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  1. Magic stalker when Connor. Also, love the match up section, very helpful.
  2. I actually thought about more like "if not bound" > no blessings at all able to use. And if they bound already you can use Blessing. Coz frankly, not to doubt Kitty's scripting skills, but. As you wrote it that is very complicated, and the chances of something not working or loopholes appearing can be pretty high. And since I heard that argument of "monopole" quit a few times now. It is pretty much bullshit. First of all, there will be always someone that has a "monopole", that's how the buy/sell business works. Putting restrictions on that just to avoid that is basically punishing the Cedi player for well ... playing the game. Secondly, you can't even call it that much of a "monopole". It's not like a single MVP only one person can kill and get the loot and then sell. Everyone can run cedi. Everyone can run 20 sets at once, if he has the dedication. Everyone can have a 600/600 gstorage full of cedi gears. The issue we have here right now is, that the supply is higher then the demand. By very, veryyyyyy much. No one buys coz they either A) have all items they need already or B) dun want/can't refine them higher by their own. I not gonna deny, only one/ or a few people dictating the price is bad. However, they can't even dictate the price much, 'coz no one buys it. Cedi over all needs a big revamp. I maybe gonna post later something else regarding this. Also, wasn't a rant directly on you Aka, just put all my thoughts in that reply now. haha /pat
  3. Since quit a few people keep bringing up that issue in main and are too lazy to make it a proper topic, I decided to make this post. The issue: Cedi items can only be refined when bound to the character. The desired change: make them refineable with our bound. Due to the refine UI update a short period if time allowed that. But it was considered a bug and got removed. I personally don't see a problem with making the items refineable without bound. Pros: Cedi runners say no one buys unrefined, so their market might be more profitable. Easier to obtain high refines if your luck sucks (?). Cons: Tho it might be it makes the market easier for long time runners, people who can't afford refine them could get handicapped if they still want to sell their +0 items. Someone told me for the cons, it will end in a monopolized mess. (note from me: well you can't stop that quit frankly, someone will always be on top) Feel free to add more to the pros and cons. kthxbai.
  4. That might be, but I don't have the resources for that, so I probably stay with my nub wings. Also it is just optional, for the class basically any mid goes. 😛
  5. All the guides I made for this neat event. Enjoy guys ~
  6. Are you hungry yet? ========== Sara's Memory ... and you ========== Sara's Memory is a customized instance and part of the Dali update. https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/420-maintenance-notesmajor-2018-05-11-dali-update/&tab=comments#comment-1591 IGN: yandereQueen, g c q, Scilla, and many more ========== How to go there? ========== Go to Eden (@go Eden) and you will see a giant hole in wall, take the portal in the end. You will be on the Dali map, Sara's Memory is the first on the top right side (/navi dali 136/115). ========== The Instance ========== Talk to Leon the Adventurer, he will let you revisit the past of Sara. Use the Dimensional Gate to warp into the instance. NOTE: it is a solo instance, however the NPC wants you to be in a party. Just make one for yourself. Another NOTE: You can use Premium items in the instance, however Angra and Ahura are not allowed. Main goal of the instance is to experience what happen to Sara, you follow the story line and kill all enemies in the way. There isn't really a main goal you can farm for like in Ghost Palace, the monsters in there all drop various food items (low level ones mostly), probably the only decent one being the MVP Irene Elder dropping Lv10 foods and Cookbook. ========== The Monsters ========== The instance has 4 kinds of monsters and 1 "MVP". All Soldiers are aggressive, the Guard Dogs only attack if you hit them. You need to kill them all nonetheless. ========== Gears & Consumables ========== I used High Wizard for the instance due to the nice AOE they naturally provide. Note: the Accessory cards are whatever, I just used most of my farming equipment (lol). Consumables: Yggdrasil Berry, Reraise Potion (in case something goes wrong) Skills: Energy Coat, Amplify Magic Power, Storm Gust, Jupitle Thunder, Lord of Vermillion, Safety Wall (Tho Irene can push you back, you will need immunity to that to use SW properly) The basic get go is, you spam Storm Gust on the monster waves, they all freeze. Then you can either LoV them, or pick them one by one with JT. Basically the same goes for Irene, tho he doesn't freeze. Spam JT on him and keep an eye on your HP to use a Berry if needed. If you got knock back immunity, you can also keep Safety Wall on yourself to save some Berries. Items that prevent knock back be Strong Shield, or Bronze Greaves. ========== Walk through ========== The Instance map is a copy of Payon Town. You will meet Sara who is waiting in Payon for her father. After her dialog with her father, move to the portal. The instance will be always like that, the portals you need to go to will be marked with a green arrow on the map. You find Sara and witness wit her the murder of her mother, you need to escape with her. The system Alarm will go off and the first guards and dogs will spawn, kill them. Make sure you kill everything in section you are in currently. Sara will keep spawning on the way, guiding you. Once you cleared the area, a message appears and a new portal opens. This will repeat a few times. Final Section will be when the message pops up that Sara went up again 12 o'clock In the last section you finally get to catch Sara. A dialog happens again between you, her and her father. Soldiers will spawn. Once they are killed, Irene Elder will spawn immedatly, so be prepared before you enter the cut scene. He uses mostly FSK and Palm Push, but shouldn't be that much of a problem. Keep some Berries on hand in case your HP grain too quick. Once you finish talking with him, chase Sara one last time. When you find her, strangers will take her away. The instance will be over with that.
  7. One suggestion right off, consider using the default font color. I use the forums default dark design and can't read anything. lol EDIT: On PC it is better too read, but I had maybe still recommended the default font color. Nonetheless, neat guide. How about maybe add how to handle Bapho on stalker? Since he will fight back and not just sit there and wait till he is dead. haha
  8. Looking forward to see that nab clown and gypsy. haha
  9. Enjoy a way too long Clown/Gypsy guide guys.
  10. ========== "Are you ready to rock?" Performers ... and you ========== IGN: yandereQueen, g c q, Scilla, Shikabane no Odori and many more ========== Overview ========== Clown (also known as Minstrel) and Gypsy are the alternate path you can choose when being an Archer. Usually they fill in support roles, but are also able to kill the enemy. Their main task is to be as annoying as possible for the enemy. ========== Skills ========== -- Explanation: Primary Clown skills/items will be indicated with Blue, Primary Gypsy skills/items with Pink. -- -- (LvX/Varies) shows the maximum level a skill can have. Varies means a Equipment can effect the lvl. -- First Class, Archer Owl's Eye (Lv 10) - Increases DEX +10. Vulture's Eye (Lv10) - Increases Range of Bow Weapons by 10. Improve Concentration (Lv10) - Boosts AGI and DEX, un-hides hidden enemies. Double Strafe (Lv 10), Charge Arrow (Lv1) and Arrow Shower (Lv10) - Damage Dealing Skills, Arrow Shower has a small AOE (3x3). Making Arrow (Lv1) - Platinum Skill, Handy for crafting special arrows, like some that can cause Status. Transcendent Class, Clown & Gypsy Adaptation to Circumstances (Lv1) - Stops the current Song. Encore (Lv1) - Replays the last used Song with half SP. Music Lesson (Lv10 / Varies) and Dancing Lesson (Lv10 / Varies) - Increases Damage of Musical Weapons (+30 ATK), and gives you walking speed when a song is active. It affects the Solo Songs. Musical Strike (Lv5), Throw Arrow (Lv5) and Arrow Vulcan (Lv 10) - Damage Dealing Skills, requires a Instrument/Whip to be equipped. Frost Joke [Unbarring Octave] (Lv5 / Varies) - Freezes enemies in sight. Affects also Party members and yourself. Scream [Dazzler] (Lv5 / Varies) - Stone Curses enemies in sight. Affects also Party members and yourself. Marionette Control (Lv1) - Shares half the states with a Party member (capped at 99). Longing for Freedom (Lv5) - Allows you to move within the AOE range of an Ensemble skill and lets you use other skills within it (but not another song). Hermonde's Rod (Lv5) - Only usable on Portals while WoE, negates all of your buffs in exchange for being not hit by Magic attacks. Tarot Card of Fate (Lv5 / Varies) - Casts one out of 14 random card effects on the Target. Tarot Card of Hope (Lv1) - Quest Skill, casts randomly a card effect on yourself if you being hit. Cards can be collected and decide the effects you can get. Pang Voice (Lv1) and Wink of Charm (Lv1) - Platinum Skills. Can be enchanted with special effects from Headgears. Pang Voice inflict Chaos on the Target, Wink of Charm inflict Confusion on the Target. Solo Songs: -- Music Lesson / Dancing Lesson in general affect the Bonus the songs give -- Dissonance (Lv5) and Ugly Dance (Lv5) - Continuously deals Damage to enemies in range. Dissonance drains HP, Ugly Dance drains SP. Dissonance also can be used to reveal hidden enemies. Whistle (Lv10) - Increases Flee and PD of the players within the songs range. AGI affects the Flee bonus, LUK the PD bonus. Assassin Cross o Sunset (Lv10) - Increases ASPD. AGI affects the bonus. Apple of Idunn (short: -usually- Apple) (Lv10) - Increases the HP of the Party member within song range, also recovers a small amount of HP over time. VIT affects the bonus. Poem of Bragi (short: Bragi) (Lv10) - Reduces Casting Time and After Cast Delay of the Players within range. DEX affects the Cast Time reduction, INT affects the ACD. Humming (Lv10) - Increases HIT, DEX affects the bonus. Please don't forget me (short: PDFM) (Lv10) - Decreases ASPD and walking speed of the enemies within the songs range. DEX affects the ASPD reduction, AGI the walking speed reduction. Service for you (Lv10) - Increases maximum SP and reduces the SP used for skills. Both are affected by the casters INT. Fortune's Kiss (Lv10) - Increase CRIT rate of all users within range, LUK affects the bonus. Ensemble Songs: -- All Ensemble Songs need a Gypsy and Clown to be in the same party, and standing next to each other. They both need a Instrument/Whip. They also both need to know the song. -- -- Since Ensemble songs aren't really used in the server, I will only cover up the most used ones and mention the rest. If you want to know more detail about the other songs, use wiki or rms. -- Invulnerable Siegfried (Lv5) - (on max lv) Gives 80% Elemental resistance and 50% resistance to Status for the Party in the AOE. Loki's Veil (Lv1) - Skills can't be used within the songs range. Drum of Battlefield (Lv5) - Increases the Parties ATK and DEF. Other Ensemble Songs are: Lullaby, Into the Abyss, Eternal Chaos, Mr. Kim A Rich Man, The Ring of Nibelungen and Moonlit Water Mill. ========== Soul Linkers and you ========== Soul Linkers are very important for Performers because they can give you a great support with their "Bard and Dancer Spirit". TIP: for using alts to link yourself or for Soul Linker, if you Friend the Clown/Gypsy you can easy Link them by just use the skill and click in the Friend window without the hassle of finding them in the crowd. What does that mean "being linked"? When you are linked, all the songs you play will also affect you. Means you obtain the Cast reduction/ACD reduction from Bragi or the HP bonus from Apple. HOWEVER, this also means you get the negative effect (not PDFM), like from Loki's Veil. If you are linked and use Loki's Veil, you cannot use skills within it. If you aren't linked, you can use skills within it. The Link also increases your walking speed while playing a song. And the Link also "links" the songs of both Performer branches (if the songs are lv10). This basically means, if you are a Gypsy, you know Fortune's Kiss Lv10 and you get Soul linked, you know can use Poem of Bragi. And vice versa for Clowns. Whistle <==> Humming Assassin Cross of Sunset <==> Please don't forget me Apple of Idunn <==> Service for you Poem of Bragi <==> Fortune's Kiss Linked songs can be found in your "ETC" tab of the skill window. ========== Tarot Card of Fate and you ========== Probably one of the most infamous skills of the class is the Tarot card of Fate, mostly just short called "Tarot". The skill contains 14 cards, with different effects. A list of them with pictures can be found here: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Tarot_Card_of_Fate (or on the revival wiki) The most effective cards being: The High Priestess - Removes all buffs (similar Gospel effect) The Death - Causes Coma (if not immune), HP/SP will be set to 1 and other status The Chariot - Randomly breaks a Equipment (ignoring FCP) The Wheel of Fortune - Causes randomly 2 other card effects ========== Tarot Card of Hope and you ========== Tarot Card of Hope is a custom skill/Quest for Clowns and Gypsies: http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Tarot_Card_of_Hope_Quest To start the Quest you need to have maximum Reputation. Once you gained the Skill, you can add more card effects by using items monsters drop. Currently there are 8 cards in game, "The Trickster" and "The Courage" you will obtain when you finish the quest. "The Clown", "The Cardinal", "The Cart", "The Entwined", "The Angel" and "The Wildness" are dropped by different monsters. ========== Touhou Hats and you ========== Touhou Lucky boxes provide several different hats for the main classes of the game. The hat for Clowns is Lyrica Hat [2] and the one for Gypsy Night Sparrow Hat [2]. Lyrica Hat [2] upgrades Pang Voice to Throe Voice if refined to +7. The effect changes to forcefully making the Target and surrounding enemies sit down. This is pretty handy in slowing enemies down so your teammates can take better care of them. Considered a stable item for Clowns (at +7). Night Sparrow Hat [2] upgrades Wink of Charm to Charming Kiss at a refine of +7. Charming Kiss makes it impossible for the Target to attack you. You can only charm one Player at a time tho. ========== Third Job Skill Hats and you ========== During Sale periods, Third Job Skill hats got released in the Cash shop, these were 30c back then and had the sprites of the headgears you usually obtained when job changing into a third class. -- as of right now writing this guide, I can't find the specific effects of the songs (with possible modifications for Loki) in Forums, Wiki or per @id in game, so I will just mention them. -- Dying Swan Granted the Skills Moonlight Serenade and Symphony of Lovers. Maestro Song's Hat Enabled the use of Windmill Rush and Echo Song. ========== Performer in WoE ... and you ========== As already mention, the main role of Performer, Clown and Gypsy, is more focused on being supportive and annoying to handle for your enemy. Main Tasks: Play songs, make sure your Teammates are buffed; Slow down enemies with either PDFM, Scream or Frost Joke; Help killing with Tarot. Playing Songs Sadly due to the new client, songs won't have a visual effect as before. Older Players might have a better feeling for who is still in song range and who not, then newer players to the class. The only "indicator" that someone is under the songs effect is now, that they have a glow. Different songs have different colored glows, Idunn is green, Service has a more pink glow. The Songs effect range is 5x5 around the caster. Songs like Poem of Bragi also effect the enemy. Make sure you stop them so you won't give your enemy a free buff. Flashing Songs "Flashing Songs" means the quick cast of multiple songs after another. Usually, if you just keep one song up, it's effect will stay for 3min. However, when you cancel and start another song, this duration will reduce to 20sec. You can flash all songs and give your team quick buffs, this is especially handy in Urgent Calls in WoE. Flashing can be done in two ways, the most commonly one in this Server is by using Adaptation (since it has no delay). The second method be by equipping another weapon (not Instrument/Whip), the song will get canceled, you can re-equip your Instrument, play a new song and repeat. No matter how you wanna proceed on quick changing your songs, make sure you set your hotkeys the most comfortable for yourself. Stat Affection on Songs The buffs the different songs give depend usually on the level of Music/ Dancing Lesson you learned and your own stats (base + bonus). You can set those stats as high as you want, but the INT and DEX bonus used in Poem of Bragi always gonna be capped at 150 INT and 120 DEX. Due to the calculation formula using Dancing/ Music Lesson, songs you not originally learned (linked ones), like Gypsy getting Bragi or a Clown getting Service for you, will always be weaker. Under the following will be a example. If you want to know details about the other songs, refer to the revival wiki. Apple of Idunn https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/The_Apple_of_Idun A Clown with 180 VIT will give 53% max HP and recover 225 HP, a Gypsy with the same VIT will give 43% max HP and recover 175 HP. Helping Guild members, Trolling around Performer got plenty of ways to slow down enemies and inflict all kinds of status on them. If an enemy tries to run away or rush in, you can PDFM him. People with less status immunity (Pure Glass canon Killers, or some Paladin) will be heavily affected by Frost Joker/Scream. Silence, Stone Curse and Freeze can make them stop attack. Usually Targets with Tao Gunka or Ghostring freeze. TIP: Teaming up with Creator/Champion. Facing those, some enemies tend to tank them with Ghostring, but then they will also freeze to your Joke. If everyone is buffed up with songs, including yourself you can make yourself useful by spamming Tarot on the enemy and hope of getting good card effects. Parties Generally it is ok for you to be in a party, in fact if you wanna use Ensemble Skills, you must be in one (Ensemble skill effects only include the party). However, if you wanna focus on Joke/Scream, you need to consider that it will affect also your party. If someone isn’t Freeze immune, you will freeze him constantly. That’s why you might need to be party-less if doing that. ========== Stats, Consumables, Gears ... and you ========== Stats -- Left picture is a more Demi-Human/PD focused build, the picture on the right a Flee build with AGI that allows Cloaking. -- In general it's good to go with LUK for some decent PD. Min. 80 VIT and 90 AGI for the Gemini-Card effect. 150 DEX and INT for maximum Bragi bonus. STR to hold items like Potions. Alternatively you can go for a more Flee oriented build, with Fox Ears (which grants Cloaking skill with 250 AGI). Flee gives you a chance to evade skill attacks (which not include magic), Perfect Dodge gives you the chance to evade melee attacks, to the point that with 100 PD and more your enemy will completely miss you. Consumables Condensed White Potions - Main HP heal item in WoE, gives 50% more heal if you use Potion made by one of the top 10 ranked Creators (/alchemist) Blue Potion - Main SP heal item, also gives 50% bonus if the Creator is ranked Panacea - Cures abnormal status Speed Potion / Box of Thunder - Increases Walking Speed for a short period, perfect to come back to your team or escape enemies Elemental Proof Potions - Depending on the resist you desire, they give you 20% on either Fire, Water, Wind or Earth Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee - Gives you 20 PD for 10min Holy Elemental Scroll - Enchants Armor with Holy Property Big Magic Defense Potion / Big Defense Potion - +3% resistance to Magical/ Physical attacks Butterfly Wing - You can't use @return in WoE (tho @go works, if your spawn is set on a close @go point, you don't need that) Arrows - Shadow/Holy/Earth or a Status Arrow always can be handy in case you need to attack Gears/Equipment Under the following I will list useful Items, alternatives for gears. You will not need every single piece but it's always nice to have options. I will also include Cards. -- Left, Demi-Human Resist and PD focus; Right, Flee with cloaking from Fox Ears. -- Headgear options Antique Helm [2] - Can be set with different effects, check wiki for "Antique" to see the full options. This one has Demi-Human Resist 10%, Neutral Resist 5%, Max HP 10% and Intravision. Event Coppola [2] - All Stats +10, Matk/Atk +10%, Demi-Human Resist 10% Healer's Heart Hat [2] - Bleeding/Silence Resist +50%, Demi-Human Resist 10%, 15% more Healing on you Fox Ears [4] - PD +5, Crit +20, Flee +130, DEX +30, If AGI 250> grants Cloaking Lv3 ======== Large White Angelwings [1] - Decrease taken damage by 10%, 10% more Healing on you, PD +10 Wing Headphones [1] - VIT +10, STR +5, INT +5, Nullifies HP Regen, Demi-Human Resist 10% Fable Silks [1] - Soul Links you with your class effect, ACD +10%, increase damage from all by 20% (basically any donor mid is good to go, People usually go for "Speed Wings" or whatever fancy item is currently on sale) Elegant Wings [4] - All Stats +15, Flee +40, PD +5, Hit +30 Rose Ring [4] - All Stats +25, Movement Speed +25% (Speed Wings Example) ======== (basically any donor lower goes, depending on what you prefer/need) Panda Rucksack [1] - All Stats +10, Chance on inflicting "Deep Sleep" on attacker if being hit Poring Balloon [1] - All Stats +15, Resistance to all Status +10% ("Balloons", is a series of similar Gears with the same effect) Poring Pipe [1] - All Stats +10, Demi-Human Resist 3% Fuzzy Bunny Scarf [0] - Resistance to all Elements 5% Honoray Bunny Mouth [0] - Blind/Silence Immunity, Water Resist 10% ======== Gemini-S58 Card - Stun/Silence Resist +30% if AGI 90>, Stone/Sleep Resist +50% if VIT 80> Giearth Card - Chaos Immunity, Earth Resist +15% Marduk Card - Silence Immunity Orc Hero Card - Stun Immunity, VIT +3 Evil Snake Lord Card - Blind/Curse Immunity, INT +3 Leaf Cat Card / Leib Olmai Card / Giant Hornet Card / Permeter Card - Water Resist +10% / Fire Resist +10% / Wind Resist +10% / Shadow, Undead Resist 15% Maya Purple Card - Intravision Which cards you use in your headgears depends on your needs and what works the best for you. I personally prefer status immunities over Elemental resistance. I use 3 Gemini Cards to gain immunity to the most status (in combo with my Pet that gives 10% to all, you can archive the same with a "Balloon" lower). While Fable Silks permanently links you with your class link (until you die), it is more of an emergency item. You will take more damage from all sources if you wear it, so it's really suitable in a heavy combat situation. Armor options WoE Suit [1] - Mdef +5, PD +10, Water Resist +10%, Atk +5%; Refine +5: 15% more Healing on you; Refine +8: Max HP 20% (WoE Set Bonus) Demi-Human Resist +20%, Damage on Demi +10%, 5% more Healing on you Siege Suit [1] - Mdef +4, Medium Resist +3%; Refine +5: PD +5, Long-Range Resist +10%; Refine +8: Max HP +5% (Siege Set Bonus) Dex +5, Demi-Human Resist +7% Tidung [1] - Mdef +10, decrease damage from all by 10%, Stun/Freeze Resist +50% Great Old Hauberk [0] - PD +10, Max HP/SP +20%, ACD -10%, Mdef +10, Atk/MAtk +5%, Crit +5, Hit +10, Igonres Enemies Mdef by 10%, Freeze Immunity, Water/Neutral Resist +10%, Unbreakable, Unstrippable Orc Knight Plate [1] - 10% of ignoring all melee damage, Flee +75, Earth Resist +10%, Mdef Bonus with refine Variegated Vest [1] - Enables usage of Warm Wind Lv4, Unbreakable, Unstrippable, Max HP/SP +10% per 1% refines, DEF +1 per 2 refines, Mdef +1 per refines Valkyrian Armor [1] - All Stat +1, Unbreakable, Silence Resist +50% ======== Grand Marin Card - Unbreakable, Freeze Immunity Grand Ghostring Card - Unbreakable, Enchants Armor with Ghost Ghostring Card - HP Recovery -25%, Enchants Armor with Ghost Gioia Card - Mdef +10, Freeze Immunity Marc Card - Freeze Immunity, Water Resist +5% Detardeurus Card (Detale Card) - Mdef -20, Chance of casting Land Protector Lv1 on yourself when being magically attacked, Freeze Immunity As you might can guess from the card choices, Freeze immunity is always a good thing to have. It makes you more independent in your movement, you don't need being hit from enemy or Priest Recovery from getting out of it. Garment Options WoE Manteau [1] - Mdef +5, All Element Resist +1% per refine, Max HP/SP +1% per refine, Demi Resist +1% per 2 refines (WoE Set Combo) Siege Muffler [1] - Mdef +7, Medium Resist +3% (Siege Set Combo) Valkyrian Manteau [1] - Unbreakable, PD +[5+(refine*2)] --Example, +10 be PD +25-- Caliginous Cloak [1] - All Element Resist +5%, PD +5, Max HP/SP +1% per refine, Mdef +5, Unbreakable, Unstrippable Wool Scarf [1] - Mdef +4 (Tidal Shoes Combo) Max HP +10% --Commonly used for Melanis Enchants-- ======== Raydric Card - Neutral Resist +20% Polistes Card - Close Range Resist +10%, Neutral Resist +10% Noxious Card - Long Range Resist +10%, Neutral Resist -10% Nobby the Novice Card - Flee +40, PD +8, Neutral Resist +10% Deviling Card - Neutral Resist +50%, All Other Element Resist -50% Jakk Card/ Dustiness Card/ Marse Card/ Hode Card - Fire Resist +30%/ Wind Resist +30%/ Water Resist +30%/ Earth Resist +30%/ (All of them) Flee +5 Leak Card - STR +3, Chance of causing Confusion when doing physical/magical damage Garment Cards usually aim for Resistance, if you want to be prepared for any situation you gonna need to get a few ready. Leak Card is one neat choice for Trolling, because it combos with Frost Joke/Scream. Meaning you can confuse your enemy while using these Skills on a safe spot. Shoes Options WoE Boots [1] - Mdef +5, AGI +10, Max HP +1,5% per refine, Reduce Magic damage by 1% per 2 refines (WoE Set Combo) Siege Boots [1] - Mdef +3, Medium Resist +3% (Siege Set Combo) Apache Coated Boots [1] - Mdef +5, Water and Earth Resist +10% (Puff Eye Ring Combo) Resist increase to 20% Tidal Shoes [1] - Water Resist +5%, HP Recovery +5% (Wool Scarf Combo) --Commonly used for Melanis Enchants-- Ebony Greaves [1] - Mdef +5, AGI +10, Max HP/SP +1,5% per refine, 10% Movement Speed, Unbreakable, Unstrippable Footgear Antique [1] - Can be set with different effects, check wiki for "Antique" to see the full options. This one has Max HP +10%, ACD -5%, Movement Speed +15%, No Knockback Valkyrian Shoes [1] - Undestroyable, Max HP +(Base Lvl*80) ======== General Egnigem Card (GEC) - Max SP/HP +10%, Max HP +150 / Max SP +10(per Base Lvl), Restores 500 HP and 25 SP per sec Apache Tear Card - Max SP/HP +10%, Additional HP/SP per Base Lvl, Restores 500 HP and 25 SP per 2sec, Reduces HP/SP Recover rate by 50% Amon Ra Card - All Stat +3, Adds chance on casting Kyrie Elesion Lv10 based on your INT On Shoes the card options aren't that big, usually people go for GEC in terms of tanking. Amon Ra is more a gimmicky side option if you got decent INT investment. Weapon Options Ralph's Requinto [3] / Vanessa's Stockwhip [3] - INT +5; DEX +5, Increase Damage on Medium +2*(Dancing/Music LessonLv)%, Tarot Card of Fate +2Lv, Chance of casting Tarot Lv10 on enemy when using Arrow Vulcan Solid Guitar [0] / Solid Whip [0] - Atk +30%, PD + 10+(RefineLvl) Ukulele of New Oz [2] / Bloody Floral Decorated Microphone [2] - DEX +5, INT +3, Max HP +1% per 2 refine, ACD -1% per 2 refine (Combos; Ring New Oz Wing/ Bloody Floral Decoration Bracelet) Ukulele: Frost Joke has small chance of causing Stone Curse /Microphone: Scream has small chance to cause Freeze Green Whistle [3] / Stem Whip [3] - INT +5, ACD -2% per refine, SP usage -0,5% per refine Amorous Narcissist [3] / Dragobete's Rope [3] - DEX +3, ASPD +2, ATK +1% per refine (Specialty Bonus) Amorous: Small chance that Frost Joke inflicts Cold; Dragobete: Small chance that Scream will decrease Movement Speed Combat Knife [0] - Demi Resist +10%, Pierces Demi defense Creeper Bow [2] - DEX +1, Chance of casting Spider Web lv1 on target when attacking ======== Golem Card - ATK +5, Unbreakable Little Fatum Card - Chance of causing Silence when doing magical damage Drake Card - 2% chance of causing Critical Wounds on physical attack Lord of The Dead Card - 0,1% chance of Coma, 50% chance of Stun, Curse, Silence, Poison or Bleeding Valkyrie Rangris Card - 1% chance of castig Dispell Lv1 when attacking, Unbreakable, ATK +10% There are plenty of more "Status" cards you can choose from, I just named the mainly used ones. On the Bow department, I also just picked the one I use. I am usually not a Killer, so I don't have expereience on what's the best there. Ralph's and Vannessa's Weapon are the best choice if you want to spam Tarot a lot. The 2 additional levels mean that your Tarot has a success chance of 56%. For the Trolling, Little Fatum Card has the same synergy as Leak Card. It works with Frost Joke/Scream, so it is almost a stable choice in any weapon if you want to use that skill. I just use Golem card because I am lazy FCP. Shield Options Immune Shield [1] - Refine +5: Neutral Resist +1% per refine; Refine +7: Neutral Resist +5%; Refine +10: Water, Wind, Earth, Fire Resist +10% Antiquated Shield [1] - Wind, Earth, Holy, Poison Resist +20%, Mdef +5 Valkyrja's Shield [1] - Water, Fire, Undead, Shadow Resist +20%, Mdef +5 Shield Antique [1] - Can be set with different effects, check wiki for "Antique" to see the full options. This one has Neutral +2%, Long Range Resist +6%, Non-Boss Resist +10%, Magic Resist 6% Vigilante Shield [1] - All Element Resist +10%, 10% Chance of ignoring any damage, Reduces damage from all attacks by 10%, ATK/Matk/Flee/PD/Hit -50%, Increase AD ACD, Reduces ASPD ======== Thara Frog Card - Demi Resist +30% Horn Card - Long Range Resist +35% Maya Card - 50% chance to reflect single target magic Golden Thiefbug Card - Magical damage -60%, SP consumption +60%; Dispell Immunity and prevents several debuffs Toaster Card - Normal Monster Resist +30%, Boss Monster Resist -10% Yuki Card - Reduces Physical damage by 35% Best get to go card in every WoE/Pvp scenario is Thara Frog. Other things can be optional used, like Maya if you know your enemy single targets you alot and want to let him pay for that. For the Shields, there are also plenty more to chose from, as always just the mostly common ones. Accessory Options Sound Amplifier [1] - Grants extra 2Lvl on Frost Joke/Scream Ring New Oz Wing [1] / Bloody Floral Decoration Baraclet [1] - Grants 1Lvl on Music/ Dancing Lesson (Combo Part) --2 of them stack-- Puff Eye Ring [1] - Posion Resist +10% (Combo Part) Wind Resist +10% Grendal's Gloves [1] - Grants the use of Repair Weapon. Resplendent Ring [1] - Matk +125, SP usage -25%, ACD -5% --Mainly used with Cedi Orb Enchants-- Clip-on Fringe [1] - Mdef +5, Earth Resist +5%, chance of casting skills when being hit Kraken's Tooth Necklace [0] - DEF +5, Water Resist +5%, chance of casting skills when being hit Seth's Pride [1] - Mdef +5, Holy Resist +5%, chance of casting skills when being hit Great Demon's Shackles [2] - Resist to all races +5%, takes both Accessory slots Vendor's Clip [1] -Resist to all races +3%, Enables usage of Pushcart Lv10, Change Cart and Vending Lv3 Glorious Ring [0] - HP +300; Water, Wind, Fire and Earth Resist +10%, ASPD +5%, Cast Reduction 3% ======== Yoyo Card - PD +5, AGI +1 Alligator Card - Long Range Resist +5% Horong Card - Enables usage of Sight lv1 PoPoring Card - Enables usage of Detoxify lv1 Errende Ebecee Card - 5% Chance of casting Pneuma lv1 on wearer if physically attacked Accessories have plenty of options, cards usually aim to help you tank, like Alligator or Errende. If you want to focus on Frost Joke/ Scream Ampifier is a good choice. The Music/ Dance Lesson bonus from New Oz and Bloody is also very nice. Pet Options (loyal effects) Menblatt Pet - Magical/Physical Resist 5%, Chance of casting Safety Wall on self, Status Resist 10% Brony Pet - Max HP +1500, PD +10, Flee -10 Alice Pet - Mdef +3, Demi Resist +3% Hunter Fly Pet - Flee -15, PD +7 Whisper Pet - Flee +5% Whichever you prefer, adding more PD, Resist or Flee. ========== Conclusion ========== Clown and Gypsy and be a lot of fun to play, but if you want to be a pure support, your effectiveness depends a lot on your teammates. Sadly, mostly due to the Songs Bragi and Whistle, and to the fact that Stone Curse resistance is far more common then Freeze (on some classes), Gypsy is devastatingly outclassed by Clown. But Gypsy still can be fun too, especially in non-donor WoE.
  11. Man, now I feel old. I suggested that Chaffeur agesssss agoooo ... Ripperoni. Anyways. Fully approve that. ty.
  12. I don't mind you posting so much, at least the dead forums a bit alive. lol Well the best quests in these thing you can get are the one with "kill a custom MVP" > Cata Mobs count, it's easy and gives a lot PoP "kill a MVP" > oddly enough, Necromancer in Abbey counts, so that is easy too. Accumulation, I actually never got Skoll item. But I agree the PoP you get for that is way too low (that's why I usually don't bother with that lol). For the Angling. I think someone should make a guide for that honestly lol. OK NVM screw that, for the first time I actually wiki fishing and WTF, there so many fishs???? lol What we could need is a remove of those weird Quests like "Kill 50 Poring Blacksmith" or "Kill 200 Gertie" like ... first so many Poring don't spawn within 24h and second Ain't nobody got time for that. I know it is suppose to be "challenging" but ... bish pls its 2k19 not 2009. Also yes, adjust the rewards a bit. And since we are on the topic of Paradise Pieces. Can we nerf the Set makign NPC a bit. Like, when you need to remake a set, and delete one, you cen get back half the Paradise Pieces you used. qq The zeny are ok, that's a nice sink.
  13. Well, you can always farm with another class and then use that to sell things. I was never a big SG player, but right off the bat I had said Amistr Hat upper, any Mid you prefer best be LRW or maybe Music Ring, any lower. Alligator set at a nice high refine, Angra (rental one or a perma one if you got investment in that), Strong Shield and I assume Recons as accessory. I also made a FAQ post, in case you got more questions, maybe that helps:
  14. Don't we have that guide already? Also it won't fit in any of the categories.
  15. I didn't even knew there is a 5 account limit lol
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