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Found 1 result

  1. RDC Tier 1 - Drake Down Class : Sniper RDC - Royal Dispatch Center Also known as Royal Operations Quest. It is one of RevivalRO customs. Where you can obtain custom gears and other useful loots. Every week you obtain 20 RDC Tickets. And it refresh once you talk to RDC Officer, it doesnt add up so be sure to use it all before it Refreshes. How to go RDC? 1.) Type @go 0 or @go pront. You will arrived in Prontera City. 2.) Head toward the castle in the North/Up. Just head straight north/up till you cross a small bridge and arrived in a Portal. 3.) Enter the portal and you will be inside Prontera castle. Head north/up again and enter another portal. 4.) You will arrived in a big hall. Type /navi prt_cas 175/270. Follow the yellow arrow till you see 4 NPCs. Concierge - This NPC serves as a Healer, Repairman and Tool Dealer. RDC Equipment Officer - This NPC lets you create some equipment once you've bought the Ticket from RDC Reward Officer. currently the only equipment available is RDC Helm. RDC Helm effect. RDC Reward Officer - This NPC is where you spend the RDC Points you gain when completing a Royal Operations Quest. RDC Officer - This NPC hands out the Quests list. Which is divided by 5 Tiers. Each Tier contains 3 Royal Operations Quest. 1.) Tier 1 - Princely Proposal, Drake Down and RX Filler. 2.) Tier 2 - Hermes Holiday, Calling Bishop Hibram and Poring Party Planner. 3.) Tier 3 - Rescojin, Coup de Turtle and Taste The Rainbow. 4.) Tier 4 - Emperor's Assasination, Escape The Room and Demonbuster. To start Drake Down 1.) First is you need a minimum party member of 3. You are allowed to use Alt Accounts. The maximum allowed in Drake Down is 5 members. 2.) Talk to RDC Officer once you have the minimum members. In my case I use: Sniper - This is my main character for killing Strong Drake. Professor - This char I use to put Volcano under my Sniper. High Priest - This char is use to buffs my Sniper with Increase Agility and Blessing for more damage and aspd. Plus its helpful if you get Decrease Agi by Strong Drake. 3.) Choose "Sign me up" and then "First". 4.) Once inside buffs first with your buffs skill and use the usables you need to use. 5.) Kill the mobs using Sharp Shooting until you find Strong Drake which is hidden inside the mobs. Equipment and Skill: Strong Drake's physical attack is not that high, the one skill you need to watch out is the Water Ball. In my case I made my Sniper a tanker and hitter. Sniper: Headgear Upper - Drooping Amistr Hat. This hat gives a chance to life steal when attacking physically. Headgear Middle - Large Angelwing Red[1] (LRW) put Leafcat Card (10% Water Resist) . This wing gives a boost in Critical Damage and adds Luk. Headgear Lower - Yatta. It gives 10% Water Resist. Armor - Any unbreakable armor with slot. In my case I use Valkyrie Armor[1] since its easy to obtain in MVP Room Gamma. put Pasana Card (Makes your armor Fire Element) When your armor is Fire Element and you step inside Prof's Volcano. You will gain +500 Base Atk. Weapon - +7~+10 Goblin Bow[2]. Put 1 Abysmal Knight Card and 1 Turtle General Card (The magnum break procs from TG Card helps clear out surrounding mobs while killing Strong Drake) Garment/Cloak - +4~+10 Great Demon Shroud[1]. Or +7~+10 Heroic Backpack[1]. Put Marse Card (+30% Water Resist) Shoes - +4~+10 Tidal Shoes (+5% Water Resist). Put Icering Card (+15% Water Resist) Accessory - 2 Recondite Ring. Put Implosion Card on each. Implosion card gives more damage on Range Classes. Pet - Loyal Squidgitte Egg (+10% Water Resist) Usable - Coldproof Potion (+20% Water Resist for 10 minutes) You should be able to get 100% Water Resist with this build. This way the Water Ball of Strong Drake won't hurt anymore. His physical damage you can just life leech it with your Drooping Amistr. Skills: True Sight Attention Concentration Wind Walk Sharp Shooting Professor: I just autofollow this char to my Sniper. To put up Volcano once Strong Drake is found. So no need fancy equips. Headgear Middle - Large Angelwing White (LWW) with Mistress Card (to remove the Gemstone Requirement of Volcano). Or Large Angelwing Blue (LBW) Shoes - Ebony Greaves with Moonlight Flower Card (for faster walking speed) Skills: Volcano High Priest: I just use this for buffs Increase Agi, Blessing and Impositio Manus. Didn't put any equip. Other players though use this to clear mobs and finding Strong Drake using Magnus Exorcism.
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