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    💖Hello my precious gems 💖 My name is Crystalline ~ I am a newly hired GM of RevivalRO! I hope we can all get along :3 Feel free to poke me about anything at my discord ( Crystalline#0624 )~ but be careful... i bite c; I can't wait to help you my gems💕 See you all in Midgard!
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    Hello my dear players, I am Xenovia, a newly hired GM here~ You can call me Xen for short~ Some might know where my name come from? *giggles* You guys might see me around, in events, and especially in our precious helpdesk~ If there is any problem that you might encounter in game, feel free to ask me in game or you can DM me in our discord server (@Xenovia#2256) I hope we can get along in game, don't be shy on saying hello/hi/hai on me whenever you see me! Have a nice day, my co-Quarta❤️
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    Hey guys! So after a few hours of messing around with WineSack and having the same problems as a couple other people I've figured out the solution for the client crash as you select your server. Under the screen shot in that section, instead of using the 2.2.2 Engine, I downgraded to the 1.9.6 Engine and the game works just fine. I was able to select my server, create a character and enjoy the game on the Mac I was using. I hope this helps everyone out that is trying to use a Mac to enjoy RevivalRO! Just as quick Edit; In each screen shot that the OP has made at the bottom of each one where it says "Wrapper" and "Engine" as long as the Wrapper version is 2.6.2 and the Engine version is 1.9.6 on each step of the way (provided in OP's screen shots) you'll know you're on the right course. Larsvegas mentioned that after a full re-install he wasn't able to install the vcruns but was still able to follow the guide and play the game normally. I was able to install the vcruns by having a newer engine version, then downgrading back to 1.9.6. So both ways will work if you don't feel like the extra step of installing the vcruns.
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    Take a look at the following links: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Main_Page https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Custom_Equipment there are guides there as well on how work on the custom items.
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