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  1. gcq

    Halloween Event 2018

    Yes they drop from the chest in the end. On a extremely low chance, so better not get your hopes too high on obtaining that. 😛
  2. You need a certain amount of points to get into the Ranking, use website or in game /taekwon to see the points.
  3. So since that Event was going on for a while now I wanted to give it a short review -rant- *cough* So before I start, I want to point out that I understand the point of the event, that the top killers/dmg dealers get a special reward. This is all fine and dandy with me actually. It is a nice idea in my opinion, tho for the future I might suggest to put there stronger MVPs 'coz frankly ... (even after the buff on them) I feel like some cedi MVPs are more Mega then these Megas. Now to the point where things get a bit more ranty. Namely the MVP boxes we get for either attempt the event or be the top 3. Over all a nice idea too, but in practice it's more ... meh. The big issue here is the point that everything got restricted to be "not tradeable". I understand the point of avoiding abuse of alts (question here tho; why not make the fields where MVP spawn 1client only? If technically possible), since some people had some lovely E-calls on the start of the event. The thing is tho, it sort of -for me and some other people I talked to- destroyed the point of the event. Yes I know the Champion Box costumes are suppose to be "Special" rewards. Issue is tho: Mostly around 10 people get the top3 (depending on who's on), so only the same people get the Box, the Box also is NOT tradeable and the Costumes they get inside are also NOT tradeable. As example, we got our pro killer XY who got like 30 Boxes, 20 Costumes and he can't do shit with the duplicates that trashing his storage/or characters. Meanwhile 80% of the leftover mortal people in the Server don't even got the chance of any costume (I know the "just get stronger" argument, but bruh I main supports, I will never outdamage a person who mains dmg dealer for years lol). I know the point was to aim something "Special" ... but it's not so special anymore when you got like 50 of the costumes and you can't do anything with them beside let them catch dust on your trash character. Also the other thing I don't really get is, that the Primorial Equip/other stuff IS tradeable. But things that won't profit your gameplay at all is not. :v I'm pick on this for too long ... lol Welps, I know things probably won't change at this point anymore, I just wanted to say it in case we get similar events to improve that. ====== On a side note tho. How about spinning this kind of event further. Making a MVP boss that randomly spawns on a random field (all over midgard not only around Pront), that gives a special costume or whatever and maybe a achievement title -we should do more with achievements here lol-
  4. I think the original point also behind the Dyna was to costumize it to any headgear you want, but now since we got tons of costumes the effect also is a bit more unimportant .. haha
  5. gcq

    Guild Packages

    Kinda wanna suggest to maybe offer a package for Support classes too (aka Healer), so far its only for killers. Meditatio Hats are in the Stat Lucky Box, but there alot other kind of hats too. Would suggest to just maybe put a feather ribbon there.
  6. gcq

    Marvin, Parties and you

    ... But you do are aware of that this isn't suppose to work like that, so it is quit much far awy from "being lazy". lol
  7. gcq

    [Feedback] WoE update draft

    Well then, since people want me to reply to this for idk what reasons lmao, I ma put my 10cents in here too. First things go first tho, I want to say that I just puke out my opinions here. If you don't agree with them, ish ok, if you agree also ok. No need for hard feelings. ty. -since I know the woe topic can be pretty triggering in general here- --------------------- Ok to the first point in this endless wall of text, I wanted to say that it's good that you guys want to make changes in woe. In general the war got a bit dull over the years, so some fresh new ideas aren't bad. Topic: God items. Well I am a casual player, I can't say much if these effects are too overpowered in general (I mean we got other OP shit already flying around lol) or just power creep the item level. Time will show on them if they be too much or not. Go for them I guess. Little note on the creation tho: Adjust the drop rate of the ingredients of the items in the chest loot. As far as I remember it the drop rate was a way lower then in Stone Castles and therefore much harder to get. Topic: WoE Rewards. -back to my casual play style, can't really see atm if that heal-sacrifice-tanking sheet plays out bad or not since I mostly don't mind numbers- Kinda see a problem with the point of " The player's individual score should not be under the average score of the guild ". Since above listed was "heal, tank, sacrifice and damage", what about classes that do none of these points? For example a Gypsy/Clown -MOSTLY- (not always) is not the role of doing much damage or tanking much or heal, will they get a lower score at all? (Like lets do a hardcore scenario in which you 90% of the time just play your Songs, according to the score system you did basically nothing.) Same could go for a Support Professor, tho you could put in the tanking part on that. Rewards. Well, as the Commentary above me already stated, might need to keep in consideration the ranked Potions. Since most likely the only usage of ranked Potions are woe/bg/pvp. On the other side the Siege Potions would be worthless (mostly) if they healed less. Tho they might be considered as a "cheap" alternative (you don't need zeny you only need to woe/bg/whatever) to ranked Potions. Arrows and Bullets. Not sure how much that will affect the damage in the end but 30% sounds a bit much. Especially since Sniper already have a good time with the new implemented lv1 No Limits hat. For the Siege gears. Sounds neat. Beside the Siege Plate, the gears were not really worth to get so that be a nice update on them to make them actually useful. A off topic thought I hade while reading the " The WoE White/Blue Potions can be created from items dropped at Hall of Abyss dungeons.", how about these potions get a bonus if they were created by a ranked alchemist? Idk how technical possible that be but it would go along with the ranked Slim pots, I guess. Topic: Castle Rotation & Legit WoE. Oh boi, we reached the trigger section, yey. Ok, first of all, I like the idea of gettin' legit woe back. Thing is tho, we can't have legit woe while donor woe is going on. Main issue on that is A, people would need to restat/gear/whatever if they change the mode. B, from old times the biggest downside of legit woe was, that it was basically a free hostage castle for the end (since no one really cared mostly lol). So long story short, my suggestion be to set the legit woe on a special day (maybe sunday? idk). The other thing -that probably will trigger alot people here- is, that in this suggested rotation are way too many castles. I see the point on having a easy roation and such. But the issue is, for the current -the CURRENT- woe attendance there already too many castles open. And I know the arguments of "but we need to give smaller guilds a chance" and "but that's too frighting for newcomers", BUT right now, there like 3- if good times 4 guilds woeing, on woe2 just even 2. So my suggestion is and stays as before, we need to reduce the amount of castles. I mean, you can ask people that woe, they will tell you, 80% of the time war takes place in Payon (alternative in Alde), Pront and Geffen are basically empty. My suggestion is reduce the castles -FOR NOW- to 2. More clash potential, more potential to grow, less cat and mouse plays, ty. Rotation would be slower that way, but if there more people playing there can be always new castles added. Emperium changes. Since I am not a breaker, can't tell if that's much good or bad. For the healing purpose I can just say -rip aspersio-. Higher HP don't sound overall bad, makes a hostage more of a challenge also. Defense Walls. Sounds not bad over all, tho need to say another point. Change the guardians if you do the walls. Right now the guardians coma you all over the place, so that + walls -MIGHT- be a bit too OP defense. Topic: Guild Package. Sounds like a neat idea, go for it. *yes I am gettin' lazy* Well, that's it. I ma go grab my popcorn, hope the people are happy that wanted me to reply here. :v kthxbai. ============== EDIT (31/07): Just wanted to add, that I do agree with Herny's point of also adding other goods to the reward list, or if that needed a sort of new BG shop. Stuff that many classes need like the mentioned AD bottles, or maybe Spiderwebs/Elemental Resist Potions, etc. The other point that came later on in my mind and I totally forgot to add above regards legit woe. So far the main point of the legit woe is to make it easier for the newer players/not donator to also have fun in woe/encourage them to invest more. The issue I see tho is the amount of legit gears that still can make more experienced players overpowered. Main focus I see there in stuff like high refined Cedi gear or high end enchants like from Melanis. Also different mvp cads might cause difficulties. My suggestion on that would be to make it a pure legit woe and restrict certain custom items from it.
  8. gcq

    Marvin, Parties and you

    Or just fix the bug and make the life easier for every 15+ people party, Isn't that complicated right? 😛
  9. gcq

    Marvin, Parties and you

    It's been ages since I was last time here ... oh welp. Time to make some more suggestions. huehuehue 1. Marvin/OCA Mind to suggest here a update on the OCA in general and the cards Marvin usually ask. He mostly ask for the same stuff in repetitive order. By the amount of possible choices in cards we got that's a bit meh. Also the OCA really needs a update in the cards that are available in there. Most cards you can't even get (like if I remember right, Plasma, Frus, Bio1 (some?) etc) or also some of the custome newer ones (GHP comes in my mind). 2. Party A issue I have seen quit a long time now, and it annoys everyone (I am certain of that), once a person goes offline while being in a party it is almost impossible for the leader to kick that person. It gets really annoying when your party turns more into a offline list then online. I know a solution would be just to remake the party, but c'man. :v I might update this if I get more suggestions, but for now I will leave it like that. Thanks.
  10. Not even mad, thats amazing.
  11. gcq

    Improving the Lesser Played Classes

    They do have the potencial, just in different scenarios and enviorments. Prof are for example support classes and main tanker in pve like cedi. Basically the game is already pretty deverse, farming classes are hw, sg, sniper; while performer are more common in woe; prof, sl in cedi; etc. Also i wish i could fav that essay from that 'guest that quit long ago', coz that is so on point, it cant even be better. :v
  12. As far as I know it never really worked, and also got reported as bug here already months ago. :c
  13. gcq

    Improving the Lesser Played Classes

    Yes indeed you can't use the Ensembles without the partner next to you (Also Lokis Veil/Invul Siegfried was a very common thing on old rro). But thats the point on both having that skill and needing each other, otherwise Gypsies would fall even more into that abyss of being outclass by their own counterpart. haha And I see the point you making, especially with the Professor/Sorcerer. Might as well then implement the third class were sort of every class can kill. lol For that point on the AD bottles, why not make them buyable over BG badges and then only usable in pvp/bg/woe. So you keep being forced to play the bg to maintain your bottle usage (and also make that bg a bit alive lol). To the Asura thing ... But you aware of that Asura isn't a skil meant to be spammed over and over and over again like a macaroni arent you? (Also wasn't there a BG weapon that helped on Asura ... I forgot, never mained a Champ ... welp) I am a bit of random answering here ... lol Anyways, yes some classes have more potential of farm/pvp/whatever. But that's the point of having 18 (?) classes. What's the point of having so many if they basically could do all the same.
  14. gcq

    Improving the Lesser Played Classes

    The Bard part: there is a thing called Soul link. :v Idk I wouldnt change any on Prof, I mean its the point of the class to be more supportive. lol
  15. gcq

    g c q's Artshop Reloaded

    Commission done for Leo, Sheimi x gcq. Note, that this style won't be available in the shop. Semi NSFW incoming. haha