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Developer Notes: Ranking


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Have you ever wondered what's the benefit of alchemy ranking?

It's 50% heal bonus for rank 1 to rank 10, that seems good.

But if you look at ranking : https://ragnarevival.com/ranking/alchemy , it is evident that difference between rank 1 and rank 10 is excessively high.

Rank 1: 200M+

Rank 10: 2M


This doesn't seem fair for rank 1.


We have decided to apply linear bonus for rank 1-10, with rank 10 receiving lowest bonus and rank 1 receiving highest bonus.


This will be applied in next maintenance or maintenance after the next one.

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Ok as someone who has/had a high rank with 200m+ points too myself, I wanna point out ...


Alchemist Ranking is a pure "who has the most money + time" rank. There is nothing special needed like lets say kill things as Taekwon.

So this big gap you notice is the result of time. We basically had the exact same with old rro, where rank 1 had 1 billion and could literally stop playing and be forever rank 1 (until they implemented a decay system similar to ours). The issue is, that you need 0 farming for Alchemist rank, if you got all the money to buy your stock (I even made a guide here about that all).


I have high points myself, but I feel like buffing the higher ranks, especially linear is not the best idea. That means the lower ranks are "useless" (in the default system, everyone has the same boni), I mean sure I get the plan, you hope that lower ranks will try get higher. But then again the issue arises from before. Alchemy needs MONEY, and TIME. So while the lower ranks try to climb, the number 1 can gain more and more, 'coz trust me, Leah got the money to get higher.

Further the issue with, while I regard Alchemy still as the most "useful" rank, you don't need this endless supply on potions. Potions are heavily tied to WoE/PVE to some level. You don't have the big WoEs and guilds anymore like 7 years ago where Alchemists needed to provide for 76 full guilds every week.

Oh welp, idk. I start to ramble. Tl;dr I don't think a linear bonus be the best idea, grouping (1-3; 4-6; 7-10) might be better but who knows.


Also what bothered me the most reading that, out of ALL the ranks you choose Alchemy. The one that was pretty much good on going without intervention. While Blacksmith and Taekwon are dead in the river. lol

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