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October Seasonal Items (3rd job skills batch 2) [WARNING:HUGE DATA USAGE]

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for the month of October, we would like to introduce some limited items for cashshop. please be noted that they can only be bought by Premium Points. and will be available in our cashshop until the end of November.







Midas Whisper [4] 3000PP
+20 to all stats.
Gives -10% After cast delay.
Gives additional 10% damage done by misc skill.
Gives a slight chance to piercing Pneuma.
If worn by Creator, enable Skills Cart Boost & Cart Remodeling.







Dip Schmidt Helm [4] 3000PP
+20 to all stats.
+5% resist to all element.
+5% resist againt demi-human race.
+10% max HP.
-1 soft defense for every 15 base VIT.
+10 hit for every 20 base DEX.
If worn by Paladin, enable Burst Attack skill.







Silent Executer [4] 3000PP
+15 STR.
+15 AGI.
+15 DEX.
+45% damage to demi-human & brute race.
If worn by Assassin Cross, enable Cross Impact skill.






Blazing Soul [4] 3000PP
+15 STR.
+15 AGI.
+15 DEX.
+45% damage to demi-human & brute race.
If worn by Champion, enable Gates of Hell skill.

Best Regards,

RevivalRO Staff

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