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  1. sam

    3rd Job

    Hi guys, is this server open for 3rd job?
  2. sam

    3rd Job

    Hi guys, is this server open for 3rd job?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to RO. I just read about Taekwon can gain point by completing the mission. And right now I have 3 points, do I considered as the Taekwon Ranker? If so, why cant I do the infinite combo and can't use other skill that I didn't learn. It stated that after 90+ level should be able to use. And I only can do a tornado kick while in the tornado stance, it should be able to allow me to use other skill right, eg counter kick. I hope someone can help me on this. Really do appreciate it.
  4. I had a Taekwon that had 1 point after complete the mission. But I cant get the infinite combo as stated it should. I only can use tornado kick when I'm in the tornado stance. Can someone clarify for me?
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