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NEW Android version V481 


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Download NEW version V481 

- Fixed other characters showing as Novice in equip window for late 2023 and newer packet versions
- Fixed wide visible equips (like wings) hiding equip names in equip window
- Fixed cropped equip display in equip window
- Fixed server with bugged orphan spr files (without corresponding act files) causing app crash instead of falling back to empty sprite

- Fixed error "Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views" if teleporting while cart is open

- Can now disband a guild
- Fixed guild emblem not being changable on new Android versions
- Fixed NPC dialog window content being cleared after pressing "next" (now it's only cleared when the next dialog appears which allows dialog content to stay on screen during "select" or "input" after "next")
- Fixed very old char-creation window showing male char for female accounts

- Fixed attack animation length for mobs with more than one "atk" sound frame
- Fixed attack animation length for mobs without "atk" sound frame

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