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Aka Gelato

Star Gladiator Kicks Last Rites

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Hello everyone. I would like to share a specific star gladiator build for Melanis. Please take note that this build is only concentrated on fighting against Last Rites. This is NOT a generic build for all the other mobs in Melanis. Let’s get to know first the mob that we’re going to face.

Last Rites

Let’s get to know the enemy that we would be facing by using @mi Last Rites


We can also check it on wiki:


As for the skills used by this mob, so far I have only observed that it uses Heaven’s Drive, Wide Curse, and Wide Stone.

Now that we now have an idea about the mob that we’re going to face. Let’s come up with a build that would work against Last Rites.

This is how I personally allocated the stats on my SG. To other players, they may opt to stat their character differently from this one.

Str: 255
Vit: 80
Int: rest of the remaining stat points
Dex: 175 (so we can match Last Rites’ flee)
Luk: 1

Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Opposition Lv3 (also known as Hatred) - this skill should be casted on Last Rites
Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Perception Lv 3 (also known as Feeling) - this skill should be casted inside Melanis Map
Mild Wind Level 4 (Fire) or Mild Wind Level 7 (Holy) - these skills enable the weapon to have either Fire or Holy property. I use this because it is very effective against Undead monsters.
Tornado Stance Lv 1 - lets the Star Gladiator be in Tornado Stance
Tornado Kick Lv 7 - allows the Star Gladiator 5*5 area damage while in Tornado Stance
Stellar Heat Lv 3 - only usable when the map is aligned with stellar perception
Stellar Protection Lv 3  - just like Stellar Heat, it’s only usable when the map is aligned with stellar perception


Upper: Amistr Beret [4] with 4x Giearth Cards
Middle: Feline Glasses [4] with Orc Hero, Evil Snake Lord, Marduk, and Giearth Card
Lower: Red Tie with Nightmare Card

I’m really quite into resistance and immunity cards more so in this case because I’m not familiar with all the mobs in Melanis. I believe that it is better to be prepared against all sorts of mobs. Also, the reason why there’s so much Giearth Cards is I’m aiming for 100% earth resistance against Last Rites.

Armor: Pragmatist Mail [1] with Treant Card and Unbreakable 5 (Hit from Pragmail is really needed) or with Pasana Card
Garment: +9 Heroic Backpack [1] with Hode Card/Giant Whisper Card/Orc Zombie Card/Noxious Card/Raydric Card/Deviling (I chose cards like earth resist, neutral resist, undead resist, and increase in atk but it’s up to the player discretion what card to use)
Shoes: Antique Shoes [1] or +10 Elvira Boots [1] with GEC or Apache tear card or Ascendant Orc Card
Shield: Polished Shield [1] with Golden Thief Bug Card
Accessory 1: Ring des Nibelungen [1] with Ifrit Card/ Hardened Anvil Card/Mantis Card
Accessory 2: Vampiric Clip with Str3 and HpDrain2 or HpDrain5
Weapon: +10 Testament [3] with 2 Abysmal Knight Cards and Dracula Card

Other gears that can be used are as follows:

Armor: Lucius Fire Armor [1]
Garment: Spell Manteau [1]
Shoes: Fey Boots [1]  
Shield: Hardened Steel Spike Shield [1] with Golden Thief Bug Card or Medusa
Accessory: Poof Eye Ring [1] with Ifrit Card/ Hardened Anvil Card/Mantis Card

Please take note that this suggested build is still subject to change as it mostly depends on the player how he/she would deal with the situation while fighting against Last Rites. My playing style or approach might work for some or might not work for others.

I hope this helps.

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added more options to equipment
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