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  1. Not even mad, thats amazing.
  2. gcq

    Improving the Lesser Played Classes

    They do have the potencial, just in different scenarios and enviorments. Prof are for example support classes and main tanker in pve like cedi. Basically the game is already pretty deverse, farming classes are hw, sg, sniper; while performer are more common in woe; prof, sl in cedi; etc. Also i wish i could fav that essay from that 'guest that quit long ago', coz that is so on point, it cant even be better. :v
  3. gcq

    Spiritual Potion Creation (Blue Pots) not working

    As far as I know it never really worked, and also got reported as bug here already months ago. :c
  4. gcq

    Improving the Lesser Played Classes

    Yes indeed you can't use the Ensembles without the partner next to you (Also Lokis Veil/Invul Siegfried was a very common thing on old rro). But thats the point on both having that skill and needing each other, otherwise Gypsies would fall even more into that abyss of being outclass by their own counterpart. haha And I see the point you making, especially with the Professor/Sorcerer. Might as well then implement the third class were sort of every class can kill. lol For that point on the AD bottles, why not make them buyable over BG badges and then only usable in pvp/bg/woe. So you keep being forced to play the bg to maintain your bottle usage (and also make that bg a bit alive lol). To the Asura thing ... But you aware of that Asura isn't a skil meant to be spammed over and over and over again like a macaroni arent you? (Also wasn't there a BG weapon that helped on Asura ... I forgot, never mained a Champ ... welp) I am a bit of random answering here ... lol Anyways, yes some classes have more potential of farm/pvp/whatever. But that's the point of having 18 (?) classes. What's the point of having so many if they basically could do all the same.
  5. gcq

    Improving the Lesser Played Classes

    The Bard part: there is a thing called Soul link. :v Idk I wouldnt change any on Prof, I mean its the point of the class to be more supportive. lol
  6. gcq

    g c q's Artshop Reloaded

    Commission done for Leo, Sheimi x gcq. Note, that this style won't be available in the shop. Semi NSFW incoming. haha
  7. gcq


    I would also suggest for the WOE imitation BG, to remove this big castles (like Cyr and Mardol), the time you have to conquer them is too short (like 4min to conquer Cyr or break cade3, that's like almost the time you need to walk there alone if you got no speed gears - without fighting anyone lol).
  8. gcq

    g c q's Artshop Reloaded

    Finally after a eternity I got the order for Leah done. Took so long 'coz I wanted to upload them all together. OTL Next gonna be Sheimi/Leo.
  9. Got another one for the item list. *sadly I am too lazy to make this a gif lol*
  10. gcq

    New Alt Clothes

    *EDIT I hate spoilers on this website QQ* For a better view of the designs: Rune Knight alternative
  11. gcq

    WoE Times and you

    Well ye it be the same for me and means that I couldn't do woe on Wednesday at all (not that I care much lol). But Agree with Jyll, we might need some tests to see how the attendance is on such times. There can be a lot talk in theory but we will never know then.
  12. gcq

    WoE Times and you

    Well, I am not quit sure if you realize it, but no matter what time you suggest/gets implemented there be ALWAYS someone who suffers. This is why we even suggest a small change in the first place, so it won't hit both sides too hard. I would either suggest a +6h to woe1 (which would mean European 3pm, still decent even tho not optimun) or as Benio said +9h from woe1 (which means 6pm European). Anyways, no matter what, there will be always one side not liking it. So we either learn to deal with it or we try to take a step to each other and stop being selfish. :v
  13. gcq

    WoE Times and you

    Well kinda agree with Jyll atm, #coz how it is right now its for that "80% asian" 3am woe2 times. Sure the time right now benefits European the most, but in the end we get a scenario like on the test woes (one guild dominating with number *cough* don't calling names *cough*) If you want a profe for that, just check the BRs, woe2 on wednesday is literally ded. == EDIT Kitty replied while writing this === What Jyll basically means is, woe1 is 3pm Asia. All Dandy and stuff. The problems Woe2 which is 3AM in the morming. To make this short, suggestion is, to make woe2 6h+ from woe1 instead 12h. So its a human time for Asia (and maybe Europe) EDIT, to clear, we mean woe2 not as "cades", its the second session of woe we mean.
  14. gcq

    Zotar Madness Corp

    Dont think they will since they actually also intended use it for other stuff (wasnt it that refund thing?). How about a second one at taps tho.
  15. gcq

    [Tentatively Approved] Mail Weight Increase

    Guess i was lucky to be able send 300 then lol. Also that tax for sending mail seems a bit high. :v