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    Hope you like it. Under Full Body (Normal) : GM PURE IGN: Zero7
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    Group Picture IGN: Wafflewich Hope you like it
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    IGN : Mozarella Category: Group Pic Buzzer Beater!!! Rush rush!!!
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    Category: Group Picture IGN: PapiSmurf
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    Full body (Chibi) of GM Pure. IGN: Eri
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    Hello! (I'm an amateur but I worked decently hard on this so enjoy!) IGN: Umi Here is my entry under Full Body (Chibi) for GM Tea: (You can click on the art to see it better)
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    Category: Profile Picture, Half body something (?) GM/Admin: Optimus (Oppai) Prime IGN: g c q, yandereQueen Note: I will send a version without watermarks to Oppai directly if he desires so. I can also resize/cut it more if he wants, ty. Artwork: Step by Step collage, Wip thingy:
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    Halloween Themed haunted portrait: Subject: Optimus Prime Category: Profile Picture Art Type: illustration IGN: Tank Plot: "The story of this portrait goes way back in 1951 and is said to be cursed by a 69 year old Wizard named as "Tomdemort" Legend has it that once a true hero wears it as his profile pic the curse will be revoked"
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    My Entry - GM Leoric on Lonely Night Shifts... Pls Like Thank You. IGN - mr Ensui Ver2
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    Work in progress of GM Pure! Under the Profile/Display Picture Category. (corrupt file) new entry(still a work in progress) IGN: Von Sky Final entry of GM Pure (Full Body) CLICK TO ENLARGE THE IMAGE! I will edit this and post the final version here when I am done. I'm just posting this as proof that this is my own work and also because I want to be the first to comment. lol
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    Dear GM, I In-Game Name/s : khrizley/damn magic Reason for Being Banned : used more than 5 ids on carnival event Why should the Team Un-ban you? : I sincerely apologize for breaking the rules on that event and it was my fault for not reading the rules.I just got really excited when the event is started and i didnt read the rules on forums,through this amnesty event, I do hope The GM Team will consider to unban me. khrizley/damn magic
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    Here's my entry. Category: Full Body (Chibi). IGN: Sigwen
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    Your 5 accounts were already unbanned when you messaged us through discord at the time of ban.
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    Dear GM, In-Game Name/s : tudis11/tudis12/tudis13/tudis14/tudis02 Reason for Being Banned : Idle 10 accounts at one time to receive Eden rewards Why should the Team Un-ban you? I deeply apologize for breaking the rules and I fully understand that it was my fault for not reading the rules beforehand. Therefore I'd accepted the decision that my alts be banned without complains. I hope with this amnesty event, GM team will consider to unban my accounts and promise not to repeat again. Thank you and hoping for a favorable responds. Sincerely yours, tudis
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    Hi, Due to multiple reasons (one of which you have listed in the post), staff has discussed and your account falls under exclusion rule 3.
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    We have discussed internally the severity of your rule, and we have decided to not proceed with amnesty for the same account, however you are free to open new account and play As per exclusion rule 2 & 3, you are not eligible for the amnesty, however you are free to open new account and play As per rule 1 of event, you are not eligible for amnesty. As per exclusion rule 2&3 and event rule 1,2,6&7, we won't be unbanning you, not now, never in the lifetime.
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    In-Game Name/s (Main Character) : Shan Reason for Being Banned : Advertising different RO server Why should the Team Un-ban you? : I really want to apologize for what I did because I didn't think the consequences when I am trying to invite other people in different RO server. I admit the mistake on what I did in the past and I really regret it. I want to go back in RevivalRO again because this is my first ever RO home and I had a lot of memories in this server that I don't what to let it go easily. I will promise that I wont do any stupid ideas that can hurt the server again. I hope you accept my sincere apology..
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    Message me in discord Message me in discord Message me in discord Under exclusion list rule 1, you are not eligible. Message me in discord.
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    Hello and let me just say thanks for giving everyone a chance to appeal for Amnesty whether they were found guilty or not. Account Name: Exyltrei Reasoned for Being Banned: Suspected / Inquired / Solicited / Attempted RMT Why Should I be un-Banned: Honestly, I know its a long shot but I'd like to sincerely ask an apology. I don't know what I was thinking or what were the benefits of RMT when I already had some Creds thru the legal purchase on the web. Maybe it was greed and I fell short on my decisions. If my ban were to be lifted I think I would be more helpful towards the community of RRO because I really do support the server - not just through purchase of creds but also helping fellow players in the server. Also, I'd like to ask an apology towards Optimus. I know what I did was wrong and I think I was also hard on words in trying to ask for an appeal before (when the incident happened). I own the account, I own my IP addresses for the other accounts that I use (for buffs and storage), and the other account where I also donated to level 2 or 3 only (somewhere along that). Again, I know its a long shot but thanks for reading.
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    Dear GM, I In-Game Name/s : Abyzou Reason for Being Banned : Scamming 100c (Tomson) Why should the Team Un-ban you? : I apologize for breaking the rules and I fully understand that it was my fault for not reading the rules. Therefore I did accept the decision that my alts banned without complain. I had no intention to abuse the event to sell costumes/items. I thought they were bounded as years before and just want to use them personally for my alts. I got banned within a couple days since summer event started, so I don't think I redeem anything within that time. Through this amnesty event, I do hope The GM Team will consider to unban them. Sincerely yours, Abyzou
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    Dear GM, I In-Game Name/s : Ariel /Ariel_Cj TV Reason for Being Banned : Suspicious RMT Why should the Team Un-ban you? : I apologize for breaking the rules and I fully understand that it was my fault for not reading the rules. Therefore I did accept the decision that my alts banned without complain. I had no intention to to break the rules ....i apologize my last post ,, I got banned last year and last day same reason hop u gave me 1 more chance to back ro...i m so sorry for all my mistake. Through this amnesty event, I do hope The GM Team will consider to unban them. Sincerely yours, Ariel_Cj TV /Ariel
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    Hello everyone! We are having new community event, in which anyone can draw sketch/art of anyone from GM Team or can do group sketch too. Details of the event are as follows; Date: 20th September 2020 to 10th October 2020 11:59PM Server time (20 days duration) Sprite references: Optimus Prime: Pure: Tea: Leoric: Prizes list: Profile/Display Pictures: First Place: 10c + 5 EP Second Place: 7c + 5 EP Third Place: 4c + 5 EP Full Body (Normal): First Place: 30c + 10 EP Second Place: 25c + 10 EP Third Place: 20c + 10 EP Full Body (Chibi): First Place: 20c + 10 EP Second Place: 15c + 10 EP Third Place: 10c + 10 EP Group Picture: First Place: 30c + 10 EP Second Place: 25c + 10 EP Third Place: 20c + 10 EP All participants will get 50 pancakes each. Extra Prize: Most voted by community will also receive 5 EP and extra 50 pancakes. Voting will be done within 24 hours after the art event submission closed. Winners will get additional 5c per person (above 2) for group picture. We can add additional places depending on number of arts and their quality. P/S: No prize nor pancakes for voters. Come and join the event to get them! How to: 1. Be as creative as you can be but it MUST be an ORIGINAL artwork of yours. Stickmans are welcomed! But it needs to be an impressive stickman to be able to win the prizes. 2. No NSFW artworks allowed! 3. Include your IGN in your post so we can easily contact and send the prizes to all participants. 4. Post your arts under this topic. Arts posted elsewhere will not be counted. 5. Each person is only allowed to submit ONE art. 6. GM's can post their sprite reference for more detailed art. 7. You can request GM for their 180/360 degree sprite reference, which they will provide on their own discretion. 8. Our Current Staff Team includes: Optimus Prime, Tea, Leoric and Pure DISCLAIMER: Any submitted artwork in this thread can be used by Staff for any purpose. If you do not wish your artwork to be potentially used then do not submit it. If there's no quality arts for any particular category, the category will be removed and no prizes will be sent. We will disqualify all arts that doesn't meet standard quality. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOPIC IS NOW LOCKED! WE WILL OPEN THE POLLS SOON.
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    SUBJECT : Optimus Prime Category : Full body (normal) ART Type : Vector Art ING: RoldSusej Plot: I use photoshop and redraw it using vector hope you don't ban me hehe
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    Wiki entry for the Event: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Lasagna_Invasion
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    The Fight to Recover Lasagna... Where was Midgard when Lasagna fell? It does not matter, we are here to retake the city for our Doram friends. Prelude: Lasagna and Midgard was attacked at the end of the of the festivities of the Carnival. While Midgard has been busy with it's own turmoil with the rift created by the imbalance of the world, Lasagna has been devastated by multiple attacks. Weakened by the attacks that Vanustra did to the City, they have been invaded the the cult of [Flying Spaghetti Monster]. The citizen of Lasagna has been displaced and are seeking refuge in nearby realms. Catto de Martino, the minister of defense of Lasagna came to Midgard in hopes of their aid. The Tale of the Fish Tail: The Dorams are a proud race. Known as merchants and traders in many realms. However due to their proud nature, they will not let themselves be a burden to others. This is why when seeking aid, they specifically asked for Fish Tails; something not needed by many, but will still have enough sustenance for the Doram. The Retaking of Lasagna: Now that the forces of Catto has been fed, they are now ready to go back to Lasagna to recover the city. They are asking for any aid we can provide them. However, they are in constant fear that whomever goes with them to retake the city might try to conquer it themselves. With this in mind, they are only accepting those who has helped them to go with them to this journey. The Ones That Remained: On the exodus of Catto and his forces, they had to leave some citizens behind. The dorams are known for their ability to blend to their surroundings and some citizens may still be inside; and they might not look like Dorams. Catto is asking the Midgardians to be wary of whom they attack inside the city; some of them may actually be friends. [You will be expelled from the mission once you kill a citizen of Lasagna - tip: when the mob is smiling... dont kill] And now, we need you, Adventurers of Midgard on RevivalRO, to help us retrieve Lasagna back so we may bring back the Dorams and give them back their land...! This event will be from October 5th 2020 to November 5th 2020 at 23:59! Note: There is no chance to re-enter the map once you are warped back or logout. Mechanics of Lasagna Invasion: There will be 5 waves in total: 3 waves of normal mobs, 1 wave of mini-bosses, and 1 wave of the final boss... the Pasta Lady... You must work together with others to defeated all the normal mobs before the time runs out! And if you don't... you'll get booted out until next time! And with a little twist, you also have to beat all the mini-bosses to summon the final boss! Otherwise, you lose in the instance again! You can check for the time with @invasion_time and the mobs with @invasion_mobs! Be warned, most waves are 5 minutes long! There are also two player modes: Normal and Nightmare. Normal is the regular mode that will have no drawbacks and will be applied to all who enters. While Nightmare will cut your Damage by 40%. There is an 80% Elemental Cap for all modes!! Nightmare Mode have personal bounty of 5 kills for wave 1-3, not completing the bounty will warp you back to town. Additionally, There are 2 kinds of monster modes: Easy and Normal. Normal is regular mode with stats and HP as defined, while Easy Mode will have monsters with 30% less HP and Stats. Easy Mode will significantly reduce the rewards and drop rate as well. Easy monster mode is automatically triggered at 09th and 21th hour. Also, we have a Shop therefore we have Meow Coins! Meow Coins will be dropped during the instance by mobs at a low chance but, everyone will get a chance to get at least 5 Meow Coins if the instance is done correctly and completed! (An approximate amount that can be obtain through the instance is ~5-8 but you must kill to earn!) To Participate in the Event: "Meow~ Hewwo fewwlo Meowers~, Tarunyan here~ Nyan~~" Tarunyan will call all Adventurers to come join the Doram's cause to retrieve their land back from the Pasta Lady! Once you have agreed to join the Resistance (Kitty Nation), you must wait for every odd hour + 42 minutes on Server Time for Tarunyan's announcement! The Rewards: "Heeelllo *cluck* my name is Meowster the 3rd and I am the Meow Shop!" We have the Meow Shop in town for Lasagna Invasion! Meow shop will include items from Prontera Invasion and the new items from Lasagna Invasion! The Meow Shop will only accept Meow Coins that is obtained through the event by killing monsters and participating in the instance all the way through Wave 5 and being it! The prices varies but Prontera Invasion items will be cheaper since it was a past event! Note: Most if not all costumes are Account Bound! As well as including other miscellaneous items for sale! Here are the New Costume Rewards: Costume: Foresaken Ears (Middle) Description: There was an angel that was forsaken by her own kin; then she revolted to the ones who abandoned her and lost her wings. Costume: Cat-Eared Bandana (Upper) Description: They say the Dorams from Lasagna wore these while welcoming others to their island. Looks like you're one of them now too! Costume: Mecha Cat Ears (Upper) Description: These adorable mechanical cat ears remind you of a cat, but be warned! These might hurt you if you get wet! Costume: Mermaid Wig (Lower) Description: You could still smell the ocean breeze from this wig, it's as if it came from the mermaid itself. Costume: Soul of Meow (Garment) Description: These souls have been gathered from far and wide to become one with the meows. Some New Pets as Well! : Scatelton to Skelion Pet Evolution! ---------------> Requirements: 1. Scatleton needs to be 1000 Loyal 2. These items are needed: 666 Skel-Bones, 250 Rotten Meat, and 250 Rune of Darkness. Effects when Loyal (Scatleton): LUK +3 Increases damage to Undead, Shadow, and Fire element by 3% Effects when Loyal (Skelion): LUK +5 Increases damage to Undead, Shadow, and Fire element by 5% Resistant to Holy element by 5% Nyanring Pet Effects when Loyal: AGI +5 Flee +50 Have 5% chance to cast Wide Sight when get hit by physical attack Enjoy the Event while it's here and get back Lasagna for the sake of the Dorams!!!
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