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  1. Goodmorning! As the wiki is currently unavailable, you may try to check this wiki archive https://bit.ly/3qyA4xo. Thank you and have a peaceful weekend! Goodnight!
  2. Goodmorning! Kindly open a ticket to https://support.ragnarevival.com/ so we can assist you properly. Hope to see you ingame! Goodnight!
  3. Goodmorning! Kindly open a ticket to https://support.ragnarevival.com/ so we can assist you properly. Hope to see you ingame! Goodnight!
  4. Goodmorning! These are markers for a quest called "Breaking The Seal Quest." Have a peaceful week and Goodnight!
  5. Goodmorning! You'll be able to spot the blessings under "New" tab if you are playing via PC. while blacksmith blessings is the 5th item in cashshop if you're playing via android. Goodnight! Ataraxia
  6. Goodmorning! Apologies for the late response. Indeed we do not have that quest. @rank_one as the quest is not in our server, you might want to check out other available headgear quests thru these links. https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Category:Custom_Quests https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Category:Quests Goodnight! Ataraxia.
  7. Perfect Set: Effects: Crown Increase MATK proportional to INT. Decrease SP proportional to DEX. Ignores 10% of enemies' MDEF. Ignores Elemental Resistance by 7%. +15% max HP. Helios +25 all stats. Increase MATK by 12%. Gives immunity to curse. Add resistance to holy, shadow and poison element by 10%. Increase SP consumption of skill by 30%. Aura +18 all stats. +10% resistance to all status. Increase resistance to physical attacks by 5%. Set bonus effects: +15% magic damage to demi-human. Nullify the gemstone and stone requirement for skills. Allows the use of lvl1 Diamond Dust. Aegis Set: Effects: Crown Dex +20. Luk +15. Damage against demi-human and brute races +50%. Increase long range damage by 5%. Wings +20 on all stats. Ignores 20% of all races' DEF and MDEF. ATK +175. MATk +175. Gives immunity to curse. Aura +18 on all stats. +10% resistance to all status. Increase misc defense by 5%. Set bonus effect: +15% damage to demi-human. +10% max HP. Allows the use of lvl1 Arrow Storm. Cookie Crumble Party Effects: All status +20 Increase Damage and Magical damage with Holy and Fire element by 15% Decrease After Cast Delay by 10% and Increase it by 1% per card compound Increase ATK/MATK by 15% and decrease it by 1% per card compound Flee - 100 Crowned Ribbon Effects: All status +10 Increase +50% damage against Player Increase damage when using Fire, Water, Earth, Wind element by 10% Hit -100 Eclipse Knit Hat Effects: All status +20 MATK +10% ATK +10% 0.5% chance to cause Cold status with any of your attacks Increase resistance to Cold status by 20% Increase SP consumption by 10% Costumes: Long Ponytail: White Black Blue Brown Green Purple Yellow Red Wavy Buns: White Black Yellow Purple Red Brown Green Blue Premium Gears from the Past
  8. Hello Midgardians! The reindeers are back and hitched up safely. Santa is on the roll to deliver Christmas presents for the naughty and nice kids. But there are some presents left alone and needs to be delivered however, with no available elves on sight. Now Little Claus, the daughter of Santa needs some volunteers to deliver the presents to specific kids all over Midgard. And be warned! These children are rascals, they like to move occasionally~ Players will be able to complete this event every 24hrs. To start the quest, players can find and talk to Little Claus located at xmas_in 32 97. Kids: Their Names (from left to right): Rafflie, Ahmad, Alf, Malow, Adam, Sharpie and Romina. Rafflie can be found in house of umbala. Further hints would be given by the kids. Good luck everyone and may the Christmas Elves be there with you in spirit!
  9. Goodmorning! Ataraxia here! a fledgling that just graduated from training. Feel free to get in touch with me for your concerns be it a bug or issue. hope to see you all ingame! Remember, just keep it cool alright? Have a peaceful one! Goodnight!
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