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Solving missing AI folder


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Hai~ there

We noticed some of the players have issues regarding their homuns. Some even crashed their client upon opening their alchemist/creator with homun on or when the players summon mercenary. Among errors you might see are:

attempt to call nil value
cannot open AI/ AI
missing AI file
ai.lua error
./AI/AI.lua no such file or directory

In case you are encountering such issues, it would most probably because you are missing your AI folder.

Your RevivalRO should have folders as below.


If you are missing this AI folder, please download the following .zip file and extract it under your RevivalRO folder. Make sure to click 'Extract Here' instead of the other options.




Please bear in mind that this is only a basic AI folder. You would have to look elsewhere if you are looking for alternative AI.

**kindly login to your forum account to be able to download the file.


I hope this can help solve some of your issues.


May you have a beautiful day~

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