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  1. Good day everyone. Some players may have wondered what else a high priest can do aside from doing full support tasks. Just like any other class out there a priest can be used as well to farm using 2 skills - Holy Light and Magnus Exorcismus. In this guide, I'll be concentrating on Magnus Build High Priest. Stats Str: Place the rest of the stat points here Agi: 130 Vit: 50 Int: 255 Dex: 150 Luk: 1 Why those stat allotments? For strength you need this in order for you to be able to carry more items as you farm. Meanwhile, you need agility to move at a decent speed. 196 ASPD is not needed since priests would be using skills that require MATK. Vitality is at 50 as this gives enough decent health points to the character. Intelligence is at maxed because this is where the priest will get all the magic damage when casting Magnus Exorcismus. Dexterity is at 150 because this enables the character to have instant cast. Gears In this section, I will divide the gears into starter, basic, intermediate, and advanced categories so that players would have an idea which gears could be used whether they just started playing or they are already playing the game for a long time. These gears are listed to give a wide range of options for players. Players can mix and match these gears given that they have them on their storages. It’s not a must that a player buy all these gears. Starter Gousset of Madness Cloak of Madness Boots of Madness Clip of Madness Ring of Madness Novice Pink Valkyrie Helm Novice Pink Oracle Wings Novice Angra The gears listed above are the ones any player could get at the beginning of the game from the NPC in the novice grounds. The Madness Set is a 30-day freebie equipment so it’s not that bad, whereas the Novice Pink Valkyrie Helm and Novice Pink Oracle Wings are permanent equipment. I personally prefer the Pink set since it gives an additional skill Level 5 Firebolt, fitting for a magic class. For weapon Novice Angra would work too with Magnus Exorcismus. However, take note that this Angra is a 7-day rental only. This shouldn’t be confused with the Permanent Angra from Cash shop since the latter only gives physical damage as opposed to Novice Angra. Since this is just a starter gear. Players with this set of equipment need to make use of blue gemstones which can be bought from Magical Item seller NPC in @go 9 (Yuno). Blue gemstone is a must for Magnus build priest. Do not fret though. A player can get away with buying blue gemstones however, he or she must consider checking the next category of gears. Basic +7 to +10 Flax Hat or +7 to +10 Satin Hat +7 to +10 Flax Vest or +7 to +10 Satin Vest +7 to +10 Flax Hood or +7 to +10 Satin Hood +7 to +10 Flax Shoes or +7 to +10 Satin Shoes Valkyrja' Shield [1] Antiquated Shield [1] Spiritual Ring Rosary [1] or Clip [1] Large Blue Wing [1] with Marduk Card Rod [4] with 4x Ancient Tree Cards Divine Cross Mistress Card (to be placed on Middle headgear if there is no LBW) Pets Baby desert wolf Deviruchi Dokebi Munak Poison Spore At this point, perhaps the player has already made some decent amount of zeny to purchase equipment in game. The player could buy the following items listed above from other players or make their own flax set or satin set from tailoring @go 4 (Alberta). I listed these gears and labeled them as basic since these equipment can be bought from other players and the player could also opt to craft the armor set from tailoring. Moreover, in the case of Large Blue Wing and Antiquated Shield from Cedi, the player could join a party running Cedi and ask for a Large Blue Wing. I think at this point Cedi runners won't mind giving away such middle headgear and shield, but they would definitely mind the other ones so I will list them down on intermediate. Intermediate The gears on this section, I will list them down as intermediate because I believe that these gears need more purchasing power - that is you need to spend more in order to get them. Plus, most likely one would need to be playing for a long time as some gears are obtained via events and or one should be doing more instances/quests. Great Old Hauberk Great Old Cloak Great Old Boots +7 to +10 Tenebrous Boots with Int3 Orb Exorcism Bible Holy Stick [1] - from Endless Tower or can be bought from players Reset Girl’s Robe [1] - TAGRAS NPC Hall of Abyss Upper Headgears Chubby Bunny [1] - event item Hylozoist Hat [1] (it's good but not as powerful as Chubby Bunny) - event item Magic Rabbit Hat - event item and obtainable via Retro NPC Bunny Ribbon Band - event item RDC Helm [4] (with Int stats preferably) with Rata Cards Jirant Circlet [1] - event item Middle Headgears Night Ring [1] - heroic shop Jack o'Castle Bat [1] - event item Mini Angelwings [1] - event item White Icicle Wing [2]- quest Golden Wings [1] - quest Vengeance Feathers [1] - cedi Lower Headgears Orange/Black Tie [1] - event item Kitty Rucksack - heroic shop Miracle Blue Rose - event item Blue Messenger Bag - RDC Hermes Holiday Pink Scarf - event item Valentine’s Balloon Stalwart Sentinel Card (can be placed on clip or rosary) Pets Pandaling Pet - event pet Santa Poring Pet - event pet Advanced Now these gears that I will be writing down below are considered advanced because these gears not only cost players zeny, but credits (100 point coin) which are mostly obtainable via donation (real money). It means that these gears do not only cost ten millions of zeny but hundreds. Furthermore, some of the gears are dropped by high valued MVPs or they could be from instances that really need the skill of a long-time experienced player. Weapons +10 Testament - from Last Rites (Melanis) +10 Fable’s Rod - dropped by Fable +10 Raok Runestone - from RDC Demon Busters Shield Bible of Promise Vol. 2 - dropped by Randel Lawrence (Bio4) Cards Entweihen Crothen Card - dropped by Entweihen Crothen or from MCA (Mystical Card Album) Celia Alde Card - dropped by Celia Alde (Bio4) Naght Sieger Card - dropped by Naght Sieger (Endless Tower) or from BCA (Bloody Card Album) Nidhoggur Shadow Card - dropped by Nidhogg’s Shadow or from BCA Headgears +30 Stat Middle Headgear [4] - cash shop Magic Upper Headgear [4] (Magic PVP Lucky Box) - cash shop Poring Party [4] - cash shop (limited time) / sale / mid lucky box (need to be very lucky to get this one) Feline Glasses [4] - cash shop (limited) / sale +15 Stat Lower Headgear - cash shop Sheep rucksack [1] or Blue Tie [1] - mining points shop (100 points) Pets Tamadora - premium pet Lilith - premium pet Sarah - premium pet Topalith - premium pet Whether the player has been playing for a long time or not, these gears are just recommended ones. I wanted to give an option to all the players out there so I made this list. It’s up to the player how he or she will gear up his/her character and make a magnus build priest. Places to Farm In these places, the loot dropped by the mobs are either sold to NPC or sold to other players for the purpose of quest items or for equipment. Geffenia All Levels (Deviruchi, Mini Demon, Khalitzburg, Succubus, Incubus) Loots - Gold ring, Diamond ring, Oridecon, Rough oridecon, Elunium, Rough Elunium, Blue Potion, Mastela Fruit, White Herb Geffen Dungeon 2 and 3 (Zombie, Ghoul, Nightmare, Deviruchi, Marionette, Whisper) Loots - Oridecon, Blue Potion, Rough Oridecon, Opal, Marionette Doll, Blue Herb, White Herb, Fabric Cursed Abbey 1 and 2 (All mobs) Loots - White Herb, Rough Oridecon, Wool Scarf, Tidal Shoes Glast Heim Churchyard and St. Abbey (Wraith, Ghoul, Zombie, Evil Druid) Loots - White Herb, Fabric, Opal, Yggdrasil Leaf, Bible [2] Pyramids Basement 1 (Verit, Mummy) Loots - White herb, Armlet of Obedience, Rough Oridecon Niffleheim Town and Fields (Hylozoist, Lude, Quve) Loots - Ectoplasm, Spool, Fabric, Needle Packet I only included the basic farming spots since placing other areas like MVP Room and custom dungeons might need a more elaborate guide. That’s all for the Magnus Priest Build. Please take note that this guide is also subject to revision as I might have forgotten some equips or other people might suggest some more things to write down. Hope this guide helps.
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