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  1. Thank you for your kind compliments. I hope you enjoy without me.
  2. Hello Midgardians, This would be my last post to this wonderful community, It has been a while since I joined here, but alas, time has come. I am stepping down from the position. I have never thought that I would be leaving you all, with every day I spent with you all, you have given me reason to stay and manage this community. It was hard decision for me to step down, but here it is. I might have made some mistakes, for which I can only quote this: "Sometimes, Even the wisest of man or machine can make an error". I hope to see you all soon. Optimus, Signing off.
  3. Hello, Please open ticket @ support.ragnarevival.com/ with all the details(igns and usernames) and reason (why new account is created, etc) and we will see if it's feasible. Once we receive the ticket we will reply with appropriate solution.
  4. Only party leader will need the key. Every member will get atleast 1 token, and at max 3 tokens.
  5. It isn't possible to clear a certain slot, either clear all slot or none. Token is per player in a party, 1 set of keys required per party. Jirant: Passable from NonNewbie-> New Player
  6. Hello Everyone, We had an unexpected restart on 4th March 2021, with that, we introduced our next set of fixes and update: Changes Done: Event Items are tradable to new players. Currently, only Jirant is eligible in event item. As we progress, we will add more items to the list. A non-tradable item can be traded only once to new player. Criteria of new player is currently based on account creation date and number of logins. MvP Arena Changes MvP Arena status is now shown in warper npc. MvP Arena cost has been adjusted to 200k for old players and 100k for new players. MvP Room Bounty and Cooldown: Alpha/Beta/Theta: 75M Bounty, No cooldown Epsilon/Sigma: 200M Bounty, 5 days cooldown Omega: 300M Bounty, 8 days cooldown Gamma/Delta: 500M Bounty, 14 days cooldown MvP Arena cooldown and bounty is changed as to normalize the heavy zeny influx that we see when the rooms are opened (~5-6x than normal, You can check yourself in #stats in discord) Refine Changes: The System won't allow players to refine when Blacksmith Blessing is in inventory and is not used. If you intend to refine without blacksmith blessing, please store it and then proceed to refine, This is a fail-safe measure to avoid accidental non-selection of BB. Fees for various Refines are changes: Armor: Refine 1-10: 50k Zeny Weapon Level 1: Refine 1-10: 10k Zeny Weapon Level 2: Refine 1-10: 20k Zeny Weapon Level 3: Refine 1-7: 40k Zeny Refine 8-10: 50k Zeny Weapon Level 4: Refine 1-7: 50k Zeny Refine 8-10: 75k Zeny Items can no longer be sent through RoDex(Mail), as it have high rate of failure and non-traceability. All AutoVendors are removed and Autovending through 5M Zeny is enabled for a week. Ragnarok Arrival Instance: If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/ Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Regards, RevivalRO Team
  7. Example guide for win apps: https://www.google.com/amp/s/beebom.com/how-use-windows-10-apps-chromebook-using-wine/amp/
  8. Yes, it's free software and this is correct site
  9. Hello, It's not playable directly from chromebook, You need to install "wine" software and use it to play in chromebook
  10. Hello Midgardians, We will be applying some changes from 20th Feb 2020, which will affect all WoE Set gained through GPack. Following are the changes: * WoE Set gained through GPack will be converted to 1 month rental. (Impacts old Gpack woe set as well) * Old WoE Set gained through GPack (before April 2020) were missing GPack tag in name, those items will be converted as well. * NPC to increase rental of Gpack WoE Set items by 2 weeks for 100 WoE coins / each. * NPC to convert Gpack WoE Set to Permanent for 400 coins / each (Applicable for refines >= 7 and old gpack woe sets only, Refines done till 11th Feb 16:30 will only be considered for this offer.). The changes are implemented to reduce the abuse of guild packs and to follow original idea behind the GPack, i.e. to give boost to players at initial stages. Rest assured, the set brought from WoE Shop will not be changed and will continue to work as it is. With this, we are resuming gpack applications that was previously put on hold.
  11. It has been a while since Amber items got update, with this maintenance, we are bringing new items: What is Amberknight? Grandma Mayu has left her home after years of living in recluse with her various pets and settled in Eden Mall (@go 16, /navi paramk_ 143/104). Her favorite snail, Amberknight, has also come with her but it seems he's having trouble adjusting to the mall. Shaky from suddenly moving with Grandma Mayu, Amberknight just can't settle down! He's eating almost everything in sight and Grandma Mayu needs your help to get him to spit up the items. How to Play: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Amberknight New Items: Heroic Fiery Rings[3]: Love Gum[1]: Sylphid Barrier[3]: Dragon God Helm[4] All above items have following restrictions: Not usable in legit areas, Cannot Trade, Cannot Refine, Cannot Vend. Costume Versions are tradable. Donor Box 2021: For every accumulated 50 Euros donated, you will receive one Donor Box. Once you have filled your Donor Box progress bar on https://ragnarevival.com/login, the Donor Box will be sent to you through the Zotar NPC (prontera 151 190) within 24 hours from the time you have successfully donated. Items that you can find in Donor Box 2021 are: Heroic Fiery Rings Love Gum Sylphid Barrier Dragon God Helm Trident Book of Magic Magicians Hood Heroic Cyber Income Analyzing Eye Crimson Booster Amistrs Beret Set of New Clothes Red Rouge Cap Drake Dark Coat Back Scythe Drake Blue Coat Drake Gold Coat Heroic Shadow Force Wings Colorful Prid Helm Bumblebee Aura Coin Shower Avian Wings Woodland Topper Heroic Permafrost Wings Outburst Fulmination Cursed Ghost Claw Forbidding Reaper Spirit 30-50 Blacksmith Blessing Costume: Kohimo Fox Hair Costume: Pigeon in Hat Costume: Elephangel And Donor box 2020 items except: New Costumes: Kuhimo Fox Hair: Pigeon In Hat: Elephangel:
  12. Hello Everyone, During this maintenance, we performed Server Health checkup, along with multiple fixes and new additions. Changes Done: Added "revival_nopatcher.bat" to bypass patcher and start the game directly in case of errors in patcher. (Not Recommended) Visual Bug of decarder wherein, the items didn't disappear from inventory is fixed. Replace Judex effect with holy light by typing @judexreplace (You can /effect off after using @judexreplace to have no effect from that skill) Item Changes: Henry Morgan card works for Ninja as well. Sealed Orc Hero Card no longer stacks (as it was never supposed to). Added costume version for 'Metallic Wings', 'Golden Crown' and 'Lazy Bunny' Added Donor box 2021 and Amber items: Skill Changes: Defender: Defender bonus no longer applies to dual wield weapons. Shield is required in all cases. Cashshop Items: Removed Long ponytail and wavy buns from cashshop. Added amber pearls back to cashshop Mining Points Shop: Added Long Ponytail and Wavy bun to mining shop for 20MP, which can be recolored using "Recolor meowster" for 50PP: Changes done between last maintenance to current: System Changes: * Eden Set: * Implementation of Phase 1 changes of Ranking: If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/ New Events will be added after a week. Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Regards, RevivalRO Team
  13. Hello Midgardians, We have been discussion this topic over past couple months. We have seen couple of inactive (based on login) rankers (Forging, Alchemy, Taekwon). We will be going through a change in upcoming days in 2 phases: Phase 1: Soft removal of inactive rankers: Any ranker that is inactive from a month would not be shown in fame list and their bonuses would not apply. We have already started this by hiding them from website based on login date, You can check them here: https://ragnarevival.com/ranking/forging https://ragnarevival.com/ranking/alchemy https://ragnarevival.com/ranking/taekwon This change will be live in the server in upcoming maintenance. Phase 2: Adding Penalty to inactive rankers: Any ranker that is inactive for a month would gain penalty of x% and so on for further months and their fame will be reduced. This will give benefit to new rankers to gain prominent spot and work through the ranks. Phase 2 will be added soon after the implementation of Phase 1. Phase 3: Adding Penalty to rankers who don't do anything to increase fame: Any ranker that is doesn't participate to increase the fame/rank for a month would gain penalty of x% and so on for further months and their fame will be reduced. Phase 3 will be in works after couple of weeks. If you have any suggestions to improve this, please feel free to open a topic in gitlab: https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker Regards, RevivalRO Team
  14. Hello Everyone, Recently, we made some changes to Eden Set, the changes were long overdue and discussed/opened several times: https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues/242 (Main Topic) And our first ever dev note (6 months back): And other issues which relates to eden to an extent. We have decided to make some improvements over long discussions internally with the team. We came into conclusion and have implemented it recently. Reasoning: I think, Everyone will agree here that Eden Set gives tremendous advantage (to those who use it) and ability to own multiple sets just acts like the cherry on the cake. The issue here focuses on having multiple sets which can cause anyone to change their build to Tank/Attack/Support, basically anything that they want in any situation within milliseconds (hotkey, 1 button switch). This causes imbalance as the anyone could be anything within a second depending and easily be overpowered, which gives a huge advantage compared to "no set" play style, which can take upto 2-4 seconds or even more. We are also aware that this switching of eden set needs proper strategy, skills and gears, but it cannot be ignored that it still gave huge benefit to old players and to those who knows how stuff works. To combat this, we decided to put a cooldown on them. This cooldown is not to discourage the users to not use the eden set, we have added them to reduce the dependency on "multiple" eden sets. With this change, we hope there will be more improvements for timing and strategy that is being used instead of switching gears within a second. We ensure you that, we will keep an eye on the matter and adjust it if required. Regards, RevivalRO Team
  15. Hello Everyone, It's been a long time since eden set was discussed. We have to go through various factors before agreeing on the changes, with that said, we have implemented some changes to eden set with immediate effect: On Wearing Eden Set, cooldown will be applied to all sets for (2+NumberOfSets) seconds.. that is: 1 Set = 3 Seconds Cooldown 2 Sets = 4 Seconds Cooldown 3 Sets = 5 Seconds Cooldown and so on.. We will continue to tune it as per our observations. Best Wishes, RevivalRO Team
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