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  • Ayuanti Travels RevivalRO

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Found 1 result

  1. Hello dear players, I’m afraid this message comes with a heavy heart and very grave news. The management of RevivalRO have come to the conclusion that scamming is taking place both in game and outside of it. To some this is not news, but still overall important for everyone’s safety here. I won’t list names, but please keep in mind any scamming, by any means (in game, on discord, skype, etc) will be punishable. Account sharing is frowned on here, we will not help you get back items if they are stolen from you through this way. However, staff will take immediate action against the scammer and we’ll make sure that they stick if proven without a doubt. While on the subject of scamming, here’s how you can help to protect your own account. Take screenshots of any shady behavior (People asking to “Borrow/Trade” information with you) Refrain from sharing accounts with anyone (check out our rules on the wiki for more information) Do not click or download any software from anyone/source you do not trust Do not Teamviewer anyone that you do not know or trust Keep in mind that goes along with GM impersonations, no staff member including GM’s will ask you for your personal information (outside of help desk related problems which will only take place in help desk). We do not go in chat rooms with players or offer GM positions this way either. Its unacceptable to be harassing other players for their hard earned belongings or simply for access to their account. Thank you very much for your time, The RevivalRO Staff
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