward Tier 1 : Submit 50K Chinese Charms : 250 Pancakes, Server Wide Tier 2 : Submit 100K Chinese Charms : 10 Chinese Coins, Server Wide Tier 3 : Submit 150K Chinese Charms : EXPoring Event Aside from the Global Accumulation, Players also have an option to exchange the Chinese Charms they gathered for some items in the Hei Bai Shops instead of handing the Charms over to Hei Bai   Hei Bai's Shop : And we have the Hei Bai Shop, with lots of items to buy with Chinese Charms: Surprise, surprise! You can get a new Costume in the Slot Machine : How to play: Insert 1 Chinese Coin to try your luck here, Chinese coins are buyable at Fortune Boy for 5 million zeny/coin  Check out this awesome Costume: Happy Rabbit Ribbon (Upper)                                            Lunar New Year Envelope : At Lunar New Year, it’s tradition to give the gift of a bright, beautiful red envelope (known as hóngbāo) to your friends and family. The red color symbolizes good luck and prosperity in East Asian cultures. But not just any old envelope! These are filled with money, and symbolize good wishes and luck for the new year ahead! The RevivalRO Team prepared for you an envelope full of surprises! You will get it on the first day, talking with Fortune God or you can buy it at Hei Bai Shop. Check the contents of the Lunar New Year Envelop :   Event will last for a week (January 31 @ 11:59 Server time). Happy hunting, everyone! RevivalRO GM Team
    • Greetings Dear Players!   In addition to our other surprises.. three new companions have come to Midgard!   Introducing... Yogi, Quinn, and Nibbles..! Surely these cute creatures will be of great use to anyone! Each egg can be bought from the Cash Shop for 1500 PP!   Yogi Neutral Decrease damage from long-range physical attacks by 3% Increase Critical Rate by 15 Cordial Increase Physical Damage by 10% Loyal Increase resistance to Demi-Human by 3% Increase damage to Boss monsters by 5%   Quinn Neutral Increase resistance to near-range attack by 3%. MATK +120 Cordial Increase Magical Damage by 10%. Loyal Increase resistance to Demi-Human by 3%. Increase holy, ghost, and earth elemental damage by 5%.   Nibbles Neutral PD +5 Flee +5% Cordial Reduce damage from all attack types by 5%. Loyal 5% chance to ignore damage from magical and physical attacks.   Happy Anniversary Everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor😉 Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Friendly Regards, Your RevivalRO GM Team.
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