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    Log in website, and proceed with the Donate option. https://ragnarevival.com/agree
  2. 1. Angra is the most "powerful" weapon in game, nothing really outpowers it. However, it is not useable in PVP and legit maps. So for those scenarios, you need to look fro weapons that are commonly used there for your class (really depends on your class). Edit: just read you are sinx. They usually use Angra + Perun Axe, if they can. Otherwise Sir Vincent Saber, Perun Axe or Hardened Steel Katar (there still more, I am not sinx main). 2. Andro is buggy as hell. If you want proper game experience, I suggest you using PC.
  3. Basic stuff would be like: Priestly Nurse Cap/ Rima's Ribbon (event item from Carnival if you got that, if not also ok) - White Lady Card / Rhyncho Card Large White Wing/Mini Angelwings/Castle Bat/ Honestly any lower goes, if it got slot but no "nullify gemstone"; then use Mistress Card. Any Legit Lower, Commonly Kitty Scarf or Fuzzy Bunny Scarf are way to go. Armor/Garment/Shoes: Anything goes. Cheapest I had said is either full GO set or Hauberk, Calig Cloak, Ebony. IF that is still somehow too expensive, Flax Set. Cheaper it probably won't go. Helpful: Freeze immunity. Shield: Anything goes. Antiquated Shield be the cheapest. If you want be pro: use Medusa Card. Weapon: Cheapest be Rod (4) - Lif Cards. VVVSH Mace also can be neat. Accessory: Asteria Ring at least +3, if you want to heal a group. Resple Ring as the cheapest option. There aren't really cards that you need in cedi, so anything goes. Mora Daily quests can give you Light of Cure, which also can be enchanted nicely. Generally: Priests don't need to heal much in cedi. The tank usually should be independent enough to survive alone with Ygg Berries. Priests usually job is to keep everyone buffed and prevent a nuke by resurrecting. Detailed guides that might help: Priest Guied: Cedi Guide:
  4. Assuming you probably describing "Miracle", that is only activating when you kill a certain amount of monsters, and it keeps being activated as long as you stay on the map or die. If you are talking about Comfort and/or Warmth of Sun/Moon/Stars. It is their intended purpose to only work on the map you memo'ed with "Feeling" (hence the whole purpose of the skill to even set in on specific maps). For more details, I guess maybe wiki? I took stars page as example: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Warmth_of_the_Stars https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Comfort_of_the_Stars
  5. https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Hall_of_Abyss After Wednesday WoE2, the Hall of abyss closes. People need to "invest" to open it again to the public. for each 5m zeny donation you get 1 Investment Ticket. Alternatively you can wait for the Eden Daily Rewards: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Eden_Group_(Loki) If you can't invest into HoA, it means it is full already and open for all. The only thing you then can do is either try one of the other HoA (as the one you tried) or wait till next week.
  6. Doram itself is really buggy with the client, plus andro being a buggy mess too, it is prolly to expect. haha I suggest better put that on gitlab bugtracker, maybe they will take a closer look in there.
  7. So after playing now my usual support classes, Linker and Performer (in this case Gypsy), some after thoughts. Linker: I honestly not really see how the PD/Flee reduce is being an issue with Kaupe, since Kaupe blocks normal attacks anyways. It just became a bit meh when I used it with alt and wondered where my PD gone. lol If anything it had made more sense to me if Kaite would do that reduce, But whatever. To the big one: Performer. Frankly. The Tarot nerf destroyed Performers "independence". You basically get totally pushed into an support role (if it not happen that you try to use DS or AV), in which you can't even properly defend yourself (for example, you can't even save your skin in BG anymore with Tarot, you better hope that the enemy Stones on your Scream and you can run away). My suggestion be: only give it the hard cool down with no Bragi. Reverse the % chance to get it, and maybe cap the chance to 50% (with Stockwhip/Requinto). I know you guys wanted to hit the rpe users that spammed Tarot as if there is no tomorrow, but like that you basically make everyone suffer even tho they never used that in their life (maybe a game guard against cheating would help better :v).
  8. " Melody Notes [3], Music Ring [3], Jazz Ring [3], Black Tie [1], and Orange Tie [1] slots are all working as intended in legit maps and they will not be stripped off players when entering the legit maps (#147)" So, does that mean we can use the Rings/Notes on Legit WoE? And does that mean that the Ties slots now are not working on the Legit WoE maps?
  9. gcq

    Luck o' Leprechaun

    Wiki Post to the event, will be updated if things changed: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/St._Patrick's_Event_2020
  10. You can use @playerstate to check all kinds of stuff (@playerstate general, @playerstate racial player - for your Demi Resist or in this case; @playerstate Elemental water - for the Water resist).
  11. Also beside the server having a mental breakdown now, just wanted give feedback if things work as you guys intended: - Tarot isn't affected by Bragi, and also has a hard cool down. Couldn't test the HP card yet since rip in spam and chance (lol). - LP has a cooldown. - Kaupe reduces Flee and PD by half on the target. As a small feedback on that, I actually kinda like the possible debuff properties it has now. - AD, idk, my default AD damage was never great, so can't really judge that. As for the Spheres, probably needs a battle to see their effect there. Over all I am neutral to the changes. The only thing that concerns me now is that double hit on Tarot (mean the fix cast delay AND success chance), seems a but much and maybe needs a bit ton down into maybe just one of the things. Coz I can see that pushing Clowns/Gypsy into a pure Support role with little to no chance of killing anything.
  12. Do the Resist cap count for all races, not only Demi-Human? And is that also including Magical, Misc, etc (in short basically everything)?
  13. gcq

    hi im sther

    I like how people keep say hello in a post that is already 2 years old. lol
  14. gcq

    Not An Art Event

    ... But where is his character on that picture lol
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