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  1. yes i got a couple too it has something to do with the rank 1 VVSH sword they say.
  2. Are all these items discounted or sold for their regular prices?
  3. You calling me poor bro?I got money to buy them,also i can farm them like this if i want.
  4. Thats why costumer voucher exists my friend,I would suggest that costumer voucher box being sold on cash shop for 25c with 5 pieces of vouchers,Or making Vouchers tradable.
  5. Well its hard to replace but i can try making some builds for newbies,Maybe use lower refined stuffs?
  6. Well the effect is good then price also increases.
  7. Fire spirit costume lower is bugged if you costume it then it gives you a misleading costume known as physcho sword breaker.This needs to be fixed quickly,players who dunno about it could be scammed.
  8. Updated thread with sealed mvp effects.
  9. Hello Everyone,Its just to know that Sealed MVPs need a revamp...like it costs tons of credits to buy one and a great amount of patience and time to farm one,In my opinion Some of them are not even worth it like Sealed Moonlight,Sealed Maya just comes with a minute effect..like 5% anti-flinch and Magic evade and Sealed Osiris giving a 10%chance to auto-Resurrect when dead which is just a chance..why can't be all given an equal value like Orc hero giving you 25,000 max hp which is just like a mini poring knight card..and costing around 300c,Only the sealed which are worthy i see are Sealed Lod,Orc Hero,Mistress,Pharaoh,This topic is open for all Players and Game Masters to give their opinion about it,Thank you. Below are the links for sealed mvp effects. Sealed Baphomet Card Sealed Dark Lord Card Sealed Drake Card Sealed Eddga Card Sealed Incantation Samurai Card Sealed Lord of Death Card Sealed Maya Card Sealed Mistress Card Sealed Moonlight Flower Card Sealed Orc Hero Card Sealed Orc Lord Card Sealed Osiris Card Sealed Pharaoh Card Sealed Phreeoni Card Sealed Turtle General Card
  10. Tomson

    Guild Packages

    I have a question regarding this?Why 3700 Woe points to Magic classes while 1850 to other classes?Seems kinda unfair.
  11. Same thing happened to me all we got to do is wait a while and speak to zotar
  12. If your new better don't gamble on ambernite its for rich people,Concentrate on getting equips.
  13. Server is up right now,We all faced the server wipes,So if you have donated anything previously you could get them back as limited points.
  14. we need temporal boots in this server has it will stack with faceworm garment.
  15. I will do it asap,thanks for your info.
  16. sealed moonlight card/Eddga maya sealed maya eddgaa sealed edgga orc hero and sealed orc hero add like those
  17. No idea if sniper web works on mvps
  18. haha i got too many characters dunno what to consider as my main.
  19. How much you charge?i want one i will pay via paypal but need colored one
  20. seth does kaupe,cof does tarot quagsmire kyrie. seth also does stone curse and decrease agi i guess.
  21. Now that you know about it you can solo it or do it along with your friends😉
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