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Patch Notes for June 24th, 2024

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Greetings Midgardians!

Our latest maintenance is complete, and we've rolled out several updates and improvements. Here are the details:

Item Updates:

  • Astral Set: In-game descriptions corrected for items #92222, #92223, #92224.
  • Midnight Blue (#92396): HP gain chance fixed.
  • Guardian Helm (#90640): Now grants correct resistances when equipped with Large White Angelwing.
  • Pyuriel Card (#41222): Can now be slotted in left and right accessory-specific slots.
  • Yogi Egg (#92400): Effect now functions as intended.
  • Illusion Ring (#92106): Additional 5% attack bonus now operational.

Correct Slot Display:

  • Holy Celestial Axe (#52852)
  • Stormbreaker (#92300)
  • Giant Bow (#18122)
  • Bloody Cross (#16017)
  • Knucklehead (#92278)
  • Impact Shield (#92428): In-game description updated as well.

Functional Fixes:

  • Oblivion Shiv (#92296)
  • Dragon's Hair (#92277)
  • Bellum Spear (#1436)
  • Mossberg (#92294)

GVG Adjustments:

  • Assumptio Skill: Will now be dispelled upon entering GVG areas.

Additional Features:

  • Size Modifiers: Added to the @playerstate command.

Instance Fixes:

  • Emperor's Assassination: This instance is now fully operational.

Thank you for your continued support and happy adventuring!

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