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  1. -Didn't knew just copy pasting links is a "guide" now- Well, you could had saved yourself 10 minutes of your life by just linking the BF wiki page. https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Black_Friday_Sale#Black_Friday_2020
  2. You cannot decard orbs, but you can "overwrite" them by placing a new orb at their place.
  3. Well, one thing is for sure; The higher the SDEF (Players) is, the better works Thana. And the higher a monsters VIT is, the better works Thana. I am not sure about the exact numbers, but that's the general rule.
  4. Yes Revival is pre-renewal. For the formula, not sure but I just assume it's some calc variable for it. If you want look at it, that's the page on iro, then again, that is mostly renewal. https://irowiki.org/wiki/DEF#Soft_DEF But they do have some notions on Thana and Occult Impact in the end.
  5. Ok after some research on google; Turns out that pre-renewal Thanatos Effect takes SDef in consideration. Renewal Thanatos takes HDef. https://herc.ws/board/topic/3542-thanatos-effect-in-renewal/?do=findComment&comment=23316 The script on Thanatos Wiki page is the original pre-renewal one. (Can't help much else since I have no frikking clue; that is just what I figured out after a 5min google search lol) EDIT: Also for your question, how that works on monsters with "no sdef"; monsters "sdef" is according to iro wiki (which might not be correct, since they use renewal formulas, so apology): (Probably the reason why you see our custom monster always with low VIT, otherwise Thana would eliminate them hard.)
  6. gcq

    Spooky Season

    https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Horror_Toy_Factory Wiki link for the Instance page.
  7. Category: Profile Picture, Half body something (?) GM/Admin: Optimus (Oppai) Prime IGN: g c q, yandereQueen Note: I will send a version without watermarks to Oppai directly if he desires so. I can also resize/cut it more if he wants, ty. Artwork: Step by Step collage, Wip thingy:
  8. gcq

    Lasagna Invasion!

    Wiki entry for the Event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Lasagna_Invasion
  9. Wiki Page featuring the ingredients lists: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Exquisite_Cooking_Quest
  10. ========== World Without Balance ... and you ========== World Without Balance is the newest event instance in RevivalRO and features two modes you can run it in: Normal and Nightmare mode. The major difference with that be, the monsters stats are increased in Nightmare Mode, as well as their HP. Big Note: This "guide" is written after my experience of Nightmare runs in the instance, but since basically only the stats of monsters are different between both modes, I assume it can apply to Normal as well. ========== The Party ========== A "new" unique feature of the Event is the limited party size of 6 people, you cannot run the instance with more or less people. This means your choice of characters need to be efficient. There couple of team compositions out there that can work, it all depends on how good the player can play their classes and what gives the best damage output. A few examples of party constellations are: - Sniper / Sniper / Professor / Gypsy / Whitesmith / High Priest - Sniper / Professor / Professor / Soul Linker / Gypsy / High Priest - Assassin Cross / Sniper / Professor / Soul Linker / Creator / High Priest Killers: As in basically every content, Sniper is without a doubt the best killer. The Range advantage is just too good. Further, they cover up very well with Elemental Arrows. Premium items are allowed, so Premium LKC can boost their damage even further. Assassin Cross can do a good job too, but they have the disadvantage of getting close to the enemy and potentially eat a lot reflect damage. Tanker: Another basic choice, Professor excel in tanking yet again. Commonly with either 100% Neutral/ High MDEF, High DEF or simply PD while standing on Land Protector. But basically, any class can tank in the instance with the right gears. Support Classes: The "decoration" aka support line up boils down to basically what is the main damage. Gypsy gives a high CRIT boost with Fortune's Kiss. Whitesmith gives ATK boosts with their Buffs. High Priests are High Priests. Soul Linker are mostly useful with Instant Kaizel: When you are affected by Hell's Power you will be resurrected regardless (but you need to make sure you have always Kaizel to keep it like that), Kaupe and Kaahi. ========== Gear Examples ========== Killer: As example here, Sniper. Basically your default Crit Cedi Sniper can shine here easily. Thanks to Aka for providing the screenshot. Most Noteable skills: ... the 3 Sniper always uses. Honorable Mentions with gears: Hyzolist Hat, Gold Snapback Hat, any other headgear that increases damage depending on the enemies element. LKC if you got it. Reset Girl Robe, Fire Armor (if a Vulcano is provided). Any specific gears for the elements the monsters have (can be looked up in the Wiki). At least 240 CRIT will be needed, as well as high HIT. In short, anyone who used his Sniper in PVM longer then 5min should be able to know what he needs to kill things quick. Tanker: (Personally I didn't played tank in there yet) Most Noteable skills: Land Protector (if support Vulcano), Dispell, Magic Rod Basic Professor tanking gears, mostly same as in Cedi. If you got the gears, you can try go 100% Neutral Resistance with some high MDEF (Stuff such as Deviling Card, Gibbet Card, Antiqu Helm, Little Devil Wings, Hauberk, Ebonies, Winged Cardigan). Alternativly PD can be tried, which had the downside tho, that you need to be on a Land Protector, and be more weak to magical attacks. Tanks should be played by players who have at least some knwledge of the game, and know what they are doing, since they are core part of the reason a party doesn't get rekt instantly. Keep a good stock of Yggdrasil Berries, since the instance doesn't has access to @storage. Another Tanker option can be a 90 DEF/MDEF Steel Body Champion. ========== The Instance ========== Time Limit: 60min (Both Modes) Party Size: 6 Cool Down Time: 24h (counting from when you enter) Re-entries: 1 (Nightmare); 3 (Normal) Note: For Support classes it's beneficial to stay "out of sight" of boss monsters, since they tend to cast nasty AOE magic/Earthquake/or De-Buffs. Killers sadly don't have so much luck since they need to stay in sight to attack the monsters. Always make sure you are outside of the Red area marked by the game! The instance has 3 different sections/maps. Each ending with a main MVP boss you need to kill. 1. Section: Varunastra When you spawn in the first section, the objective is simple: kill all monsters in sight. It is fairly easy, since they are all Undead (a ME Priest can come handy in dishing out additional damage). Take care tho, they like to spam Sacrifice. After all Undead Scouts died, Varunastra spawns on top of the staircase. Her Storm Gust can hurt, but usually Killers and Support row should be save from most damage. When she is killed, the party can move to the next area. 2. Section: Deity of Balance The second section is split into basically 5 sub areas, the 4 Elemental Guardians and the boss. On the map you will see 4 markers, telling you the entrance to each Guardian room, you can finish them in any order. The 4 guardians have each a different element, Wind, Water, Earth and Fire. As well as unique magical skills such as Jack Frost or Chain Lightning. They are the only monster in their specific area, so it's not difficult to take them down. Once all 4 Guardians are defeated, the Deity of Balance will spawn in the middle of the map. Same drill as always, take it down to proceed. Tho, in between his death and respawn, he will ask the party to solve his "riddles" (he will ask questions that can either be answered with balance or imbalance, demanding the players to either split in groups of either even or uneven numbers left and right of him). Note: you technically do not need to play this with the Deity, and just wait till he is done, since he will fight you regardless if you solve his riddles right or wrong. After the Deity died 3 times, you can proceed to the final room. 3. Section: Raphael In the last room Raphael in his human form will wait for you. His unique fighting mechanic consists of a changing aura, when his aura changes to Green, he will Reflect 10% of all physical and magical damage (this also includes Ranged damage). To fight against this, you can either stop between his aura changes, or just brute force it (for example Kaizel Spam the Killer). After you defeated him once, the party needs to either seek shelter on randomly placed Saftey Walls on the map to not get killed, or you just wait it out (if you got Kaizel). Human Raphael will spawn again. Same fight as before. Once his human form is defeated, walk to the top of the map, Raphael in his Angel form will wait for you there. Again, take him down. Angels unique gimmick is, that every 2 minutes he spawns a "Totem" (a hand shaped monster) randomly on the map (it will have a marker). While this Totem is active, he will reflect all damage to 100%, physical (also ranged) and magical. Taking the Totem down is easy, it always takes 1 damage, but doesn't fight back. Again, after he died the first time, the map will get nuked (the game with the Safety Walls, same applies here too), and he will spawn again. Same fight as the first time. The instance is finished when Angel Raphael is defeated. ========== Other Notes ========== Hell's Power is a de-buff which makes it impossible to resurrect the one affected by it (because of that Kaizel can be a very handy buff in the instance, due to the nature of it instantly resurrecting the player, it "ignores" the Hell's Power status). Details for the monsters in the instance can be found in the Wiki (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/World_Without_Balance), the page also features a video (which is a very subparb run of the instance tho). Freeze immunity can be handy for support classes, as well as basic Status Immunity like Silence.
  11. Wiki link for the instance event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/World_Without_Balance
  12. Not sure if that be a good idea, since there is A) Auto-feed (which means you can literally afk 24/7 and get your Homi loyal, if you have the food available, without any effort) and it also would give a huge advantage on the Homi itself (aka Evolution, stronger Stats, etc). And idk, it seems to me a bit off the point, like one aspect of Pets/Homis (I know the Box already destroyed that with Pets) is, that you take care of them. Box'o'Cuddles is (in my opinion) borderline ok-ish since it just gives you the pets abilities and nothing more. If you look for items that can increase the Intimacy from feeding, there is Amistr Tail, Shoulder Chicky and the Homunculus Care Guides. :3
  13. Quiet frankly. At this point the whole argument (again) is just a vendetta. This kind of circle repeated so often by now. Something happens/Someone got ban/Something got reported > GMs took care of it > GMs came to a different conclusion as the initiation party wanted > Initiation party starts a witch hunt and conspiracy theory against the subject/matter and GMs (in hope they get their will (?)) > Everything explodes in a giant shit show. Honestly, it is no secret I love watching a good shit show, but it slowly get tiring. -This is now going to be a bit half off-topic rant- Every single time a thing is not going as the initiating person/party wanted/pictured it; a giant shit show start which would make even a 5 year old be ashamed. This time the Staff even tried to reason with SHOWING EVIDENCES, and thought processes, which btw: THEY DON'T NEED TO. (And on point of that, with that whole "I am write and nothing else" mindset; evidence will NEVER be ENOUGH. How are the GMs suppose to proof innocence? Does the reporter need to sit behind the target and breath into their ear to see they don't cheat and accept that?) And yet everyone still throws himself on the ground and screams "Corruption! Bias! Bad GMs!". Yes it sucks when something isn't as it seems to be, but that is no reason to start conspiracies out of thin air, just because you didn't got what you wanted. What I just want to say is, maybe, just MAYBE try step a bit towards the other point of view, and not only your own. The environment in the server became so hostile and toxic, every little thing leads into a fallout. You suggest out of the fun a new mechanic some don't like? > See it as personal attack and throw every insult you got. A argument doesn't go the way you like it? > Throw insult at the other person. But I guess things will never change, because the own ego is much more important, and god forbid we accept that we are not 100% always in the right. GMs are always bad and bias. They aren't humans. God, I really hate this "community".
  14. Why does that matter? If you can aim the MVP in the "natural habitat", then you can aim it in the empty room too. And beside that, wouldn't that even false the result even more, since you have no controlled conditions (like looking out for the other monsters and the MVP)? The report was mainly the aiming and spam, the video proven that the spam is possible (as you seen, it was a record file), But welps, that is nothing we can judge over anyways.
  15. Yes, I understand that, but the issue is really that right now (and for that matter in the pat), there is a big lack of trust between the player base and the staff. Blackmailing and treats aren't ok; but in my opinion providing the innocence video also to the reporter would had helped a lot (and I mean, the video DOES ALREADY EXIST, so all of the time it takes is copy paste a link). If the reporter accepts that or not, is not your issue. But at least it's a "physical" evidence and not just a "he said/she said" thing. Basically, what I am trying to say is: the player base - GM relationship has no trust (hence the main chat melt downs that immediately goes into "gms are so bias and corrupted, same as Ancy, etc", and all other nasty stuff). But, the report system with explaining the other party that "we came to the conclusion x period" without video/picture evidence relies on trust. Not to forget that not everyone is reasonable when argue with them (no offense to anyone), I know that is basically none of your business if they don't believe the staff, but it might help them better understand. I know it is up to you guys to decide to change something in the system, but frankly with the melt downs I have seen; I doubt it will get better, since the common mindset is " gm = bad" no matter what.
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