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  1. EVENT ITEMS: ***The Costume: Cat's Paw Knit Hat & Costume: Cat's Paw Knit Hat (Brown) will only be available in Christmas Box 2021. List of Christmas Box 2021 Possible Drop Costume: Cat's Paw Knit Hat (Brown) Costume: Cat's Paw Knit Hat Flying Katashiro Yggdrasil Berry Voucher (50) Magic Card Album Old Card Album Bloody Branch Asteria Soft Wool RDC Tags Hardened Steel Demon Skin Heartwood Bubblegum Reraise Potion Token of Siegfried Wishlist Christmas Box 2020 Christmas Box 2021 Christmas Bell Ribbon Holiday Scarf Puppy Santa Hat Jessica's Christmas Hat Smokey Gift Egg Santa Poring Egg
  2. Goodmorning Everyone, During our patch, we added a few items for the event and released a pre-anniversary sales. Event: A rerelease of Christmas Event with additional new event items in Kid Representative. Sale: Cashshop Returns (See Limited Tab of ingame Cashshop) Double Donor Box Pre Anniversary Sale PRE ANNIVERSARY SETS Demon Set Demon Crown [4] Dex +20. Int +20. Perfect Dodge +5. Grants 3 additional levels of Meditatio. Decrease After Cast Delay by 5% Blinking Cocktail Blue Eyes [1] All stats +18. Resistance to all status +10%. Increase Long Range Resistance by 5%. Released Ground All Stats +25. Movement speed +20%. Increase healing potential by 7%. Add 1% chance to Curse enemy when being hit by an enemy Set bonus: Increase resistance to Player by 5% If you are a High Priest, Grants lv 1 Praefatio with 20 seconds cooldown Freya Set Freya's Crown [4] STR+ 20 AGI +15 Damage against Player and Brute +50% Decrease after delay cast by 5% Freya's Pauldron [1] All stats +18 Resistance to All bad status +10% Increase Magic damage resistance by 5% Freya's Greatsword [4] All stats +25 Increase ATK by 12% Immune to Curse Resistance to Holy, Shadow, Undead +10% Increase SP Consumption of skills by 30% Set Bonus: +15% More damage to Player. +5% Weapon Skill damage. Allows the use of Earth Shaker lv 1 Skill Changes: Praefatio lv.1 Cooldown is set to 20seconds. Earth Shaker lv.1 The skill will now require 1 Spiritual Crystal(6087) per cast. The coolown of this skill will be 3 second (hard cooldown) Visible Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage_Vis × (BaseLv ÷ 100) + (Base INT × 2)]% Concealed Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage_Con × (BaseLv ÷ 100) + (Base INT × 3)]% Notes: The event will end on February 4 11:59pm The pre-anniversary sale and double donor box will be available till January 7. PS: High Wizard Card's fix will be pushed within next week. Thank you for the patience everyone exercised! Goodnight!
  3. Goodmorning! As we noticed that the enmity between some players escalates, we would like to implement new parameters/guidelines on how we will deal with any kind of toxicity. This decision is so we can prevent any breeding of animosity that might be triggered the few and for the betterment of overall ambiance in the community. Parameters/Guidelines to be considered toxic and would be served with some punishments/sanctions: GRIEFING - when players start to disrupt and annoy other players. DOXING & SWATTING - showing tactics to harass and annoy their victims. Gathering and publishing the private info of a player. HATE SPEECH - such as racism, sexual discrimination (anti LGBT), anti Muslim/Christian and antisemitism, etc. THREATENING AND AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR - includes threats to the life of a certain player, describing violent or sexual acts, threats of physical torture or threatening to attack a player in real life. PROVOKING AND TAUNTING - when players intend to provoke someone in an insulting or contemptuous manner. If the player/s are caught violating those guidelines mentioned above, they shall be punished accordingly: Under Review For now, punishments will be given by the presiding GM's own discretion. **This new update will be implemented in all platforms the server use. Lets all have a peaceful one! Goodnight!
  4. Note that the screenshots are arranged from level 5-26
  5. Event Items Preview Costume: Romantic Rose Costume: Autumn Taste Costume: Beachball Costume: Bubble Archangeling Hairband Costume: Small Sea Costume: Eat Coin Costume: Hunter's Dinner Costume: Hummingbird Costume: Harvest Festa Hat Costume: Long Ribbon Costume: Rosé Crispinet Costume: Drops Scarf Costume: Melon Bread Hat Costume: EXP Advisor
  6. Greetings fellow Midgardians of RevivalRO! It is that time of the year where the Carnival find its way within the Rune of Midgard... However... instead of the usual Morroc town for this... we decided to permanently put the carnival into Lasagna! For those who do not know, Lasagna is the home of the Dorams [who are still in work in progress]! We are also pleased to inform you all of... new headgears and new carnival games!!! To join this year's Carnival of 2021, one must type @carnival in order to be warped! However, you will NOT be able to save or memo this map as it is exclusively for the carnival! But you may talk to the Ticket Master to leave with the option "Get me out of here!". Once you have entered Lasagna, you will need to talk to the Ticket Master [239, 184], who will be on your right, in order to obtain Carnival Coupons to play Carnival Games! You will only get 5 Carnival Coupons a day so be sure to claim them to play! But! If you want to do the "rebellious" way... you can talk to J4c [214, 189] to buy some coupons... illegally... for 30 premium points or 20 mil zeny! Here are the old carnival games for new and old players alike! Please enjoy the summary of the game and enjoy the new hats that we released with each game! Blackjack (Located at 163, 111 in Lasagna) Blackjack card game. Game-play based off standard casino rules. Dealer must have at least 17 to stay and will auto stay at 17 and up. Double Down is where you believe you can do better in a single card play and get better than the dealer or hit blackjack (21). It will show your winnings(5 Carnival Cash) + Bet or give you 1 Carnival Coupon when you win a regular game. When you choose "Double Down" you either can win double what you get -OR- a costume. NOTE: You bet your carnival cash so if you lose, you lose the amount you bet. Card Sharks (Located at 321, 88 in Lasagna) Are you as old as me? Do you remember this game show?! Anyhow... this is Whack-A-Mole's replacement, and the way you play this game is you are dealt a card, and you have to guess if the next one is higher, lower or the same. Every 2 successful guesses you get a chance to take your prize, or try to get to the grand prize. Do you have what it takes to flip the last card, find out! (And ignore the fact that the display of the cards is weird, that's hard to make look nice!) Peco Racing (Located at 340, 257 in Lasagna) Ever looked at Peco's and thought "Is that just a Chocobo rip off?", ever done any Chocobo Racing? Well this... is sorta... like... something along that lines... yeah! There are 5 Peco's and you bet on which one you think is going to win, pick the one that comes in first and you get the special prize, the place your Peco comes in determines your prize! Test Your Strength (Located at 290, 286 in Lasagna) Do you find yourself looking in the mirror, staring at your arms all day long? Is your favorite monster Satan Morroc, not because it looks cool, but because it has bigger muscles then you could ever have? If you answered yes to either of those, well ... you're on your own. However, you CAN test your strength and see how you compare to other puny humans. The higher you score, the better prize you can receive. So give up, or throw down your hammer and give the bell a good ring! Slot Machines (Located at 148, 169 in Lasagna and in the areas close by) They're slot machines, what more do you want from me, coming up with rambly rants is hard ;( Well lemme try anyhow... Spin those porings round and round catch em 'fore they ... well they stay on the ground so that doesn't work... Anyhow it's a slot machine, spin it, match the right things and you win! Slots have the best potential payout for Carnival Cash, but the largest chance to outright fail and get nothing ;( Are you a gambler, care to test your luck? You gotta spin it to win it! Safe Cracker (Located at 169, 162 in Lasagna) First off, it's not a Safe, but Safe Cracker sounds better, Treasure Cracker sounds weird, or like it's a cracker that you eat that's shaped like a treasure. Anyyyywhoooo have you ever played one of those games where you have to figure out a 3 digit code, and it tells you if you got the right number in the right spot, or the right number but in the wrong spot? Well if you haven't (or have and didn't like it), and you don't like logic games, you're gonna hate this! You have to crack the code to get yourself into the treasure, the less tries it takes the better your prize, try too many times and the lock is going to jam! Guess How Many (Located at 138, 176 in Lasagna) Once you enter the guessing booth, some cats will spawn for a few seconds. Try to count them or try to guess how many there were! There are three rounds. The closest you get to the correct number, the higher the prize! Match me (Located at 125, 296 in Lasagna) You will want to match the correct poring from the poring family within a certain amount of time in order to win the grand prize! So be quick! Simon (Located at 117, 97 in Lasagna) This is kinda like Simon says! You will want to watch for the following sequence that Simon will put out. Then mimic the correct sequence back! It will get harder as you go but you can do it if you try! Note: (Using >5 Alts for carnival is prohibited) Aside from the minigames mentioned above, we added 2 new games and a few costumes and gears for us to enjoy! Bludgeoned Riches (Located at 91, 191 in Lasagna) The pesky feirings are out in the open wrecking havoc throughout the town of the cats and she's looking for strong adventurers to help her discipline them. All you have to do is smack the delinquency out of their system. Wild Fire Chase (Located at 91, 211 in Lasagna) Help Maurice find the pesky feirings named Horan that's keeping him from being a successful businessman. Below are the new items we can get from Pigocto shop located near ticket master in lasagna 230 184 Elemental Crown [0] STR +5 LUK +5 Increase damage to all Size by 35%. 3% chance to Curse yourself when attacking. Decrease resistance from all Race by 10% If you wear this together with Dancing Butterfly it will increase your damage to all Size further by 25% and immune to Silence Seasonal Effect(Note that this effect is only available during Carnival Season.) If worn as set with the lower, gives a small chance to earn between 1-3 carnival cash when killing any monster EXCEPT PLANT AND INSECT RACE. Dancing Butterfly[1] *IMPORTANT NOTE: The slot is disabled on legit maps.* VIT+5 Resist to Boss type monster by 5% If you are a Female character you will increase +9 DEF but -10 MDEF. And if you are a Male character, it will increase +9 MDEF but -10 DEF. Seasonal Effect(Note that this effect is only available during Carnival Season.) If worn as set with the lower, gives a small chance to earn between 1-3 carnival cash when killing any monster EXCEPT PLANT AND INSECT RACE. Old Minigames Update: Simon Hard Mode - Sequence is randomizer on each round Guess Game - Each round have time limit of 30 swconds. The Fair will end on September 23 ,2021(23:59 Server Time)! Thank you fellow RevivalRO players for taking the time to read through the Carnival Post~ Please be sure to vote for RevivalRO on ratemyserver.net! And please have fun and stay cool! We hope you all enjoy it this year!
  7. Goodmorning! As the wiki is currently unavailable, you may try to check this wiki archive https://bit.ly/3qyA4xo. Thank you and have a peaceful weekend! Goodnight!
  8. Goodmorning! Kindly open a ticket to https://support.ragnarevival.com/ so we can assist you properly. Hope to see you ingame! Goodnight!
  9. Goodmorning! Kindly open a ticket to https://support.ragnarevival.com/ so we can assist you properly. Hope to see you ingame! Goodnight!
  10. Goodmorning! These are markers for a quest called "Breaking The Seal Quest." Have a peaceful week and Goodnight!
  11. Goodmorning! You'll be able to spot the blessings under "New" tab if you are playing via PC. while blacksmith blessings is the 5th item in cashshop if you're playing via android. Goodnight! Ataraxia
  12. Goodmorning! Apologies for the late response. Indeed we do not have that quest. @rank_one as the quest is not in our server, you might want to check out other available headgear quests thru these links. https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Category:Custom_Quests https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Category:Quests Goodnight! Ataraxia.
  13. Perfect Set: Effects: Crown Increase MATK proportional to INT. Decrease SP proportional to DEX. Ignores 10% of enemies' MDEF. Ignores Elemental Resistance by 7%. +15% max HP. Helios +25 all stats. Increase MATK by 12%. Gives immunity to curse. Add resistance to holy, shadow and poison element by 10%. Increase SP consumption of skill by 30%. Aura +18 all stats. +10% resistance to all status. Increase resistance to physical attacks by 5%. Set bonus effects: +15% magic damage to demi-human. Nullify the gemstone and stone requirement for skills. Allows the use of lvl1 Diamond Dust. Aegis Set: Effects: Crown Dex +20. Luk +15. Damage against demi-human and brute races +50%. Increase long range damage by 5%. Wings +20 on all stats. Ignores 20% of all races' DEF and MDEF. ATK +175. MATk +175. Gives immunity to curse. Aura +18 on all stats. +10% resistance to all status. Increase misc defense by 5%. Set bonus effect: +15% damage to demi-human. +10% max HP. Allows the use of lvl1 Arrow Storm. Cookie Crumble Party Effects: All status +20 Increase Damage and Magical damage with Holy and Fire element by 15% Decrease After Cast Delay by 10% and Increase it by 1% per card compound Increase ATK/MATK by 15% and decrease it by 1% per card compound Flee - 100 Crowned Ribbon Effects: All status +10 Increase +50% damage against Player Increase damage when using Fire, Water, Earth, Wind element by 10% Hit -100 Eclipse Knit Hat Effects: All status +20 MATK +10% ATK +10% 0.5% chance to cause Cold status with any of your attacks Increase resistance to Cold status by 20% Increase SP consumption by 10% Costumes: Long Ponytail: White Black Blue Brown Green Purple Yellow Red Wavy Buns: White Black Yellow Purple Red Brown Green Blue Premium Gears from the Past
  14. Hello Midgardians! The reindeers are back and hitched up safely. Santa is on the roll to deliver Christmas presents for the naughty and nice kids. But there are some presents left alone and needs to be delivered however, with no available elves on sight. Now Little Claus, the daughter of Santa needs some volunteers to deliver the presents to specific kids all over Midgard. And be warned! These children are rascals, they like to move occasionally~ Players will be able to complete this event every 24hrs. To start the quest, players can find and talk to Little Claus located at xmas_in 32 97. Kids: Their Names (from left to right): Rafflie, Ahmad, Alf, Malow, Adam, Sharpie and Romina. Rafflie can be found in house of umbala. Further hints would be given by the kids. Good luck everyone and may the Christmas Elves be there with you in spirit!
  15. Goodmorning! Ataraxia here! a fledgling that just graduated from training. Feel free to get in touch with me for your concerns be it a bug or issue. hope to see you all ingame! Remember, just keep it cool alright? Have a peaceful one! Goodnight!
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