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  1. Best will always be a range character , Sniper is always the way to go, Try a crit build and getting the right arrows for whatever spawn you are leveling off of and you should be fine !
  2. Hello Guys! My name is Luis and I Main Stalker ( Litteraly had 7 maxed on my account). I am a veteran player (over 12 years) , I quit for a while and decided it would be my time to come back and surprise! I heard the bad news and @Syphon I know how much you love this community and how you will fight for everything that was taken away from you , but fight the good fight and rise from the ashes that we left behind! Im here to re-introduce myself not as an old player or Pro but as a friend to everyone in need of help , I've done everything in RebirthRO and helping with questions or helping people in general has always been my style. With this being said , Syphon , @KittyBoy and the rest of the GM team , this is actually an opportunity to build towards a better future . An experience to learn from and a challenge to overcome. I am 24 years old now and started this long adventure since I was around 10 years old , please keep your chins up guys and lets start to rebuild ! I have not installed the game yet but will be working on doing so this weekend, If I can help in any way you can think of I would love to help with the Rebuild and assist with general questions. To the rest of the player community if you are new , Welcome to the beginning of a great adventure ! And to those who are Veterans like myselfassist as much as you can , lets all put in our grain of sand to make this server #1 again!
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