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[2019-11-28] Pre-Black Friday Event Day 4 (Double Donor Box and Amberknight Event)

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Greetings my beloved players!

Welcome to the last day of the Amberknight event!~ Leading up to Black Friday, each day will have different limited items until Black Friday which will mark the start of the official sales!

This is the last chance to obtain a Guaranteed Safe Refine Ticket!

Guaranteed Safe Refine Ticket allows your equipment to advance 1 level in refine with 100% success chance no matter what level your armor or weapon is!

During this event you had the chance to obtain old Amberknight sets, but today we're releasing a brand new set!

On the fourth and last day, the top prizes are:

1 - Heroic Permafrost Wings


A gift form the Glacial Goddess Khione, Bestowed to those who are worthy to be her champions.

  • Slots: 4
  • Equippable on: Middle
  • All stats +33
  • Increase resistance to Undead, Holy, Shadow, Poison, Ghost by 10%.
  • Increase damage dealt when using Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Neutral by 10%
  • Increase Atk and MAtk by 10%.
  • Receive more damage from Normal monsters by 5%.
  • Give Intravision (Maya purple effect).

2- Outburst Fulmination


A legendary artifact that made from a thunderbolt strikes of an outraged God.

  • Slots: 4
  • Equippable on: Middle
  • All status +20
  • Attack speed +10%.
  • Movement speed +25%.
  • Add 1% chance to cast level 7 Thunderstorm when attacking.
  • 3% chance to stun and silence enemy when attacking.

3- Cursed Ghost Claw


Enchanted Claws of Ancalagon the Black Dragon. The greatest of the winged dragons.

  • Slots: 4
  • Equippable on: Middle
  • All stat +20
  • If Vit is 255, reduces Soft Defense by 40
  • Increases Healing received by 10%
  • 3% chance to curse enemy and you when being hit


4- Forbidding Reaper Spirit


The Grim Reaper is pleased with your dirty work of providing the extinction of one's life. The Reaper sends you his curse and his blessing by granting you the spirit of Death.

  • Slots: 4
  • Equippable on: Middle
  • All stat +20
  • Increase maximum HP +10%
  • Increase resistance from Neutral Property attacks by 20%
  • If agi is 250 or more, 3% Chance to cast level 2 Catnip Powdering on enemy when you get hit.
  • -10% movement speed


Along with this new Amberknight set and Guaranteed Safe Refine Ticket you might also find:

  • Amberknight Pearl Bag (10)
  • Avian Farmers (Currently only obtainable from Donor Box)


  • Slots: 4
  • Equippable on: Middle
  • Increases all stats by 25
  • Increases item drop rate by (5+Donor Level)% of its current rate.

That's it for the top prizes in Day 4, and for the Amberknight Event!

With this also note that donor box would drop this new amberknight set as well!


We will see you tomorrow for the start of Black Friday Sales!!

Have fun rolling~

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