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  1. A player asked me a few days ago, How are you finding the Server so far? My answer? messy lots of things to fix, from rules to files, to people Today I would like to address the "people" part. Oh yes, there are people real human beings around here, it seems some have forgotten about that. Can't blame anyone, Even in real life, that's normally forgotten after all. So today someone reported someone for their choice of words which I admit is kind of not acceptable to some people. And I know this has been a culture around here or the whole RO community even and a not-so-good one. By the way, no one has been banned. Yet. Even So I would like to remind everyone just as I did as an action to that report. To please choose your words carefully(this goes to me too since I'm human too). I do not blame them for being like that. We all go through hardships in life, an environment that turns us into who we are now, not everyone has the capability to do the opposite of what they were being programmed into. The person you think is the worst could be you, if you've been born in their family, in their environment. But of course that is not an excuse to not punish anyone, and there will be punishments but it won't be because I hate the guy. Hate, is not something I like to have in my life in a day to day basis. It is a waste of time, it won't add a single hour in anyone's life. Mostly it just reduces life. Lastly, if we think we are better, let's act better, react better. This way, people we think are worst will see a role model to follow And maybe instead of punishments we get more forgiveness, more empathy, more curious, instead of hate, more love for others. P.S. We are just finalizing the updates, it'll be activated soon as that is done.
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  2. Proxy Servers are back online. We added some additional proxy servers too. Don't forget to patch!
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