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  1. Could anyone be kind enough to post/update those so-called new item/headgears that the v-day goodie bag offers? Kinda busy working for another 2-3 days...😞 (along with its effect if there's any) Thank you~
  2. Alleesya

    Donation Bonus (Coin Bonus)

    Okay cool...thanks for the clarification,and the extra info..i really appreciate it...😊
  3. Can someone please help me clarify this.... Do I get to enjoy the 10% coin bonus if I donate exactly 100 euro? Or do I have to donate like......101 euro to get the 10% coin bonus? Thanks in advance~
  4. Alleesya

    Suggestion Thread

    Bring back the limited SRT Boxes (the one that can be bought using LPP)..although this is a personal and most certainly selfish request, I think some other player also shares the same point of view...frankly speaking, I didn't even get the time to spend any LPP on black friday sale because I just got my LPP refunded...and I thought the SRT Box would be available for a few days/weeks more...who knew it'd be removed a few hours after I installed RagnaRevival and while I was busy leveling/adjusting to almost 0 equipment (except for donor items).. Please reconsider..
  5. Alleesya

    [Sales] Second Blackfriday sales

    i just missed the black friday sale by a few hours.. sale time extension maybe?