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  1. Ohhh by the way I have a suggestion. Instead of waiting for the developers to fix the fatal error. Why not upload the 2gb files that needs to be download for android. Instead of downloading all the files using the app. I ll just download it here directly from you guys. Is it a valid idea ?? Thank you agaib
  2. I see that is really some bad news. Well thanks for the update and for you guys doing your part. I ll just wait then. You can close this thread now. Just post an update if the bug is fixed. Thank youuuu😀😀
  3. Well are there any news from the GMs on how to fix the first fatal error?
  4. Update: another fatal error popped up this occured when I just opened the app. The moment I opened the app after a few seconds of loading this happened. So two errors as of now. The first fatal error is not yet fix. And I cant reach that error due to this present fatal error. The second fatal error is shown below. I dont think my wifi or memory storage are the problems here.
  5. Yes when I click "download all". After downloading some percentage of it. That shows up. I reinstalled the app still the same result.
  6. Good day I just recently joined today, but the first error I encountered was this (see image below). How to fix this thank you. I m excited to play in this server.
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