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  1. This Zip File consists about Emblems for those who don't want to download the whole client just download it then replace it with Emblem Folder if you don't have any Emblem Folder just place it in your RevivalRO Folder. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c-osOm2KOZNDakV4GQni0f_hW96JKALJ/view?usp=sharing Have fun! Note : These are 24x24 pixels in bitmap format and consists of 2862 Emblems. Disclaimer: I don't own anything from this Emblem File all credits goes to their respective owners.
  2. So few of you might wonder how to Autotrade , Its simple mahn if you have donated 1000c in your life time you can get @autotrade or @at command. 1.) First go to Vending Area Payon or Prontera. 2.) Don't use the command without opening a shop or else you will get a message like this. 3.) Firstly to vend something you need to add item to your cart after adding item to your cart click the 12th skill from the 1st Job section which is vending. Which will open up your shop, Drag the item from the cart then place it for a price there will be a certain commission for each time and the max amount of zeny that you can vend is for1000,000,000 zeny. Once your done setting up the Shop click "Ok" go to your chat then type @autotrade or @at if your have donated 1000c in your life time in that account. 4.) After Done a message like this will popout which means you have been logged out but your still in game vending. After someone has purchased your Item you will be logged out and your character will no longer be online unless it has something else to vend. 5.) You can also buy Autotrade Coupon for 50pp from cash shop recovery tab. 6.) To use this pm NPC:Autotrade as mentioned below. 7.) You can either vend for 1 Autotrade Coupon or 5mill zeny which is disabled for now as stated by Admin. Choose these options mentioned below. 8.) Make sure you have all requirements when choose your options or else you can't autotrade.
  3. Oh i know this one maybe,Possible Reasons could be 1)Deleted by antivirus 2)Patcher isn't in the same folder as those dll files 3)and yeah like opti said renaming it 4)didn't get properly installed the client If you don't have that file,Here is the file for you,you can just copy paste it in ur folder its already renamed. dbghelp_old.dll
  4. Tomson

    Tomson's'Art Shop

    Well I love doing arts for passion and hobby not for money so feel free to message me here if need anything and post me your reference ,I love to learn more and improve my arts and as well everyday is learning for me,Anyways welcome to the place of spookiness creativity and the World of Tomson! Sapling Card Art Night of Optimus(Made for GM Art Event 2020) Schizopurenia:(Made on 15/10/2020) for GM Pure Thank you for the Helpdesk Support.) Chibi(Free for now) Half-Body(Free for now) Full-Body(Free for now) Making Creepy and Scary Looking stuffs(Free for ever lmao)
  5. /str+ 254 /vit+ 79 /dex+ 149 /agi+ keep on putting 10+ till you make it 196 atsp then put /agi+ 1 till you make it 196 aspd rest stats on dex or what ever you want make sure when putting stats you don't have any buffs also but a little more atsp for cold and switching as switching weapons might change aspd
  6. Halloween Themed haunted portrait: Subject: Optimus Prime Category: Profile Picture Art Type: illustration IGN: Tank Plot: "The story of this portrait goes way back in 1951 and is said to be cursed by a 69 year old Wizard named as "Tomdemort" Legend has it that once a true hero wears it as his profile pic the curse will be revoked"
  7. Apologize for late response was kinda busy you can review this as i will give you more details on lord knight later...
  8. High priest can level up very fast just use Dark Lord card in boots+Salamander card in garment+ring of flame lord and resonance combo..walk around biolab spamming heal on yourself with maxed Int,Yes also listen to Cristina118 she is a good player and she know what she is talking about,You can start clicking on job changer he will instantly give you 10lvls and buffs,then go moscovia les forest till 40-50 level then go to thana 7 when you have reached level 100 go rebirth and start the whole process again and after you make it to the100th level go to thors volcano(Becareful Ifrit is there) till level 130+ after that you can go to gramps and level till 225 or if you think you can try biolab and your confident about it do try the build i mentioned..after 225 level ask someone to leech you at Omega Mvp Room,and Takecare Goodluck!
  9. @Terence will update this with Equipments i have today or tommorow rest i will let you know where to farm and all...See you soon!
  10. Oh..that's a familiar face if your looking for a friend look no further..Also welcome to this Server and hope you Enjoy,We have good and kind players,very balanced items and instances that you would enjoy and 1000+Custom items and hats,and helpful GMs as Optimus Prime as their mentor..also not to forget to mention Syphon he is the one who created this server for us to play please do thank him,Since your returning player and if you have donated in past claim your refund over here so you would get a kick start the link is given below..Most of the higher tier cards would be available in the MVP Arena excluding Poring Mvps , Biolab Basement,Biolab 3,Biolab 4,Mining Dungeon and some custom instances...Starters will be provided with Novice Package and Some battle Manuals at spawn area just talk to the npc,also go @go eden and you can level up at Gramps above 130+ level,Just checked date of this post sorry i did't wanted a new comer to be ignored so i still posting it as it might be helpful to you.. https://ragnarevival.com/old_donor(If your already done with all then goodluck!) I'm leaving my IGN here if you see it in game go say holla to my boi! My Professor:"Tank" (Edited it to add more Information and Corrections)
  11. For your info You get some times 2-3 donor boxes for 50c during offers/events,and a BCA per 25euros you donate with a monthly box and some Bacons(Should be changed into Pancakes)at end of the month. @Mobile Technology
  12. It's kinda sad to see this early greif message early in the morning,I just feel like you were hired like yesterday and resigning today didn't get to know more about you if you come back again ur always welcomed here and thanks for being part of this revivalro family.Best of luck for your future my friend!😔
  13. Contains Random item(s) like Pancake, Enriched Elunium, Enriched Oridecon, Yggdrasil berry Voucher, Battle Manual, Rental Item Make giveaway box more appealing to players by adding something worth like blacksmith blessings,Cedi points(so they can run cedi for their streams)
  14. Welcome to the only place where you can meet Tomson,Welcome to RevivalRO!
  15. An Achievement title should have been given to winners of Guide event for their efforts.
  16. sure meet me in game or pm me when your back on forums or discord.
  17. wow really great jessica i didn't know you were such talented,my vote goes to you,and my art coming soon!😛
  18. First we lost kitty boy now you,This is the saddest day of my life,Farewell my friend,be in touch with me in discord,We will miss you.
  19. Thank you for everything kittyboy<3,You have been a Great Admin and a friend we will miss you!
  20. Impossible for snipers to farm here cause you need AoE damage,Yes very soon I will post alternatives once my guide is completed and thank you😊
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