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  1. I actually like the GP idea, about the monster drops ... idk depends on how rare it be. Probably would need a drop rate like the Foods for the premium pets.
  2. We should put that in a separate suggestion thread, but just because of that is a very dangerous reasons. With that logic we would start a endless power creep spiral (next be "oh that old tanking set got weak, we need to make a new" - "now we need new killer gears" - etc) which could lead in even more borderline pay for winning. EDIT: on that, if you talk about Ethereal, instead of dropping out more and more powerful shit, we rather should just ton it down to balance.
  3. To be honest, that sounds a little bit too OP, I would if, then reduce it to 2 of the effects and not all 3 at once.
  4. I think you need word it differently, coz stuff like max ticket, angra and ahura are perma in shop too but get accepted. haha
  5. I had said it be like always, older gears get discounted while newer and more "op" ones just come back with their regular price.
  6. Vouchers are not solving the issue of it being ridiculously out of proportion. Yes it would make all costumes 5c then, but then on the other side: why not just make the NPC itself 5c? No one in their right mind would use the 10c NPC normally if there is a 5c voucher in shop.
  7. Since the topic just came up and it always bothered me, ... lets talk about the amazing feature of making costumes. For those who don't know; you can make any gear costume in prontera: the downside is tho it cost you 10c. I know it's seen as a "coin sink" but I also want to put it in a relation here. Let's say you really like the Poo Hat. That's basically a free gear. Now you want to costume that. let's assume a coin priceof 85m. That me and you need 850m (if you buy and not donate... donate be even more ridiculous 10€) just to make that a costume with no other benefit then make you look sexy. I know it's a sink. My point is tho, you can't assume everyone has a fortune. I'm pretty sure 90% of the players are more "newbie"ish, therefore that feature is totally locked from them since they better off focus on important stuff. My suggestion: Make the costumer Tier like l. You still can keep it as sink but it's in a realistic relation. Tier 1: Normal Headgears, things Monster drop, Quest gears, NPC sold - 1c Tier 2: Event headgears - 5c Tier 3: Donate shop headgears, Amberknight, Donor box - 10c Kthxbai.
  8. Guess just put all 3rd head gears on sale, I ma look later for that link on wiki. https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/3rd_Job_Skill_Headgears Note: I had said only the uppers, not the sets. The sets were fairly recent. Also lol, this post is like the poster child of "learn to read guys".
  9. Clothes can be found here in a list https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/3rd_Job_Sprites Don't forget the best one: Costumer Voucher (sadly I dunno the ID, I tried @ii several spellings, but couldn't find any ;c)
  10. Well over all it depends on what context, if woe or pvm. Revamping needs to be carefully done to not end up make things broken. Bapho: Looks ok to me, tho need admit I am not a Killer main player, so prolly can't judge that. Dark Lord: Looks also ok to me, wouldn't increase that Hells Judgment chance or anything. Drake: Looks fine, normal Drake is already a decent Status card, so adding Cold on it is ok. Eddga: That's one of the "meh-ish" ones. Issue is more that default Eddga is itself "meh" (beside if you need that Endure). Inca Samurai: Looks also kinda "meh". Maybe add more HP drain to it? idk. LoD: Same deal as Drake to me. Maya: Looks actually ok to me too. Maybe increase Evade chance? Dunno if that would be too much. Mistress: Not a Killer player, can't tell if 300 Matk is considered "meh" under our fellow Magical friends or not. Moonlight: Looks ok, issue with it lies more in the fact that default Moonie itself is also rather more "meh" (beside if you want to walk fast). OH: Looks also more "meh-ish" compared to it's legit counterpart. OL: Looks ok, Issue is more that it's a armor card. lol Osiris: Same Deal as Eddga and Moonie. Pharao: Looks ok to me. Phreeoni: Another Eddga, Moonie and Osiris deal. TG: Looks ok?? I guess #notAKiller Well after looking at all of them ... I had said the issue itself isn't the Sealed Cards, it's the whole theme they have going. They are sort of still references to their "normal" counterparts. That has the downside, that if the Original sucks, the Seal will also to some extend suck. Dunno if you can fix that much, since the whole point of those cards is to be in reference to the original MvP, giving them totally different effects would kinda go against that. EDIT: For that argument on the price, well that mostly just comes from the rarity and the fact that they (for normal mortal players) are hard to kill. Maybe that needs to be balanced out? Idk.
  11. For a better discussion, I would suggest to first collect all the Sealed effects, coz out of the blue I couldn't even tell you what they all do. Kinda agree tho, from what I can remember, the effects where a bit mediocre at best.
  12. Bumpy bump on that topic since it was in Main Chat again. wkwkwkwkw
  13. Haha sure, no problem. Just wanted it to be posted so I won't forget it or get lazy again lol
  14. That is possible, you need an item in cash shop for that, forgot the name tho (can't check in game right now).
  15. Need get VIP so you can access the Char and take items from there.
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