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  1. RevivalRO Starters Guide V2 As there was recent update on How to level up?We made a new version of RevivalRo Starters Guide. 1.) Create a new Character. 2.) This time you start as a brand new Novice at Auch(auch_city),This City is located at RevivalRO Hub to go there type @Hub. 3.) Before you could go anywhere else you need to speak to the Rule Master and be familiar with all the rules of the Server,There are 5 Rules to be Familiar with they are the following 1) General Rules: 2) Main Chat Rules: 3) Trade Chat Rules : 4) Party and Guild Chat Rules: 5) War of Emperium /PVP Rules: 5. )After you are finish done with the Rule Master click on the Newbie Package NPC on the left side. 6. )There are 2 Options to choose from Gold or Pink Set(Gold for Male and Pink for Female) Each Set Includes a Battle Manual Box Box of Madness Novice Package Costume:Small White Saiyan Aura Novice Golden Valkyrie Helm or a Novice Pink Valkyrie Helm Novice Golden Oracle Wings or a Novice Pink Oracle Wings Costume Egg Shell Novice Package Consists of: Novice Angra Manyu Box Novice Boots Box Novice Armour Box Novice Garment Box Novice Ring Box Novice Clip Box 100 Novice Fly Wings 50 Blue Potion 50 White Potion 20 Concentration Potion Yggdrasil Seeds 10x Novice Bow Angra Manyu Box Novice Shuriken Manyu Box Novice Gun Angra Manyu Box Novice Ahura Mazdah Box 7.) The Armour and Ring Boxes last for 7 days While Weapon boxes last for 14 days. 8.) Below The Rule Master and Novice Package NPC there about 11 NPCs whom you need to talk to they will give you Level Up Coupons and Job Level Up Coupons after using them all you will be Base lvl 9 and Job lvl 7 then you need to grind 2 job levels at anthell lvl 1. 9.) Type @go 0 to Exit the Hub and go to Prontera then click on Warpra NPC at 161,197 Warp>Dungeons>Anthell 1 Unbox and Equip all your gears and you can grind at Anthell lvl 1 till level 30 after it the leveling becomes slow. Now change your Job at Job Changer at 151,186 they are found in almost any towns and change your job to anything that you like. Now click on Warpra again and choose Moscovia>Les Forest 10.)You can't directly warp to dungeons using command so you will be using the Warpra NPC for that, Talk to Warpra > Warp > Dungeons > Moscovia Forest > Les Forest. In here you will be leveling Until Level 70, about Stats, put Agi first, the command to put stat without clicking is e.g /agi+ 99. You also want to loot everything just type @autoloot 100. 11.)When you reach the Job Level 50, You can @go 39 and look for the Job Master around upper left. Then change into Taekwon Master. You also need to use up all the Skill Points first before you can change into other Job. 12.)Now to put Skills to the Skill Bar you just need to Hold Left Click the skill and then Drag it to the Skill Bar, to collapse the Skill Bar, just press F12 key, it has a 4 layer. First layer is F1 to F9 keys. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Layer you need to open the BM/Shorcut Settings to set the keys for it. Just press ESC Key or click the Option Icon below your Status Bar. 13.)Now you can set which keys would be the 2nd 3rd and 4th Skill Bar. You can refer to this Setting. 14.)Taekwon Master has Warm Wind skill which gives him the ability to change the element of his weapon from Level 1 is Earth, 2 is Wind, 3 is Water, 4 is Fire, 5 is Ghost, 6 is Shadow and 7 is Holy. So might wanna set it up on the Skill Bar. Other Important skill is Flying Side Kick to instantly get near target, High Jump and Running skill useful for Roaming the Map. 15.)After reaching level 70 and finally Job Change into Taekwon Master, now you can Level next in Cursed Abbey Level 3. Kill Necromancers use the Warm Wind Level 7 which is Holy Element and very effective on this Dungeon. Level until level 103 after that @go 39. 16.)Find Gramps NPC in @go 39, then accept a mission from him. 17.)After accepting the mission, and picking which Monster to kill Talk to gramps again and ask him to warp you there. 18.)Loot everything by typing @autoloot 100, then sell loots later when you get overweight, except some of the items Listed below. After killing then monster you need to kill, talk to Gramps and Pick “Reward Me!” You will receive a ton of EXP and some Pieces of Paradise. About the stats, just keep adding Agi till your ASPD reach 196. After that you will now switch to Dex till 150 and the ress is Str and some Vit for Survivability. 19.)Some of the items are Quest Materials. (Insert Ice Wing quest, Icicle Wing quest and Fable Silk quest link here) 20.)When you reach level 150 to 160, its best if you farm in Thana Tower 8 first, loot everything and sell it to NPC. Do this until you have enough zeny to buy Ingredients for Drooping Amistr. (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest) Tips on some of the Ingredients for Drooping Amistr:- 1.)Token of Siegfried you can get from Vote Points NPC or from mobs in Biolab Basement 1. Highly suggest Vote Points tho. 2.)Next is Yarn, Warp to Suei Long Gon > Suei Long Gon dungeon and kill Dancing Dragon, you can use @alootid +yarn to specific loot Yarn. 3.)Next is Animal Skin Warp to Pyramid Dungeon 1 then Enter the Portal to your right, to exit. Type /navi moc_ruins 80/113 and follow the Yellow Arrow till you see Item Collector NPC. And then buy 300 pieces Animal Skin. 4.)Now for the 1000 pieces Fluff, you will use the Meat Exchanger in Umbala, 1 meat = 2 fluff clover jellopy. Meat you can buy from butcher in Izlude @go 5 then type /navi izlude 158/186, follow the Yellow Arrow. And then buy 500 pcs Meat. After that @go umbala or @go 12 and type /navi umbala 63/243, look for Utan Kid. 5.)Next is the Bag of Grain, just @go lutie or @go 7, look to upper right for the Chef Assistant NPC. 6.)The other ingredients the 2 Amistr Eye, Clip of Conciousnes, Fur and Glistening Coat you can get from buying in vend or in #trade chanel. Price may differ in time. 7.)When you have all the Ingredients you can now go to Lighthalzen @go 20 or @go light. And then type /navi lighthalzen 79/90, follow the Yellow Arrow tell you see 4 NPC on Red Coat. Amy NPC is the one who makes Drooping Amistr. 8.)Talk to Amy 2 Times till you receive Drooping Amistr, she will also tell you if you’re missing a piece. 21.)After making this you can now continue the next Gramps mission Level 154 – 204. And pick to kill Seyrin Windsor. 22.)In this dungeon there is Skegiold mobs that drops Silk Robe[1], which is a Quest Materials too for getting Soft Silk in Amatsu Soft Silk Exchange. Type @alootid +2322 to specific loot Silk Robe[1]. (Insert soft silk exchange quest link here). 23.)Continue doing Gramps mission until level 225. When you reach level 225 you can now ask for Leech in #pr, some players will leech you in Omega MVP Room or in Biolab Basement 1. If you can’t find someone, just continue doing the Gramps mission. In mission 205 – 255 I suggest you pick to kill Vanilmirth then use Warm Wind level 7 for Holy. When you Max Level 255. Go Prontera type /navi prontera 172/223. 24.)Enter the MVP Arena for the fee of 150,000 Zeny. Inside the MVP are different rooms with different MVPs, Alpha Room – Eddga, Moonlight, Mistress, Maya. Beta Room – Turtle General, Orc Hero, Orc Lord, Phreeoni. Theta Room – Lord of Death, Doppelganger, Osiris, Drake. Epsilon Room – Dark Lord, Baphomet, Pharaoh, Samurai Spector Delta Room – Golden Thiefbug, Stormy Knight, Ktullanux, Amonra, Garm Sigma Room – Fallen Bishop Hibram, White Lady, Evil Snake Lord, Vesper, General Ygnizem Gamma Room – Detale, Valkyrie Randgris, RSX 0806, Thanatos, Tao Gunka Omega Room – Ifrit, Gloom Under Night, Berzebub, Atroce 25.)First you wanna farm Gold Thiefbug card in Delta Room, also @alootid +gold. Then when you got GTB card, you move to Beta Room and farm for Orc Hero card, after that you can now farm in Gamma Room and target Detale for fast zeny, @alootid +treasure box, @alootid +dragon breath cocktail and @alootid +Valhalla’s flower. Its highly suggested to make a Merchant Class too for selling purpose, Because of Overcharge skill of Merchant loots is more expensive when you sell to NPC. This way you now have a good source of Zeny, after this you can now do some quest and maybe some Tailoring, Metalworking and Handicrafting. (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Artistry_and_Crafting_System/Metalworking).
  2. Hello, there Ex RevivalRO Player here, Been busy for a quiet while with some kinds of stuff. I will be coming back to play again and will help the Community by creating Guides and Answering their Questions. There Has always been a pride to be a part of the most amazing moments and memories in RevivalRO history, So see you there soon!
  3. Wait i will ask on discord support
  4. Welcome to the community Sir!
  5. Goodbye my friend i will miss you, You will always be my favorite Admin.🥺
  6. Black Friday Pre-Sale Guide - Ragnarok's Guides - Revival RO - Ragnarok Online Private Server (ragnarevival.com)
  7. All Pre-Sale Item links in one place only for you😉 Mitra - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Driver Band - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Shadow Handicraft - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Maestro Song's Hat - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Midas Whisper - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Magic Stone Hat - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Blazing Soul - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Silent Executer - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Wind Whisper - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Dip Schmidt Helm - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Dragon Bravura - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Ethereal Horns - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Ethereal Twilight - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Ethereal White Mane - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Royal Masquerade - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Royal Cape - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Royal Companion - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Magitech Headpiece - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Magitech Mobile Pursuit - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Magitech Shades - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Feline Twin Nap - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Feline Glasses - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Feline White Cat - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Lovely Heart Cap - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Lovely Angelic Wings - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Lovely Hearts - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Sea Captain's Beret - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Sea Captain's Bubble Aura - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Sea Captain's Penguin - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Feathers of Protection - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Classic Side Ribbon - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Parfaille Vigilante Hat - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Commander Doggo - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Green Bubble Pop - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Rainbow Nyan - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Diamond Heart - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Guardian Ninja - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Flame Wings - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Fire Spirit - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Angel Earrings - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Rune Circlet - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com)
  8. Well good question, Well maybe it is based on both defense but generally i see people only speak about sdef mostly and if your 120sdef+ you become thana bait not sure why hard defense is taken into consideration here even if you see most of the thana bait mvps they are just having defense mentioned not sdef or hard defense i would consider most mvp which have 150+def above or so as thana bait or maybe same as the players 120sdef, Private servers always tries to balance the skill formulae to optimize it for themselves to meet the current meta maybe our server did too they modified the hdef into sdef not sure this formulae is just a general formulae from the other server , but the card just says deals damage based on defense nothing about occult impact i checked it out..but the old server did. https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Thanatos_Card_(4399)
  9. Deals more damage depending on the target's defense. Drain 1 SP from its owner on each attack. DEF - 30, Flee Rate - 30 it gives occult impact with means dealing more damage based on target Soft defense well Hard defense isn't counted here cause no one has much hdef on woe they got only like 20+ or something, The number just next to hard defense is the soft defense and thanatos will start hurting after 120sdef before that your all good , you can't combine this card with Orc Combo and something which ignores defense. Here is the Formulae Damage = [ATK + (Target_Hard_DEF ÷ 2)] × Base_Damage
  10. Tomson

    Morgana B&S

    I told my friend to farm you all these pm "RoldSusej" in game,Thank you.
  11. This Zip File consists about Emblems for those who don't want to download the whole client just download it then replace it with Emblem Folder if you don't have any Emblem Folder just place it in your RevivalRO Folder. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c-osOm2KOZNDakV4GQni0f_hW96JKALJ/view?usp=sharing Have fun! Note : These are 24x24 pixels in bitmap format and consists of 2862 Emblems. Disclaimer: I don't own anything from this Emblem File all credits goes to their respective owners.
  12. So few of you might wonder how to Autotrade , Its simple mahn if you have donated 1000c in your life time you can get @autotrade or @at command. 1.) First go to Vending Area Payon or Prontera. 2.) Don't use the command without opening a shop or else you will get a message like this. 3.) Firstly to vend something you need to add item to your cart after adding item to your cart click the 12th skill from the 1st Job section which is vending. Which will open up your shop, Drag the item from the cart then place it for a price there will be a certain commission for each time and the max amount of zeny that you can vend is for1000,000,000 zeny. Once your done setting up the Shop click "Ok" go to your chat then type @autotrade or @at if your have donated 1000c in your life time in that account. 4.) After Done a message like this will popout which means you have been logged out but your still in game vending. After someone has purchased your Item you will be logged out and your character will no longer be online unless it has something else to vend. 5.) You can also buy Autotrade Coupon for 50pp from cash shop recovery tab. 6.) To use this pm NPC:Autotrade as mentioned below. 7.) You can either vend for 1 Autotrade Coupon or 5mill zeny which is disabled for now as stated by Admin. Choose these options mentioned below. 8.) Make sure you have all requirements when choose your options or else you can't autotrade.
  13. Oh i know this one maybe,Possible Reasons could be 1)Deleted by antivirus 2)Patcher isn't in the same folder as those dll files 3)and yeah like opti said renaming it 4)didn't get properly installed the client If you don't have that file,Here is the file for you,you can just copy paste it in ur folder its already renamed. dbghelp_old.dll
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    Will do Professional Commission Arts using Clip Paint Studio EX My Work Includes the following Digital Drawing and Painting Light and Reflection Dynamic Lighting Contrast Casting Post-Production Adjustments Skin Enhancement Previous Art Styles have been removed as I don't follow that anymore Give me your Quotation with Character Details and Reference.
  15. /str+ 254 /vit+ 79 /dex+ 149 /agi+ keep on putting 10+ till you make it 196 atsp then put /agi+ 1 till you make it 196 aspd rest stats on dex or what ever you want make sure when putting stats you don't have any buffs also but a little more atsp for cold and switching as switching weapons might change aspd
  16. Halloween Themed haunted portrait: Subject: Optimus Prime Category: Profile Picture Art Type: illustration IGN: Tank Plot: "The story of this portrait goes way back in 1951 and is said to be cursed by a 69 year old Wizard named as "Tomdemort" Legend has it that once a true hero wears it as his profile pic the curse will be revoked"
  17. Apologize for late response was kinda busy you can review this as i will give you more details on lord knight later...
  18. High priest can level up very fast just use Dark Lord card in boots+Salamander card in garment+ring of flame lord and resonance combo..walk around biolab spamming heal on yourself with maxed Int,Yes also listen to Cristina118 she is a good player and she know what she is talking about,You can start clicking on job changer he will instantly give you 10lvls and buffs,then go moscovia les forest till 40-50 level then go to thana 7 when you have reached level 100 go rebirth and start the whole process again and after you make it to the100th level go to thors volcano(Becareful Ifrit is there) till level 130+ after that you can go to gramps and level till 225 or if you think you can try biolab and your confident about it do try the build i mentioned..after 225 level ask someone to leech you at Omega Mvp Room,and Takecare Goodluck!
  19. @Terence will update this with Equipments i have today or tommorow rest i will let you know where to farm and all...See you soon!
  20. Oh..that's a familiar face if your looking for a friend look no further..Also welcome to this Server and hope you Enjoy,We have good and kind players,very balanced items and instances that you would enjoy and 1000+Custom items and hats,and helpful GMs as Optimus Prime as their mentor..also not to forget to mention Syphon he is the one who created this server for us to play please do thank him,Since your returning player and if you have donated in past claim your refund over here so you would get a kick start the link is given below..Most of the higher tier cards would be available in the MVP Arena excluding Poring Mvps , Biolab Basement,Biolab 3,Biolab 4,Mining Dungeon and some custom instances...Starters will be provided with Novice Package and Some battle Manuals at spawn area just talk to the npc,also go @go eden and you can level up at Gramps above 130+ level,Just checked date of this post sorry i did't wanted a new comer to be ignored so i still posting it as it might be helpful to you.. https://ragnarevival.com/old_donor(If your already done with all then goodluck!) I'm leaving my IGN here if you see it in game go say holla to my boi! My Professor:"Tank" (Edited it to add more Information and Corrections)
  21. For your info You get some times 2-3 donor boxes for 50c during offers/events,and a BCA per 25euros you donate with a monthly box and some Bacons(Should be changed into Pancakes)at end of the month. @Mobile Technology
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