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Found 2 results

  1. I need advice badly. Actually, I think every new or returning (after years away) player can use some advice... I have a few 255 chars (SG and HW atm, 155 sniper). I'd like to start gearing them. The only advice people provide in-game is "make money" or "donate". The idea of doing nothing but farming the MVP room for weeks to buy gear does not appeal - at all. I'd love to donate but I'm very poor. It just isn't an option. I'd love to be able to do any of the custom dungeons. RDC and cedi sound like a decent way to get gear. I've been told that you can't really do either unless you already have gear though. So how exactly, does one get gear here? Is there a way that does not involve farming the MVP room over and over to make zeny? Is it really impossible to do anything without already having high end gear? I'm really not sure where to go from here. Any advice would be welcome. Including any gear I can try to farm, instances or custom dungeons, and what gears I should be going for. Also, which classes are commonly needed for cedi and RDC?
  2. Dear future guildies! "The Effect" guild is recruiting. Our ultimate goals are to compete in WoE and PvP. Because of that, the main activities will be PvP, WoE, Cedi, Halls of Abyss and other ways of gearing up to get on top Aside from that we're just looking to have a good time together, be it online or on our discord channel n_n We help eachother out with builds, quests, PvPing etc. Any question you'll ask will have an answer, no matter if it's RO-related or if you're wondering about the meaning of life. By sharing our knowledge we hope to improve eachothers PvP game, so no previous PvP experience would be required (though very helpfull Anyone is allowed to join really, as long as you are active it would be awesome if your goals allign with those of the guild, but social members are also very welcome Another factor in considering joining might be your time-zone. We have members from different time zones, the leaders living in western-europe, which is server time -7 hours, which means that both WoE times are doable Aside from that, it doesn't matter if you're an outgoing social type or more introverted. There will be a place for you in The Effect guild. Interested?: If you're interested in joining, please leave a reply here with your IGN or PM "Aewa" or "Visir" in-game for an invite! If we are not online, you could also send us an in-game mail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! We usually hang out in Amatsu (@go10) so you can also meet us to join there n_n We hope to welcome you soon! The Effect
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