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Found 1 result

  1. Good day dearest fellow players. Before we go the a Grand Cross Paladin build for leveling kindly read first the following post: https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/1638-leveling-a-novice-until-rebirth-high-novice/ The aforementioned post is the basic leveling guide for players until the get to High Novice - that is the character has already undergone rebirth. Once the character has undergone rebirth, that is how the leveling process differs from one class to another. Stats At this point players need to carefully allocate the stats so that no time and zeny would be wasted in resetting. Save the reset when the character is maxed. Str: Enough for carrying items (this is of secondary importance compared to Int, Dex, and Vit) Agi: approximately 100 to 120 at most (no need to get max aspd one will only need this for levels 1 to 110 until one can get enough stat points for instant cast) Vit: 30 to 80 (just enough to survive damage from mobs) Int: 255 (for maximum grand cross damage) Dex: 150 for instant cast Luk: 1 Skills Please take note that in this section, the main focus as of the moment is to get Grand Cross skill. These section’s primary focus is to help the player get the necessary skill to level up faster. The player may allocate the points he/she wants later on when the character is max as he/she may opt to use stat and skills reset. The image is from Skill Simulator in ratemyserver. I just used this to emphasize which skills are needed to get the Grand Cross Skill. Please take note of how many skill points should be used in order to get Level 10 Grand Cross. Also, remember to use all the skill points as a high swordsman. Otherwise, the character can’t change to Paladin. Gears Please take note that the gears I would suggest players use is the free novice gears from go 20 as the primary focus of this guide is to help new players max their character. An additional equipment for new players that I would suggest is the shield. Get either of the following: Valkyrja’s Shield [1] +7 to +10 Steel Shield Elemental Shield [1] Antiquated Shield [1] Use either of the following cards to place on the shield Hodremlin card Alice card Places to Level Level 1-10 Ant Hel 1 Level 11-50 Moscovia 1 (Les Forest) Level 50-99 Sphinx 4 or Ice Cave 1-3 Level 100-120 Thanatos Tower 7 or 8, Cursed Abbey 1-3 Level 121-255 Biolabs Basement If players wish to use Gramps (@go 39 Eden Group), players need to be level 103 to start with doing the quest for the very first tier. For levels 1 to 120 players would mostly click on the mob and hit it manually. This is why a decent Agi is needed. I’m not totally suggesting to get 196 aspd early on in the leveling process because at a later point, stat points are needed on Int to maximize grand cross damage. Remember for levels 121 and up, use grand cross skill. Players do not need to worry so much about recoil because Novice Angra is there to help restore HP. Do bring consumables like ygg berries/seeds and even blue potion because Paladins do not have the passive skill Restore SP to help them restore SP faster. Once again please remember this guide is for players who are new or those who have just started on the server. For those who have been playing for quite some time I will write a different post about Grand Cross Paladin.
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