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    • You may read all the rules at Rules - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com)
    • If you have been banned for breaking the rules(any rules), then you are in the right spot! You may now apply for Pardon for those people who are willing to repent for their wrong-doings.  Simply follow the steps below: Send me an email to [email protected]  along with your following details: Email title: [Pardon Application] Character Name(s): Username: Ban Reason: How long have you banned: Wait for my response if you are qualified in this program. Once approved, you must consistently perform this task for a Month   Invite players to play by sharing this post to your profile or RO advertisement groups or pages. You can use  legit fb account or alt, doesn't matter. https://www.facebook.com/RevivalOnlineMMO/posts/105040375085677 Include the following URLs on your post. Website: https://ragnarevival.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RevivalOnlineMMO/ Discord: https://discord.gg/ccrBEvp #revivalro #ragnarok #mmorpg Tag our Facebook page(@RevivalOnlineMMO) You must post the same info on at least 6 different Ragnarok advertisement Facebook groups. You must create said post every 12 hours. Discord: Be sure to join discord and answer player concerns at #support. Bring the issue to attention of GMs if requires GM, Admin is requires Admin. If a player asked on #main, you may answer but encourage using #support next time. You must strictly follow the server rules including discord/forum/fb rules, breaking anymore rules may affect your application. Keep in mind that being pardoned doesn't mean you will have full access to your accounts. Depending on the case, we may take up to 0-90% of your items/credits/donation levels etc erased, permanently. You may have restrictions accessing certain features for some time. Being qualified also does not mean you will be unbanned right away, you'll be in line, it may take days to weeks even months depending on how many others are in line. Upon completing the task above, compile a screenshot or proof that you have completed said tasks, report to [email protected] If you have any concerns/questions regarding the program you may email [email protected]  
    • @gcq Don't worry about it being too much work. We'll only have to that at the beginning. Once evidence is clear, the rest can be automated. We just need to do it manually for now to learn what kind of algorithm we'll use. Basically like making AI for deleting stuffs. Still thank you for the concern. As for seller, yeah not much we can do about that yet, we're still thinking of other ways to increase the punishment for the seller. Even ban probably won't suffice, IP can change too. Even Gepard IDs can be by passed.
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