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  1. Wew, "Developers"? o: There more of you? Growing so quick huehue Anyways, welcome and I hope you enjoy your time here. :3
  2. Herro, hope you have a great time working on the server. :d
  3. I hate you all :c Now you leave my yandere love too, 💔 Anyways, good luck, QQ
  4. Dayum, you really sak. :c You can't leave me like that 💔 Hope you have a good time tho, no matter where your journey brings you! Also connors name here is @Class :p
  5. What has that link to do with costumes. o.o
  6. Try log in without proxy, I think California doesn't work. The server itselfs located in Singapore.
  7. Not sure, but if that happen while that big drama yesterday, then it might be cause if the linked items in chat? If not then kindly ignore me, kthxbai.
  8. I think the over all problems lie deeper then just a "don't be convenient for player". Right now we have no developer for updates or content. All is on a handful if Gms and Kitty. Frankly, if a certain someone isn't going to change it's attitude, it looks grim. :/
  9. Make sure that all your clients are closed. If it still fails, try ask in Suppport Channel in discord, coz there was a file you needed to delete and I forgot which. qq Hope it still helps tho.
  10. You sadly can't do that. You need to close and reopen the shop to change prices.
  11. Updated Guide; Added another Team set up; Monster information on Seth; Tanker variant with new Christmas Gears and a new video which isn't laggy as hell. Enjoy.
  12. Ye, that there is no shop at all is so weird. Like even if you would be willing to buy gears, you literally can't. Well it's ok Aka. I can use my friends accounts if I desire to farm the boxes. They both got 2 gears and thats a decent enough rate, haha Idk, it might be "work" a little bit, but it still feels a bit less Christmas Spirit like when your events (Cookie farming and Box farming) consist of slaugthering thousands of monsters over hours or for some hardcore people, days. But welps.
  13. @Crystalline @Nebula (one of you already know the suffering) So after 3-4 days in the event and still not even getting a single new box I assume I figured out what's the "issue". Everyone I spoke to that farmed and got boxes had at least 2 latent gears. The drop difference seems to be that crucial between 1 and at least 2. I know the gears stack. But it us frankly pretty unfair if you (as of right now with no Xmas shop) can't get/ can't afford more then 1 latent gear. My suggestion be: don't make them stackable and give every gear (beside wing scarf) the same drop rate of 2 combined gears, so everyone has the same chance. As little side note how depressing it can be: 3 days of farming with wasted 4 BG and 1 gear: 0 19'box. My friend: 1 day farming with I pretty much assume BG and 2 gears: over 30 19'boxes. In the same dungeon. kthxbai. rant over.
  14. *starts to feel more and more like the unluckiest person in this server* qq
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