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June Sale New Items & Bundle Packages

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Hello Midgardians,

We have just released NEW ITEMS and Bundle Packages for our June Sale. Check them out!

Vella Einheri

Upper [4]

All stats +20
Enables use of Lv5 Mammonite

If character is all other classes except Merchant classes:
Deals 20% more damage to demi human race.

If character is Merchant class:
Deals 45% more damage to demi human race.
Increase damage dealt by Mammonite by 20%.


Freya's Wrath

Middle [4]

ATK +10%
Deals 15% more physical damage to Assassin Cross, Professor, Ninja, Gunslinger and Clown.
Reduce damage from Assassin Cross, Professor, Ninja, Gunslinger and Clown by 10%
Increase resistance to Silence by 70%.

Starry Long Wave

Upper Costume

Yunkea Wig

Upper Costume


Sakura Tree Rod


Garment Costume


The June Sale also comes with three different Bundle Packages. Each have different rewards based on the donations you make.

Mechanics / Rules for Package Donation:

1. The donation should be fixed and not cumulative. 

  • Example: You donated 20 Euros for 20c - You are entitled to get the Package A.
  • But if you donated 10 Euros and then another 10 Euros. - Even though your total donation is 20 Euros, you won't be able to get the Package A bonus.

2. The PP Bonus and the Donor Boxes will automatically go to your account after donation. Other items in the packages will be sent thru Zotar.

3. Keep a copy/screenshot of your donation receipt for reference.


Happy Shopping and Thank You for your continued support.

RevivalRO Staff

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