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  1. Pure

    GM Wedding!

    Greetings! We have decided to finally allow players [Like you!] to have your own special GM Wedding! Now you may wonder, "What is a GM Wedding?" Well, it's a special wedding that is hosted by GMs. It's almost like a Sponsored Event but more special as you get to spend a wonderful day with your significant other! As there are specific requirements for Sponsored Events, there are also specific requirements for GM Weddings! Requirements As all nice things are not free, this GM Wedding event will cost you 15c/1500 PP. You must fill out a registration list that we will provide down below. Be sure of your request and be specific with any details you provide, this includes the date & time specifically. You must not be married already, if you are, divorce. Then we may continue forward. All information written in the registration will be final. If you want to change, lead the head GM of your GM Wedding know. We also require a love story background between the Groom and Bride; a general story will suffice such as how the two met, how you two fell in love, and etc. This allows us to truly understand the theme of the wedding. As well as simple hobbies that the Bride and Groom enjoy. Once everything is fulfilled and you have completed the Registration, create a ticket via https://support.ragnarevival.com/ and we will get to it as soon as possible. And that's it! GM Wedding List Here are the important aspects of the GM Wedding List, we will provide the example that you may go off of to have your own GM Wedding happen! And take note that you must complete this first then give us a week notice of this event. Bride's Name - You may request a Sprite change, i.e. Sprite Size or different Sprite ID. Though you must give us the ID and Size you wish for. Groom's Name - You may request a Sprite change, i.e. Sprite Size or different Sprite ID. Though you must give us the ID and Size you wish for. Date & Time (First and Back-Up Date) - Pick 2 different dates and times and give us a 1 week of notice so we may prepare. Venue / Location - You may pick any place that is accessible normally (meaning, it can be a quest dungeon or any of the sort) or choose from our exclusive spots. Such as our first GM Wedding Venue [Option A: GM Not and Pure's] and more to be included in the future! Note: that the venue will be a replica of the map and there will be a portal open for it! We will allow Tours as well once you have fully committed to the GM Wedding. Public or Private? - Here, you may request whether you want your GM Wedding to be Public or Private. Public meaning the general mass population of RevivalRO will be able to join your wedding. While Private means it will only be exclusive towards the people who are on your Attendee and VIP list. VIPs - We will allow only up to 5 different players for the VIP status for one's wedding. With the VIP status, each player may request a size change and a sprite change as well. Attendees - Meaning, the special exclusive guests that you wish to have attend at your GM wedding. Attendees may only request size changes. Alternatively, named attendees will have an option to change sprite to Groom's or Bride's preferred sprite. i.e: Bride side will all be Goats and Groom's side will all be Lycans. Or, the attendees can stay as is with their size changes only. Background Information - This will be where you tell us the love story between the two, bride and groom, so we may be able to grasp a better idea of how to plan out the wedding! Preferred GMs - Now, this is towards who will be hosting your wedding. So if you wish to have one GM host the wedding reception then you may request them, otherwise, it will be the GM in charge of Events who will be hosting. [Note: Optimus Prime may only take requests of weekend] // Options currently are: Pure + Tea, and possibly Leoric and Optimus Prime on the side. Guild Recalls - Alternatively, you may also recall certain guilds but they will not have any effects placed on them. Be sure to gain permission from the Guild Leader to allow the ecall. Effects - You may request certain effects from us for the map such as: snow, clouds2, fireworks, sakura, or leaves. Post-Wedding - These items are not required, but if you wish for them then it can happen. Event - In this case, you may choose from donating items or credits towards 3 Rounds of Events, price depends on you and what you wish to give out; OR only want to give out 3 EP which will be free of charge. For the details of the event, we will discuss them once your request as gone through. PvP - You may request for PvP if you wish for it, though, it is not required nor does it cost anything. You can request this either at the end of the wedding or at the end of the event or both. Mob Spawning - With this, you may ask us to spawn certain mobs to be spawned at the end of the wedding and before the event if you seek one. Although, mobs will not have any drops. GM Wedding Registration Example! Bride's Name - Pure // Big Size with normal sprite Groom's Name - Not // Big Size with #10018 Date & Time - Option 1: September 11, 2020 @ 22:00 Server Time or Option 2: September 13 @22:00 Server Time Venue / Location - Exclusive GM Wedding Map, Option A Public or Private? - Public! VIPs - Fruity // Big Size w/ #2150 Optimus Prime // Big Size w/ #2192 Attendees- Leoric // Big Size Tea // Small Size Background Information - It was love at first sight, we both knew that we were the one for each other. That Not would be the one tied up and Pure would be the one to let it happen by her own hands. Not is very caring, he enjoys sitting by the river while watching the fish stream up the river. While Pure enjoys fishing for those fish that try to escape. The end. Preferred GMs - Pure + Tea Guild Recalls - Staff Effects - sakura Post-Wedding - Events - Yes! 3 Rounds of Death By Dice, prize will be 3 EP + Alpaca Hood #20070 [Note: This is a GM Exclusive hat thus will not be available for players to request] with 1 winner per round. PvP - Yes! I would like PvP to be on at the end of the wedding and the event! Mob Spawning - Salacia #3902, 1 of these Floating Rates - This will be done automatically at the end of everything. Rules As we must set rules for most and almost everything, there will be certain rules for this as well. Here are the following rules that must be followed or acknowledge. 15c/1500 PP will be required as payment once the registration process has gone through. If the requestor do not reply back within a certain amount of time ~1 week, then we will cancel the GM Wedding request. If you leave anything blank, we will go in and fill it out ourselves to what we see fits the theme. YOU MUST GIVE US 1 WEEK OF NOTICE for GM Weddings. (or else) There is no guarantee that the wedding will get done (as we GMs, also have lives and things we must do outside of RevivalRO but we will do our best to work with you through this, if it doesn't work, we will ask you to postpone the date, beforehand). We have no same sex gender marriage restriction, so if you wish to marry your wife to your wife then do so! We support it 100%! If either Groom or Bride do not show up within 30 minutes during the day of, without any notice, we will cancel and refund the event. If you wish for a baby-baby or normal-baby wedding, it is possible as well. Just let us know the specifics above! Enjoy!
  2. Have you ever wanted to pursue your dream of becoming a Sous Chef? Look no further! We bring you... The Exquisite Cooking Quest! Greetings Midgardians! We are happy to release a new Cooking Quest for all of you aspiring chefs! To begin this quest, one must finished the per-requisite of the Cooking Quest as well as equipping a Chef's Hat. Then you must locate Head Chef Gordon [Eden Mall at 130, 86] with the requirements from above and you will undergo the Sous Chef training! However, if you do not have any or one of the requirements, Head Chef Gordon will shoo you away. Take note that not everyone has the skills to overcome the ordeals of becoming a Sous Chef, and Head Chef Gordon is here to whip you into shape and to ensure you do not bring shame to the Culinary World. But if you think you got what it takes, then press forward onto this new worldly quest! Overview of Exquisite Cooking Quest There are three parts to this quest; first one is getting approved by Head Chef Gordon by creating 50 Level 10 Food Items, so get crafting! Second, is to answer a test to ensure you know what you are knowledgeable about the food world and you are not some wannabe Sous Chef. And thirdly, you will have to create 3 different stat food related item; meaning, you have to craft 3 different foods from the same category. For example, if you were given the category of STR, then you will craft 3 different STR items. Then Head Chef Gordon will inspect your dishes to see if you qualify for the Exquisite Cooking Book. Title Rewards Now that you are knowledgeable about what will undergo during this ordeal, we bring you new achievement titles to be earned! Sous Chef Complete Exquisite Cooking Quest Master Chef Create 50 of each Exquisite Food Item Executive Chef Create 200 of each Exquisite Food Item New Craft-able Items Here is the moment you all have been waiting for... the new food item menu! Note that every item has a 10 minute duration and you must have the Royal Cooking Kit in order to craft these items. Savage Full Roast Drosera Herb Salad Minor Stew Warg Blood Cocktail Siroma Iced Tea Petite Tail Noodles Special thanks go to gcq who suggested the Advanced Cooking. Thank you to all who read this post and please be sure to vote for RevivalRO on ratemyserver.net!
  3. "What is dead should remain, as if it doesn't, the balance of the world is disrupted." Greeting Midgardians, as we have progressed through the days and months in RevivalRO after the appearance of Vanna, there has been a shift in the balance of life and equity. Vanna had brought the Undead King back to life thus creating an imbalanced world. Draphael, the final villain to destory, has open a dimensional rift between Midgard and the Underworld and thus... a gloomy castle rose from the dimensional rift. Many scouts were assigned to infiltrate the castle to identify any information of whom the castle may belong to, however... none came back alive. Soon after, Undead Soldiers began to attack innocent towns and villages, all the while burning them down to the ground to nothingness. But we must have faith as the injured Queen has decided to gather adventurers to defend Midgard from the dead! Previously on Vanna's Story... Adventurers were gathered to defeat the Undead King; in a sense, to bring peace to Midgard. However, once he was defeated, the Queen, Catherine D. Geoborg, investigated Niflheim to learn that the Undead King was brought into our world by a terrible existence that was able to control it... It is the witch named... Vanna, in legends, she was known to be the servant of Jormungandr, the World Serpent. After the investigation, the Queen was attacked by a mysterious fog and only one survivor from the expedition was able to return in one piece... the rest, were either lost or held hostage within Nilfheim. Soon after, the adventurers went out on a rescue mission to save the queen! However, who knew what destruction this had brought in the end... This instance will be here from August 9th to September 13th, 2020 @ 23:59 ! World Without Balance Welcome to the World without Balance Event! To start this quest, you must talk to Recruiter Naomi [Located in prt_gld 168, 108] who will require you to be in a party of six with the level requirement of 255 for all. Once you have gathered your team, you may talk to Recruiter Naomi to start the instance that happens across three maps. The first map will involve Varunastra who guards the entrance of the Undead King's Castle; to gain access, you must defeat all the Undead Scouts as well as Varunastra to venture further... In the second map, you and your team must venture into four different entrances that will lead you to four different Elemental Guardians to destroy... but do venture carefully as what meets the eye may be deceiving... Once all the Elemental Guardians have been defeated, the Deity of Balance will appear to converse with you all before it decides to destroy you all. You must defeat the Deity of Balance in order to enter the Final Map. In the final map, you and your team will face off against Draphael, who is both human and angel as the Messenger of Ruler of the Underworld. Once you have defeated Draphael, you shall be rewarded, but be warned, this is no easy task. Cooldown for Instance: 24 hrs Fight Mechanics: Draphael (Human Form) switches between 10% Physical and Magical Reflect status every 20 seconds (Indicated by Blue/Green Aura) Draphael (Angel Form) is different than Draphael (Human Form), Draphael (Angel Form) spawns a Totem every 2 minutes, Totem grants Draphael 100% Reflect for Physical and Magical Attack. Title Rewards: As what comes with instances... also come new titles to obtain! Here are the two new titles that you may claim! Title: Wombat Warrior Requirement: Complete World Without Balance on Normal Mode 30 times. Title: Balance Master Requirement: Complete World Without Balance on Nightmare Mode 10 times. Here are the rewards possible to gain once you have finished the instance successfully! Additionally, we have decided to add in a shop where you will be able to purchase some of these items with a Token of Balance! There will be two different shops, one for Normal and Nightmare Mode, which means there will be different pricing for each! Note: You cannot purchase items with Normal Mode Tokens in the Nightmare Shop, and vice versa. While Normal mode will be the typical price, Nightmare Mode will have almost half off prices for the items! But be sure to spend wisely on what you want! [1 Nightmare Mode Token = 2 Normal Mode Token] Seven Sins [2] Takenaga's Jitte [2] Loony and the Beast [2] Primordial Armor [1] Primordial Garment [1] Primordial Shoes [1] Archaic Armor [1] Vintage Shoes [1] Prehistoric Shield [1] Ancient Ring [1] Ancient Pendant [1] Netherworld's Gift [0] Orb of Balance [0] Costume: Spirit of Guardian Token of Balance Token of Balance is a token given for completion of instance.
  4. Pure

    Eid Al-Adha Event

    Greetings Midgardians! The GM team has decided to announce a mini event for you all to enjoy! And that event has to relate to Eid Al-Adha! What is Eid Al-Adha? It is the Feast of the Sacrifice which is essentially to test our faith to God by sacrificing sheep to him. It is the act of obedience to God's commands. We wanted to celebrate this holiday with you all with this event, so we hope you enjoy it! In the town of Prontera, there will be the NPC: Goat Slayer [located at 178, 218] who will be here for only a day. One must first speak to the Goat Slayer to begin the quest of slaying goats for the sacrifice for God. This event is a global event, meaning, each and every person must contribute in order to gain the ultimate prize and surprise that everyone would have ever wanted for the longest time. So be sure to work together and get to the very top with all the sacrifices!! There are tiers to this event, it begins at 2,000 and will increase every 2,000. The first 2,000 to 4,000 will be Personal Rewards, meaning, it will be rewards for one person's cumulative sacrifice of Goats. While the rest will be contributed to the global cumulative amount of sacrifice of Goats which will ultimately allow Global Rewards! So get on going and get some hunting to do! The first Personal Reward at 2,000 will be the title "The Goat Slayer" and the second Personal Reward at 4,000 will be the Costume: Sleep Sheep! And remember, each sacrifice you have given to us, is a gift to God. Thank you!
  5. Greetings fellow Midgardians of RevivalRO! Happy Summer to you all! We have decided to bring you all a lovely summer sale for you all to enjoy! We have added a few new items for you all as well as bringing back some of special sets! Please be sure to spend wisely! And we hope you all enjoy the sale! You can find the NPCs at the Carnival [Located around 80, 250]! But to visit the shops, you must type @sale to see them and then type @exitsale only if you are on the carnival/sales map! Below is the lists of sale items according to the shop NPCs. Please be aware that there are some shops where you will only be able to purchase items with Premium Points only while there will be some with Premium Points (PP) and Limited Premium Points (LPP). Please take note that this sale will last from July 6, 2020 to July 12, 2020 @ 23:59 Server Time! ! ! ! IMPORTANT REMINDER ! ! ! ITEMS BOUGHT DURING SALES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE THEREFORE PLEASE CONSIDER WISELY BEFORE SPENDING YOUR POINTS!!!! Shop #1: You may only use PP! Location : 68, 255 Shop #2: You may only use PP! Location : 91, 255 Here is some information on the new headgears for you all! Enjoy! Shop #3: You may use PP and/or LPP! Location : 79, 263 Shop #4: You may use PP and/or LPP! Location : 68, 239 Shop #5: You may use PP and/or LPP! Location : 91, 239 Thank you for taking the time to read this forum post! Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Enjoy and happy shopping!
  6. Thank you so much @kaiiruuu ❤️
  7. Hello there my cottonballs! I am one of the newly appointed GMs, Pure! I was only recently released from Helpdesk... but now I able to interact with you all! I hope that you all will treat me quite well! I enjoy working on events and other special activities so I do hope to bring you all content in the near future. ❤️ I will do my best to answer your questions to the best of my abilities as I am slightly new to the server. Please do treat me well! And to share a little about myself for you all to know... is that I love... calling you all my cottonballs! Sincerely, Pure ❤️
  8. Greetings fellow Midgardians of RevivalRO! It is that time of the year where the Summer Carnival find its way within the Rune of Midgard... However... instead of the usual Morroc town for this... we decided to put the carnival into Lasagna! For those who do not know, Lasagna is the home of the Dorams [who are still in work in progress]! We are also pleased to inform you all of... new headgears and new carnival games!!! To join this year's Summer Carnival of 2020, one must type @go carnival in order to be warped! However, you will NOT be able to save or memo this map as it is exclusively for the carnival! But you may talk to the Ticket Master to leave with the option "Get me out of here!". Once you have entered Lasagna, you will need to talk to the Ticket Master [239, 184], who will be on your right, in order to obtain Carnival Coupons to play Carnival Games! You will only get 5 Carnival Coupons a day so be sure to claim them to play! But! If you want to do the "rebellious" way... you can talk to J4c [214, 189] to buy some coupons... illegally... for 20 premium points or 10 mil zeny! Here are the old games for new and old players alike! Please enjoy the summary of the game and enjoy the new hats that we released with each game! Note: (Using >5 Alts for carnival is prohibited) Peco Racing! You will be able to pet on 5 different Peco's in order to win some Carnival Cash or some exclusive Carnival headgears! You can talk to the Peco Wrangler [340,257] to submit the Peco of your winning choice to see if you won the top prize... Prizes: Crack the Code! You will need to correctly guess the 3 number sequence that will ultimately allow you to unlock the chest! The chest will let you know whether you put the number in the right place or in the wrong place, but don't use your guesses too many times or else you'll run out of tries! You talk to the Treasure Chest [169,162] to get started with this game! Prizes: Guess How Many! In this game, you must first talk to the Guesser Cat [138,176] in order to start the game. You will soon then be warped to a small island where you will need to assume the correct amount of mobs that are spawned! There are three rounds but it will get harder as you go so get that abacus ready! Prizes: Blackjack! You'll have to gamble and get lucky to not go over the number 21 with a deck of cards. The moment you go over, its game over. But, if you manage to beat the Black Jack Dealer [163,111], then you might win a prize or some carnival cash! Prizes: Poring Slots! You've guessed it! It's time to play some slots with Porings!! You may get lucky with the jackpot or you might just get nothing... You want to talk to the different Ghostrings located on the left [around 148, 169 and 79, 251], there are 8 stations for this game~. Prizes: Card Sharks! In this game, you'll have to guess whether the card number will go up or down depending on the current card number! You can get a prize of Carnival Cash every 2 consecutive correct games or... keep going to get the grand prize!! To play this game, you'll want to talk to the Joker [321,88]! Prizes: Test Your Strength! I think its time to test your strength with different mighty hammers! Who knows, you might be able to get something good out of it if you can show your true strength! To get started with showing off your strength, talk to the Carnival Employee [291,285]! Prizes: Whac-a-Squirrel! You guessed it, it's time to play Whack-a-mole but with Squirrelrings! Once you have talked to the Whac-a-Squirrel [310,261], you will be warped inside to pen to start whacking! Do your best to obtain the most points to get the ultimate prize! But! Whack only once per Squirrelring~ Prizes: We are also happy to announce that we have released two new games for you all to play! *new* Match Me! You will want to match the correct poring from the poring family within a certain amount of time in order to win the grand prize! So be quick! You can talk to Match Me [125, 296 and 200, 297]! Prizes: *new* Simon! This is kinda like Simon says! You will want to watch for the following sequence that Simon [117, 97] will put out. Then mimic the correct sequence back! It will get harder as you go but you can do it if you try! Prizes: That's about it for all the new games! However... with new games, we also wanted to update the Carnival Shop a bit! In the Carnival Shop, you may exchange your Carnival Cash for some goodies found from past events or... exclusive headgears from the Carnival! The Carnival will end on July 19, 2020 (23:59 Server Time)! Thank you fellow RevivalRO players for taking the time to read through the Carnival Post~ Please be sure to vote for RevivalRO on ratemyserver.net! And please have fun and stay cool! We hope you all enjoy it this year!
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