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  1. --- Golden Hole Guide --- --- As Gunslinger --- The Golden Hole is a custom instance that can be repeated and it has a 2hr cool down period. This is a work in progress guide that is not yet 100% complete. Me and my friends have been trying to figure out the instance but not yet sure of everything and are still experimenting on best strategies and equips. However if you wish to try it out here’s a simple guide for you. You may also check out the wiki page Golden Hole for info regarding the instance. Prerequisites: Completion of Kraken’s Lair Completion of Sapha’s Visit Bring Ring of the Ancient Wise King Party: Gun Slinger – Main damage dealer, Spam Desperado skill Sniper – Can also deal damage High Priest – Support Paladin or Professor – Tank Assassin Cross is not recommended as mobs have reflect (unless of course you are not affected by reflect *coughs* teddy baal *coughs*) Equips: Upper Drooping Amistr - for life steal and added damage Premium 4 slotted Upper – with Dark Ping cards Middle 2 slotted Mid (such as Novice wings) – with Gemini Cards Premium 4 slotted Mid - with status resist cards like evil snake lord, marduk, and 2 gemini cards – for anti-stone curse (trust me the Gemini cards will save you all the frustration of getting stone cursed) Lower Black/Orange Tie – with Orc Hero Card Red Necktie/Yoyo Rucksack– with Orc Hero Card or Duneryrr Card Armor Slotted Armor with Evil Druid Card - Anti-stone curse (use with caution, you cannot be revived when you die when using Evil Druid Card) Pragmatists Mail – For higher hit because the mob has high flee Garment Heroic Backpack with Anunaki Card – For Critical Attacks Great Demon Shroud - with Deviling Card Footgear Ebony Greaves with Ascendent Orc Card Antique Footgear with no knockback with Ascendent Orc Card Accessories Recondite Rings - with Implosion Card of Hardened Anvil Card Ring Des Nibelungen Weapon Thanatos Revolver - with Turtle General Cards Stats: Str - 90-100 Enough to carry bullets and Yggdrasil Berries Agi - 140-165 Enough to reach 196 APSD Vit - 100-120 Enough for some defense Int - 100-120 Enough for some defense and sp regen Dex - Max because this is where your damage is based Instructions: Make your way to Manuk and enter the Kamidal Tunnel by speaking to the guard while wearing Ring of the Ancient Wise King. Then go to the center of the map and find Nobby the Novice and the Curious Sapha. You can buy Scaraba Perfume from the Sapha before entering the instance. When you and your party are ready, speak to Nobby and help him find gold. He will warp you to the instance map. Keys: There are 5 keys you need to obtain to complete the instance. Speed - Finish the quest in record breaking speed! Mushrooms – You need to collect all the mushrooms and give them to the Piom Root – After opening all the Sonia ( corals partitions) you need to bring Nobby to the root at the center of the map. (you will unlock “Root of all Evil” title) Queen – Defeat the queen! Nobby can help to tank but he gets distracted and tired easily Nobby – Nobby needs to do the entire thing with you ❤️ He will follow you everywhere and provide some tanking, but is easily distracted and when he gets tired he must stop. Map: The map is a mirror of Scaraba Hole 02, Scaraba Hall (dic_dun02) Nobby – (96, 142) Found in the entrance of the map (near the red dot). The party leader must speak to him to get him to follow. Areas – There are 5 areas divided by Sonia (plant like partitions). You must bring Nobby to the crystal found in each area before you can open the sonia. Crystal - The crystals are represented by red stars. There are 4 in total and a text will appear when Nobby obtains one. Red (85, 219) Yellow (84, 107) Purple (148, 93) Blue (190, 211) Mushrooms – The 12 locations are represented by white crosses. You do not need to bring Nobby to get them. In the 1st area there are 4, 1 in the 2nd area, 2 in the 3rd area, and 5 in the 4th area. 65, 146 99, 195 62, 129 79, 205 28, 96 187, 33 199, 149 179, 210 172, 207 174, 211 174, 201 140 209 Piom – After collecting all the mushrooms return to the Piom (220, 45) to get the key. No need to bring Nobby. Represented by green star. Wear the Ring of the Wise King to talk to him. Root – (70,99) When all the areas are opened, bring Nobby to the roots to get the key. The Root is in the center as represented by the yellow star. Queen – Defeat the queen and finish the instance. She is in the last area (blue star). Nobby will tell you after the quest that he has found a key while exploring the dungeon. Monsters: The mobs are custom gold versions of the Scaraba Hole mobs. They cast a Defender, Quagmire, Pneuma, Kyrie, and Stone Curse. One of their skills is Heaven’s Drive so earth property resist equips are also recommended. The eggs are not aggressive but you must kill them because Nobby gets distracted. The Queen spawn minions. Nobby can help tank the queen but he gets tired. Consumables: Yggdrasil Berries – Bring lots, I recommend about 100+ Yggdrasil Leaf – For resurrecting your party members Token of Siegfried – In case you die Reraise Potions – In case you die Speed Potions – because quagmire makes you slow Ammunition – Fire Bullets Tips: Kill all the eggs! Nobby gets easily distracted and will attack them. No need to kill all the mobs, as they respawn slowly. You can leave a party member near the Piom so the whole party does not need to return when all the mushrooms are collected. This is a timed instance, so it’s best to do everything you need to do with Nobby first, then when he gets tired, do the other things. Be patient with Nobby, he gets distracted, casts first aid a lot and generally causes a lot of stress! He gets tired and you need to wait for him to breathe. I believe the instance can be done solo, but it’s more enjoyable with more members. Rewards: Keys are related to what kind of rewards you will get: Belly Button Ring Clip-on Fringe Gold-flaked Alcohol Golden Apple Gold Scaraba Lure Golden Crown Dragon Helm (Gold) Golden Coat Gold-laced Hood Gold Soles Golden Plate Gold Hammer Gold Lance Gold Bidenhaender Golden Drills Gold Plated Bow Orbaton Gold Scaraba Card Gold Queen Scaraba Card Jimbo the Novice Card You can also get the title [Root of All Evil] Thank you for reading! Special thanks to SugarFree and to my friends who did the instance with me and helped write the guide. If you feel like adding something or there is something to be corrected in the guide kindly notify me. IGN: Wafflewich, Breadpan, Breadstix, Etc.
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