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  1. Anniversary Wiki Page: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/RevivalRO_Anniversary_Event
  2. Updated Guide to include a in depth guide about Potting. Happy ranking nubs. ❤️
  3. I don't think we have that quest, to be honest. But I might be wrong.
  4. Will still be updated, but the wiki page for the event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Grinch_Ruins_Christmas
  5. Wiki page for the Elf Helper Event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Santa's_Secret_Elf_Helper
  6. Wiki page for the event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Pre_Christmas_Event_2020
  7. -Didn't knew just copy pasting links is a "guide" now- Well, you could had saved yourself 10 minutes of your life by just linking the BF wiki page. https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Black_Friday_Sale#Black_Friday_2020
  8. You cannot decard orbs, but you can "overwrite" them by placing a new orb at their place.
  9. Well, one thing is for sure; The higher the SDEF (Players) is, the better works Thana. And the higher a monsters VIT is, the better works Thana. I am not sure about the exact numbers, but that's the general rule.
  10. Yes Revival is pre-renewal. For the formula, not sure but I just assume it's some calc variable for it. If you want look at it, that's the page on iro, then again, that is mostly renewal. https://irowiki.org/wiki/DEF#Soft_DEF But they do have some notions on Thana and Occult Impact in the end.
  11. Ok after some research on google; Turns out that pre-renewal Thanatos Effect takes SDef in consideration. Renewal Thanatos takes HDef. https://herc.ws/board/topic/3542-thanatos-effect-in-renewal/?do=findComment&comment=23316 The script on Thanatos Wiki page is the original pre-renewal one. (Can't help much else since I have no frikking clue; that is just what I figured out after a 5min google search lol) EDIT: Also for your question, how that works on monsters with "no sdef"; monsters "sdef" is according to iro wiki (which might not be correct, since they use renewal formulas, so apology): (Probably the reason why you see our custom monster always with low VIT, otherwise Thana would eliminate them hard.)
  12. gcq

    Spooky Season

    https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Horror_Toy_Factory Wiki link for the Instance page.
  13. Category: Profile Picture, Half body something (?) GM/Admin: Optimus (Oppai) Prime IGN: g c q, yandereQueen Note: I will send a version without watermarks to Oppai directly if he desires so. I can also resize/cut it more if he wants, ty. Artwork: Step by Step collage, Wip thingy:
  14. gcq

    Lasagna Invasion!

    Wiki entry for the Event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Lasagna_Invasion
  15. Wiki Page featuring the ingredients lists: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Exquisite_Cooking_Quest
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