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[2018-05-21] Amberknight new top items set

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Greetings Adventures,

The Grandma mayu has extracted all the top items out of the Amberknight! However, he is always hungry and greedy and already ate few new items, for a very limited period, enjoy the new 3 top items, targeting WoE/PvP Players!

1- Excalibur Mana Axe [4] (Middle Headgear) (For physical damage based characters)


All stats +25

Physical Damage to Demi-Human +10%

Defense: 4

2- Godly Clouds [4] (Middle Headgear) (For Magical damage based characters)


All stats +25

Magical Damage to Demi-Human +10%

Defense: 4

3- Heroic Shadow Force Wings [4] (Top Prize) (Middle Headgear) (For Emperium Breakers)





All stats +33

Extra Damage to Emperium +5%

Extra Damage to Angel Race +15%

A chance to curse enemies while being hit


Remember, those are only a limited time offer, so good luck getting those,

RevivalRO Management

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